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“Real joy comes not from ease or riches or from the praise of men, but from doing something worthwhile.”


WEBSTER — The search for a new town administrator will most likely be starting from scratch following an announcement from selectmen Monday, Aug. 25, that Brian Palaia, their choice for the position, will not accept the job. Palaia, who toured the town with interim Town Administrator Joan Czechowski earlier this month and seemed to be on board with the position, informed selectmen late last week about his decision. While selectmen were scarce on the details, Chairman Robert Miller said “contract issues” were the main consideration factoring into Palaia’s choice not to take the job. Members of the board said they “may meet” with second choice Roger Hammond, of Charlton, but the board adjourned into executive session and would not comment on the issue as of deadline Monday. As it currently stands, Hammond


would be the only viable candidate left for the position, since the search committee’s other candidate, Gregg Tivnan, already accepted a position with the Massachusetts Department of Health, Becker said. If Hammond isn’t brought on board, the search committee will need to start the entire process over

again, placing advertisements starting on Oct. 1 and then embarking on a brand new 150-day search where they will be re-tasked with presenting names to the selectmen. This time around, however, search committee officials will not enjoy the “head hunting” services of a consultant, whose $15,000 allocation was mostly used up by the committee during round one of the hunt, Becker said. At most, the consultant would only be used in a limited advisory role for this job hunt and the town would not have the money to pay him to actively seek out candidates, Becker said. Adding to the town’s troubles, Becker emphasized, is the fact the search committee’s consultant “shook the tree pretty hard” during the first round of job advertisements leaving Webster with what Turn To PALAIA, page 15


Courtesy photo

North Oxford resident Michael S. Elliott poses on the top of the White House last week, with the Washington Monument in the background. Elliott was chosen along with seven chimney sweeps from all over the country to clean nearly 40 chimneys at the White House last week. Out of the eight, Elliott was chosen to clean the fireplace in the Oval Office.

Capital sweep OXFORD



NORTH OXFORD — If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of the White House’s chimneys look like, just ask Michael S. Elliott. “Some were very dirty, and some were used more than others,” Elliott said. “Some were hardly ever used.” From Monday, Aug. 18, to Wednesday, Aug. 20, Elliot, the owner of Central New England Chimney Sweeps in North Oxford, joined the White House

Chimney Sweep Team to clean the chimneys of the White House in Washington, D.C. The team consisted of seven other chimney sweeps chosen from all around the country. Elliott, 45, has been a chimney sweep for 19 years and has been in more than 11,000 homes, but said the opportunity to travel to the nation’s capital to help clean the building’s 38 chimneys was “the experience of a lifetime.” Turn To SWEEP, page 15



56525 10421



WORCESTER — After hearing the testimony of local residents over proposed fare increases, the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) has decided to wait to make any final decisions on the changes. Advisory board members met Thursday, Aug. 21, to discuss the comments and concerns expressed by citizens and many local Council on Aging directors and representatives at the nine public hearings held between Aug. 12 and Aug. 20 in Worcester, Spencer, Brookfield and Millbury. “We are delaying the vote on the fare increases across the board,”

Bill Lehtola of Spencer, vice chairman to the advisory board, said Aug. 21. “We’re going to have our budget committee meeting in midSeptember … we should be voting [on the increases] in September or October.” “It was very evident by the public hearings and the e-mails we’ve received that the big fare increase to the paratransit services is unacceptable,” WRTA Administrator Stephen O’Neil said in a telephone interview Friday, Aug. 22. Paratransit services include the Elderbus and all other inter-town curb-to-curb services for elderly and disabled passengers. Regarding Turn To WRTA, page 17

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DUDLEY — On the eve of the new school year, the Dudley Elementary School held an open house Friday, Aug. 22, for incoming parents and students new to the school. Top left, from left, Kaitlyn Chabot, Sydney Hobson and Peyton Surprenant, all incoming second graders, took a moment to pose in the principal’s office. Top right, third-grader Brittany Warrington passes out guides outside of the school’s library. Above, from left, Nathan Gomez, Joshua Bagley and Bradley Mayotte pose with Physical Education teacher Maribeth McNamara during the tour. For more photos, turn to page 14!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Water given OK after E-coli scare immediately confirmed without further testing. All other 16 sites the company tested in Dudley came back clean. While the West Main Street station sample underwent additional testing, Meehan said officials worked hard to make sure tied-in users remained safe. The West Main Street station, which only operated for four hours on the day of the detection, was shut down for the remainder of the week and the water and sewer department set out to test all 17 water sites in Dudley to make sure the bacteria did not spread. “We wanted to take a pro-active approach once we [heard] the results, so I went around and took samples at all 17 sites the following [days],” Meehan said. Luckily, all tests, including a check at the West Main Street station, came back negative. The town was still waiting on the results of the Microbac lab test, however, and when they reported back Friday, Aug. 15, that there was E-coli in the water, the town was forced to notify the state and the boil water alert was issued as a safety precaution.


DUDLEY — Residents have been given the clear following an E-coli scare forcing tied-in users to boil their drinking water earlier this month. According to Water/Sewer Superintendent John Meehan, the scare never posed any considerable health risks to residents, but did cause both his office and the State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to take several “pro-active measures,” to ensure tied-in users around town remained safe from the bacteria. These measures included additional testing cycles and the issuance of a three-day DEP alert, which forced users to boil their tap water for at least one minute before drinking it or using it for cooking. This regulation was in effect from Friday, Aug. 15 to the following Monday, Aug. 18. Meehan said Dudley’s water testing company, Microbac Lab, initially reported suspicious indications pointing to the presence of E-coli at the West Main Street water station Tuesday, Aug. 12. These suspicions, however, could not be

Water officials then took another round of tests Friday, Saturday and Sunday at all 17 water sites in Dudley. Again, all came back negative, Meehan said. These results were faxed over to the DEP and the boil ban was lifted at noon on Monday, Aug. 18. According to Meehan, the small outbreak was most likely caused by this summer’s excessive rainfall, which has caused higher-than-normal amounts of soil and sediment to wash away into drinking supplies. E-coli is a relatively common bacterium found in many warm-blooded animals, including humans and it generally situates in the lower intestine. Most strains are relatively harmless, but there are some that have been known to cause severe food poisoning — in late 2006, a spinach scare caused three deaths and hundreds of reported illnesses in the United States. Patrick Skahill may be reached at 508909-4129 or by e-mail at [email protected]

Rave reviews for Hubbard, Cooper would be fixed. “The office staff was so impressive,” she said. “I didn’t have to wait weeks to hear back from them.” The same-day surgical procedure performed right at Hubbard made what could have been a stressful day comfortable and relaxing for the O’Neills. Sophia said she couldn’t have asked for better treatment. “Oh, my gosh ... everyone was so wonderful. The care prior to my surgery … I was waited on hand and foot. It was like I was queen for day,” she said with a laugh. “I felt comfortable with them. Everyone was so nice and caring. And they were working — running around to each patient. Everything was right on time.” Fortunate to good health, the O’Neills aren’t frequent patients to Hubbard. But they say having a hospital in this community is of extreme importance. Proximity plays the largest role in having medical services available. “People in this community want to utilize [Hubbard],” Dennis said. “It is becoming one of the top hospitals in the state. I’d recommend this hospital to anyone. With everything they have, why would you want to go to Worcester or Southbridge? I don’t.” “You’d be foolish to go somewhere else,” Sophia said, adding that she will have her other eye done within a few weeks to match the wonderful results she has seen in the first. The O’Neills say they are so pleased with Dr. Cooper, they are giving him referrals. “He has already seen about 11 people that we personally recommended,” Dennis said. “But he’s just top rated. Everybody wants him.” “He’s hard working,” Sophia added. “His patients come first and he comes last.” Dr. Cooper has been working with Hubbard since 1997. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Ophthalmology. Cataract lens surgery is just one of the many modernized outpatient services Hubbard offers, including advanced GI clinic equipment, full service laboratory, physical therapy center (including speech, occupation• HALLOWEEN COLLECTIBLES • HALLOWEEN LIGHTS • al and massage) and cardiopulmonary test33% OFF All Halloween & Fall ing.

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WEBSTER — “Oh my … just, wow!” Sophia O’Neill gushed. Sitting outside Hubbard Regional Hospital on a warm and sunny August day, she and her husband, Dennis, take time to revisit their recent experiences at the hospital, both having undergone cataract surgery with Dr. Hugh M. Cooper. “I’ve never met a physician like him,” Sophia said, adding she has worked in the medical field for 14 years. Dennis O’Neill spent too many years suffering from cataracts in both his eyes and being treated for possible glaucoma. His vision was so poor he wasn’t able to drive at night. He saw an article on Dr. Cooper in a local paper and kept it for future reference. After an ophthalmologist declared him legally blind in one eye, all it took was one phone call. “[Dr. Cooper] said, ‘Why wasn’t this taken care of long ago?’” Dennis remembers. “Then he said, ‘Let’s not waste any more time.’” Dennis had cataract surgery done on both his eyes in April and May. The results were not only immediate, but shocking. “The very next day I went back for a follow-up. I was seeing 20/20 in both eyes,” Dennis said. “I called [Sophia] and said, ‘You’re not going to believe this.’” “I thought something was wrong,” Sophia added with a smile. Dr. Cooper has performed many cataract surgeries at Hubbard Regional Hospital. With professionalism and a winning personality, it’s no surprise he quickly builds a positive reputation. The O’Neills, who have lived in Webster for 14 years, said after Dennis’ surgery, word quickly spread to residents in their Beacon Park complex. “Neighbors would see me wearing the patch and ask what I had done,” Dennis said. “They would say, “Dr. Cooper? He did my eyes, too!” Sophia had early stages of cataracts paired with a severe astigmatism. Her condition would not even allow her to wear contacts. In August, Dr. Cooper assured her the problem

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“It was like being called to the principal’s office — times 10.” - North Oxford resident Michael S. Elliott, owner of Central New England Chimney Sweeps, on being chosen to clean the fireplace in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington D.C. last week.




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THE FIVE QUESTIONS 1. What is the most popular Girl Scout cookie? 2. For whom was Louisiana named? 3. What is a gerontocracy? 4. Tuscan, Ionic, Doric, Corinthian: which is the most elaborate column? 5. Roughly, what is the population of Canada?



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Friday, August 29, 2008


CHARLTON — He spent much of his life maneuvering through Charlton’s political climate, but that still left time for punch lines. “He would have you laughing within minutes,” Debbie Beaudette said of her late father and former Charlton selectmen, Robert Beaudette, who died Aug. 5 at age 74. Friends and family last week recalled him as a man enveloped in politics, caring for his family, working hard and always cracking a joke despite battling many illnesses. Born June 21, 1934 in Auburn, Beaudette grew up in Oxford with Selectman John Bacon. “He and I used to reminisce about Oxford, growing up there,” Bacon said. Beverly Beaudette, now Bob’s widow, said her late husband grew up with little means. Bob, Debbie Beaudette said, instilled that into his children. Bob spent three years in the U.S. Air Force, worked in construction, waste disposal, dealt antiques and spent much of his later years working as a politician to better the town. “He liked helping people,” Debbie Beaudette said. So much so, Beverly Beaudette said, that his accountant compared him to a certain holiday figure after giving away a lot of money. “His accountant called him Santa Claus,” Beverly Beaudette said. As a selectmen, Bob Beaudette contributed much of his time, to improving the town he loved. He was a key figure in getting water pipes installed under Route 20, Bacon said. “A lot of credit goes to him,” he said. “I don’t think people realize how much he did for the town.” Debbie Beaudette credited her father with helping the town extract financial benefits out of the deal that brought the Millennium Power Plant to town. Bob Beaudette disagreed with the idea of the plant, according to Debbie, but still fought to maximize the town’s benefit. Bob’s personable attitude, friends and family said, enabled him to stride toward the goals he set for himself despite his not attending college. “He had an insight into people,” Debbie Beaudette said. “He would size you up in minutes.” Bob Beaudette, however, did not let people bully him or be told something was impossible. Doctors, Debbie Beaudette said, once told her father he was going to die after he was pinned between two large trucks. Her father had a very direct response. “The hell I’m not,” Debbie Beaudette said her father told the doctors.


The late Robert Beaudette, in this undated photo, tosses out that first pitch of a Charlton baseball game.

Beverly Beaudette said her husband had a “definite idea of right and wrong.” Behind his strong personality was a somewhat nervous man. He would often pace around his property at 39 Oxford Road, or drive to town construction projects and inspect them. “He would walk the yard at night,” Debbie said. “He would change the yard like women change shoes.” Huge responsibility usually comes with great power, and Bob’s longtime friend, Evelyn Murkland, said he never abused it.



