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SDA Opens Enrollment for 7th and 8th Grades An Accelerated Curriculum for High-Achieving Girls ome things come full-circle, some are a matter of time and SDA’s decision to expand its enrollment to 7th and 8th grade girls may just be considered both. The pros and cons of opening enrollment to 7th and 8th grades have been discussed by SDA administration and the school’s Board of Trustees for almost two decades. After a demographic study and research into area elementary school education, the time just seems ripe for expansion according to Head of School Barbara Griffin. “Saint Dominic Academy opened in 1878 as an elementary school, so you might say we’re partially returning to our earlier roots,” Mrs. Griffin stated. “The school is at a point where accepting younger girls wouldn’t cause us to add on to the building. And by making some adjustments in classroom management


and reworking teachers’ schedules, there’s no need to hire additional faculty. We’re actually strengthening the school by supplying more of a feeder base for our high school — it’s a win-win for both the girls and SDA.” Admissions Director Andrea Villani Apruzzese ’75 agrees with the new strategy. “Offering a Catholic option earlier in the education process makes a lot of sense for some families,” Mrs. Apruzzese said. “There are a few towns in the area such as Weehawken, Secaucus and Hoboken where 7th and 8th graders attend school

Applications Now Being Accepted • Complete information about the 7th and 8th grade including an outline of the application process can be found on the SDA website under Admissions. • An entrance exam is an application requirement. As enrollment takes place throughout the spring and summer, the exam will be scheduled accordingly. (See website for dates • Questions can also be directed to Mrs. Apruzzese in the Admissions Office at 201 434 5938 ext. 14 or [email protected]

directly in the town’s high school, thus there’s a natural break in these public schools. Right now, the timing seems right because we see a small niche for offering bright 12 and 13 year old girls another option for advanced learning in a Catholic school environment.” The new program aims to prepare 7th and 8th graders for SDA’s rigorous high school curriculum through “Project Lead The Way” (PLTW), an organization that provides innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. The PLTW curriculum is founded on the fundamental problemsolving and critical-thinking skills taught in traditional career and technical education (CTE), but at the same time integrates national academic and technical learning standards and STEM principles, continued on page 3

From the Head of School’s Desk APRIL 2013

SDA BOARD OF TRUSTEES Sister Rita Calabrese, O.P. Sister Peggy Ann Clinton, O.P. ‘75 Sister Patricia Crowley, O.P. Sister Patricia Hogan, O.P. ‘59 Rev. James Manos Tara McCann ‘94 William J. Milczarski, Ph.D., AICP Susan Odenthal ‘73 Sister Luella Ramm, O.P. George T. Taite, Esq. P ‘14 Sister Pat Tavis, O.P.

SDA LEADERSHIP TEAM Barbara Boyd Griffin Head of School John Seborowski Academic Dean Sister Mary Lou Bauman, O.P. ‘65 Vice Principal Sharon Buge Director of Finance Kate Lillis-Magnus ‘83 Director of Advancement Andrea Villani Apruzzese ‘75 Director of Admissions

SDA ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION Staci Zegler ‘83 President Tracy Morley ‘80 Vice President

Dear Friends of SDA, As you will read in the lead article in this issue of PENTIMENTO, Saint Dominic Academy is starting off its 135th year with an exciting new initiative – the addition of Grades 7 and 8 to our long-established and well-regarded college-preparatory program. The reactions to this announcement from our parents and alumnae have been very interesting. While some people believe that the addition of these two grades is an excellent idea and can only strengthen the Academy for the future, others wonder if the change indicates that the Academy is somehow “in trouble”. They know that not only Jersey City, but also Hudson County has seen a number of Catholic schools close in recent years after experiencing declining enrollment and rising debt. SDA has been affected by the same demographic changes that resulted in the closure of nearly 50% of all Catholic schools in our area over the past 30 years. The size of the applicant pool from which the Academy recruited each year’s class has shrunk dramatically, as many families, which traditionally sent their daughters to Saint Dominic Academy, moved to the suburbs. The families who replaced them are much smaller, frequently come from other backgrounds, and lack the same traditions. In addition to these changes, the “living subsidy” provided by the Dominican Sisters, who staffed the school for its first hundred years, is no longer available. At the same time other educational options became available, as Hudson County opened a number of charter schools; the highly selective magnet schools increased the size of their student bodies; and a nearby, well-regarded Catholic school for boys opened its doors to girls. Add to this the necessary rise in tuition at SDA, which does not receive any government subsidies and must depend on the generosity of its friends to supplement tuition revenue. As the administration and Board grappled with these issues, they decided that the Academy should take a few strategic steps to strengthen its position – first, by expanding our recruitment efforts outside of Hudson County and second, by adding two grades that would feed directly into the ninth grade. It is our hope that that these initiatives will result in a stable enrollment, although it most likely will be lower than it was in the past. This is what we are doing here to enhance SDA’s position as the premier, collegepreparatory school for girls for years to come. But we need your help to make it work. As our increased costs continue to challenge many of our families, who would love to give their daughters an SDA education, generous and consistent contributions from friends of the Academy very well may determine its future. As always, we are most grateful for the support of all our friends – true believers in the mission of Saint Dominic Academy, which continues to empower women in this -our second century. Sincerely,

