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Trivector Meter ER300P Introduction Electronic Trivector meter, ER300P - PRIDE is a multipurpose unit which integrates several (/documents/lt-trivector-meter-er300p.html) functions and replaces various equipment for…

Trivector Meter Type ER300P

Description trivector meter Download Trivector Meter Can Measure Active Power

Transcript trivector meter can measure active power ,reactive power ,apparent power i.e.with the help of a single meter we can measure kva,kw,kvar. Trivector meter is Electronic type Energy Meter which measures energy parameters, like active energy, Reactive energy,apparent energy, Power Factor, frequency etc. Through which we can know how much enregy recieved or sent.Trivector meter has 2 types, one is 3ph 3wire meter n other is 3 ph 4wire meter. It is conneceted in the substation to incoming or outgoing feeders to know how energy is given out or recieved from other end, or to Transformers on HV n LV side to know the Transformer loss. trivector meter is a device that measures the amount of electrical energy supplied to or produced by residence, business, or machine. The most common type is more properly known as a kilowatt hour meter or a meter. When used in electricity retaining, the utilities record the values measured by these meters to generate an invoice for the electricity. They may also record other variables including the time when the electricity was used. It is called as tri-vector meter because it measures the energy consumption of the three phase line Tri-energies are Apparent, Active and Reactive. These are expressed in three vectors. A single meter that measures these three energy details are called a Tri-vector meter. This is clear from the name of the instrument itself. trivector means the which measures energy in three vector i.e active energy(kwh), reactive energy(kvarh) and apparent energy(kvah) using single meter and it is connected to incoming and outgoing feeders in the substaion. Trivector meter may in four quadrant or may not be four quadrant, if it is four quadrants then it is called as Trivector meter with importexport facility or if it is in any two qudrants i.e either import only two qudrants or export only quadrants then it is called as TVM with import only facility or TVM with export only facility. normally former one will be manufactured than later. There are 3 types of electrical ernergies. These energy parameters are vectors. They follow the Phythagourous theorem. 1. VI, 2. VICos(phi), 3. VISin(phi). The sequence is Apparent, Active and Reactive. Any meter, which measuring all these three vectors is called Trivector. It may be single or Three Phase, not an issue. trivector means 3 types of power i.e. 1.VA= V*I 2.Watt = V*I*cos Wt 3.VAR = V*I*sin wt where:v= applied voltage. i= resultant current. wt=phase ange between them. a single device can measure all 3 power at a time. normally at substations this term is used for feeder input/outgoing power.trivector meter is also of 2 types: HT meter connected at high Tension side of transformer. LT meter connected at Low Tension side of a trnsformer. Because in high tension line voltage is of 11 KV and above range and this type of meters have not made which connected directly in high tension line so it's connected with PT (potentail transformer)which step down the voltage and meter recieved this voltage.In meter software PT ratio is already known by the manufacturer. For exampe if a high tension line voltage is 11 kv line to line and PT ratio is 100 then meter actually reads 11000/100= 110 volt line to line and in software calculation it reads the actual reading by PT ratio. So VA power is calculated by meter is VA= 110*current*PT ratio some time a CT(current transformer) is also used for current measuring and CT ratio is known.then calculation is VA= voltage*PTR*current*CTR. Normally PT is used for HT Line and CT is used for LT line. Dielctric capacitors: tuning transmitters, receivers and transistor radios. Variable and trimmer capacitors. The space b/w plates adjusted such that changes in capacitance and voltages. Large spacings, airgaps b/w places leads to break down voltages. Trimmer capacitors can be varied by screw. Capacitances less range 100pf Film capacitors: Capacitances range is 5pf to 100uf Teflon, metallized paper, mylar(polyester) etc. Available in axial and radial lead type Ceramic/Disc capacitors: Ceramic disc with silver and stacked together. Very low capacitance disc of 3-6mm is used High dielectric constant High capacitances, small physical size. Ex-103, 104 10X10^3pf, 10X10^4pf Electrolytic capacitors: Aluminium, Tantulum For very large capacitances Very thin metallic layer for one of the electrodes Polarized. Al cap – very high cap, 1uf-47000uf so reversing the applied voltage on the leads will cause the insulating layer within the capacitor to be destroyed along with the capacitor, "so be aware". Tan cap – 47nf-470nf The dielectric properties of tantalum oxide is also much better than those of aluminium oxide giving a lower leakage currents and better capacitance stability which makes them suitable for timing applications.

Trivector Meter ER300P Introduction Electronic Trivector meter, ER300P - PRIDE is a multipurpose unit which integrates several (/documents/trivector-meter-type-er300p.html) functions and replaces various equipment for…

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