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“He was also very honest,” Murkland said. For all he gave, Beaudette received a lot in return. Police, after Bob’s truck was stolen once, rapidly cast a wide dragnet for the vehicle, which was soon recovered. A State Police Officer asked Bob Beaudette, in amazement, what kind of clout he carried that caused the truck to be found so quickly. “Who are you?” Debbie said the officer asked her father. “He got his truck back like that.” That cloud of fame and love was lost on the former selectman once. In the midst of organizing a roast to Bob Beaudette, Debbie said her father was sent out to buy alcohol for the gathering he was never told about. “He was mad,” Debbie Beaudette said. The surprise ended soon after he returned. “All the sudden, it dawned on him,” Murkland said. Bob left the Board of Selectmen in 2002, and helped Selectman Kathleen Walker in her transition to her seat. “Basically [he] told me what to do next,” she said. “Bob was a big help, gave me a lot of good advice.” Walker sought Bob’s help in launching the household hazardous waste days held at the Southbridge landfill. “He would often do what could not be done,” Debbie said. Despite his passing, she said, her father will live on in her personality. “I’m the version of him,” Debbie said with a huge grin on her face. Ryan Grannan-Doll can be reached by phone at (508) 909-4050, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Whooping cough on the rise in area problem prompted the creation of a vaccine called Diphtheria, Tetanus and Pertussis (DTaP), also called Tripedia, typically given in five doses at 2, 4 and 6 months, 15 to 18 months, and 4 to 6 years of age, according to the CDC. In 2001, in response to concerns about the effects of mercury, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a version of Tripedia with only “trace amounts of Thimerosal.” Unfortunately, doctors started noticing that immunity faded over time and side effects of DTaP were quite common among people older than 7, so researchers developed a version called Tdap using weaker pertussis and diphtheria strains. That came out in 2005 as a single-dose vaccine for people ages 11 to 64. Despite the advance, “Every year, as many as 1 million teenagers and adults in the U.S. are infected with pertussis,” an online Fall 2006 fact sheet from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia notes. Why is still unclear, but a Dutch study from 2000 may provide clues to the current situation. Then, a team led by Dr. Hester de Melker found that pertussis has waxed and waned periodically since the 1970s with little change in vaccination rates or strength of the vaccines. “The proportion of pertussis infections resulting in recognizable symptoms may have increased among vaccinated persons because of a mismatch of the vaccine strain and circulating Bordetella pertussis strains,” the team speculated in the July 2000 journal Emerging Infectious Diseases (online at “The small immunogenicity profile of the Dutch vaccine may have resulted in greater vulnerability to antigenic changes in B. pertussis.” In layman’s terms, that means the bacteria changed over time in ways that made the vaccine, an older whole bacteria type, increasingly ineffective. Between 1993 and 1996, for example, the vaccine’s effectiveness plummeted from 93 percent per year to just 34 percent among recipients age 1 to 4, and from 84 percent to 16 percent among those age 5 to 9, the de Melker team reported. According to the CDC, the United States has seen a similar increase in cases since 1976 despite a similarly high vaccination rate (over 90 percent). Pertussis epidemics occur every three


SOUTHBRIDGE — In nature, a repetitive “whoop”-like sound is often a warning call, and that’s certainly true in one illness modern doctors thought had been nearly erradicated — pertussis. “We’ve been seeing a significant increase in the number of cases in the last two or three years,” said Dr. Thomas O’Leary, a pediatrician and Southbridge Board of Health chairman. “… Often, if you trace back the cases, it’ll come back to a younger kid who contracted it at school.” Recently, the illness has been seen at Harrington Memorial Hospital, where three employees tested positive and were treated, hospital spokesman Thomas Nutile said. He did not identify them, nor would he specify how recently it happened. Nutile said he believes the risk of transmission is low, but the hospital is “following all state recommendations,” including compiling a list of the employees and patients who had contact with the infected trio. Pertussis, also called whooping cough or “the 100-day cough,” is a highly-contagious respiratory infection caused by the toxins released by the bacteria Bordetella pertussis. It is characterized by recurrent coughing spasms that last one to two minutes each and can be so severe the victim passes out, cracks ribs, vomits and/or feels like they’re suffocating, reports. The Web site notes only about half of its victims actually “whoop” — a sound caused by the sudden intake of break after a coughing spasm. The illness takes about two weeks to develop its characteristic cough, which can last up to three months. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend treating it with a 14-day regimen of antibiotics — traditionally, erythromycin; but azithromycin and clarithromycin were added as options in 2005. For decades, doctors and parents believed they would be able to protect against the illness for life by immunizing children. Originally, they used a vaccine made from whole killed pertussis bacteria, but that occasionally had nasty side effects. In the early 1990s, the

to five years, the agency’s Web site states. “[R]eported pertussis cases increased from a historic low of 1,010 in 1976 to 11,647 cases in 2003,” the CDC Web site stated in 2005. “A substantial increase in reported cases has occurred among adolescents, who become susceptible to pertussis approximately 6 to 10 years after childhood vaccination.” The CDC found that the highest percentage of cases occurred among youths ages 10 to 19 (33 percent), and the rate in that age group slowly increased between 2001 and 2003. It noted, however, infants in the first year of life, particularly the first six months, have by far the highest chance of catching the illness — about seven times higher than the 10-19 age group. Elsewhere on its Web site, CDC noted the illness can have especially serious complications in infants, including hypoxia, seizures and encephalopathy. Additionally, 13 children died from it in 2003, most of them unvaccinated or too young to be vaccinated. When the 2005 data were broken down to the state level, Massachusetts had by far the highest number of reported pertussis cases — 1,812 — between 2001 and 2003. Second and third were New York (841) and California (820), respectively. The lowest figures came from South Dakota and Louisiana — both zero. O’Leary said the most common method of identifying the illness is a lab test. The keys to minimizing transmission, he added, are isolating sick people as much as possible so they can rest and “scrupulous hand washing.” “Eighty percent of household contact will contract it if it’s in the house,” he said. “ … The disease has low mortality, but in terms of missed work, lost salary and general well-being, it’s pretty devastating.” O’Leary noted the Board of Health is trying to see what state aid is available to inoculate town employees, hospital workers and others who have significant public contact. For other people, he said, the vaccine is available from their pediatricians and family doctors. Gus Steeves may be reached at (508) 909-4135, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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Webster Remembers ...


Charlton to take it,” Davis said. “We don’t know really what the demand would be in town.” Foskett noted the “massive” amounts of brush Webster receives and how it could become a problem if brush is brought to a Charlton compost pile. Without any volunteers to man the site, he said, the problems could literally pile up. “It could turn into a real monster in a hurry,” Foskett said. Costs, Foskett said, don’t concern him unless brush is accepted at a Charlton facility. “I don’t look at it as a major cost thing, unless we started handling brush,” Foskett said. “The use is really going to dictate what the cost would be.” Despite Davis stating the demand cannot be estimated yet, many residents in town, according to Davis, already have their own compost piles. But those piles are growing larger as more development and residents move into town, she said. Other options for disposing of the waste have been suggested. Walker noted the brush could be burned, while Davis said garbage haulers could begin taking the waste away. Brining the idea to fruition would greatly improve the town’s efforts to be environmentally friendly, Davis said, describing it as a “step forward.” “It’s being progressive to address this issue,” she said. “As we grow, we have to meet the needs of our residents.”

CHARLTON — The town of Charlton is exploring the possibility of creating a municipal compost pile. “I believe it has merit … in our town,” Highway Superintendent Gerry Foskett told selectmen last week. The idea of creating a municipal town compost pile is being floated among town officials after residents have called town hall asking where they could dump their grass clippings, leaves, brush and other yard waste. Selectmen last week voted to keep researching the idea. While the idea is still being researched, an Aug. 7 memo from Town Administrator Robin L. Craver mentions a few possible details. The pile, the document suggests, could be formed at the Flint Road landfill currently being capped. The Highway Department, it also states, could run the operation, but would shoulder them with an even bigger job. Selectman Kathleen Walker, who also sits on the Recycling Committee, said the idea should be explored further, but expressed concern about forcing highway workers to do the work. “I think it’s not the intent to put more on the Highway Department. I know your understaffed,” she told Foskett at the Aug. 12 meeting of the selectmen. At one point, the town was considering building a transfer station that Casella Waste Systems would run, along with its new hauling service in town. Craver alluded to that possibility. Ryan Grannan-Doll can be reached by phone at (508) 909“Perhaps this venture might be appropriate in conjunction with opening a recycling transfer center within the 4050, or by e-mail at [email protected] agreement the town has with Casella. It could be open Saturday mornings when someone is Donald R. Laroche Rubbish Removal there,” she wrote. Residential • Commercial Locating it at anothElectrician Weekly Pick Up Programs er Flint road landfill (LOW COST CONTRACTS AVAILABLE) “Large or small just call” that is not being Attic • Garage Apartment Clean out • Cellars • Estates capped at the moment, CLEAN All your Construction & Demolition Materials might upset residents OUT Locally owned there, according to electrical needs! & operated Craver. For estimate A recent visit to the [email protected] 508-949-0971 call … 8am - 6pm Webster municipal H. 508.765.0382 compost pile, by C. 508.320.3254 Foskett, Walker and Recycling Committee Fully Insured – Ma. Lic. E28386 Chairmen Linda Davis PRESSURE WASHING INC. is already providing some insight into the FALL back with FALL prices. logistics of any future Get 10% OFF a FALL Wash Charlton compost pile. Davis said residents in Sept. 1 - Oct. 15 that town can take VERY AFFORDABLE • FREE ESTIMATES their waste to the pile RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL or can take from it for their own uses. A sepa508-476-9944 rate firm, she said, Serving Worcester County, MetroWest & The Blackstone Valley handles the wood email: [email protected] brush that is brought (508)347-5075 to the facility. Craver’s (508)764-6677 508.949.0035 Est. 1988 memo states that costs 860-923-9831 about $10,000 annually. HEATING Webster Highway AIR CONDITIONING Department officials did not respond to mesONY IETTE sages or e-mails left for them last week. Inc. ELL ESTING The tour left Foskett and Davis expressing SHEET METAL concerns and ideas to FABRICATION • Water Quality & • Over 20 Years work out the idea such Quantity Testing Experience as where to put the All Types of Heating & A/C • Water Pump • Install & Repair compost pile, how to New Installations & Repairs pay for it and research Water Pumps, Service while residents would Tanks & Filters • Fully Insured actually use it. 508-949-1771 or 860-974-2512 “There is no place in





“Bartlett High Faculty, 1938” Front row, from left, Florence Callahan (French), Margaret Mullins (English), Yvonne Terrien (Commercial), Mary Brennan (English). Second row, Frank Wylde (Woodworking), John Komorek (America Today), Cyril C. Smith (Principal), Edmund Alger (Shop Work), Anthony Sitkowski (America Today). -Courtesy of Edie McCausland, Mr. & Mrs. Deptula

All “Webster Remembers” information and photos are taken courtesy, with many thanks, from, a tremendous Web site packed with historic information about Webster and surrounding areas.

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Friday, August 29, 2008


SENIOR CORNER Senior Menus TRI-VALLEY INC. Menu includes milk and margarine. Menus are subject to change. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. Monday, Sept. 1 — Labor Day: No meals served. Tuesday, Sept. 2 — Roasted chicken with herbed broth, O’Brien potatoes, mixed veg-

etables, oatmeal bread, mixed fruit. Wednesday, Sept. 3 — Hot dog and roll, condiments, baked beans, coleslaw, cookies (graham crackers). Thursday, Sept. 4 — honey glazed pork, red bliss potatoes, green beans, wheat bread, mandarin oranges. Friday, Sept. 5 — Fish victor, tartar sauce, rice pilaf, zucchini and tomatoes, sandwich roll, fresh apple, corn chowder.

Dudley Senior Center Calendar • Mondays: Lunch, 12 p.m. • Tuesdays: 13-card pitch, 1 p.m. • Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Needle work, 1 p.m. • Wednesdays: Exercise, 10:30 a.m.; Scrabble, 1 p.m. • Thursdays: Game Day, 1 p.m. • Fridays: Bingo, 1 p.m.

AUGUST SPECIALS Friday, Aug. 29 — Cook out with state Rep. Paul Kujawski — Come at noon and have a meal cooked and sponsored by Paul Kujawski, our local representative. He has a reputation of being a good cook so come and


UPCOMING TRIPS • A Day at Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods MGM — Wednesday, Oct. 15, from 8 a.m. to 8:15 p.m., $30 per person. The casino bonuses are as follows: - Mohegan Sun: Buffet coupon and $10 bet on the big wheel. - Foxwoods: Buffet coupon and $15 Keno. Prizes and surprises on the bus as well as the drivers tip are included in the price. Call 508-943-8395 now for reservations as this trip will fill quickly. Payment is due by Sept. 10.