Stephanie Barbi ‘64 Treasurer Peggie Madden Marano ‘83 Secretary


Barbara Griffin

SDA Opens Enrollment Continued...

creating what U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan calls one of the “great models of the CTE succeeding all across the country.” PLTW was recently cited by the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a “model for 21st century career and technical education.” Although the program will include the STEM principles, Religion, Art, Music French, History and Integrated Language Arts are all part of the academic program as well. Students will be expected to apply the skills learned in English to all oral presentation, written assignments and projects. They will experience a competitive academic curriculum in a nurturing environment that builds character and promotes virtue. At the same time they will enjoy many opportunities to develop talents and pursue interests in athletics, art, music, dance and drama. Mary Ann McLean, the high school’s current History Chairperson, will coordinate the program. “Our teachers are looking forward to having six years with the students,” Ms. McLean states. “There’s so much potential with this program that our teachers are already thinking about what they can offer five and six years down the line.” Some of the opportunities include higher levels of math and the ability to better prepare students for Advanced Placement courses.

“Currently we offer a program where juniors and seniors can take college courses through Seton Hall and Saint Peter’s universities,” says Academic Dean John Seborowski. “It’s a huge savings for our students who can potentially earn up to 12 credits at 1/5 the price of the college cost. With the 7th and 8th grade program enabling students to take high school level courses a little earlier, many other educational opportunities will be open to them when they enter high school here at SDA. ” Judy Magee Atchley ’83, a Jersey City resident with two young daughters, attended the school’s information session in February. “A lot of people are looking for accelerated programs for their middle school children and this seems like an ideal choice,” Mrs. Atchley stated. “I was impressed with what I heard and my daughter Mary loved the school and the idea of taking six years of French.” Current SDA seniors think the expansion plans make sense for 7th and 8th graders. “I believe it would be exciting for girls to be able to experience SDA at such a young age,” says Ester Ongerri ‘13. “It gives young girls an advantage education wise,” added Eugenee Del Rosario ‘13. “Even though the girls will be separate from the upperclassmen, I think our current students would take them under their wing and help them acclimate to the environment,” offered Sarah Kelly ‘13. As expected, some of the current freshmen’s first reaction to the expansion was met with serious concern. “I was surprised at first and wanted SDA to be freshmen to seniors like other high schools,” said Marissa Pinto ’16. “But now I like the idea because the 7th and 8th graders that have a chance to come into SDA get acclimated to the way high school teachers teach. This would prepare them well. SDA teachers treat you like an adult so that you have to take responsibility unlike grammar school teachers who don’t expect as much.” Hasbrouck Heights resident Maria Sasso Pinto, a 1975 SDA alumna and mother of Marissa ’16, had an initial apprehensive reaction as well, but as she learned more of

the expansion she could see the strategy of the decision. “At first I imagined SDA poaching current Catholic school 7th and 8th graders, but once I learned that they were not recruiting from open Catholic schools and were focusing on public schools students it seems like the right thing to do,” Mrs. Pinto stated. “Using real world business decisions and applying it to a school environment to increase their customer base makes good business sense to me.” Current parent of Shannon Hester ’15 and father of two SDA alumnae (Megan ’08 and Katie ’09) John Hester thinks the timing is right for opening the school to younger girls. “My wife Denna and I applaud SDA for taking a proactive and strategic approach in an effort to address the challenges that both the school and families who desire an all-female Catholic education face in keeping that crucial option alive in Hudson County,” Mr. Hester stated. “As Bayonne residents know, just a few short years ago our local Catholic grammar schools took the bold, but necessary step to combine and form the now successful All Saints Catholic Academy. It’s that type of progressive action that will be a catalyst in making an SDA education available for generations to come.” Mr. Hester believes that an SDA education is far and away the best choice in the area for young women. “I can say with little trepidation that our daughters reaped untold benefits from their time at SDA both in and outside the classroom,” said the proud father. “Megan graduated Cum Laude from Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN last year and is now pursuing her continued on page 14

SPRING 2013 3

2012–2013 Annual Fund Update he Annual Fund is the single most important fundraising effort of the year. It lifts our program from basics to excellence, providing opportunities beyond those covered by tuition and fees. Your tax-deductible gift to the SDA Annual Fund makes an immediate impact on the day-to-day experience of our students. While proceeds from the SDA Leadership Awards Gala are restricted to the Scholarship Fund and Spring Thaw funds go toward the athletic program, it is the Annual Fund that covers expenses such as installing Smart Boards and paying teachers’ salaries. Each year the Fund has three phases with the first being the November Appeal Letter from our Head of School. The second phase is the March Phonathon where we call those who have not yet responded to the letter. The third phase is in June where we remind our donors that end of the fiscal year closes at the end of the month. We usually receive more than 50 percent of annual fund contributions between the March Phonathon and our June 30th year end. If you haven’t made your gift to this year’s fund, please use the enclosed envelope or donate via the website at The size of your gift is not as important as your participation.


