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What Chinese want: culture, communism and China's modern consumer By Tom Doctoroff Doriot and Tanoto Libraries HF5415.32 .D63 2012

Doctoroff is North Asia area director and Greater China CEO for marketing/advertising firm J. Walter Thompson. Obviously a pragmatic person, the author stresses the pragmatism of Chinese consumers. It is vital to understand the individual politics and civic values of Chinese women and men of all ages, he writes, so that they are more likely to purchase products and services from elsewhere. This mostly explains the failure of the Mattel company to sell Barbie dolls and the success of Starbucks to sell coffee and other consumables in a strong tea culture. Throughout the book, Doctoroff treats even the most complicated topics briefly, with each paragraph delivering a takeaway pearl of wisdom. Because the ordering of the chapters seems random, the narrative is choppy, but the writing is clear and authoritative. Doctoroff does not see China as an economic or political threat to the United States, which gives the book certain calmness too often absent in similar books by authors who seem slaves to xenophobia, no matter how subtle. Doctoroff emphasizes the importance of understanding the Chinese worldview, which is radically different from that of the United States, no matter how much some Chinese express fascination with Western culture. A no-nonsense book by an enlightened capitalist.

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Essentials of accounting. 11th ed. / Breitner, Leslie K. ; Anthony, Robert N. - Pearson, 2013 Doriot Library HG10 .A63 2013


Presence and resistance: postmodernism and cultural politics in contemporary American performance / Auslander, Philip - University of Michigan Press, 1992. (Theater: theory/text/performance) Doriot Library NX100.33 .U7 A87 1992

Pricing the priceless: art, artists, and economics / Grampp, William D. - Basic Books, 1989 Doriot Library NX180 .M66 G736 1989

Theories and documents of contemporary art: a sourcebook of artists' writings / Stiles, Kristine ; Selz, Peter - University of California Press, 1996. (California studies in history of art) Doriot Library N50 .S85 1996

Career Management

Active interviewing: branding, selling, and presenting yourself to win your next job / Kramer, Eric P. - Course Technology, 2012 Doriot Library ZA17 .K72 2012

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Cover letter almanac - Adams Media, 1995 Tanoto Library ZA14 .C68 1995

CV Book - INSEAD, 2012 Doriot Library 2012-II (Dec.)

Executive MBA graduates: CV book - INSEAD, 2012 Doriot Library EMBA 2012

How to find a job on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 2nd ed. / Schepp, Brad ; Schepp, Debra - McGraw-Hill, 2012 Doriot Library ZA13 .S34 2012

How will you measure your life? / Christensen, Clayton M. ; Allworth, James ; Dillon, Karen - HarperCollins, 2012 Tanoto Library ZA16 .C47 2012

INSEAD MBA yearbook - INSEAD Student Council, 2012 Doriot Library 2012 July

Introduction to type and careers / Hammer, Allen L. - CPP, 2007. (Introduction to type series) Doriot Library ZA16 .H36 2007

Living and working in India: the complete practical guide to expatriate life in the sub continent / Rao, Kris ; Beadham, Ian - How To Books, 2008 Tanoto Library ZC100.43 .I6 R36 2008

Moon living abroad in China: including Hong Kong and Macau / Strother, Stuart ; Strother, Barbara - Avalon Travel, 2009 Tanoto Library ZC100.42 .C4 S87 2009

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Moon living abroad in Hong Kong / Boland, Rory - Avalon Travel, 2011 Tanoto Library ZC100.42 .H6 B65 2011

Moon living abroad in India / Bigg, Margot - Avalon Travel, 2011 Tanoto Library ZC100.43 .I6 B54 2011

Moon living abroad in Thailand / Nam, Suzanne - Avalon Travel, 2010 Tanoto Library ZC100.44 .T4 N36 2010

Professional level psychometric tests / Al-Jajjoka, Sam - Kogan Page, 2004 Tanoto Library ZA17 .A55 2004