Oxford Senior Center Calendar • Monday, Sept. 1 — COA & NUTRITION SITE CLOSED. • Tuesday, Sept. 2 — Monthly Tea & Talk for Single Ladies, 10 a.m.; Lunch, 11:30 a.m.; Chair Yoga with Gloria, 1 to 2 p.m., $2 weekly, join anytime! • Wednesday, Sept. 3 — SHINE Counselor available by appointment; TVES “Mad Hatter” luncheon, 11 a.m. Wear your craziest hat, prizes will be awarded, call Barbara Shultz to make a lunch reservation at 508987-6001; PITCH, 1 to 3 p.m. • Thursday, Sept. 4 — Lunch, 11:30 a.m.; Line Dancing Returns with Gladys, 1 to 2 p.m. • Friday, Sept. 5 — Cribbage/Scrabble/board games, 10 a.m., Music Entertainment by the Duval Grandchildren, 11:30 a.m.; Lunch, 11:45 a.m.; Monthly Book Club, 12:30 p.m. New readers welcome.

• Thursday, Sept. 18 — Salem. Lunch at Victoria Station on Pickering Wharf, $56 per person (includes gratuity). Visit to Salem Witch Museum. Call (508) 987-6000 to sign up. • Monday, Sept. 22 — The Big E (Eastern States Exposition), $36. Call to sign up. The COA staff is available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Van transportation is available for medical trips daily. Van transportation to Worcester is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only. Van transportation to Auburn and Webster is Monday through Friday. Grocery shopping is every Thursday. Call (508) 987-6000. A nutrition program is available five days a week at 11:30 a.m. You must call ahead 48 hours to reserve. Meal donation is $2.

Webster Senior Center Calendar • Monday, Sept. 1 — LABOR DAY, CENTER CLOSED. • Tuesday, Sept. 2 — BINGO (Social), starts at 1 p.m. • Wednesday, Sept. 3 — Pitch League Captains to choose teams at 10 a.m.; TriValley Lunch at 11:30 a.m.; Progressive Pitch, play begins at 1 p.m.; Council on Aging Meeting, 1 p.m. • Thursday, Sept. 4 — Social Security Representative, 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

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Friday, August 29, 2008


A call by approximately 100 college presidents to stimulate a national debate about lowering the drinking age to 18 has raised some eyebrows in this part of the state. The campaign, known as the Amethyst Initiative, began about a year ago and includes the support of presidents of several Massachusetts centers of higher education, including Clark University in Worcester and Nichols College in Dudley. The initiative’s backers claim the national drinking age of 21 is not working on many college and university campuses across the country because it has created a culture of binge drinking among students. A national drinking age of 21 was effectively established in 1984 when Congress voted to penalize any state that had a lower age to purchase alcohol by withholding 10 percent of its federal highway funding. “I agree with lowering the drinking age, but the first couple of years could be a real wreck, with everyone going crazy,” said Shannon, a 17-year-old from Douglas, who

will be headed to Worcester State College next week and declined to give her last name. She also said the notion that teenagers engage in excess drinking simply because it is illegal may be an overstated point. “I think it depends on whom you associate with,” she said. “Not a lot of my friends drink.” Uxbridge resident Richard Moran agreed with many opponents of the Amethyst Initiative, who claim lowering the drinking age would lead to a dramatic rise in alcoholrelated problems and tragedies. “They absolutely should not do it,” Moran said. “There would be a lot more traffic accidents, deaths and serious injuries. Kids at 18 really are not responsible yet.” The proposal also drew no support from Upton’s Lester Shea. “No, they shouldn’t,” he said. “I don’t see any advantage to it. What happened is that at one point young people didn’t go anywhere near booze. If you were to lower the age to 18, you would bring even younger kids into [the culture of drinking]. There’s no need to lower it.”

Nichols College President Debra Townsley was not available to comment on the matter last week, a spokesperson said, but supporters of the Amethyst Initiative claim a lower age to purchase alcohol could lead to less binge drinking on campus because 18- to 20year-olds would not have to imbibe on the sly. Moreover, many advocates of a lower drinking age state, America’s 18-year-olds can already marry, serve in the military, vote and sign legally binding contracts. Opponents of lowering the drinking age — including the groups Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Marlborough-based Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) — cite, among other things, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics showing a 13 percent decrease in traffic fatalities among drivers 18-20 since the age was set at 21. “SADD believes that lowering the current minimum-age drinking laws would likely do little, if anything, to reduce problematic drinking behaviors on college campuses and would contribute to the downward age trending of initiation into alcohol use by legally

moving it into the high school community,” said Stephen Wallace, chairman and CEO of SADD. “According to SADD’s research, students in grades 6-12 ranked the drinking age as the number one reason why they chose not to use alcohol.” Wallace pointed to national statistics that reveal alcohol use by young people as a leading contributor to death from injuries, risky sexual behavior, assault, academic failure and illicit drug use. SADD used statistics contained in “The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking” to make its case. They include: • An estimated 1,700 college students die each year from alcohol-related injuries. • Approximately 600,000 students are injured while under the influence of alcohol. • Approximately 700,000 students are assaulted by other students who have been drinking. • About 100,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assault or date rapes.

Storming through a summer vacation


have decided to call it Hemingway’s curse. There is, in my mind, no other way to explain it. What is the “it” of which I speak, you say? Well, “it” is more than just an “it”, more than just a story — it’s becoming a kind of tall tale, a legend of sorts. “It” has come to represent everything — every little thing, I tell you — that has ever taken place on a Reardon family road trip. And I blame it all on Ernest Hemingway’s third wife, Pauline. I also blame Fay. The reason why is quite simple. Several years ago, my family and I visited the Florida Keys. As a high school student dreaming about being an English major, I begged to visit Hemingway’s Florida home. Not wanting to deny me that opportunity, my mother and sister accompanied me. We enjoyed a lovely walk through the downstairs and had just headed into his bedroom — the next stop was his library — when my then 13-year-old sister glanced at us and fainted onto his bed. Did I mention that it was probably 100 degrees and at 100 percent humidity? Or that Pauline had gotten rid of all the ceiling fans in the house because she thought chandeliers were more en vogue, and that no modern air conditioning had been installed? Or that because my sister fainted, we never got to see Hemingway’s library and left the premises so that my then 8-year-old brother could get a shot of fast-acting antibiotics in his behind

since he was sick? For this, I place the blame on his wife Pauline’s shoulders. Why does this still bother me six years later, you ask? Remember the Fay I mentioned in paragraph two? Yes, she’s that Fay you might have heard of in the news, that tropical storm turned maybehurricane-ish thing called Fay. She is the reason that we had to evacuate the Florida Keys during a mandatory nonresident evacuation under a state of emergency proclamation from the governor in the middle of August. The day before we were to drive from Key Largo to Key West. The day before we were to visit Hemingway’s house again. See the curse? Well, if you don’t, let me rephrase things a little bit better. Every year, we make it a rule to choose a vacation destination and then fly to the airport that is closest — as in, closest to 15 hours away from the chosen destination. Example: Destination being Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, we would fly in and out of Chicago. Don’t ask me why. This year, we decided to break with tradition. Someone (was it Fay? or Pauline?) thought this was a bad plan.

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The curse of Pauline? Maybe. The curse of Fay? Not quite. Fay’s curse was of a far… greater kind. Because of Fay, we got our requisite 15 hours of driving in on this vacation: from Orlando to Key West, from Key West back to Orlando, and then from Orlando back down to Fort Lauderdale, to fly home. We weren’t supposed to go back to Orlando, you see, but because of the tropical storm known as Fay, we had to move north, and the extremely mature and grown-up Reardon children, aged 22, 19, and 13, all voted to go back to Disney World to challenge each other to another round of point scoring on the new midway game-themed Toy Story ride in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park rather than partake in any other type of activity in the state of Florida. (So I act like a 7-year-old. I’m just a 7-year-old at heart who really, really wants to see Hemingway’s Key West home library.) Come to think of it, I’d bet anything that the library is small and probably isn’t the best thing on Key West. No matter; in my mind, because I haven’t seen it, it could possibly rank higher than the new midway gamethemed “Toy Story” ride. But because of Pauline and Fay, that’s all just speculation. I guess I’ll never know.

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We spent the first few days of vacation in Orlando, and then RISTAL drove roughly a third of our usual 15 hours to get to the LEAR Florida Keys. Sounds like a better deal, right? Well, it was, until the state of KRISTINA emergency was announced, REARDON and until a voluntary evacuation was advised. So we did what any other sane family staying in Key Largo, at the northern area of the Keys would do before the voluntary evacuation became mandatory: we drove all the way down to the southernmost point in the continental United States: Key West. Where the storm would hit the worst. To back up, we drove there to spend the day before evacuating, since the storm wasn’t expected to hit for another 24 hours or so. We’re stupid, but not that stupid. So, we heard about the evacuation mid-day. It’s quite a hike from Key Largo to Key West, and when you get distracted by gift shops on the side of the road (only true evacuees would stop for cheap T-shirts and tacky magnets), it takes longer. Actually, it takes just long enough so that you could arrive at the gates of Ernest Hemingway’s house at 5:03 p.m., to note that the sign on the closed gate says the last tour commences promptly at 5:00.

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Friday, August 29, 2008



SOUTHBRIDGE — Southbridge is looking to replace yet another town official in the wake of the recent resignation of Bay Path School Committee representative Lazarraq Petro. Petro, 75, stepped down last week after five years on the committee, two years into his second term, citing health reasons. He was first elected in June 2001, served three years and left, then was elected again in June 2006. “I had a health problem and decided right away it was better for myself and my family to do it,” he said. “I considered staying but I don’t feel I can do the job I want to do up there.” Petro identified the illness but asked that it not be on the record. He said, however, that he is still resting and recuperating, so “unless I felt right, I wouldn’t want to do the job.” The vacancy does not require a special election even though the post is elected. By law, a joint meeting of the committee and Town Council has to appoint

someone to fill the remaining year within 60 days, Chairwoman Cathy Nikolla said earlier this week. That meeting has not yet been scheduled. “I’m going to really miss him,” said Southbridge’s other representative, Helen Lenti. “Laz Petro is really passionate about vocational education … and understands all aspects of vocational education.” Lenti said Petro has been “very concerned” about various things, including bus safety, students driving to school, budgetary issues and making sure new teachers are qualified. Overall, she said, he aimed to make sure the students were qualified to join the workforce upon graduation. In part, that’s because he went through the technical system, although long before Bay Path was built in 1967, Petro said. He graduated from Southbridge High School, went into the military and, upon returning, found there were no jobs. So he took classes at what was then Cole Trade School on Dresser Street

before joining the work world, he said. Although Petro has been vocal on various issues over the years, he hasn’t served on other local boards. He said he considered doing so, but did not want to create time conflicts with his Bay Path duties. The committee is made up of 20 representatives, two from each of the school’s 10 towns — Auburn, Charlton, Dudley, North Brookfield, Oxford, Paxton, Rutland, Southbridge, Spencer and Webster. At least one person is already interested in replacing Petro — Andrew Gresenz. Gresenz, 18, graduated from Bay Path’s automotive program in May and is going to Nichols College starting this fall. He served some time as a student representative on the committee and said he was already planning on running for the seat when Petro’s term expired next spring. “I believe vocational ed is the way of the future,” he said. “I want to bring more of the younger generation’s viewpoint

of school life to the committee.” Gresenz took out papers this spring for the Southbridge School Committee, but never returned them because he realized it was a misunderstanding; he didn’t want a seat on the town board, but the vocational board. Taking on such a role will give him experience he might later parlay into other political arenas, he said. Gresenz described Petro as “very knowledgeable and dedicated; he asked a lot of questions and did a lot of research to back them up.” “I wish Mr. Petro well and hope all goes well for him,” Gresenz said. Anyone else interested in the seat should send a letter to Town Manager Chris Clark at Town Hall, 41 Elm St., Southbridge, MA 01550 or drop it off as soon as possible. Gus Steeves may be reached at (508) 909-4135, or by e-mail at [email protected] com.

EDUCATION NOTEBOOK Kozlowski graduates from United States Military Academy

Assumption College WORCESTER — The following student(s) graduated from Assumption College on May 17, at its 91st commencement exercises. • Patrick M. Brown (’08), cum laude, son of Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Brown, Dudley. • Nicholas J. Marrier (’08), magna cum laude, son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Marrier, Webster. • Nicholas J. McNamara (’08), summa cum laude, son of Mr. Sean McNamara, Dudley. • Emily M. Richard (’08), magna cum laude, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Richard, Dudley.