2012-13 Annual Fund Goal

$150,000 As of February 28, 2013

$ 70,000 Current Parent Participation % Rate

4% Alumnae Current % Participation


Robyn Reyes ’98 donates $5.00 a month to SDA via the website’s automatic online payment method.

Robyn (center) and husband Peter with their children, Aliana, Carter, KC and Brooklyn.

"I don't miss $5 a month and when I can give more I definitely will, but this is such a painless way of saying thank you to a place that gave me so much. Paying it forward is vital to Catholic Schools so please join me in sending something back to SDA's Annual Fund. If you appreciate the education, or the friendships or the favorite Sister or teacher, or the moral foundation, please remember SDA each year so they can continue their mission of empowering women. Would you really miss $5 a month? Probably not."




ABOUT Sarah Kelly ’13 received the “All-State Soccer Recognition Award” from the New Jersey Girls Soccer Association at its annual banquet in 2012. She is pictured here with SDA teacher and soccer coach Colette Lenaghan. Sarah was also selected as “Player of the Year” by associates from the Hudson County Interscholastic Athletic League. She is awaiting college acceptance letters and is partial to Emerson College in Boston, MA.

Soccer Awards Wisconsin Visitor

Dr. Beth Neary ’73 of Wisconsin visited SDA last Fall and was able to meet Eugenee Del Rosario ’13, a recipient of the Isabelle C. Wolfe Scholarship which Beth established in memory of her grandmother.

The New Jersey Girls Soccer Coaches Association honored Anne Dalton O’Brien ’65 with a lifetime achievement award at their annual banquet in 2012. Anne’s years at SDA as Head Soccer Coach and her time at the North Arlington Soccer Association and the town’s recreation department have made her quite the “soccer mom”. Anne is picture here with Val Gasda former president of the NJGSCA and Jamie McGoarty current president.

Alumnae Association The SDA Alumnae Association held one of its general meetings in Madonna Hall at Christmas time. Pictured from left are the Executive Board members Tracy Morley ’80, Vice President, Peggie Madden Marano ’83, P’16, Secretary; Stephanie Barbi ’64, Treasurer; and Staci Zegler ’83, President.

Women’s Choir

SDA’s long-time choral director Joseph Napoli conducted several Christmas concerts with the Women’s Choir. Members standing are Czarina Carbonell ‘02, Lavon Abis, Christina Conti ‘04, Aleli Tuason ‘92, Lauren Krohn ‘98, Gabrielle Lim ‘08, Rose Flores ‘98, Catalina Candela Kowal ’98. Seated are Erin Hughes ‘04, Jean Kim ‘91, Christine Tobias Lin ‘93, Lisa Alvarado Yanez ’97 and Joe.

SPRING 2013 5




New Alumnae Coaches

Alyssa Sita ’07 (left) and Stefanie Phillps ’07 (right) joined the SDA soccer coaching staff this year. Current SDA Varsity Soccer Coach Colette Lenaghan (center) is happy to have them on board.

Homecoming The Alumnae Association welcomed back to SDA some of our most recent graduates at Homecoming held in Madonna Hall in January.

Beefsteak Dinner. A number of alumnae returned to SDA for the Parents Association Beefsteak Dinner in September. Pictured from left are Alyssa Sita ’07, Megan Hester ’08, Christina Koerner ’07, Amy Figueroa ’07, Allison Linforff ’07, Stefanie Philips ’07, Vicki Lindorff ’71, P ’07, ‘14; Hannah Winckelmann ’07, Katie D’Alessio ’07.

New Found Friends At a New Jersey luncheon for Scholar Athletes, SDA track star Sarah Sisk ’13 was seated with Mary Boudreau Aston ’44, the grandmother of a fellow scholar athlete. Once they learned they attended the same high school, the two became fast friends.


REUNION 2013 Reunion Weekend

Florida Reunion

Ellen Meagher-Teresi ’72 and husband, Joe, hosted a reunion for SDA Florida residents in their beautiful Ft. Lauderdale home last October. The afternoon included cocktails and hor d’oeuvres, followed by a brief SDA presentation by Head of School Barbara Griffin and Advancement Director Kate Lillis Magnus ’83, at which Joe and Ellen pledged a $100,000 gift over ten years for SDA’s “Fund A Scholar” program. Camille Saccente ’81, (second from left) and Ellen coordinated the reunion which included a sunset cruise along the Intracoastal Waterway. Aboard the “ZaZu” are Tina Marino Reagan ’60, Camille, Kate Lillis-Magnus ’83 and Lori Lomnicky ’89. Posing for a group shot outside Ellen’s home are (top row) Judy Cangialosi '83, Carol Pellietier '54, Kate Lillis Magnus '83, Camille Saccente '81, Lori Lomnicky '89, Carol's daughter Carolyn, Barbara Griffin, and Ellen Meagher-Teresi '72; (bottom row) Joy Fahey '72, Tina (Ann Marie) Marino Reagan '60, Gerri DeStefano '82, Maryann Sullivan '67, Mary Ellen Martin '70, Rosemarie White Sheedy '67, and Betty Leon Ramos '92.