Tough calls from the corner office: top business leaders reveal their career-defining moments / Steinbaum, Harlan - HarperBusiness, 2011 Tanoto Library ZA16 .S84 2011

The web 2.0 job finder: winning social media strategies to get the job you want from Fortune 500 hiring pros / Greene, Brenda ; Byrne, Coleen - Career Press, 2011 Doriot Library ZA13 .G74 2011


330 more model letters for all occasions - Minerva, 2000 Tanoto Library Z13.1 .S86 2000

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Perfect phrases for executive presentations / Perlman, Alan M. - McGraw-Hill, 2006 Doriot Library Z13 .P47 2006

Speaking PowerPoint: the new language of business: the business leader's guide to boardroom-style slides / Gabrielle, Bruce R. - Insights Publishing, 2010 Doriot Library Z13 .G33 2010


A capitalism for the people: recapturing the lost genius of American prosperity / Zingales, Luigi - Basic Books, 2012 Doriot Library HC500.33 .U7 Z56 2012

Economic growth in the 1990s: learning from a decade of reform / International Bank for Reconstruction and Development - World Bank, 2005 Doriot Library / Digital Library HC300 .E36 2005 and Electronic document

Games and decisions: introduction and critical survey / Raiffa, Howard ; Luce, Robert Duncan - Dover Publications, 1989 Tanoto Library HB144 .L83 1989

Inside real innovation: how the right approach can move ideas from R&D to market and get the economy moving / Fitzgerald, Eugene ; Wankerl, Andreas ; Schramm, Carl - World Scientific, 2011 Digital Library Electronic document

Institutions and development / Shirley, Mary M. - Edward Elgar, 2008. (Advances in new institutional analysis) Doriot Library / Digital Library HC300 .I678 2008 and Electronic document

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Intermediate microeconomics and its applications. 9th ed. / Nicholson, Walter Thomson South-Western, 2004 Doriot Library HB172 .N534 2004

Microeconomics. 3rd ed. / Krugman, Paul ; Wells, Robin - Worth Publishers, 2013 Doriot Library HB172 .K78 2013

Microeconomics. 8th international ed. / Pindyck, Robert S. ; Rubinfeld, Daniel L. Pearson, 2013 Tanoto Library HB172 .P56 2013

Poor economics: a radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty / Banerjee, Abhijit V. ; Duflo, Esther - Public Affairs, 2011 Tanoto Library HC300 .B364 2011

Principles of microeconomics. 6th ed. / Mankiw, N. Gregory - Thomson SouthWestern, 2012 Doriot Library HB172 .M36 2012

Road to recovery: Singapore's journey through the global crisis / Basu Das, Sanchita Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2010 Doriot Library HB3722 .B378 2010

Strategies and games: theory and practice / Dutta, Prajit K. - MIT Press, 1999 Digital Library Electronic document

Why capitalism? / Meltzer, Allan H. - Oxford University Press, 2012 Doriot Library HB501 .M45 2012

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Ten steps to complex learning / Van Merrienboerm, Jeroen J. G. - Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2007 Tanoto Library LB1060 .V36 2007


Sustainable investing for institutional investors: risk, regulations and strategies / Staub-Bisang, Mirjam - Wiley, 2012 Doriot Library BJ54 .S83 2012


A random walk down Wall Street: including a life-cycle guide to personal investing. 7th ed. / Malkiel, Burton G. - Norton, 1999 Digital Library Electronic document

Adventure capitalist: the ultimate road trip / Rogers, Jim - Random House Business Books, 2003 Doriot Library HG4521 .R64 2003

Behavioral investment management: an efficient alternative to modern portfolio theory / Davies, Greg B. ; De Servigny, Arnaud - McGraw-Hill, 2012 Doriot Library HG4529.5 .D38 2012

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Le budget de l'état / Waline, Charles ; Desrousseaux, Pascal ; Godefroy, Stanislas Documentation Française, 2012. (Etudes de la Documentation Française) Doriot Library HJ2005.63 .F7 W35 2012