WEST POINT, N.Y. — Cadet Derin Michelle Kozlowski, daughter of Mr. Kerry Kozlowski of Bristol, Conn., formerly of Dudley, and Mrs. Jackie Kozlowski of Murrieta, Calif., graduated from the U.S. Military Academy on May 31. Derin Kozlowski’s grandparents are Louis and

Shirley Kozlowski of Dudley. Kozlowski graduated from Woodstock Academy in Woodstock, Conn., in 2004. While at West Point, she concentrated her studies in Foreign Language (Portuguese). She was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army within the Adjutant General Corps branch and will report to Fort Campbell, Ky., for her first assignment. Kozlowski received the National Society, Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Award for Excellence in Portuguese. She was the first West Point student to participate in a Study Abroad Program in Brazil.

Area libraries team with Old Sturbridge Village to highlight locally-grown foods STURBRIDGGE — The grassroots movement to experience and embrace locally grown foods is alive and well in the Sturbridge area. A Year of Local Harvests is the theme for a 12-month series of “Moveable Feasts,” all community events sponsored by the Joshua Hyde Library of Sturbridge in partnership with Old Sturbridge Village, the Charlton Public

Library, and the Jacob Edwards Library of Southbridge. The Moveable Feasts will begin in September with a Local Harvest Dinner cooked by the Tantasqua Culinary Arts students, at the Tantasqua High School Cornerstone Café on Wednesday, Sept. 17 from 6-8 p.m. On Thursday, Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. Logan Ward, author of See

You in A Hundred Years, will give a lecture at Old Sturbridge Village in the Stephen M. Brewer Theatre, followed by a book signing. Both September events are free and open to the public, by prior reservation at the Joshua Hyde Library, tel. (508) 347-2512. Highlights of the year-long events are an all-day Vegetable Gardening Workshop at Old

Sturbridge Village, featuring Paul Rogers on Saturday, March 28, and the Great Tomato Plant Giveaway and Gardeners Fair on the Sturbridge Common from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 30. Other Moveable Feasts include a Children’s Applefest on Oct. 4 at 11 a.m.

SHEPHERD HILL REGIONAL HIGH AND D/C MIDDLE SCHOOLS Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: BBQ ribs, potato puffs/vegetable, rolls and butter, cake. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Hot turkey sandwich with gravy and bread, mashed potato, vegetable. Thursday, Sept. 4: Shepherd’s pie (hamburger, corn, potato), rolls and butter, cake. Friday, Sept. 5: Nachos and cheese, refried beans, corn bread, fruit.

D/C ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: Baked chicken, potato and vegetable, rolls and butter, fruited Jell-O. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Turkey and gravy, mashed potato, vegetable, rolls and cake. Thursday, Sept. 4: Shepherd’s pie (hamburger, corn, potato), rolls and butter, cake. Friday, Sept. 5: Pizza and tomato sauce and cheese, salad, cake.

BARTLETT HIGH SCHOOL Lunch prices: $2, milk: $.40 Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: Assorted salad meals, assorted grinders, honey BBQ spare rib on a bun, three bean salad, cranberry sauce, fresh fruit, milk variety. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Pizzeria pizza slice, assorted salad meals, assorted grinders, teriyaki beef dippers, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, golden cake, milk variety. Thursday, Sept. 4: Pizzeria pizza slice, assorted salad meals, assorted grinders, chicken fajita wrap, Spanish rice, broccoli spears, spiced applesauce, milk variety. Friday, Sept. 5: Assorted salad meals, assorted grinders, toasted tuna sandwich, pepperoni pizzatas, pasta and sauce, sweet peas, devil’s food cake, milk variety.

WEBSTER MIDDLE SCHOOL AND PARK AVENUE SCHOOL Lunch prices: $1.50 Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: Grilled cheese on whole grain bread, BBQ pork ribbie patty, oriental rice, seasoned carrots, cranberry sauce, fresh fruit, milk variety. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Grilled cheese on whole grain bread, spaghetti and meat sauce, grated cheese, whole grain roll, garden salad, vanilla pudding, milk variety. Thursday, Sept. 4: Grilled cheese on whole grain bread, pizza dippers and sauce, veggie sticks, sweet peas, 100 percent fruit juice, Shape Ups, milk variety. Friday, Sept. 5: Cheese ‘n macaroni, toasted tuna sandwich, or fluff and jelly club sandwich, apple juice, peaches with topping, milk variety.

OXFORD HIGH SCHOOL Lunch prices 5-12: $2.25 or $2.75 items, milk: $.40, breakfast: $1.50. Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: Salad meal, specialty salad, Italian sub, cheeseburger on a bun, stuffed crust pizza, chef ’s choices as posted, tossed salad, potato puffs, applesauce with cinnamon, milk 10 oz. variety. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Salad meal, specialty salad, turkey salad sub, Spanish rice with ground beef, chicken fajitas, chef ’s choices as posted, tossed salad, mixed vegetables, assorted fresh fruit, milk 10 oz. variety. Thursday, Sept. 4: Salad meal, specialty salad, ham and cheese roll-up, sliced turkey and gravy, crispy bread chicken fillet and bun, chef ’s choices as posted, tossed salad, mashed potatoes, Jell-O with fruit, milk 10 oz. variety. Friday, Sept. 5: Salad meal, specialty salad, grab and go pizzeria pizza, hot dog on a bun, tossed salad, potato puffs, strawberry shortcake, milk 10 oz. variety.



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Meal prices: $2.25, items: $2.75, extra milk: $.40, breakfast: $1.25 Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: Grab and go salad plate, Italian sub, cheeseburger on a bun, personal pizza, carrot-raisin salad, applesauce with cinnamon, milk variety. Wednesday, Sept. 3: Grab and go salad plate, turkey salad sub, Spanish rice with ground beef, chicken fajitas, mixed vegetables, assorted fresh fruit, milk variety. Thursday, Sept. 4: Grab and go salad plate, sliced turkey and gravy, crispy bread chicken fillet and bun, mashed potatoes, Jell-O with fruit, milk variety. Friday, Sept. 5: Grab and go salad plate, pizzeria pizza, hot dog on a bun, tossed salad, strawberry shortcake, milk variety.


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2000 down


ends 9/1/08




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Lunch price K-4: $2, extra milk: $.40, breakfast: $1.50 Monday, Sept. 1: NO SCHOOL — LABOR DAY Tuesday, Sept. 2: PB&J meal, munchie lunch (fruit, roll, yogurt, veggies), salad meal, Cathy’s cold sandwich, cheeseburger on a bun, carrot-raisin salad, applesauce with cinnamon, milk variety. Wednesday, Sept. 3: PB&J meal, munchie lunch (fruit, roll, yogurt, veggies), salad meal, Cathy’s cold sandwich, Spanish rice with ground beef, or yummy cheese pizza, mixed vegetables, assorted fresh fruit, milk variety. Thursday, Sept. 4: PB&J meal, munchie lunch (fruit, roll, yogurt, veggies), salad meal, Cathy’s cold sandwich, sliced turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, JellO with fruit, milk variety. Friday, Sept. 5: PB&J meal, munchie lunch (fruit, roll, yogurt, veggies), yummy cheese pizza, tossed salad, strawberry shortcake, milk variety.


Friday, August 29, 2008


CHARLTON — Junk, to some people, is not necessarily worth throwing away. Central Massachusetts residents, using a nationwide Internet network called Freecycle, are posting electronic advertisements asking people to take their unwanted items away. There is one catch — it is all free. Founded on May 1, 2003, by Arizona resident Deron Beal, according to the Freecycle Web site, the group has grown to more than 5 million people with 4,581 subgroups across the country. It also has groups in 75 countries. Internet users have organized a Charlton Freecycle group, which has 720 members, and an Oxford one with 466. Both were founded in March 2005. The Charlton group serves Sturbridge as well as Southbridge. Palmer also has its own group. “Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources and eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community,” the Web site reads.

Ryan Grannan-Doll photo

Southbridge resident Eric Jones shows off the grill he obtained from Freecycle.

It was several years ago when Southbridge resident Eric Jones, 61, began using the Woodstock,

Conn. Freecycle group. He soon began using the Charlton one. He frequently posts ads asking people

to take away his unwanted objects or asking for particular items. Jones said he has rid himself of lawnmowers, books, computers and lumber using Freecycle. He even used the site to find a new home for some cats. “Freecycle is the only way to do it,” Jones said. Jones said he enjoys the site because it allows him to easily get rid of the things he has unsuccessfully tried to using newspaper classified ads. “I have not been very successful with that,” Jones said. Often times, he said, people respond rapidly to his postings. “Bam, gone overnight,” Jones said. “For me, it is a godsend. Otherwise they go into the dump.” The network also serves as a way to help people become more environmentally friendly. “It obviously prevents the filling up of landfills,” Jones said. Seeing items, such as pet carriers, he said, at the Southbridge landfill on Barefoot Road, upsets him. Jones said giving items away is a “common part of human beings.” “[It] allows the distribution of wealth,” he said. “It just feels right

to give it to somebody. It breaks my heart to put them into the trash.” The Oxford Freecycle provides good insight into what people are giving away. A 27-inch television was listed on the Web site, as of Monday night, while a clothes washer was also listed. A fire pit was also available. Some items, however, are not allowed to be exchanged using Freecycle. According to its Web site, pornography, alcohol, tobacco, all kinds of drugs, including legal ones and firearms or other types of weapons are not allowed. Trading is also prohibited. About $140,000 annually funds the group’s activities, according to the Web site, which comes from corporate sponsors, donations and grants. For now, listed items are up for grabs. Jones added one caveat to that. “It’s only got value if you [find] people who want [an item],” he said. Ryan Grannan-Doll can be reached by phone at (508) 909-4050, or by e-mail at [email protected]

Regional bike collection slated for Sept. 7 BY GUS STEEVES STONEBRIDGE PRESS STAFF WRITER

SOUTHBRIDGE — Ever wondered what to do with your child’s old bike? How about donating it to a family in New Orleans, Africa or Central America? That’s what Scott Benoit hopes people will do Sept. 7, when he’s on the Southbridge Town Common (next to the police station). It’s his second collection day; he tried one three years ago and received about 50 usable bikes plus others that were scavenged for parts. “We’re so affluent in America we often throw things out that can help people, and [an event like] this can help people see how bikes can create jobs and make a big difference in someone’s life,” Benoit, a longtime rail trail advocate, said. Based in Boston, Bikes Not Bombs has existed since 1984 as one of a few groups that collect bicycles and related gear and ship them to foreign countries, where they enable poor people to get to work in a way that saves them money,

according to Outreach Coordinator Arik Grier. It started when founder Carl Kurz, now international director, visited Nicaragua to help people caught in the U.S.-sponsored Contra revolt against the Sandinista government. “It was part of a longer slogan — ‘Send bikes, not bombs, to Nicaragua,’” Grier said, noting the group now tries to avoid nations with ongoing conflicts. “We are an organization that uses bicycles and the waste stream of used bicycles here in the States,” he added. “We’re both environmentalist and anti-war; we see those things as connected. Overuse and over-consumption of resources is what drives our policy to get and control the world’s resources.” Last year, the group collected about 6,000 bikes, with about 4,800 of them going overseas, he said. It works in Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Guatemala and El Salvador, and is considering programs in Mexico, Malawi and Uganda. It has also sent bikes to people in Katrina-wracked New

We’re so affluent in America we often throw things out that can help people, and [an event like] this can help people see how bikes can create jobs and make a big difference in someone’s life

-Scott Benoit, Bikes Not Bombs

Orleans. Sending such shipments, however, is only part of what Bikes Not Bombs does, Grier said. In Boston, the group also runs an “earn—abike” program in which youths pick a bike, take a five-week class in which they learn hands-on to

rebuild, maintain and safely ride it, and take it home. Afterward, some of them are encouraged to get further training by which they can become teachers themselves, or otherwise get jobs repairing bikes. Despite the similarity of names, the group is not affiliated with Food Not Bombs, although Grier said he knows several FNB members and likes the fact what FNB does (bring free food to poor and street people) “doesn’t need a lot of organization or training; you can just do it in any town.” Similarly, he noted, his group’s concept has also been replicated in numerous cities, at least as far as the “earn-a-bike” idea goes. Only about five groups nationwide are able to ship bikes overseas, and Bikes Not Bombs sometimes cooperates with them to save shipping costs, he noted. He noted the group does 15 to 18 collection benefits like Southbridge’s annually, most of them in Boston suburbs. Benoit said he found the group when he was looking to donate a

bike himself “and did some research,” finding he liked the group’s liberal causes. “It seemed like a good thing,” Benoit said. “I went down there and was impressed seeing kids working on bikes. It’s not just about sending bikes overseas, it’s also about helping people in the inner city.” In the event flier, Benoit wrote, “In many parts of the world, such as South Africa, Central America and even New Orleans, travel by conventional vehicles can be impossible or difficult at best due to poor road conditions and/or lack of fuel. This makes bikes the best, if not the only, viable means of transportation. Your bike will allow local residents to become independent and obtain the basic necessities of life, like food, medicines and jobs.” He said his collection, which runs Sunday, Sept. 7 from 11-3, is particularly interested in working adult bikes, monetary donations, containers for shipping parts (covered cat litter buckets are good) and volunteers to help sort and load the stuff. Donations are tax-deductible.