Class of ’72 Reunion

Class of 2008 and 2003 Friday, April 26, 2013 6 p.m. Zeppelin Hall Restaurant and Biergarten 88 Liberty View Drive Jersey City, NJ 07302

Class of 2003, 1998, 1993, 1988, 1983, 1978, 1973, 1968 Saturday, April 27, 2013 SDA Tour 4:30 -5:30 Dinner and Dancing 6-10 p.m. Puccini’s Restaurant 1064 West Side Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07306

Class of 1963, 1958, 1953, 1948, 1943, 1938 Sunday, April 28, 2013 11 a.m. Mass at SDA Brunch Following All alumnae welcome. Email photos of your days at SDA to Carmen Vega at [email protected] or call Carmen with questions at 201 434 5938 ext 42.

Graduates from the Class of 1972 met at Henry’s Restaurant in Jersey City to reminisce about their high school days. The Class donated over $500 to SDA and also purchased a memorial paver along the Kennedy Boulevard brick walkway in honor of one of their favorite teachers, the late Mr. Thomas O’Shaughnessy.

SPRING 2013 7





he Academy held its 14th Annual Leadership Awards Gala on November 15, 2012 at Nanina’s in the Park in Belleville, NJ. Over 200 Dominican Sisters, faculty, alumnae, current and past parents and friends came to celebrate with the year’s Dominican Pillar Awards Honorees: The Hon. Kevin G. Callahan, JD, P’93, Mary Ann Molinari ’67 and Dr. Marie Varley ’56. The event raised approximately $75,000 to support SDA’s Scholarship Fund. Special thanks to our corporate sponsors Bank of America and IPC as well as our Gala Chairs, Donna and Jimmy Rizzo, P’13 and Michele Ristaino Tedesco ’79.






(1) Robert Molinari has the honor of pinning a corsage on his sister, Gala Honoree Mary Ann Molinari ’67. (2) Mike and Rosemary Gagliardo Scott ’69, left, and Mary Ann Costello Visocchi and husband Tony, right, are faithful SDA supporters and Gala attendees. Between them are Daria Swales and Anna Maciocia. Seated are Ned and Bev Russell and Susan and Richard Giacobone. (3) Judie Brophy ’58 and Stephanie Barbi ’64 enjoying the festivities. (4) SDA Parents Walter Zelop, P’79 and his nephew, Robert Heun, P’09, ’16, were happy to reunite at the Gala.(5) Gala Honoree Kevin G. Callahan P’94 and Gala Chairman James Rizzo P’13 are also proud SDA dads. (6) All three Selinske sisters attended the Gala; from left are Ellen Selinske Drennan ’72, Joanne Selinske ’70 and Dr. Jane Selinske ’67.





Save the Date!


15th Annual SDA Leadership Awards Gala Thursday, November 21 , 2013 Nanina's in the Park




(7) The Varley Family: standing are Suzanne Alfano Corcoran, Amy Betz Loniewski, Rita Connors Hermanns '56, Gala Honoree Marie Varley ‘56, Marifrances Alfano Burton and Tom Burton. Seated are Bob Betz, Eileen Varley Betz ’65, Al Alfano, Sheila Varley Alfano ’61 and Myles Varley. (8) The Molinari Family: standing are James Molinari, Michael Molinari, Gala Honoree Mary Ann Molinari ‘67, Michael Molinari, John Molinari and Art Ziluck. Seated are Jamie Lynn Sherfesee, Linda Molinari, Frank Stancati, and Irene Molinari. (9) A number of 1982 graduates came out for a night of fun. From left are, Nancy Kist, Esq., a 2004 Gala Honoree, Patricia Wettingfeld Monaco, Tracey Monaco Anton, Dr. Laurie Addvensky, and Anne Delaney Baca. (10) Gala Honoree Dr. Marie Varley ’56 accepts the Dominican Pillar Award from Head of School Barbara Griffin. (11) Head of School Barbara Griffin announces the winning ticket pulled by SDA Senior Eugenee De Rosario ’13. Irene Molinari, who was in attendance for her Gala Honoree niece, Mary Ann Molinari ‘67, generously donated $1,000 of her $6,400 winnings back to SDA’s Scholarship Fund. (12) The Callahan Family: standing from left are Frank Hoffman, Dr. Philip Frezzo P’94, Diane Taylor Frezzo ’65, P’94, Kevin, Jersey City Deputy Mayor Kabili Tayari, Kevin Connahan, and Kevin Callahan. Seated from left are Patricia Simpson Frezzo ’65, Janice Hoffman, Pat Callahan P’93, Margaret Connahan and Ursula Callahan.

