Computing Water Demand for Buildings Posted on May 31, 2016

Architects,engineers and designers, even before a building is to be constructed or before the construction documents were produced, must carefully predict the demands for its utilities. Architects, being the chief facilitator of new building or house, must know everything about what makes a building or house work. The utilities (MEP in technical terms) of a building is one of the most important thing to consider aside from a building’s aesthetic looks. A house or building is composed of the structure, the landscape, the electrical/electronic systems, the mechanical systems, and the plumbing systems. A building cannot work without the other.

One important system that must be considered is the plumbing (water distribution and sanitary) system of a building. The designers must already have an idea about the demand of water and excreta volume of the building in order to zone the areas needed for this system. This will determine where to properly locate the water tank and septic tank provisions (especially critical for small and constricted lot areas). Important information needed by an architect/designer is the water demand supply for a building and the sizes of its main and branch pipes. Often times these were handled after the construction documentation stage but it is critical for a welldesigned and managed building to be able to integrate it in the early stages for the area allocation and loading requirements of this systems. The architect, master plumber/ sanitary engineer and other professionals must be collaborative/ coordinated in the early stages to determine these concerns so that a holistic design will produced. This is a simple procedure in determining the water demand for a building and the sizing of main/branch pipes for your building. (This procedure is summarized from Appendix A of the RA 1378, The Revised National Plumbing Code of the Philippines). Note: Obtain first necessary information regarding the water pressure allocated by your service provider in your area and the friction loss incurred from your water meters-this may be obtained from the water meter manufacturer. WATER DEMAND LOAD: 1. Determine the total water supply fixture unit (W.S.F.U.) based on the type of fixtures in your building. Refer to Table

A-1. 2. See corresponding water supply demand of total W.S.F.U. on Table A-2 or A-3.

Table A-2

Table A-3

3. Add any supply demands (liters per second) for any lawn sprinklers, air conditioners etc. From this you can determine the targeted water demand for a building …say…in one day using the supply demand in liters per second. Cheers! Renante Llanera

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