Fractal market analysis: applying chaos theory to investment and economics / Peters, Edgar E. - Wiley, 1994. (Wiley finance) Doriot Library HG4515 .P47 1994

The game: how the city really works / Buchanan, Alex - Elliot and Thompson, 2010 Tanoto Library HG181.63 .U5 B83 2010

The German financial system / Krahnen, Jan Pieter ; Schmidt, Reinhard H. - Oxford University Press, 2004 Doriot Library HG181.63 .G4 G47 2004

Private equity: examining the new conglomerates of European business / Temple, Peter - Wiley, 1999 Tanoto Library HG4751 .T46 1999

Redesigning the stock market: a fractal approach / Malik, Pravir - Sage, 2011 Doriot Library HG4551 .M35 2011

Restoring financial stability: how to repair a failed system / Acharya, Viral V. ; Richardson, Matthew - Wiley, 2009. (Wiley finance series) Digital Library Electronic document

Your money or your life: transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence / Dominguez, Joe ; Robin, Vicki - Viking, 1992 Doriot Library HG179 .D665 1992

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Motivational interviewing: preparing people to change addictive behavior / Miller, William R. ; Rollnick, Stephen - Guilford Press, 1991 Doriot Library RC530 .M55 1991

Shame and guilt in neurosis / Lewis, Helen B. - International Universities Press, 1971 Doriot Library RC530 .L49 1971

Information on markets

The prize: the epic quest for oil, money and power / Yergin, Daniel - Free Press, 2009 Tanoto Library HC2000 .C66 Y47 2009

Technological innovation and public policy: the automotive industry / Miyoshi, Hiroaki ; Kii, Masanobu - Palgrave Macmillan, 2011 Tanoto Library HC2000 .A8 T43 2011

Labor & Industrial Relations

Where have all the senior women gone? Nine critical job assignments for women leaders / Wichert, Ines - Palgrave Macmillan, 2011 Tanoto Library HD6054.3 .W53 2011

Women on corporate boards of directors / Vinnicombe, Susan ; Singh, Val ; Burke, Ronald J. ; Bilimoria, Diana ; Huse, Morten - Edward Elgar, 2008 Tanoto Library HD6054.3 .W66 2008

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Bescherelle poche - Hatier, 1999 Doriot Library P1000 .FR B47 1999

Conexión 1 : curso de español para profesionales brasileños / Garrido Esteban, Gemma ; Llano Díaz-Valero, Javier ; Nascimento Campos, Simone - enClave-ELE, 2005 Doriot Library P1000 .SP E78 2005 Method P1000 .SP E78 2005 Exercises

Dictionary of German slang and colloquial expressions / Strutz, Henry - Barron's, 2000 Doriot Library P1000 .GE S87 2000

Everyday Indonesian: your guide to speaking Indonesian quickly and effortlessly in a few hours / Oey, Thomas G. - Periplus Editions, 1992 Tanoto Library P1000 .IN O49 1992

French premier / Nova Development Corporation - Berlitz, 2006 Doriot Library P1000 .FR F746 2006

German phrases for dummies / Christensen, Paulina ; Fox, Anne - Wiley, 2005 Doriot Library P1000 .GE C47 2005

Grammaire : 450 nouveaux exercices. New ed. / Siréjols, Evelyne ; Tempesta, Giovanna - CLE, 2002. (Le nouvel entraînez-vous) Doriot Library P1000 .FR S57 2002

Grammar and glossary / Naganuma, Naoe - Kaitakusha Publishing, 1959 Doriot Library P1000 .JA N343 1959

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Kurzgrammatik: englisch / Stoff, Rudolf - Langenscheidt, 1971 Doriot Library P1000 .EN S86 1971

Protagonistas : libro del alumno / Melero, Pilar ; Sacristán, Enrique ; Gaudioso, Belén - Ediciones SM, 2009 Doriot Library P1000 .SP M45 2009

Word book / Naganuma, Naoe - Kaitakusha Publishing, 1959 Doriot Library P1000 .JA N343 1959