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Friday, August 29, 2008


POLICE REPORT WEBSTER Sunday, Aug. 10 Bennett J. Smith III, of 9 Lake St. Webster, was charged with operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license. Alexis Fraticelli, of 8 Village Way, Webster, was charged with domestic assault. Friday, Aug. 15

This trash-strewn property is where authorities found Biscuit, a dog they claim suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his owners. Biscuit, a golden/Labrador retriever, was found by authorities to be severely emaciated, weighing 32 pounds when he should have weighed 70 pounds.


CHARLTON — The hellish lives of two Charlton dogs have tragically come to an end. Animal control officials, as part of a stepped-up effort, are making sure the dogs, and animals in general, get their day in court. Both dogs endured abusive lives, allegedly at the hands of their owners, who authorities are now trying to bring to justice. In one case, Arthur Mantha, 19, of 231 Stafford St. and his 53-year-old mother, Rebecca Cook, of the same address, are each facing one count of cruelty to animals. Worcester Animal Rescue League State Investigator Joseph L. Cadrin filed the charges Friday, Aug. 22 at Dudley District Court, alleging the pair neglected their 12year-old husky, Nikkia. The dog was later humanely euthanized. Both Mantha and Cook are scheduled to be arraigned Friday, Oct. 3 at the court. In a renewed effort to show what can happen to animal abusers, Charlton Animal Control Officers, working with Cadrin and the Charlton Police Department, are hoping to put a stop to heinous treatment of animals. Under Charlton Animal Control Officer Ann Sellew’s command are her husband, Brent Sellew, who serves as an assistant animal control officer, and Lisa Westwell, who holds the same title. The trio reports to Charlton Police Chief James A. Pervier. Another example of the group’s recent work is the case of Charlton resident Daniel Racicot. The 42-year-old man, of 61 Prince Road, was sentenced July 23 to one year’s probation and a series of other punishments after a judge found he admitted to the facts of abusing his dog Biscuit, a female yellow Labrador/golden retriever mix living at his court-listed residence. According to Dudley District Court records, Racicot was ordered to pay $500 restitution and 250 court costs after the judge continued the case as well as perform 50 hours of community service. Racicot waived his right to a jury trial after initially being charged with one count of animal cruelty stemming from April 24. Tragically, behavioral and medical issues forced veterinarians to euthanize the dog. Ann Sellew said an alert police officer responding to a fire department call brought the dog’s situation to her attention.

COOK/MANTHA CASE The Cook/Mantha case, the most recent of the two, was so graphic in its nature, it even turned the stomachs of animal control officers. That case began around 10:50 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 7, according to Cadrin’s report, when a witness tipped him off to Nikkia’s abusive situation. Brent Sellew, after receiving similar reports, went to the scene. “My training just kicked in,” he said. Brent Sellew found Nikkia chained to an old wooden doghouse behind the property. “There were thousands of flies about the dog and area,” Cadrin wrote. “The smell of rotting skin and maggots were present and the dog was crying at a constant level.” Overcome by the scene, Brent Sellew vomited. In an interview outside the Dudley District court last Friday Brent Sellew vividly recalled the awful sound. “Is that an alarm?” he recalled wonder-

ing. “No that is the dog [crying].” Cadrin, who arrived an hour after Brent Sellew, found Nikkia unable to move. “The dog was lying on its stomach with its legs spread apart and not moving as if she was paralyzed,” Cadrin wrote. In response to how the dog became so ill, according to Cadrin’s report, Mantha said: “To tell you the truth, I really don’t know.” Cook made a similar comment, according to Cadrin’s report, saying: “I don’t have a clue what’s wrong with the dog. She was walking alright yesterday.” Nikkia was rushed to CVA Abbott Animal Hospital in Worcester on a stretcher. On the way, Worcester Animal League Animal Technician Sara LaPan “noticed the dog had maggots oozing out of its rectal area …,” Cadrin wrote. Maggots also riddled Nikkia’s body cavity. Doctors, after initial suspicions of Nikkia having rabies, determined she did not have the disease. Cadrin said the dog could have been living in that state for as long as five years.

RACICOT CASE In the Daniel Racicot case, the dog was also beyond saving. “We tried everything,” Cadrin said. According to court records, Ann Sellew and Cadrin visited the home Friday, April 25, after Ann Sellew had tried to get Biscuit medical aid. When they arrived, Ann Sellew and Cadrin found Daniel Racicot’s sister, Belinda, living there with the “extremely emaciated” Biscuit. “The dog was surrounded by garbage,” Cadrin said. The house, according to court records, was being condemned. “The property was deplorable with many old and dangerous car parts, tools, engines … throughout the property,” Cadrin wrote in his report. Belinda Racicot, after Ann Sellew pleaded with her to get the dog medical attention, signed paperwork turning Biscuit over to her. Court records show Daniel Racicot authorized his sister to do so, but only after much coaxing from Ann Sellew and Cadrin, and many excuses from both Racicots. Ann Sellew said she did not have the right to take the dog into custody before the permission. Sadly, the circumstances were the painful beginning of the end for poor Biscuit. Cadrin took the dog to a veterinarian, who diagnosed the animal with heartworm disease, Lyme disease, a vulva problem, worn teeth and overgrown nails. At one point, according to court records, the dog weighed 57 pounds, but dropped to 31.4 pounds, well under the 70 pounds the dog should tip the scales at, according to Cadrin. Belinda Racicot told investigators her brother occasionally came to see the dog, but is “usually somewhere else in Webster,” Cadrin wrote in his report. Belinda’s disability, she told the investigators, prevented her from feeding and caring for biscuit. “That dog was starving most of the time,” Cadrin said. “Miss Racicot stated that she has been trying her best to make her brother get food for the dog but he doesn’t seem to

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care about it,” Cadrin wrote. Ann Sellew and Cadrin left the home, only to return Friday, May 2 after not hearing from Daniel Racicot. That day, Belinda, called her unsympathetic brother who was “at a local bar in Webster.” “Mr. Racicot didn’t explain why his dog was in poor health. He stated that he stop would by and feed it now and then and when he had some food for it. Daniel didn’t seem to care if the dog was fed twice a day or nothing at all,” Cadrin wrote. “I asked him why I wasn’t contacted, [Daniel Racicot] stated that he just didn’t want to call me and knew he was in some sort of trouble.”

STOPPING ABUSE Hopefully, animal control officials said, both cases will let other abusers know their behavior will not be tolerated. They are urging anybody with information about possible animal abuse call in tips about possible animal abuse. “My message is care for your pet humanely … or unfortunately, face the consequences,” Cadrin said. “There is no excuse for a dog starving or an animal suffering. Animal abuse and cruelty will not be tolerated.” Unfortunately, Cadrin said, he hears a couple of excuses for owners abusing dogs over and over again, including a lack of money or a disability preventing an individual from caring for an animal. “It’s the constant same excuse,” Cadrin said. Money especially, Ann Sellew said, is a terrible reason to neglect a dog. “They have to be able to follow through [with care]. If they can’t afford to do that then they should not have a dog,” Ann Sellew said. Up until February, when Cadrin said he began his post, other animal control officers investigated few cases in Central Massachusetts. Cadrin is certified as a special Massachusetts State Police Officer, carries a gun and has the same powers police officers do. “I’m just getting out there,” Cadrin said. “My goal is to be working eventually with each and every town, basically out in the region [and Boston].” In the meantime, he and the Charlton animal control officers plan to continue rounding up animal abusers because, as Brent Sellew said, they are not just pets. “They’re members of your family,” Brent Sellew said. “If you see something, say something.” Animal control officers are asking anybody with information about possible animal abuse to call their tips in to the Charlton Police at 508-248-2250. It can be done anonymously.

Amanda L. Androwski, of 25 Main St., Unit 3L, Dudley, was charged with use of motor vehicle without authority (second offense) and operation of a motor vehicle with a suspended license (subsequent offense). Joanne Tarallo, of 20 Village Dr., Southbridge, was charged with shoplifting $100+ by asportation. Norman C. Berry, of 5 Granite St., Webster, was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and wantonly injuring real or personal property. Saturday, Aug. 16 Kyle Padavano, of 16 Village Way, Webster, was charged with disorderly conduct. Christian H. Polanco, of 12 Belrose St., North Grosvenordale, Conn., was charged with operating under the influence of liquor (second offense) and negligent operation of a motor vehicle. Jessica Ann Collette, of 124 Ramshorn Rd., Dudley, was charged with breaking and entering, night/day, with intent to commit misdemeanor conspiracy. James R. Stolarczyk, of 31 Granite St., Webster, was charged with assault and battery on +60/disabled with injury and resisting arrest.

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Friday, August 29, 2008


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Is global warming a cat-astrophic concern?

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SOUND OFF Speed limits need to be more strictly enforced SOUND OFF: There are posted speeds on Main Street, East Main Street, Thompson Road, etc., in Webster. My question is, why aren’t these speed limits enforced? Do the police want to see accidents and injuries, even deaths occur?

Another concern is the intersection of Routes 12, 16 and 193. Why don’t they have left turn signals in all directions?


A show of strength in a time of pain M

y dad’s mother died quickly and quite suddenly. As she had for much of her married life, she awoke one day and descended the stairs from her bedroom to go into the kitchen and make breakfast for my grandfather. She never made it. The victim of a heart attack, she never knew what hit her and fell to the floor. My mother’s father didn’t die as suddenly, but there was little suffering in his case, too. A man who never knew a day off in his life, he worked, almost quite literally, up to the day he died. In fact, on the day he learned from the doctor that he had cancer and wouldn’t live much longer, his chief concern was to get back to the highway garage where he worked, because he didn’t want the guys he worked with to think he was taking time off. He died a short time later, surrounded by family. My dad’s father didn’t fare as well, nor did my grandmother on my mother’s side. The former ended up in a nursing home, where we as a family ultimately said our goodbyes to him. My grandmother died at home, hooked up to tubes and a ventilator, where she wasted away, painfully, under causes that were never quite determined. The guessing here has always been ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), but that was never confirmed. With the exception of my dad’s mother, who died before anyone could care for her, my family was involved, in some form or another, in taking care of their parents in their final months, weeks and days. I was much younger then, and only now am I really fully able to appreciate the enormous sacrifices made and the emotional pain suffered as they watched their love ones leave this life for whatever lies beyond. I was most fortunate to be able to say goodbye to three of my four grandparents. So often, we don’t get to have a final word with those we love. To have that opportunity is special, even if you don’t think so at the time because you’re caught up in the moment — wrapped up in the pain. I recently watched someone I love very much go through the ordeal of caring for — and ultimately saying goodbye to — her grandfather. He lived with his daughter, my fiancée’s mother, whose professional life sees her care for the elderly. She had been called to do the same for her father. Their family spent the final several days of this man’s life taking

care of him, providing physical comfort when they could, IRD S but basically just carrying out a bedside vigil. EST The emotional toll was devastating and though I’ve tried to be there, you really can’t WALTER offer comfort to someone who BIRD JR. is losing a family member. My fiancée grew up with her grandfather. He was, if you will, like a father to her. He taught her a great many things — he taught her a lot about life. I don’t know if he ever knew that. You feel helpless and weak when someone you love is so obviously wracked with pain and grief. Holding them in your arms doesn’t seem enough, but it’s all you can do. I watched my fiancée and her family as they squared off against death and ultimately gave way to the call of a higher power. I was proud of them and loved them before this. I am prouder and love them even more now. If ever there is a “good way to die,” they gave it to this man who spent so many years of his life trying his best to take care of them. I wasn’t able to be there when he passed, but am told that he was surrounded by family members. My fiancée told me he opened his eyes at one point and looked at each of them. One of his beloved pets, the family dog, Tuffy, jumped up onto his bed and rested at his feet as he died. Can there be such thing as a “good death?” I don’t know, but what I do know is that as much pain, grief and suffering as there was in that room, there was just as much love, respect and caring. The man who had been father, grandfather, great-grandfather and father-in-law spent his final moments no doubt in some pain, but also in a circle of love powerful enough to lift him to where he now rests. Left behind is a family both saddened and exhausted — in need of rest and healing. That will come. First, there was a wake and funeral — another chance to remember, to admire, to love and to say goodbye. I want this family to know that they are admired and loved, too. And while there is no magic elixir for pain, they need only look at one another to see living proof of the strength and courage it takes to get through the worst of what life has to offer. They should be proud of each other. You can bet that man they just let go is damned proud of them.

