THE USE OF SWEAR WORDS IN THE MOVIE SCRIPT “SOUTH PARK BIGGER, LONGER, AND UNCUT” Putu Abdi Resda Wiyanti English Department, Faculty of Letters and Culture Udayana University

Abstrak Masyarakat beranggapan kata-kata umpatan adalah kata-kata kotor yang tidak pantas untuk digunakan dalam percakapan. Namun belakangan ini, penggunaan kata-kata umpatan sudah mulai bisa diterima dalam masyarakat kita. Bahkan kata-kata ini telah banyak digunakan dalam media seperti televisi, film, dan lirik lagu. Menurut Hughes (1998: 208) mengatakan bahwa kata-kata umpatan diklasifikasikan ke dalam enam kategori. Penulis juga menggunakan teori Searle, dan Andersson sebagai acuan dalam menganalisis fungsi dari kata-kata umpatan, dan motif megumpat. Data dari penelitian ini diambil dari naskah film yang berjudul “South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut”. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengklasifikasikan tipe kata-kata umpatan, fungsi, dan motif dari kata-kata umpatan yang diutarakan oleh karakter dalam film. Penulis menemukan bahwa ada empat tipe kata-kata umpatan yang ditemukan dalam naskah film, dimana tipe general term memiliki frekuensi penggunaan paling besar yang digunakan oleh karakter, dan juga ada empat fungsi ucapan berdasarkan teori Searle yaitu expressives, directives, commisives, dan representatives. Berdasarkan fungsi ucapan tersebut, ditemukan juga bahwa psychological dan linguistic motives adalah motif ang paling sering digunakan oleh karakter dalam film saat mengumpat. Kata Kunci: kata umpatan, general term, fungsi, motif I.

Background of the Study One of the things that set humans apart is that we talk to communicate. Without

communication, people cannot understand each other. In order to understand and have a good interaction with other people in society, people need language as a medium for their communication to share their feelings, ideas, information, and opinion. According to the condition, language can be used in two conditions, formal and informal. In informal language, there are some words that are considered inappropriate which usually used to express their feelings such as anger, sadness, loneliness, and disappointed known as swear words. Although mostly people assume that swear words is a bad or dirty

word which is inappropriate to be used in conversation, Nowadays, swear words seem more acceptable and common in our society not only used for negative statements, but it can be used in any reasons and purpose. The use of swear words has also become more frequent on the media, such as television, movie, and song lyric in recent years. The movie entitled “South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut” is about four kids, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick who sneaks into an R-rated movie However, after seeing the movie of Terrance, and Phillip, the boys language becomes harsh. Soon, all the kids in town have seen the movie and start imitating the F-words. Despite the fact of being a cartoon movie, South Park is clearly not for children, because of all the characters are swearing and using an offensive language. II.

Problems of the Study There are three problmes in this study that can be formulated based on the background

as follows: (1) What kinds of swear words found in the movie script entitled “South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut”? (2) What are the functions of swear words uttered by the characters? (3) What are the motives of swearing uttered by the characters? III.

Aims of the Study There are three specific aims of this study, there are: (1) To categorize the types of

swear words used in the movie script “South Park Bigger, Longer and Uncut”. (2) To find out the functions of swear words uttered by the characters. (3) To analyze the motives of swearing uttered by the characters. IV.

Research Method Research method in this study defined as the methodology or certain procedure

applied to carry out the research in order to find a certain conclusion toward it. There are three components of the research method which in this study: data source which is taken from the movie script, the process of collecting data, and and how the data analyzed.




Data Analysis

5.1.1 General Term Conversation 1 Mr. Mackey Sheila

:Excuse me, what the heck is "Terrance and Phillip?" : Terrance and Phillip are two very untalented actors from Canada. Nothing but foul language and toilet humor.

Mr. Mackey Cartman Liane Cartman

: Well, I guess I'll have to send a warning letter out to parents before more children see Terrance and Phillip! : Everybody's fuckin' seen it. : Eric! : I'm sorry, I can't help myself. That movie has warped my fragile little mind.

The conversation above occurred when Stan, Cartman, and Kyle in the school counselor after they said the F-word which is forbidden and should not uttered. When Mr. Mackey said that he will send a warning letter to the parents to avoid many children see Terrance and Phillip movie. Suddenly Cartman said “Everybody's fuckin' seen it”. The word fuck in the conversation above means extremely or very. In this case the speaker wants to say that everybody had watched the movie Terrance and Phillip. This swear word can be classified as general term, because it is used to give strength or emphasized his utterance. The Function of the swear words “fuckin” that he used in his utterance is representatives. Representatives perform the speaker to convey his belief of some proposition is true. Therefore the speaker in this conversation asserts and informs something to the hearer. In this case Cartman informs Mr. Mackey that all of the children in school had watched Terrance and Phillip movie by using swear words. The motive of swearing in the conversation above is linguistic motives. It is because the speaker’s utterance does not to insult or intimate the hearer. Since linguistic motive is a ways of people in expressing their selves using different words, or different grammatical structures. In this case, the speaker’s swears because he just wants to express his utterance in different way. After watching Terrance and Phillip movie, the speaker and his friends imitate all of the f-words in the movie.