Business law in Germany / Ackermann, Hans-Christian - German Law Publishers, 2012 Tanoto Library K700 .A35 2012


Sentindo leveza : a pureza nos poemas / Carlla, Vanyr - Kelps, 2011. (Coleção goiânia em prosa e verso) Doriot Library PN1030.32 .B73 C37 2011

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Management / Strategy

101 activities for teaching creativity and problem solving / VanGundy, Arthur B. Pfeiffer, 2004 Tanoto Library HD53 .V36 2004

Asian business and management / Witt, Michael A. - Sage, 2012. (Sage library in business and management) Doriot Library /Tanoto Library HD28.42 .C4 A75 2012 Vol.1-8 INSEAD Book

Global management: strategic and interpersonal / Deresky, Helen - Prentice Hall, 2002 Doriot Library HD30.28 .D4 2002

Global strategic management. 3rd ed. / Lasserre, Philippe - Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 Doriot Library / Tanoto Library HD2755.5 .L37 2012 INSEAD Book

Global strategies for emerging Asia / Gupta, Anil K. ; Wakayama, Toshiro ; Rangan, U. Srinivasa - Jossey-Bass, 2012 Tanoto Library HD2755.5 .G56 2012 INSEAD Book

Good strategy bad strategy / Rumelt, Richard P. - Profile Books, 2011 Tanoto Library HD30.28 .R86 2011

Group problem solving / Laughlin, Patrick R. - Princeton University Press, 2011 Tanoto Library HD30.29 .L38 2011

The innovator's manifesto: deliberate disruption for transformational growth / Raynor, Michael E. - Crown Business, 2011 Tanoto Library HD45 .R39 2011

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Key business solutions: essential problem-solving tools and techniques that every manager needs to know / Weiss, Antonio E. - Prentice Hall, 2011 Tanoto Library HD30.29 .W45 2011

The lean manager: a novel of lean transformation / Ballé, Michael ; Ballé, Freddy Lean Enterprise Institute, 2009 Doriot Library HD30.4 .B35 2009

Macrowikinomics: rebooting business and the world / Tapscott, Don ; Williams, Anthony D. - Portfolio/Penguin Books, 2010 Tanoto Library HD53 .T36 2010

The new IT outsourcing landscape: from innovation to cloud services / Willcocks, Leslie P. ; Lacity, Mary C. - Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 Doriot Library HD2365 .W55 2012

Out of our minds: learning to be creative / Robinson, Ken - Capstone, 2011 Tanoto Library HD53 .R63 2011

Ownership and governance of enterprises: recent innovative developments / Sun, Laixiang ; United Nations University ; World Institute for Development Economics Research - Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. (Studies in development economics and policy) Doriot Library HD2741 .O96 2003

The project workout: a toolkit for reaping the rewards from all your business projects / Buttrick, Robert - Prentice Hall, 2000 Tanoto Library HD69 .P75 2000

Transfer pricing and corporate taxation: problems, practical implications and proposed solutions / King, Elizabeth - Springer, 2010 Doriot Library HD2755.5 .K56 2010

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Wikinomics: como a colaboração em massa pode mudar o seu negócio / Tapscott, Don ; Williams, Anthony D. ; Lino, Marcello - Editora Nova Fronteira, 2006 Doriot Library HD53 .T36 2006

The witch doctors: making sense of the management gurus / Micklethwait, John ; Wooldridge, Adrian - Times Books, 1996 Tanoto Library HD31 .M432 1996

The world of business: from valuable brands and games directors play to bail-outs and bad boys. 3rd ed. / Dallas, Sarah ; Hindle, Tim ; Palmer, Andrew ; Tricker, Bob ; Walsh, Alexander ; Wright, Simon - Economist, 2009 Tanoto Library HD28 .W67 2009


All business is local: why place matters more than ever in a global, virtual world / Quelch, John A. - Portfolio, 2012 Tanoto Library HF5415.126 .Q84 2012

