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Mail Merge .....Rather than typing the same information repeatedly you can set up a mail merge between the Student Academic Misconduct Worksheet and Summary Record. There are four steps to a mail merge:  Create the Main Document- a document which contains the identical information you wish to send to each person (in this case it’s the ‘Summary Record’).  Create a Data document ... which contains a list of all the information that varies.... (In this case the Student Academic Misconduct Worksheetyou will need to have entered the relevant data in the spreadsheet for the mail merge to work).  Indicate on the Summary Record where you want the variable information to be displayed. (You will need to type in the College and School names and save the document!)  Merge the two documents together. ...

To perform mail merge into the SUMMARY RECORD

Open the Summary Record document  From the Mailings tab, click on Start Mail Merge command.  Select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard from the drop down list. Note the Mail Merge Task Pane opens

The main document

 Choose Letters under Select document type  Click on Next: Starting Document at bottom of Task Pane and choose one of the following options:  Choose Start from existing document  Click on Use Existing Document (the Summary Record)

The recipients

 Click Next: Select Recipients at bottom of task pane and choose one of the following options:  Choose Use an existing list. o Click Browse and locate and select your Student Academic Misconduct Worksheet. o Make sure you have the right one. o Click OK.



Adapted from Word 2007 Advanced Lesson 2

PDU Learning Guide

 Deselect all by clicking on the tick box beside Data Source, then check only the lines you wish to merge (see below).

Inserting merge fields

 Click Next: Write your letter at bottom of Task Pane  Place your cursor where you want to insert each of the information fields in your SUMMARY RECORD document  Click on More Items  Click Student Name to insert student name in the appropriate blank cell.  Click SID to insert Student Identification Number in the appropriate blank cell.  Repeat process for all other fields in the Summary Record.  Save if you wish to.

The merge

 Click Next: Complete the merge at the bottom of the Task Pane  You can now Print or Edit individual Summary Records Note Word only shows you one of the merged letters here, but when you press Print, all letters will go to the printer. If you select Edit individual letters, all of the merged letters will be displayed in a separate document.

Save the documents individually. You will need to do this so that you can add the outcome letter to each before TRIMming them to the student and meeting files.


Mail Merge - Western Sydney University

Adapted from PDU Learning Guide Word 2007 Advanced Lesson 2 Mail Merge .....Rather than typing the same information repeatedly you can set up a mai...

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