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Description The Hunger Games. By Suzanne Collins. Welcome to PANEM. Used to be North America Disasters came: droughts, storms, fires – these left little land Fighting began over what land was left PANEM – “a shining Capitol ringed by 13 districts” At first, there was peace and prosperity

Share Transcript The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins Welcome to PANEM Used to be North America Disasters came: droughts, storms, fires – these left little land Fighting began over what land was left Throw Your 3-Sign Up: Race & PANEM – “a shining Capitol ringed by 13 districts” Resistance in the Hunger Games At first, there was peace and prosperity (/throw-your-3-sign-up-raceThen came the Dark Days – uprising of districts against Capitol resistance-in-the-hunger-games) 12 were defeated – the 13th was obliterated The Hunger Games Vs. 1984 Treaty of Treason – new laws to guarantee peace and… (/the-hunger-games-vs-1984) The Hunger Games The Hunger Games Punishment for the uprising in the Dark Days The Hunger Games (/theThe Capitol’s way of reminding the Districts how powerful they are hunger-games) Each of the 12 districts must provide one boy and one girl This makes a total of 24 “tributes” for the games Imprisoned in an outdoor arena – televised across country The Hunger Games (/theOver several weeks, the competitors must fight to the death hunger-games-LWSrV5n) Only one winner – will get “life of ease” and district will be rewarded Capitol forces the districts to treat Hunger Games as a festivity and to celebrate them Characters The Hunger Games (/theKatnissEverdeen – nicknamed Catnip (by Gale) – she is 16 – loves her sister Prim – father was hunger-games-qLqMGDz) killed in an explosion – tense relationship with her mother – best friend is Gale – accomplished hunter – provides for her family – her name was entered 20 times in the reaping Primrose Everdeen – nicknamed Prim – she is 12 – loves her sister and mother – has a goat The hunger Games (/thenamed Lady and a cat named Buttercup – has been sheltered and protected by Katniss hunger-games-bHlqgra) Gale – is 18 years old – provides for his two little brothers and a sister + his mother – his father also killed in explosion – best friend to Katniss – his name was entered 42 times in the reaping Characters Continued The hunger games (/the-hungerMadge – the mayor’s daughter – not a snob, nice girl – she and Katniss are not really “friends” games-jw0KRCh) but are friendly to each other – her name only entered 5 times in the reaping Mother – used to be of the wealthier merchant class – met her husband when he sold medicinal herbs to her family’s apothecary shop – her old life means much to her – nearly let Katniss and The Hunger Games Part 2: The Prim starve to death after their father died – tense relationship with Katniss Games (/the-hunger-gamesEffie Trinket – From the Capitol – assigned as District 12’s escort – pink wig, green suit, Capitol part-2-the-games) accent – wishes she worked for a higher achieving district – pulls Prim’s name from the jar The Hunger Games (/search/the+hunger+games) Characters Continued The hunger games (/the-hungerMayor Undersee – Mayor of District 12 – Madge’s father – buys strawberries regularly from Wizards Of The Coast Games (/search/wizards+of+the+coast+games) games-DrCBVfn) Gale and Katniss Haymitch Abernathy – the only living past Hunger Games victor from District 12 – shows up Race And Ethnicity In The United States Censu drunk to the reaping ceremony – tries to hug Effie – embarrasses the Mayor (/search/race+and+ethnicity+in+the+united+states+census) The Hunger Games Unit (/theGreasy Sae – old woman in the Hob who sells soup – regularly buys wild dog, and other items, hunger-games-unit) Fourteenth Amendment To The United States Con from Gale and Katniss (/search/fourteenth+amendment+to+the+united+states+constitution) Peacekeepers – self explanatory name Settings Ball Games (/search/ball+games) The Hunger Games Vocabulary District 12 – where Katniss, Prim, her mother, Gale, etc. live (/the-hunger-games-vocabulary) The Capitol – ruling sector of Panem Procedures Of The Supreme Court Of The United Panem – the country (/search/procedures+of+the+supreme+court+of+the+united+states) The Seam – coal mining area – where the poorer class lives – where Gale, Katniss, etc. are The Hunger Games (/thefrom Fruit Of The Holy Spirit (/search/fruit+of+the+holy+spirit) hunger-games-zcoNk6w) The Square – central merchant area of District 12 – actually a pleasant place – the reaping is here Sheriffs In The United States (/search/sheriffs+in+the+united+states) The Woods – forbidden but Gale and Katniss hunt here The Hunger Games (/theThe Hob – the black market – in an abandoned warehouse – Katniss and Gale sell their items Ark Of The Covenant (/search/ark+of+the+covenant) The Beatles (/search/the+beatles) hunger-games-CcRwGPc) here Tesserae Tesserae - small square of bone, wood, or the like, used in ancient times as a token, tally, ticket, The hunger games report (/theetc. hunger-games-report) You take out a tessera for each year’s ration of oil and grain for one person. For each tessera, your name is entered in the reaping one time Tesserae is the plural form of the word The Hunger Games Vs. 1984 Katniss takes out tesserae for herself, Prim, and her mother (/the-hunger-games-vs-1984Peeta hlxDMQQ) Male tribute for District 12 Bakers Lives in the Merchant Area View more... (/search/The+Hunger+Games) Wealthier than Katniss How do Katniss and Peeta know each other? Makalah Landasan Pengembangan Kurikulum (/makalah-landasanGlobal Molecular Diagnostics Market Report 2014 Worldwide Industry School…….. pengembangan-kurikulum) Share, Investment Trends, Growth, Size, Strategy And Forecast Gave her some bread one time when she was out seeking food or money

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