Consumer behavior: buying, having and being. 9th global ed. / Solomon, Michael R. Pearson, 2011 Tanoto Library HF5415.32 .S65 2011

The global brand CEO: building the ultimate marketing machine / De Swaan Arons, Marc ; Van Den Driest, Frank - Airstream New York, 2010 Tanoto Library HF5415.3 .D47 2010

Isn't it obvious? / Goldratt, Eliyahu M. - North River Press, 2009 Tanoto Library HF5429 .G65 2009

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Luxury brand management: a world of privilege. 2nd ed. / Chevalier, Michel ; Mazzalovo, Gérard - Wiley, 2012 Doriot Library HF5415.122 .C44 2012

The marketing plan handbook. 3rd ed. / Chernev, Alexander - Cerebellum, 2011 Doriot Library HF5415.13 .C44 2011

The new emerging market multinationals: four strategies for disrupting markets and building brands / Chattopadhyay, Amitava ; Batra, Rajeev ; Ozsomer, Aysegul McGraw-Hill, 2012 Doriot Library HF5415.3 .C43 2012 INSEAD Book

Secrets of the little red cow / Lim, Luke - Marshall Cavendish Business, 2010 Tanoto Library HF5415.3 .L56 2010

What Chinese want: culture, communism and China's modern consumer / Doctoroff, Tom - Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 Doriot Library / Tanoto Library HF5415.32 .D63 2012


Elementary statistics: a step by step approach. 2nd ed. / Bluman, Allan G. - Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1995 Doriot Library QA276 .B58 1995

Elements of distribution theory / Severini, Thomas A. - Cambridge University Press, 2005. (Cambridge series in statistical and probabilistic mathematics) Doriot Library QA273 .S48 2005

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Essential mathematics for economics and business. 2nd ed. / Bradley, Teresa ; Patton, Paul - Wiley, 2002 Digital Library Electronic document

Observational studies. 2nd ed. / Rosenbaum, Paul R. - Springer, 2002. (Springer series in statistics) Tanoto Library QA279 .R67 2002

Organisational Behaviour

Approaches to organizational design / Thompson, James D. - University of Pittsburgh Press, 1966 Doriot Library HD6950.5 .A77 1966

Balanced scorecard diagnostics: maintaining maximum performance / Niven, Paul R. - Wiley, 2005 Doriot Library HD6954.5 .N58 2005

Classic readings in organizational behavior. 4th ed. / Ott, J. Steven ; Parkes, Sandra J. ; Simpson, Richard B. - Thomson/Wadsworth, 2008 Doriot Library HD6950.5 .O88 2008

Cross-cultural approaches to leadership development / Derr, C. Brooklyn ; Roussillon, Sylvie ; Bournois, Frank - Quorum Books, 2002 Doriot Library HD6951 .C768 2002

CSR for HR: a necessary partnership for advancing responsible business practices / Cohen, Elaine - Greenleaf Publishing, 2010 Digital Library Electronic document

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The cult of the leader / Bones, Chris - Jossey-Bass, 2011 Tanoto Library HD6951 .B66 2011

The future of work / Donkin, Richard - Palgrave Macmillan, 2010 Tanoto Library HD6957 .D66 2010

The handbook of research on top management teams / Carpenter, Mason A. - Edward Elgar, 2011 Doriot Library HD6958 .T4 H363 2011

Hidden champions of the 21st century: success strategies of unknown world market leaders / Simon, Hermann - Springer, 2009 Digital Library Electronic document

Higher ambition: how great leaders create economic and social value / Beer, Michael ; Eisenstat, Russell ; Foote, Nathaniel ; Fredberg, Tobias ; Norrgren, Flemming Harvard Business Review Press, 2011 Tanoto Library HD6951 .B448 2011

Humanizing organizational behavior / Meltzer, Hyman ; Wickert, Frederic R. Charles C. Thomas, 1976 Doriot Library HD6950 .H86 1976