B ’ N

Walter Bird Jr. may be reached at 508-9094107, or via e-mail at [email protected]

Reverse 911 system used for the very first time


n Friday, Aug. 15, our local town departments utiphone numbers. This can be updated periodically from lized the “Reverse 911” system officially for the active, published phone lists, such as Verizon, Charter, etc. It first time during our recent boil water alert. This does not contain cell phone or unlisted residential numbers. telephone notification system places numerous These can be added into the database simply by filling out a phone calls within a short period of time. I was asked to form found at our station or on our Web site at www.dudleyprovide some information about the system. Click on “Public Information” and then “Forms” Reverse 911 is a special name for emergency telephone to access the “Emergency Phone Notification Registration notifications. Our system is an Internet, computer-based outForm.” let that contains a database of both listed and unlisted phone The system is not perfect and some people will not always HIEF S numbers. When an activation is authorized, a pre-recorded receive calls for a variety of reasons. It is simply another message is generated by a local official. The group of phone way to provide many people with valuable information as ORNER numbers to contact will be selected from a pre-determined quickly as possible. If you would like more information on list. The notification will begin and calls will be placed on a this system, please feel free to contact me at the station. STEVE large-scale basis. A number of phone lines are used by our WOJNAR service provider and it is capable of making hundreds of Thanks again for your questions and comments. Please send phone calls within just a few minutes. This allows for vital them to me at the Dudley Police Department, 71 West Main St., emergency information to be provided to a large number of people in Dudley, MA 01571, or e-mail [email protected] Opinions a very short span of time. During this last notification, some 3,000 expressed in this weekly column are those of Chief Wojnar only and phone calls were made within approximately 10 minutes. unless clearly noted, do not reflect the ideas or opinions of any other What is provided in the system we have are listed landline tele- organization or citizen.


e read a newspaper article last week that suggested household pets may not be doing enough to fight global warming. Good point! I’ve long contended that Barry and Elliott, our feline family members, don’t do nearly enough even to earn their own keep, so I was glad to find some substantiation with which to lecture them about not doing their part! But having read the article, I’m not sure if it’s “The Guys” (as the guys are occasionally known) or the Global Warming Conspiracy Theorists who are in error here. The article seeking to make our pets more environmentally responsible offers nine suggestions toward reducing S OU their “carbon pawprint.” IKE T The responses are my observations as to how The MARK Guys are doing. 1. Adopt your pet from a ASHTON shelter or rescue group. Response: Done! B & E came from good folks in Charlton. Chalk this one up as fully accomplished! 2. Spay or neuter your pet, etc. Response: Hey, it’s been done, in a responsible manner, way back at the adoption process (see Item 1). 3. Know where your pet is at all times when outside. Response: This suggestion is grammatically unclear as to who’s supposed to know about whom when WHO is outside! The suggestion goes on to complain about household cats having “an unfair advantage against the bird population,” but around our household, no such problem exists, mainly because all the birds are outside (and they are plentiful — especially about 4 a.m. every day) and all the cats are inside, mainly because we lost three cats in one year to the great outdoors, and ever since, we’ve harbored only “indoor cats.” Problem solved (except for the part about knowing where The Guys are “at all times”). 4. Choose natural and organic pet foods ... if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t feed it to your pet! Response: Shut up! (Clarification: The Guys won’t eat “human food” — never have, never will. They refuse any and all offerings thereof and favor only “moist bits,” especially those tainted portions from China before they were removed from the market, and expensive brands of “dry crunchy stuff.”) Further Response: You want ‘em to eat something “natural and organic,” you bring it on over. Otherwise, they’ll eat what they want — in accordance with what we can afford. (NOTE: Barry occasionally likes to nibble at bits of charred wood from the fireplace. Perhaps he’s replenishing his “carbon pawprint” in literal fashion!) 5. Use natural cat litter. Clay is strip-mined and blah, blah, blah ... ! Response: (See Response Number 4.) This suggestion further explains how dangerous the clumping agents of some cat litter can be “if ingested.” Further Response: The next time I catch either of the guys eating their cat litter, I will exhort them strongly against the practice! 6. Compost pet waste or dispose of it safely. According to scientists, American dogs and cats create 10 million tons of waste a year and no one knows where it goes! Response: I think these numbers are vastly underestimated, as they seem to reflect just what is generated in our household alone (I’m talking only of Barry and Elliott’s output here, of course). This suggestion poses a real conundrum when it further warns to “never use composted pet waste on vegetable gardens!” Then aren’t we just missing the entire point of composting in the first place! 7. Pets should use sustainable products ... toys, dishes and bedding made from recycled or organic materials. Response: Barry and Elliott use everything in the entire house as their “toys, dishes and bedding.” They love paper bags (for playing); Barry thinks every potted plant is a new dish of organic food; and bedding — well, other than the stovetop, every square inch of the house shows (hairy) evidence of having been used at one time or another as feline furniture for repose. Is that organic enough for you? 8. Grow your own catnip and save money. Response: Why would we want to support The Guys’ nasty little drug habit? Besides, they get enough catnip toys every Christmas from caring neighbors to last a lifetime — or nine! 9. Use natural pet-care products that do not contain toxins or chemicals. Response: Good advice. We lost Godzilla several years ago to the carcinogens in flea collars that gave him mouth cancer. The only pet care grooming product we nowadays use is cat spit, which we require that the guys provide on their own. One last thought. I promise NEVER to serve The Guys bottled water. It’s bizarre enough for the humans in our household to drink bottled water when there’s perfectly potable H2O available right from the kitchen faucet. (Barry, of course, favors water from the bathtub, but hey, he IS the gourmet among us. This may explain why he burps the occasional bubble, but it’s also why he’s got the freshest breath in the house!) I hope these responses suffice. In any case, I know The Guys are maintaining better “carbon pawprints” than all those cows whose flatulence is destroying the ozone layer faster than all the cars in America. Cats rule! (Cows drool!)


Mark Ashton writes a weekly column for Stonebridge Press publications.

Friday, August 29, 2008


VIEWPOINT Carry your medication list — it could save your life!


his column ran back in March, but the topic is so important, we want to make sure everyone re-visits the information and shares this with family and friends. People carry a lot of different lists in their pockets — things to do and what to get at the grocery store. These lists eventually make it into our purses and wallets. But one list you carry could save your life in a medical emergency — a medication list. Write down your medications — dosages, how many times per day it is taken, any known allergies and the name of the pharmacy they commonly use. The importance of writing down and carrying an accurate list of medications could save your life. The medication list should include both prescription and non-

prescription medications. A copy should be given to a family member or close friend. Local EMT and rescue personnel also recommend keeping a copy of your medication list on an easy-to-find place in your house, like on the refrigerator. This can help expedite an emergency situation where medical technicians or paramedics need to come into your home. If they know exactly where to look for your medical history, they can assess the problem and treatment quickly. When someone becomes ill, patients and their family members often have a difficult time recalling what prescription and non-prescription medicines they take when asked to help fill out a medication list at the hospital or doctor’s office. Many people take medicines on a

unless all that information is given to the doctor at the time of the visit or in an emergency. The list should be placed in the wallet so that it can be found quickly and easily, especially HUBBARD HOSPITAL when the patient could be in a medical emergency situation, where seconds count! The more regular basis — either prescribed we know about the patient, the by a doctor or medications we faster we can treat them. A medicaselect ourselves, like vitamins or tion list can truly save your life in a aspirin. Some of us have to take a medical emergency! lot of medicines to stay healthy — It is very important to show the that can be very confusing for pharmacist the list of medications patients and their doctors, espe- that you are taking, including vitacially during a hospital emergency. mins and supplements you purFor some patients, it can be hard chase that do not require a prekeeping track of all the pills and scription. It becomes even more the instructions for each one. For important you show your pharmadoctors, they may not know what cist the list if you pick up prescripother doctors have prescribed for a tions from more than one pharmapatient or what over-the-counter cy, or if you order prescriptions medicines the patient is taking — through the Internet or by mail


order. Many people have multiple prescriptions, and it can be confusing. A list goes a long way in preventing medication errors at home as well. If you would like a general form to fill out your medication lists, you can download the Word Document from Hubbard’s Web site,, or you may stop by our hospital and pick up the paper in our main lobby, Emergency Department, or the Laboratory. This column is submitted by the staff and administration at Hubbard Regional Hospital. Located in Webster, HRH continues to provide the best in medical services to its surrounding community. For more information, please visit We are “Big City Care, Small Town Heart!”

Strengthening your portfolio when the dollar is weak What can you do to help protect your investments when the dollar is weak? In the not-too-distant past, a dollar was worth about the same as a euro. The dollar began weakening in 2001 and by 2008, it took about a $1.50 to equal a euro. Why did the dollar weaken? The trade deficit — When the value of what we import exceeds the value of what we export, demand for the dollar is lower than the demand for foreign goods, so the dollar falls in value. The federal budget deficit — When the U.S. government spends more than it takes in, it has to borrow to pay its expenses. Borrowing reduces the value of America’s financial assets. The credit crisis — The dollar is, in many ways, a symbol of America’s financial strength. When the U.S. appears financially weak, the dollar follows suit. Lower interest rates — The Federal Reserve Board has repeatedly lowered interest rates to fight the credit crisis and reduce foreclosures. However, lower rates reduce foreign demand for government bonds, and when demand for U.S. bonds drops, so does demand for U.S. currency, weakening the dollar further.

IMPACT OF A WEAK DOLLAR So why should we care if the dollar is weak? The biggest problem with a weak dollar is that when the dollar falls, inflation increases. Goods imported into the United States become more expensive. The soaring price of oil, for example, is

when they convert dollars into their due in part to the weak dollar. home currency. Given the high budget When foreign goods become more deficit, the U.S. government is very expensive, domestic companies typicaldependent on foreign investors. To keep ly raise their prices, too, since they can them interested in American bonds, it charge more and still remain competiwill eventually have to increase interest tive. rates. Typically, when the U.S. increases When prices increase, of course, interest rates, other countries follow Americans buy less, save less or carry suit. more debt. When we spend more money A weak dollar also makes America on oil, we have less to spend on conseem weak in the eyes of other counsumer goods and that causes sales to tries. If America seems weak, other decrease, which can lead to a recession. FINANCE countries are less likely to invest here. Inflation also erodes the value of what Fortunately, the dollar’s weakness we own. Your investments must earn SHARON should eventually be self-correcting. As higher returns to keep your purchasing WOODRUFF stronger foreign currencies cause us to power from slipping. If you are retired import less and export more, the trade and living on a fixed income, you may be imbalance should eventually favor the hit especially hard. A weaker dollar isn’t bad for everyone. U.S., which will strengthen the dollar. Companies that export extensively benefit, IMPACT ON INVESTMENTS because their goods can be produced at a lower price compared with goods produced in countries What can you do, as an investor, to adjust for a with stronger currencies. In addition, because weak dollar? American companies can charge more for their Individuals who keep all of their money in goods domestically, they can be more profitable. money market funds, certificates of deposit and Many companies today are multinational, so the other “cash equivalents” have been hit especially impact is often mixed. If parts are manufactured hard, since low interest rates do not keep up with abroad, their costs will increase, but at least these inflation. If inflation increases, they will be hit companies can pass on those higher costs. Of even harder. course, the higher prices feed inflation. A diversified portfolio that includes stocks, Long term, a weaker dollar may also drive up bonds and a small percentage in cash equivalents interest rates. When the dollar is weak, foreign historically has provided better long-term results. investors holding American bonds lose money

While past performance is no guarantee of future returns, it will likely continue to outperform cash equivalents in the current low-interest-rate environment. When diversifying, consider including international investments in your portfolio. Diversification does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss. It is a method used to help manage investment risk. If the dollar is weaker than the currency you’re converting from, converting to dollars will give your returns a boost. Of course, the dollar is likely to strength at some point, which would make international investments less attractive. When the dollar is stronger than foreign currencies, investors will lose money when they convert their foreign holdings into dollars. By having both domestic and international investments, though, you can protect yourself no matter what happens to the dollar. International investments will “hedge” your portfolio in case the dollar gets weaker, while domestic investment with benefit if the dollar strengthens, off-setting “currency risk” from converting to dollars. No one knows for certain when the dollar will recover or how long it will continue its slide. A diversified portfolio may be the best way to be prepared for the dollar’s uncertain future. Sharon Woodruff of Webster is a registered representative with John Hancock’s Westborough Massachusetts Branch Office, and can be reached at 1-800-530-6635 or swoodruff.aspencross

A variety of programs available at the senior center


volunteer opportunity for residents — The AARP Foundation sponsored tax preparation program, TaxAide, helps lowincome and moderate-income persons prepare their Federal and State taxes during the Feb. 1 to April 15 period. The program is entirely managed and staffed by volunteers. Volunteer counselors and client assistors are needed in all parts of Worcester County. No accounting experience is needed although basic computer skills and e-mail access are necessary and basic acquaintance with tax issues is desirable. Training and mentoring will be provided. One does not need to be a member of AARP to serve. Go to and click on the tab for “Leadership Development” and open pages for Client Facilitator and Counselor. Please call 508-753-7905 if interested and for further information. Hospice Services — A Community Forum is scheduled for Sept. 23, at 11:30 a.m. Please join us for a presentation about Hospice. Hospice is a “special way of caring” for those individu-

als when the possibility of healing and recovery has passed. Lynne Alexandrowicz of Hospice Services LINDA of Western SLOTA M a s s a c h u s e t t s, LLC will share with us how these programs provide state of the art palliative care and supportive services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You’ll learn how physical, social, spiritual and emotional care is provided by an interdisciplinary team. Hospice philosophy promotes quality of life and death with dignity. Please RSVP by calling 508-949-3845. Refreshments will be served. Financial consultations are now available at the Webster Senior Center. Do you have a financial goal or concern with which you would like assistance? The Webster Senior Center in conjunction with AspenCross Financial Group, have arranged to have Sharon Woodruff, senior associate with AspenCross Financial Group, and a resident of Webster, available by appointment for a 30-minute complimentary financial consultation.