5.1.2 Religion Term Conversation 3 [The cafeteria, lunchtime. The camera pans across the room and stops at the boys waiting in line. Stan looks as Wendy as she lunches with Gregory. She and Gregory are deep in conversation.] A Boy : [reviewing his sandwich] My mom gave me egg again. Stan : [thinks] There's the girl that I like. Over there laughing with that smart ne— Cartman : Ey! You're holding up the God-damned lunch line!

This conversation occurs in the middle of lunch time in the cafeteria. W hen Stan, and his friends were waiting in to get their lunch. While Stan is waiting for his lunch, He saw Wendy was enjoying her lunch with Gregory. He just stared at her, and makes the line standstill, and Cartman who saw this said “Ey! You're holding up the God-damned lunch line!.” The swear words God-damned in this conversation means to condemn vigorously something. This swear words categorized as religion term because of the existence of the word God which is related to any sort of religious things, and sacral. The function of the swear words uttered by Cartman in this situation is directives, because it is used to make the hearer to take any particular actions. In this case, Cartman uttered his swear words in order to make Stan that made the line stalled, moved away. The swearing motive of the utterances in the conversation above is linguistic motives. The used of swear words God-damned in the utterance is not for insult or cursing somebody, however it is only used to express his utterances in different way.

5.1.3 Excretory Term Conversation 8 [the moms enter] Sheila : So, boys. You saw that movie again? The boys : [resigned] Yes. Sheila : Well, Kyle, I have had it! You are grounded for the next two weeks! Kyle : Grounded? Sharon : And you, Stan. Come on. [Stan exits, and the other two follow] Liane : And you're grounded for three weeks, Eric. Cartman : Ey, why am I grounded more? That's shit mom! Sheila : Whatwhatwhaaat?! What was that word young man?!

The conversation between Cartman, Stan, and Kyle with their mothers was taken in the hospital after their friend Kenny died. When their mother found that their children had watched Terrance and Phillip movie again, their mother was totally angry, and they said to his children that they will be punished for all the things that had made, and Cartman will get three weeks punishment which is the longest among his friends. The situation makes Cartman swearing again with his mother “Ey, why am I grounded more? That's shit mom!” The word shit in the conversation above means nonsense. Cartman’s thinks what his mother said about the punishment is nonsense. This swear word is classified as excretory term, because it is simplified that shit is the solid waste matter from the anus (feces).

The function of this swear words is commisives, where Cartman used the swear words shit is to refuse his mother decision about his punishment. He said that his mother decision is like feces. The motive of swearing in the conversation uttered by the speaker is psychological motives since its swearing used to showing his feeling to the hearer. The speaker is angry and unfair about his mother decision

5.1.4 Anatomical Term Conversation 5 There's the girl that I like. Cartman: Hey, Stan. Tell about when Terrance called Phillip a testicle-shitting rectal wart. Stan: Now, more than ever, she gives me butterflies. It makes my stomach queasy every time she walks by. Cartman: Asshole, I'm talkin' to you! Stan: I know I can be cool if I try. [smiles. Wendy knows he's there and comes at him spinning in the air in a triple Lutz before landing before him. He gets ice all over his face.]

This conversation occurred in the Stark’s pond, where many of the third grader were playing ice skating when Stan and Cartman is in the middle of their conversation. When Cartman asked him about Terrance and Phillip movie, suddenly Stan saw the girl that He liked, Wendy. he would begin to be nervous, and couldn’t say any word, and it makes Stan forgot he was talking with Cartman. This situation makes Cartman said “asshole, Im talkin’ to you”. The word asshole in the conversation above means the worst kind of person or idiot. The speaker uttered the swear words in order to insult Stan who does not hear what the speaker told him. Based on the context above, asshole is related to the human anatomy, and private parts of the body which is in the type of anatomical term. The function of asshole in this utterance is directives. Directives attempts by the speaker to make the hearer to do something. In this case, the speaker wants to warn something, and request to somebody, where Cartman really want Stan to hear him, and answer his questions about Terrance and Phillip movie. The motive of swearing in the conversation between Cartman, and Stan in the Stark’s pond is psychological motives. It is because the speaker wants to show his bad mood or

feeling to his friend Stan. The speaker is angry because his Friend Stan did not listen to his words.


CONCLUSION After analyzing swear words found in the movie script “South Park Bigger, Longer,

and Uncut” the writer found that there are four swear words classifications found in the movie script. There is general term which has the greater frequency to be used by the character in the movie. It is followed by religion term as the second classification, excretory and anatomical term as the last classification. Every swear words uttered by people has different functions depending on the person and the context where it is uttered. After analyzing the functions of swear words uttered by the characters in the movie. It is found there are four functions of utterance are expressives, directives, commisives, and representatives based on the Searle (in Levinson 1983). The characters mostly used swear words in order to express their feeling to the hearer or somebody they talk to. Therefore, expressives become the widest functions of utterance found in the movie. The motives of swearing has great influence on the function of the swear words uttered by the characters. It is found that there are only two motives of the characters to swear. Psychological motives and linguistic motives. Psychological motives usually come from the all things associated with feeling, and emotion. In the other hand, linguistic motive is the motive where the speaker used swear words in order to make a different ways of expressing what they want to utter. The speaker doesn’t use swear words to insult or intimidate the hearer



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THE USE OF SWEAR WORDS IN THE MOVIE SCRIPT “SOUTH PARK BIGGER, LONGER, AND UNCUT” Putu Abdi Resda Wiyanti English Department, Faculty of Letters and C...

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