The institutional logics perspective: a new approach to culture, structure and process / Thornton, Patricia H. ; Ocasio, William ; Lounsbury, Michael - Oxford University Press, 2012 Doriot Library HD6950 .T46 2012

Leadership in organizations. 6th ed. / Yukl, Gary - Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006 Doriot Library HD6951 .Y85 2006

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Making the team: a guide for managers. 3rd ed. / Thompson, Leigh L. - Pearson Prentice Hall, 2008 Doriot Library HD6958 .T4 T46 2008

Management reset: organizing for sustainable effectiveness / Lawler, Edward E. ; Worley, Christopher G. ; Creelman, David - Jossey-Bass, 2011 Tanoto Library HD6954.5 .L39 2011

Managing change: enquiry and action / MacIntosh, Robert ; Beech, Nic - Cambridge University Press, 2012 Doriot Library HD6954 .B443 2012

The mind and heart of the negotiator. 4th ed. / Thompson, Leigh L. - Pearson Education, 2009 Doriot Library HD6952 .T46 2009

Negotiating outcomes: expert solutions to everyday challenges - Harvard Business School Press, 2007 Tanoto Library HD6952 .N44 2007

Organizational dynamics and intervention: tools for changing the workplace / Allcorn, Seth - Sharpe, 2005 Doriot Library HD6954 .A55 2005

Psychological man / Levinson, Harry - Levinson Institute, 1976 Doriot Library HD6950 .L48 1976

Rework / Fried, Jason ; Hansson, David Heinemeier - Crown Business/37signals, 2010 Tanoto Library HD6954.5 .F7 2010

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Timeless leadership: 18 leadership sutras from the Bhagavad Gita / Chatterjee, Debashis - Wiley, 2012 Tanoto Library HD6951 .C43 2012

True North: discover your authentic leadership / George, Bill ; Sims, Peter - JosseyBass, 2007 Digital Library Electronic document

Philosophy / Religion

Conjectures and refutations / Popper, Karl Raimund - Routledge, 2002 Tanoto Library BD161 .P67 2002

Hardships and downfall of Buddhism in India / Verardi, Giovanni ; Barba, Federica Institute of Southeast Asian Studies/Manohar, 2011. (Nalanda-Sriwijaya series) Doriot Library BQ100 .V47 2011


30-second politics: the 50 most thought-provoking theories in politics, each explained in half a minute / Taylor, Steven L. - Icon Books, 2012 Doriot Library JA66 .S43 2012

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Adapt: why success always starts with failure / Harford, Tim - Little, Brown and Company, 2011 Tanoto Library BF575 .F3 H37 2011

The age of absurdity: why modern life makes it hard to be happy / Foley, Michael Simon and Schuster, 2011 Doriot Library BF575 .H27 F65 2011

CrazyBuzy: overstretched, overbooked, and about to snap! Strategies for coping in a world gone ADD / Hallowell, Edward M. - Ballantine Books, 2006 Doriot Library BF637 .C5 H35 2006

The defining decade: why your twenties matter and how to make the most of them now / Jay, Meg - Twelve, 2012 Tanoto Library BF713 .J39 2012

Devenir le meilleur de soi-même : besoins fondamentaux, motivation et personnalité / Maslow, Abraham ; Nicolaieff, Laurence - Eyrolles, 2008 Doriot Library BF503 .M375 2008

Emotional intelligence 101 / Matthews, Gerald ; Zeidner, Moshe ; Roberts, Richard Springer, 2012. (Psych 101 series) Doriot Library BF576 .M38 2012

Essentials of Myers-Briggs type indicator assessment. 2nd ed. / Quenk, Naomi L. Wiley, 2009. (Essentials of psychological assessment series) Doriot Library BF698.8 .M94 Q84 2009

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Handbook of personality assessment / Weiner, Irving B. ; Greene, Roger L. - Wiley, 2008 Doriot Library BF698 .W456 2008

How we decide / Lehrer, Jonah - Houghton Mifflin, 2009 Tanoto Library BF441 .L44 2009