Sharon will be available on the third Tuesday of each month between the hours of 10 a.m. and noon. Those interested may make reservations to meet with Sharon at the Webster Senior Center through a sign-up sheet or they may contact her directly at 800530-6635 x135. The Webster Council on Aging holds their meetings at 1 p.m. the first Wednesday of the month. A Social Security Representative is available at the Senior Center every Thursday morning from 9:30 a.m. to noon. The Monday Pitch League will begin a new session on Sept. 8. Captains will be choosing new teams on Wednesday Sept. 3. Call the center at 508-949-3845 if you wish to join. The School Lunch Program — Meals are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, depending on the school’s schedule. Call the center at 508-9493845 to order or cancel a meal by 9:30 a.m. Cost is $1. Lunch will resume on Tuesday, Sept. 9. We are also offering Tri-Valley “Lunch Club” meals every Wednesday. You need to call the prior Monday to reserve a meal. Suggested donation is $2. The Silver Dippers Exercise and

Line Dancing classes are held Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9 to 11 a.m. Come and join the fun, make some new friends and get moving. The first class after the summer break will be Monday, Sept. 8. The Progressive Pitch League meets every Wednesday. Play begins at 1 p.m. No need to commit to a league, come and play when you can make that time and day. To schedule an appointment with Fuel Assistance call Worcester Community Action Council at 1-800545-4577, or try the Worcester number 508-754-1176 x110. Blood Pressure Clinics are held the second Wednesday of every month from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., and the fourth Thursday from 10 to 11 a.m. No appointment necessary. The Stamp Club meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m., and new members are always welcome. Attorney Nicholas Kaltsas of Worcester has a free 30-minute legal consultation the second Thursday of every month, call the center for a time. Income Tax Preparation by the AARP — Circuit Breaker forms will be filled out also if applicable. We can help with the Stimulus Package. Even

if you have not filed a return in years, you need to send in the IRS forms to receive the funds. Stimulus payment information maybe filed until Oct. 15 using form 1040A. If it is a simple form you may bring it to the Senior Center office for help. The next scheduled visit with the Fallon Senior Plan Representative is Sept. 25, at 10 a.m. The latest edition of “The Caregiver’s Guide” from the Central MA Agency on Aging is available at the center. The guide is filled with helpful information, stop by for a copy. Computers with Internet access are available for your use. We also hold classes for beginners periodically. Call the center for the next class. Hardcover, paperback books and magazines for your enjoyment are also available. Used puzzles are for sale at 25 cents each. Depending on donations, we may have canes, walkers, bath chairs, commodes, wheelchairs and lift chairs on hand for borrowing. - Linda Slota is the director of the Webster Council on Aging and of the Webster Senior Center.

Animal shelter still needs donations, gifts appreciated


t’s hard to believe that yet another RITTER summer is slipping by. What a summer it ORNER has been! Since reopening the MICHELLE Webster Animal Shelter LEFLECHE on June 1, we’ve had many repairs and improvements done; provided shelter for six abandoned adult dogs, 10 puppies, other dogs who were happily reunited with their families, and many cats; and best of all, we’ve met tons of wonderful people who have voiced their support for the shelter and have extended a helping hand providing donated blankets, newspapers, dog/puppy/cat food, litter, toys, and, of course, generous monetary gifts. All contributions have been fundamental towards our goal of a creating a muchimproved animal shelter. We cannot stress enough how appreciative we are of everyone’s support especially in these tough financial times. For all those who have expressed an interest in making a monetary donation, please be sure to make all checks payable to: Webster Animal Shelter Gift Fund and mail to Webster Town Hall


c/o Board of Health/Attn: Animal Control, 350 Main St., Webster, MA 01570. I hope everyone who wanted this information reads this! Unfortunately, we had to have the roof of the shelter replaced sooner rather than later. As a result, our gift account fund suffered a tough financial hit. Our fenced-in play yard for the dogs, final plumbing work, and construction work to make the runs indoor/outdoor are currently on hold till the gift fund account can be replenished. In addition, we are in dire need of Hav-A-Hart and Tomahawk traps in order to continue our efforts to control the feral/stray cat population in town. So, it’s time to prepare for more fundraising efforts thru events sponsored by Kritter Sitter Pet Care & Grooming and Willie’s Kitty Angels. Stay tuned for upcoming events such as our end of summer blow out yard sale and a Pampered Chef cooking event that is in planning stages. Due to popular demand, we will also be planning another Cause for Paws fundraiser to be held at Point Breeze, hopefully, in April 2009. Rocco and Lola, two dogs who have been in our care for several months, have finally

found their human soul mates. Rocco went home with his this past weekend. Lola will be going home with hers this weekend. Plus, four of our 10 puppies are waiting to go home with their families once they have had their first vaccinations/examinations scheduled for the end of this month. On a personal note, I have just been honored to become a foster care parent for New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue for this geographical area. At the present time, I am fostering a 10-year-old liver and white Springer named Rusty who recently lost his humans due to death and debilitating illness. I feel my relationship with this affiliation will provide me with more resources, experience, and knowledge so that I may better help others who are looking to adopt or need to surrender their pets. In addition, I will be continuously involved in evaluating, training, and modifying negative doggie behavior problems. After all, one can never obtain too much knowledge or experience! We are hopeful that Buddy; Castro; Shy Boy; Gabby; our remaining six pups; Jinx, our black kitten and Captain Lou, our beautiful, fluffy double pawed orange and white kitten will find their human soul mates and

go home soon as well. On a final note, please note that all dogs are required by law (Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140/Sections 137 & 145B) to be vaccinated against rabies and to have both rabies and town-issued license tags displayed either on the dog’s collar or harness. Failure to have a valid year town license is a $25 fine; failure to have current rabies vaccination is $50 fine; failure to display rabies tag is $50 fine; failure to display town license tag is $50 fine; violation of all the above can result in a $175 fine. A dog (or cat) not current on its rabies vaccination poses a public health hazard to all. Rabies is deadly virus for which there is no cure. Please be responsible — vaccinate, license, and display those tags! Since writing too many citations causes my carpal tunnel to act up and will cause your funds to go down, I’d really appreciate your cooperation in this regard! Until next time — respect, appreciate, and do right by your pets. Michelle Lafleche is the animal control officer for the town of Webster and submits a periodic column for the Webster Times.


Friday, August 29, 2008

SPORTS The ‘Revolution’ are state champs WEBSTER — The “Revolution” just might be Webster’s best kept secret. The Webster Revolution is a girls’ fastpitch softball team that, over the years, have dominated their competition. The girls this year competed in the 16-U (age 16 and under), Class B (generally town teams as opposed to regional) Division. In their three years of existence, the team has compiled a record of 66-14 (.825 winning percentage), including 218 this year. Certainly the highlight of this season — winning the State’s Class B Championship. Including the two years prior to their existence, when the team competed in the Webster Lassie League (WLL), they’ve compiled an outstanding record of 97-19 (.836 winning percentage). The Revolution certainly have come a long way since leaving the Webster Lassie League (hence the nickname) and forming its own organization — the Webster Girls Fastpitch Softball Association (WGFSA). The WGFSA raised money on its own and, with additional support of several area businesses, played its first game as the Revolution in 2006. And what a season it was. The team went 28-3 and cruised to the league championship of the Twin valley League. The Revs won two of three tournaments that year, finishing as runner-up in the other. The most recent edition of the squad added to its list of accomplishments. In late June, it competed in its first State Tournament. Though declared “co-champs” (due to a terrible storm which cancelled the Championship Game – the team was up 1-0), the Revs defeated the other “co-champs” (Central Mass Storm) in a later tournament by a convincing 9-3 score. After a runner-up finish in the Blackstone Valley (Millbury) Classic, the Revs culminated their season by winning six

games in a row en-route to the championship of the Taunton Tournament. Included was perhaps their best effort of the season, a 5-0 shutout of the New England Regional Champions — the Bay State Elite (Bristol, R.I.). A team’s success usually begins with good pitching, and got that from a triumvirate of players. Primary starters Alicia Buckley and Lynn Morgan (both with nine wins apiece) were joined by third starter Vicki Dabrowski. Buckley’s finest moment was her 5-0 shutout of the Bay State Elite in the Taunton Tournament semi-final game, while Morgan recorded the win in the Championship Game — defeating Taunton and its ace, Sam Doyle, 6-4. Dabrowski’s biggest win came in that tournament’s quarter-final game — allowing only one run in a 4-1 win over Brockton. While not pitching, Morgan handled second base duty, Buckley played both middle-infield positions, while Dabrowski played a shared amount of time at second, third and left field. Kaylyn (KK) Delgado was outstanding defensively all year long at first base, while Jen Rivera also played sensational defense at second and third. Emerging as a star at shortstop was Ashley West — the team’s lone firstyear player. Sarah Decelles was easily the team’s mostimproved player, and also emerged as a morethan-capable center fielder. The team’s energy always emanated from starting right fielder Sam Dwyer. Brit Dyer shared time at third and left field, and was the team’s back-up catcher, behind starter Ashley Wallace, who caught every inning of the team’s last four games in Taunton. There were few weaknesses offensively. Morgan and Dabrowski generally set the table for Delgado, Wallace, Dyer and West. At the State Tournament in Leominster, there was no one better than Wallace, who reached

Courtesy photo

Kneeling , from left, Jen Rivera, Alicia Buckley, Sarah Decelles, Sam Dwyer, Ashley West. Back row, from left, Lynn Morgan, Ashley Wallace, Vicki Dabrowski, KK Delgado, Britnii Dyer.

base safely in her first 10 at-bats. Wallace was also the lone Rev to clear the fence at Slater. The bottom-third of the batting order (Rivera, Dwyer and Buckley) played “smallball” with the best of them, while Decelles added a nice blend of hitting for average and power. Part-timers Anh-Dao Tran and Gabby Moscowitz filled-in admirably when help was needed.

The Webster Revolution would like to thank this year’s sponsors — Booster Athletic Club; C & K Supply; Commerce Insurance; Coz Group; Cranston Printworks; Eva Tkacik, IPG Photonics; New Alliance Bank; Polyfoam Corp.; Pratt Trucking; TSKK Club; Webster Firefighters; Webster Five Cents Savings Bank; and Webster Police Dept.


CHARLTON — The 42nd annual Old Home Day Road Race is set to start up once again on Labor Day (Sept. 1), to be a part of Charlton’s 112th annual Old Home Day. “Old Home Day just started out as an end of summer gathering and has morphed itself over the years into an opportunity for people to get together and also a fundraiser for a lot of the nonprofit groups,” Road Race Director Rob Thomas said. Charlton sporting groups and the Charlton Grange are examples of groups involved. The 5-mile race will begin at 10 a.m. in front of Town Hall on Main Street (Route 31). Race day registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., with the fee being $12. Because of all the intricacies of the route, the course will also finish at Town Hall. “What’s really nice is it’s set up as a figure eight,” Thomas said. “People come through the center of town twice and they finish there. “It’s a challenging course because there are a lot of hills in it,” he continued. Thomas, race director for the ninth year, said he has a lot of duties to fulfill in the short time before Labor Day, including “lining up sponsors and supporters, getting the race application out, getting a coordinator for the trophies and prizes, making sure there’s refreshments for after the race, and also coordinating with the Central Mass. Striders

for them doing the timing and scoring the race. We’re down to the home stretch.” Long sleeved T-shirts will be handed out, drinks and fruit will be available once the race is completed, and medals and other merchandise will be awarded to winners in each age category. “One of the things that’s very helpful is I get a great group of volunteers,” Thomas said. “I basically have the same sponsors and race supporters from year to year. With their support I’m able to get the refreshments, trophies and T-shirts for the runners.” Sponsors and supporters include Miniature Tool & Die, Powerhouse Gym, Charlton Building and Development, Charlton Optical, Savers Bank, Alliance Realty, Charlton Food Mart, David, Nancy, and Justin Laundry, G&G Colonial Homes, Ronnie’s Seafood, Safety Source Northeast, Smith Barney — Wendy Bellerive, and Ted’s Package Store. Thomas says around 300 runners, competitive and non-competitive alike, usually take part in the race, and this year looks to be no different. Thomas is a runner himself, who takes part in about half a dozen road races a year. But ever since he became race director, he had to scratch off the Old Home Day Race and take a back seat. “I’ve been a runner for probably 25 years,” he said. “Somebody I

Courtesy/Barry Smith photos

Above: Runners start up the hill at the junction of Main Street and Masonic Home Road during last year’s Charlton Old Home Day Road Race. This year’s edition will be held Mon., Sept. 1.

knew was the race director and asked if I wanted to take over.” Thomas has enjoyed the nine years and counting of being in charge. “It’s been a lot of fun,” he said.