SPRING 2013 9



 – Joan Russoniello Goba spends much of her time at Windham Hospital in Connecticut as a volunteer for its auxiliary. She is also a member of St. Francis of Assisi Ladies Guild and a tutor for Windham Public Schools.

 – Rosalie Tracy McCloskey and husband Jack recently celebrated 55 years of marriage.

insurance coverage.

 – Texas resident Suzanne Brendehoff -Shinohara was happy to visit with several classmates in Bayonne last summer. Suzanne has been teaching preschool at St. Francis of Assisi in Frisco, TX for nine years. She is working to get certified in Special Ed so she can one day work in her district's Early Childhood Development Center.

 ‒ Michele Sloyan Staranka and husband Steve celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary recently. Michele is a kindergarten teacher in Verona and has three children, Sean, Chris and daughter Jaclyn, a freshman at Mount Saint Dominic Academy.

 &  – Meeting regularly to celebrate life and retirement are (seated) Carmel Novellino Grassano, Dolores McGreevy and (standing) Bernadette “Nikki” Peduto Ferraioli and Rose Taglieareni Rago ‘64

 – Isabel Dalli Giordano, who served in the United States Navy for twenty years in the intelligence community, has been elected Commander of W.W. Keller American Legion Post 242 in Quakertown, PA. Isabel is the first women elected to that position in the post’s 75 years of existence.

 – Nancy Berry Boyne returned from “The El Camino” a pilgrimage in Spain which has been going on for more than 1,000 years. Nancy said the trip was “magnificent” and one of the best experiences of her life. 10 PENTIMENTO

 – Eileen Rogers Dorritie of Mount Vision, New York is enjoying life with her six children and six grandchildren.

 – Laura Eiberger Rokosz and twin sister, Mary Sneed celebrated their 50th birthday at Ninety Acres Restaurant in Peapack, NJ. Governor Christie was at the next table and wished the former Jersey City girls a “Happy Birthday!”

 – Michele Ristaino Tedesco receives a congratulatory hug from daughter, Olivia, at The Connie Dwyer Breast Center’s “Harvest of Hope” fundraiser. Michele received the “Humanitarian of the Year” award from The Saint Michael’s Medical Center affiliated organization for her work with the Center’s mission to educate, diagnose and treat residents of Greater Newark without regard for

 – Robin Gfroegher Kelly and her

ALUMNAE sister Linda Gfroegher completed the Danskin Mini Triathlon at Sandy Hook in September. The event includes a half mile swim, a ten mile bike ride and a three mile run. Congratulations, ladies!

 – Patricia Zeller Politi completed her MSW at the Rutgers University School of Social Work in May of 2012. The New Jersey Society for Clinical Social Work presented Tricia with the Outstanding Student Achievement Award at graduation.


appointment as a Municipal Court Judge in Secaucus, NJ. For the past 13 years Karen has served in the Hudson County prosecutor’s office.

 – Samantha Cox is a junior at Montclair State University and her Mom, Cheryl Lodge Cox ’72, is happy to report that Sam is on the Dean’s List.

 – Dr. Coleen Zoller is a professor of

 – Corrine Verga finished her first

philosophy at Susquehanna University. She fondly remembers her days at SDA and is especially grateful to her teachers for her education especially Mr. Crudo!

semester at Rutgers University New Brunswick on the Dean’s List.

 – Janet Pereira is in the midst of wedding planning as her special day with Jonathan Spain will take place on April 12, 2013.

 – Vanessa Quiles made the Dean’s List for the Fall 2012 semester with a 3.83 GPA at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

- – SDA alumnae

 – In September of 2012, Karen Boylan began her three-year

now studying at Stevens Institute of Technology posed for a photo outside the Hoboken university; from left are Brandy Americk ’10, Milcah Umali ’10, Naiya Patel ’12, Jaymie Basilio ’12, Chetna Mehta ’08 and Cianyl Pogata ’08.

SHARE YOUR NEWS! Tell fellow alumnae about the wonderful things happening in your life!

Name (First, Maiden, Last)

Class Year




E-mail Address

Home Phone

Cell Phone


Mail to: SDA, 2572 Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07304 You may also e-mail all news and updates, including address and name changes, directly to the Advancement Office: [email protected]

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Work has begun on the Sr. Edith Magdalen, O.P. Memorial Project in the chapel. Measurements have been taken to fit the stained glass windows with temporary white glass while the windows are releaded. We are grateful to those who have contributed to the project thus far. The cost for the entire project which includes new window frames, releading glass or replacing broken pieces, and installation is approximately $25,000. We are more than half way there thanks to your generous support. If you'd like to contribute, please send a gift with the enclosed envelope in honor of Sr. Edith Magdalen. Once the project is complete, we will celebrate Mass in the chapel with a reception to follow in Madonna Hall. Thank you again for your support!