Imagine: how creativity works / Lehrer, Jonah - Canongate, 2012 Doriot Library BF408 .L44 2012

Looking at type: your career. 2nd ed. / Martin, Charles R. - Center for Applications of Psychological Type, 2009. (Looking at type series) Doriot Library BF698.8 .M94 M37 2009

Love, guilt and reparation: and other works 1924-1945. New ed. / Klein, Melanie Vintage Books, 1988 Doriot Library BF175 .K54 1988

MBTI type tables for occupations / Schaubhut, Nancy A. ; Thompson, Richard C. CPP, 2008. (MBTI type tables series) Doriot Library BF698.8 .M94 S34 2008

Motivation, planning, and action: relational theory of behavior dynamics / Nuttin, Joseph ; Lorion, Raymond P. ; Dumas, Jean E. - Leuven University Press/Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1984. (Louvain psychology series: studia psychologica) Doriot Library BF503 .N88 1984

Personality tests: Myers-Briggs type indicator, purity test, Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory, Oxford capacity analysis, 16pf questionnaire, revised NEO personality inventory, Keirsey temperament sorter, Beck depression inventory, personality test - Books LLC, 2010 Doriot Library BF698.8 .M94 P47 2010

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The revised NEO personality inventory: clinical and research applications / Piedmont, Ralph L. - Kluwer Academic Publishers/Plenum Publishers, 1998. (Plenum series in social/clinical psychology) Doriot Library BF698 .P54 1998

Shame and the self / Broucek, Francis J. - Guilford Press, 1991 Doriot Library BF697 .B76 1991

Six thinking hats. Revised and updated ed. / De Bono, Edward - Back Bay, 1999 Doriot Library BF441 .D43 1999

Smart world: breakthrough creativity and the new science of ideas / Ogle, Richard Harvard Business School Press, 2007 Tanoto Library BF408 .O45 2007

The standard edition of the complete psychological works of Sigmund Freud: volume XX (1917-1926): an autobiographical study, inhibitions, symptoms and anxiety, the question of lay analysis and other works / Freud, Sigmund ; Strachey, James ; Freud, Anna ; Strachey, Alix ; Tyson, Alan - Vintage Books, 2001 Doriot Library BF175 .F74 2001

Tell me a story / Schank, Roger C. - Northwestern University Press, 1990 Tanoto Library BF371 .S34 1990

The tools: transform your problems into courage, confidence, and creativity / Stutz, Phil ; Michels, Barry - Spiegel and Grau, 2012 Doriot Library BF637 .S4 S88 2012

Les types de personnalité : les comprendre et les utiliser avec le MBTI et le CCTI. 9th ed. / Cauvin, Pierre ; Cailloux, Geneviève - ESF Editeur, 2011. (Collection formation permanente) Doriot Library BF698.8 .M94 C38 2011

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Where in the world do I belong? / Massey, Brent - Jetlag Press, 2006 Doriot Library BF698 .M37 2006


2012 global cleantech directory: 100 cleantech lists that matter / Lesser, Shawn Shawn Lesser, 2012 Doriot Library REF300 .E6 L47 2012

2012 Preqin global real estate report - Preqin, 2012 Doriot Library REF300 .R4 P74 2012

Abu Dhabi Business directory: government organisations, listed companies, private and other companies, universities - Abu Dhabi Business, 2011 Doriot Library REF200.21 .U34 A38 2011

The CRB commodity yearbook - Commodity Research Bureau, 2011 Doriot Library REF520.33 .U7 C73 2011

Dictionary of finance and investment terms. 7th ed. / Downes, John ; Goodman, Jordan Elliot - Barron's, 2010 Tanoto Library REF135 .D69 2010

The Euromoney equity capital markets handbook - Euromoney, 2012. (Euromoney handbooks) Doriot Library REF300 .F56 E82 2012

The Euromoney international debt capital markets handbook - Euromoney, 2012. (Euromoney handbooks) Doriot Library REF300 .F56 E88 2012