MEMORIAL PROJECT DONORS Mrs. Alice Utkewicz Adams ’53 Mrs. Rosemary McKenna Adornetto ’57 Ms. Arlene Alape ’57 Mrs. Annette Scatuorchio Amoroso ’39 Sylvia Crescitelli Anthony ’56 Mrs. Mary Carlascio Balestrieri ’55 Mrs. Joan Finnegan Balance ’57 Ms. Kathleen Wynn Barnitt ’59 Mrs. Ann Carbone Barthel ’56 Sister Mary Lou Bauman ’65 Mrs. Susan DeLuca Becker ’63 Mrs. Cynthia Bergwall-Moran ’60 Mrs. Emma Pfaff Best ’53 Mrs. Ellen Lynch Blozen ’54 Mrs. Barbara Mickewich Bowler ’56 Mrs. Loretta Leis Braun ’59 Mrs. Carolyn Boitano Brindisi ’60, P ’84 Mr. James Brochu Ms. Anna Buber ’54 Mrs. Norma Barone Busacco ’61 Mrs. Carol Noble Campbell ’59 Mrs. Ruthellen Schutte Campbell ’63 Mrs. Martha Calascibetta Cancellieri ’57 Ms. Mary Carrigg ’59 Mrs. Carol Loehr Castine ’58, PP ’80 Ms. Gertrude Moran Cherubino ’58 Mrs. Kathleen Fogacci Cole ’55 Mrs. Barbara Menaghan Coll ’55 Sister Patricia Costello ’60 Sister Lois Curry Curry ’58 Mrs. Barbara Warlikowski Dachowski ’55 Ms. Barbara D’Amato ’56 Mrs. Assunta D’Amato Kelly ’58 Mrs. Maryanne D’Amico ’59 Mrs. Elizabeth Martin Deegan ’53 Mr. Christopher Defoe Ms. Elizabeth Delaney ’63 Ms. Patricia Delaney ’59 Mrs. Barbara Miller Della Sala ’53 Mrs. Debra Descloux Mrs. Helene Finnell Dickinson ’53, PP ’81 Ms. Judith Dolan Dolan 54 Ms. Marion Armstrong Donohue ’54 Ms. Carol Petkus Duggan ’60 Mrs. Susan La Rocca Fast ’62 Mrs. Vivien Sayegh Finn ’58 Mrs. Imelda Keegel Fragomeni ’56 Mrs. Barbara Addas Frattura ’57 Ms. Johanna Galasso ’61 Mrs. Dorothy Noble Gall ’56 Ms. Suzanne Gazzillo Holtje ’62 Mrs. Mary Giacchi P, ’12, ’15 Ms. Geraldine Gillio ’57

Mrs. Isabel Dalli Giordano ’57 Mrs. Alica Maloney Giuffra ’62 Mrs. Patricia Antonacci Glowacki ’59 Mrs. Antoinette Frank Golden ’57 Mrs. Dianne Morrell Goldstein ’56 Mrs. Angela Fulco Grebowski ’57 Mrs. Gail Paxson Gregory ’63 Ms. Santa Gregory ’63 Mrs. Eileen Macko Hampton ’55 Mrs. Janet Stemmle Hector ’58 Mrs. Rita Walter Henry ’55 Mrs. Rita Connors Hermanns ’56 Ms. Arlene Hoag ’59 Mrs. Ann Ramo Hoth ’59 Mrs. Eleanor Klich Izdebski ’61 Mrs. Helene Malinkiewicz Jarecki ’64 Mrs. Pamela Sutcliffe Javadian ’60 Mrs. Dolores Massardo Jones ’52 Mrs. Marie Polcari Joyce ’58 Mrs. Clara Quaglieri Keating ’52 Sister Elaine Keenan ’59 Mrs. Elaine Leahy Kelleher ’61 Ms. Patricia Kelly ’54 Ms. Kathleen Kelly ’57 Ms. Noreen Kelty ’58 Mrs. Elizabeth Menke Kendall ’61 Mrs. Eileen Farrell Kiel ’62 Mrs. Elaine Quinlan King ’62 Mrs. Teresa Cappello Knight ’62 Mrs. Bernadette Dymowski Kocholis ’61 Mrs. Arlene Schmidt Kryspin ’55 Mrs. Mary Jean McFeely Lange ’62 Mrs. Veronica Hilken LaViola ’57 Ms. Mary Lou LeCompte ’60 Mrs. Bernadette Woerner Lenahan ’54 Mrs. Mary Moriarty Mack ’63 Mrs. Patricia Walsh Martin ’57 Mrs. Mary Ann Giacobe Mattaliano ’63 Sister Danelle McCarthy ’54 Mrs. Rosalie Tracy McCloskey ’56 Mrs. Suzanne Scheeler McCormack ’62 Sister Alice McCoy ’61 Mrs. Mary Ann O’Neill McMillan ’52 Ms. Joan McSherry ’63 Mrs. Marie Russoniello Mead ’58 Ms. Mary Modlin ’55 Mrs. Theresa Salmon Morrison ’43 Mrs. Frances Clarke Murphy ’53 Mrs. Bernice Whelan Nestor ’58 Ms. Mary Neville ’57 Mrs. Diane Zingaro Nowicki ’54 Mrs. Marie Tyrrell O’Brien ’59 Mrs. Catherine Bouton Ochs ’60

Ms. Mary Anne Amoruso O’Grady ’61, P ’88 Mrs. Mary Ann Millon O’Reilly ’56 Mrs. Patricia McGovern Orzack ’58 Mrs. Alice Egan O’Shea ’52 Mrs. Patricia Baratta Parker ’56 Mrs. Rosemary Novello Parlavecchio ’60 Mrs. Marie Benedict Petronzio ’58 Ms. Carol Ann Ping ’63 Ms. Veronica Ping ’54 Ms. Geraldine Ponti ’66 Mrs. Margaret Shine Potocki ’55 Mrs. Maureen Corcoran Powers ’61, P ’86, ’92 Mrs. Theresa Vertucci Quinn ’59 Ms. Jane Reddy ’55 Mrs. Gail Andre Reilly ’61 Ms. Doris Reischach ’58 Mrs. Elvira Ruocco Rettino ’59 Mrs. Judith Romagnola Ruddy ’60 Mrs. Lorraine Buckenmaier Russo ’61 Mrs. Joan Russoniello-Goba ’61 Mrs. Lorraine Jaeger Samarro ’63 Mrs. Susanne Everett Sansevere ’62 Ms. Gail York Santanna ’59 Ms. Nancy Santanna ’59 Mrs. Marion Fama Sari ’59 Ms. Maureen Savage ’54 Mrs. Joann Grasso Schembri ’54 Mrs. Michelina Dalli Seppi ’59 Mrs. Elaine Ribaudo Shaara ’60 Ms. Moira Sharkey ’58 Ms. Patricia Sica ’54 Ms. Ann Small Small ’55 Mrs. Phyllis Alfieri Somma ’61 Mrs. Mary Anne Conley Squazzo ’57 Mrs. Immaculata Carey Squitieri ’63 Ms. Barbara Staffa ’58 Mrs. Barbara Bandel Stomber ’60 Ms. Judith Swanson ’59 Mrs. Mary Granelli Tecktonius ’57 Mrs. Dolores Adams Thomas ’60 Mrs. Arlene Foligno Toro ’57 Mrs. Dolores Sacilowski Urban ’55 Dr. Marie Varley ’56 Mrs. Georgina Narcisi Vastola ’63 Mrs. Rose Mary Caputo Viggiani ’57 Mrs. Mary Ann Costello Visocchi ’61 Mrs. Dorothy Vita-Donnelly ’61 Ms. Claire Warlikowski ’61 Mrs. Patricia Krupinski Whittaker ’59 Mrs. Lorraine Zasacki Wozniak ’55 Mrs. Mary Siwulec Wronko ’59 Sisters of Saint Dominic at Saint Catherine Convent

SPRING 2013 13

Join the SDA Madonna Society “When I was asked to give a reason why I wanted to leave a bequest to SDA, I felt honored. As I tried to express, coherently, what I felt in my heart, the words that came to mind were self confidence, goals and trust. I mean, the self confidence to trust my choices, pursue the goals I’ve set and achieve them. Those are a few of the things I learned at SDA. My hope is that after I am gone, that other young women find what I found, a place to be themselves and explore the women they want to become.” – Carmen Lopez, ‘91 The Madonna Society is a group of individuals who have expressed their commitment to Saint Dominic Academy through a very special and important form of financial support. These donors have named SDA as a beneficiary of a planned gift such as a bequest, charitable gift annuity, retirement plan gift, or life insurance gift. These members have a vested interest to ensure the Academy continues its long-standing legacy of empowering young women for leadership. Goals of the Society To preserve the life-changing education that is an SDA tradition To provide friends of Saint Dominic Academy with opportunities for beneficial giving To build an endowment to ensure the long-term viability of the Academy

Saint Dominic Academy invites you to become a member of The Madonna Society to help preserve the Academy’s long-term prosperity. For additional information on the Society, please contact Kate Lillis Magnus at (201) 434-5938 ext. 42 or [email protected]