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The global information technology report 2012: living in a hyperconnected world / Dutta, Soumitra ; Bilbao-Osorio, Beñat - World Economic Forum/INSEAD, 2012 Doriot Library / Digital Library REF300 .C666 G56 2012 and Electronic document INSEAD Book

The global innovation index 2012: stronger innovation linkages for global growth / Dutta, Soumitra ; Alcatel-Lucent ; Booz and Company ; Confederation of Indian Industry ; World Intellectual Property Organization - INSEAD, 2012 Digital Library Electronic document INSEAD Book

IMD world competitiveness yearbook - IMD, 2012 Doriot Library REF400.1 .W67 2012

International migration outlook - OECD, 2012 Doriot Library / Digital Library REF524.1 .O44 2012 and Electronic document

OECD economic surveys: Korea - OECD, 2012. (OECD economic surveys) Tanoto Library / Digital Library REF400.42 .K6 O43 2012 and Electronic document

Plunkett's e-commerce and internet business almanac: the only comprehensive guide to the e-commerce and internet industry / Plunkett, Jack W. - Plunkett Research, 2012 Doriot Library REF250.33 .U7 P58 2012

Plunkett's games, apps and social media industry almanac: the only complete guide to the business of games, mobile applications and social media / Plunkett, Jack W. Plunkett Research, 2013 Doriot Library REF250.33 .U7 P57 2013

Renewable energy 2011 / World Renewable Energy Network - Ten Alps Publishing, 2011 Doriot Library REF300 .E6 R47 2011

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Singapore venture capital and private equity directory / Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association - Singapore National Printer, 2011 Tanoto Library REF220.44 .S5 2011


Advances in social network analysis: research in the social and behavioral sciences / Wasserman, Stanley ; Galaskiewicz, Joseph - Sage, 1994. (Sage focus edition) Doriot Library HM131 .A38 1994

Bradshaw on: the family: a new way of creating solid self-esteem. Revised ed. / Bradshaw, John - Health Communications, 1996 Doriot Library HQ100 .B73 1996

Cognitive surplus: creativity and generosity in a connected age / Shirky, Clay Penguin Press, 2010 Tanoto Library HM851 .S45 2010

Cognitive surplus: how technology makes consumers into collaborators / Shirky, Clay - Penguin Books, 2010 Tanoto Library HM851 .S45 2010

The creation of feminist consciousness: from the Middle Ages to eighteen-seventy / Lerner, Gerda - Oxford University Press, 1993. (Women and history) Doriot Library HQ500 .L47 1993

Digitally enabled social change: activism in the internet age / Earl, Jennifer ; Kimport, Katrina - MIT Press, 2011. (Acting with technology) Doriot Library HM851 .E37 2011

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The greening of America / Reich, Charles A. - Bantam Books, 1971 Doriot Library HM621.33 .U7 R45 1971

Humanitarian logistics: cross-sector cooperation in disaster relief management / Cozzolino, Alessandra - Springer, 2012. (Springer briefs in business) Doriot Library HV500 .C69 2012

Perspectives on social network research / Holland, Paul W. ; Leinhardt, Samuel ; Advanced Research Symposium on Social Networks - Academic Press, 1979. (Quantitative studies in social relations) Doriot Library HM24 .P47 1979

Strengths based leadership: great leaders, teams, and why people follow / Rath, Tom ; Conchie, Barry - Gallup Press, 2008 Tanoto Library HM141 .R38 2008

Technology Management

Technological risk / Lewis, H. W. - Norton, 1990 Doriot Library T174.5 .L49 1990


Globalization for development: meeting new challenges. New ed. / Goldin, Ian ; Reinert, Kenneth - Oxford University Press, 2012 Doriot Library HF1359 .G65 2012


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Oct 30, 2012 - ket, its owners, the Bolte family, and its board of directors have decided to retain full ownership of th September 2012
Sep 28, 2012 - She graduated from college and sought a job and secured one several states away in a large city with a co

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