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Masters degree in Speech Pathology at Kean University while Katie is set to graduate from SMC this May. Shannon is currently enjoying life at SDA in the classroom and on the athletic field.” Being satisfied with his experience with SDA thus far, Mr. Hester thinks the expansion will serve the community well. “The decision to invite 7th and 8th graders to avail themselves of the type of educational and extracurricular experience offered at Saint Dominic Academy could go a long way towards ensuring that our youngest daughters Kelly, age 6, and Julia, age 4, will have the same opportunity as their older sisters,” he said. “More importantly or at least more pressing, the incoming 7th and 8th graders will be exposed to a diverse student body, 14 PENTIMENTO

a competitive educational environment and an extracurricular experience that is unmatched in this area.” Head of School Barbara Griffin is a firm believer in the advantages of an all-girl environment for 7th and 8th graders on many levels. She notes that during these years young females frequently encounter conflicting and confusing messages about their role in society. They are sometimes pressured to conform to harmful stereotypes of adolescent female behavior. By being in an environment where they see positive role models in the students just ahead of them maturing into competent and confident young women, they develop the inner resources to find their own voice and to chart their own course as they move into adulthood. Because many adolescent

girls are ready for advanced level work sooner than boys, being in an accelerated program allows them to move forward more quickly and reach higher level courses. SDA’s younger students will have all the benefits of being part of an outstanding academic institution for six years instead of four. Mrs. Griffin spoke about the significance of adding two grades to the Academy at the beginning of its 135th Anniversary Year: “By taking this step forward at a time when the future of many urban Catholic schools is uncertain, St. Dominic Academy is following the lead of our Caldwell Dominican founders: “To Dare, To Dream, To Envision, To Plan – And To Have The Courage To Change – This Is The Caldwell Heritage.”


Suzanne Quigley Rogacki ‘79

Marie Messerle Tomaszeski ’47, mother of Susan Tomaszeski Chew ’73

Samuel Adams, husband of Alice Utkewicz Adams ‘53

Helen Janet Grimes Albino ‘52 Barbara Casey Gleeson ‘53 Frances Cumming Haenelt ‘53 Valerie Sawicki Connolly ‘56 Margaret Gasparik McKillop ’57, sister of Elaine Gasparik Yohrling ‘60 Alice Certosimo Kerr ’58, mother of Debbie Kerr Marsh ’79 and Donna Kerr ‘85 Patricia Collins ‘59 Bonaventura Henry Klemann ‘62 Judith Anne McFeely ’63, sister of Mary Jean McFeely Lange ’62 and Kathleen McFeely Meyer ‘68 Charlene Parker ‘65 Kathleen Donovan Campbell ‘71 Margaret McBride Marino ‘80

FAMILY Richard O’Brien, husband of Marguerite Kinlin O’Brien ’49, father of Jane O’Brien Brown ’73 and Marguerite O’Brien Kennelly ‘83 Barbara Houser, daughter of Barbara Berardinelli Barone ‘51 John J. Quigley, Jr., husband of Joan Duane Quigley ’52, father of

James MacIsaac, husband of Susan Black MacIsaac ‘57 Timothy F.X. O’Connor, brother of Mary Jane O’Connor ‘67 Florence Graczyk O’Donnell, mother of Linda O’Donnell Stack ‘67 Eleanore Villani, mother of Margaret Villani Nodine ’69 and Andrea Villani Apruzzese ‘75 Michael Quilty, brother of Kathleen Quilty Howart ‘70, MaryEllen Quilty Geanaris ’72 and Patricia Quilty-Byrne ‘76 Frances Gilson, mother of Katherine Gilson Byrne ’68, Eileen Gilson Maietta ’72, Deborah Gilson Webb ’75 and Margaret Gilson-Coy ‘77 Frank Czochanski, father of Cynthia Czochanski Couillard ’80 and Mary Ellen Cozochanski Guzy ‘80 John DiNardo, father of Elise DiNardo, Esq., ‘80 Stephan Drennan, father of Frances Drennan Durak ’84 and father-in-law of Jodi McDonough Drennan ‘77 Michael Nestor, brother Christine Nestor Braswell ‘94


Please submit the names of your loved ones so that we can pray for them and for you at our monthly Mass in the SDA Chapel for alumnae and family members. Please pray for: ____________________ ____________________ Submitted by: ____________________ ____________________ or email names to [email protected]

SPRING 2013 15



Please patronize our alumnae business advertisers.

Advertise Here!


2572 Kennedy Boulevard Jersey City, NJ 07304

For more information, please contact the Advancement office at (201) 4345938 ext. 42 or [email protected]


Alumnae Reunion Weekend.

APR 28

Spring Concert, Saint Aloysius Church, Jersey City, N.J.


Graduation, St. Aedan’s, the St. Peter’s University Church.

NOV 21

SDA Leadership Awards Gala Nanina’s in the Park, Belleville, N.J. FOR INFO ON THESE EVENTS, CONTACT CARMEN VEGA AT 201-434-5938 EXT. 33 OR [email protected]


Pentimento Layout - St. Dominic Academy

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