“You meet a lot of people. The logistics are very similar from year to year. One of the fascinating things I found is that some people are running the race that ran it 30 years ago.”

The entire Old Home Day begins at 7:30 a.m. in the center of town. The event, which is free of charge, includes soap box racing, a craft fair, an art show, frog jumping contests, and so much more.

GAME TIME Courtesy photo

Webster Officers Tobby Wheeler, Cindy Johnson, Chief Tim Bent, Dispatcher Greg Lynskey, and the Parks Department’s Kevin Esposito Sr. brought several Hoops 4 Hope program youths to the Worcester Tornados game on Friday, Aug. 22. A great time was had by all. It was the last evening home game, and the fans were treated to a fireworks display at the conclusion of the game.

Learn to be an

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN! Tues and Thurs 6-10 pm and Sat 9am-5pm Starts 9/18/08 - Ends 12/16/08 Location: Nichols College, Dudley, MA Safety Program Consultants, Inc. 1-800-499-6428 www.4spci.ocm

Friday, August 29, 2008



CHARLTON — A Charlton business is at odds with the town over a “puzzling” set of allegations. Dudley residents Cathy and Jeff Helgerson, who are married, are allegedly operating their business at 79 Bay Path Road, without two required permits and are violating the conditions of the approved site plan, according to town documents and officials. Jeff Helgerson, in a telephone interview, said he was an excavator and septic tank pumper, but was unclear when asked which businesses were operating out of the site. Building Commissioner and Zoning Enforcement Officer Curtis Meskus has, in an Aug. 7 letter to the Helgersons, ordered the couple to stop using a large red building on the site. Jeff Helgerson said he has provided documents to Meskus that should clear up the issue. “I gave them everything they wanted,” Jeff Helgerson said. “All that stuff is up there. I have no idea what’s going on at this point.” Meskus said he is currently evaluating Jeff Helgerson’s recent response to the complaints, but town documents allege the couple has flagrantly violated months of enforcement efforts. Now, according to Meskus, they are facing up to $1,000 in fines, one year in jail or both punishments. The couple has the right to appeal the state Building Appeals Board on violating state regulations and the to the town’s Zoning Board Of Appeals on violating its rules. According to the Aug. 7 letter from Meskus to the Helgersons, the pair is allegedly operating their business with the required Certificate Of Occupancy or a Certificate of Compliance. “It is my opinion that business is being conducted from 79 Bay Path Road, without the required Certificate Of Occupancy or Certificate Of Compliance,” Meskus wrote. Jeff Helgerson, in an Aug. 13 written response to Meskus, claimed the business is working to comply with the regulations.

Courtesy Photos

Left: The 79 Bay Path Rd. business Jeff and Cathy Helgerson own. Right: A puddle of water at 79 Bay Path Rd.

“Helgerson [Excavating] Inc. is continually working to satisfy conditions you mentioned in the letter dated June 4, 2008,” the Helgersons wrote. Meskus’s visit to the site on June 3, according to the June 4 letter he sent to Jeff Helgerson, states he cannot obtain an occupancy permit until he had completed walking routes and parking spaces around the site, which were not finished. Meskus wrote he “found [the] structure to be substantially completed.” The town is also alleging site plan conditions are being violated. Demolition of an old building, landscaping and a parking lot were still incomplete, according to an April 30 report from Graves Engineering. “The site inspection visit confirms that there has been essentially no progress since the last … site inspection in September 2007 on completing the remaining site plan approved work as listed in items 1 through 6 of the attached April 30 report,” a May 1 letter from Town Planner Alan I. Gordon to Jeff Helgerson states. The circumstances left Gordon grasping

for answers as to why the situation has come to this point. “The Planning Board is obviously disappointed that the applicant has been so extensively deficient, in completing very standard parking lot and site design construction items,” Gordon said. “These are very normal site plan items that other applicants prioritize and automatically complete well before they even thinking of petitioning Mr. Meskus for an occupancy permit or even think of moving into a building. It is puzzling to the board that this situation continues.” It is unclear what the couple is doing at the site. Jeff Helgerson’s Aug. 13 letter, however, admits his wife is operating out of the site. “[She] is most often on site daily: collecting receipts, delivering checks and doing prep work inside the building: painting, cleaning, etc,” he wrote. The original site plan application, according to Gordon, states the couple wanted to use the site at the intersection of Route 20 for automobile work, retail, warehouse and office space. A reporter visiting the site

Wednesday, Aug. 20 observed a dump truck, a large stone-filled hole in front of the big red building and a portable toilet sitting outside the building. A sign sits next to the site and reads: “Call Helgerson’s. Environmental inspections, repairs, T-5 maintenance.” A Web site address, is also displayed on the sign. That Web site states the couple runs Jeff D. Helgerson Excavating and septic tank pumping business, and a 510 Stafford St. address is listed on the Web site. According to the Aug. 7 letter, Helgerson is not using the 510 Stafford St. address. “I find it interesting that his letterhead letter uses 79 Bay Path Road as a mailing address, if he is not operating an office from there,” Meskus said. After being apprised of the town’s complaints, a woman who identified herself as Cathy Helgerson and Jeff ’s wife, said: “I don’t get it. I have no comment.” Ryan Grannan-Doll can be reached by phone at (508) 909-4050, or by e-mail at [email protected]

NEWS BRIEFS Board of Health public announcement Pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 111, Section 31 at their regular Board of Health meeting held on Aug. 4, 2008, the Webster Board Of Health Members voted to create, approve and accept new Outdoor Wood Burning Furnaces Regulations. Copies of the newly adopted regulations can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office or the Health Department office located in the Town Hall, 350 Main Street, Webster, MA 01570 - Webster Board of Health . Town of Webster

Alicea to hold September office hours BOSTON — Rep. Geraldo Alicea, D-Charlton, announced his office hours recently for the month of September. If a constituent is unable to attend listed office hours, they are encouraged to contact his

Since 1965

office at 617-722-2060 to schedule a more convenient time. • Tuesday, Sept. 9, Oxford Senior Center, 323 Main St., 11 a.m. to noon.

Boys & Girls Club recruiting staff positions

Walktober brochures now available

DUDLEY — The Boys & Girls Club of Webster-Dudley is seeking motivated, dependable, and creative program staff for the afterschool and teen program. This is a part-time position, approximately

The well-known Annual Walking WeekendS event has been aptly renamed Walktober and now encompasses the entire month of October. With more than 100 free, guided walks, bikes and paddles in The Last Green Valley, and more than 50 regional event opportunities, residents and visitors alike will enjoy exploring the natural, historical and cultural treasures of the National Heritage Corridor in northeastern Connecticut and south central Massachusetts every day during the month of October. Please call The Last Green Valley toll-free 866-363-7229 or visit online at for a free Walktober brochure.


Sewer & Water Lines – Drainage Bulldozing – Cellar Holes – Tank Removal Septic Systems – Screened Loam Snow Removal – Plowing & Sanding

508-943-1280 508-943-5145

FREE ESTIMATES LICENSED & INSURED Cliff & Keith Rudzinski Webster, MA

20 hours a week, Monday through Friday, beginning Sept. 8. Positions for the 2008-2009 school year include Program Area Coordinator, Teen Program Coordinator and Office Staff. Qualifications: High School graduate; dependable, reliable, self starter; prior experience working with children a plus; back-

ground in physical education arts and crafts, child development, sociology, etc.; able to pass CORI check. If interested, please contact Jeff Bourgette, Boys & Girls Club of Webster-Dudley, 55 Oxford Ave., Dudley MA 01571, or e-mail [email protected], or call 508-943-0037.


Friday, August 29, 2008


More than 170 students and their parents gathered at Dudley Elementary School Friday, Aug. 22, for the school’s open house. Students were provided with a map of the school and sent on a “scavenger hunt” to find important rooms in the school and meet their teachers for the year. “It’s exciting for the families,” said Principal Terri Cafelle. “We’re trying to get rid of the butterflies. We want students and their parents to love the school and we want them to feel comfortable here.”

Third grader Andrew Hafferty, with his mother, Marsha, work on the scavenger hunt in the computer lab.

Dudley Elementary School Principal Terri Caffelle with her “tour guides” for the day — from left, Michael Christensen, Chris Scianna, Cole Carty and Chris Krajcik.

From left, Marjorie Wilson speaks with music teacher Julie Wynans while her son, second grader Owen Wilson, and his friend Wilson Reich, look on. Darren Mello and his son, fourth grader Jacob, pose in the library after completing the rooms entry in the scavenger hunt.

Third grader Brian Paszkiewicz speaks with Office Secretary Cindy Grzyb about the upcoming year while his mother, Eva Modzelewska, looks on.

Fourth graders Megan Gatsogiannis, left, and Michaela James pass out programs to passing students near the school’s library.

Second grader Christopher Nellis makes the last stop on his scavenger hunt with his mother, Suzanne, in the library.

Third graders Brandon Warrington and Hannah Zieminski help out Second Grade Instructional Assistant Patricia Pepka serve juice and snacks to passersby at the school’s cafeteria.

Second grader Devin Benson and his little sister Kylee take a moment during the scavenger hunt to feast on juice and fruit snacks.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Elliott: D.C. ‘was the highlight of my career’ SWEEP continued from page


The story behind how he was chosen goes all the way back to the early 1990s. Under President Clinton’s administration, Elliot said, the President asked Americans to “dig deeper” to fix the country’s deficit. Meanwhile, in 1993, Wisconsin chimney sweep Jeff Schmittinger attended a National Chimney Sweep Guild Convention in Washington D.C., and took a tour of the White House. He offered to clean the building’s chimneys free of charge as a civic duty, and he was awarded the contract. Since then, as part of that contract, different chimney sweeps are chosen through a referral process from those who have done the job before. This year, it was Elliott’s turn. “They [look] for people who they know throughout the industry who do great, honest work,” he said. Elliott said the call that came in to him announcing he had been selected to go the capital was extra special because it came on his birthday, April 15. “I was floored,” he said about the call. “I couldn’t believe it. …It was an awesome present.” The euphoria about the trip soon turned to terror, however, as Elliott was involved in a bicycle crash at the Quabbin Reservoir in New Salem over the Memorial Day weekend. In the incident, Elliott broke his scapula (shoulder blade) in several places, including eight fractures and three major breaks. Three screws and several metal plates were put into his shoulder and his doctor expressed major doubt about whether he would still

Courtesy photos

A group of chimney sweeps from around the country, including Oxford resident Michael Elliott (bottom right, kneeling) pose on top of the White House in Washington D.C. The group recently had the opportunity to clean the building’s 38 chimneys and fireplaces.

be able to go to the White House. Luckily though, Elliott’s doctor gave him the go-ahead on Wednesday, Aug. 13, just four days before he was scheduled to leave. “I was going no matter what the doctor said,” he said. Once in Washington, the team convened in Alexandria, Va., and took the Metro into the capital, where it got right to work on Monday, Aug. 18, cleaning 18 fireplaces, including those in the Bush family’s living quarters, like the President’s bedroom, Laura Bush’s office and the bedrooms of Barbara and Jenna Bush. He was understandably sworn to secrecy about the particulars of the rooms, but

said he was taken aback by how normal the Bush family’s living quarters are. “It was nice to see that they are ordinary people just like us,” he said. “I treat their house like I treat any one of my customer’s houses.” The team came back Tuesday, Aug. 19, to complete 17 more chimneys, but were put on hold by the Secret Service until Wednesday, Aug. 20, because Vice President Richard Cheney was in his office. The team returned the next day to clean the vice president’s fireplace. “I think I heard his voice, but I can’t be sure,” he joked. To clean the chimneys, the team used manual tools, with the team of

eight split up into two four-man teams, one on each floor. The team used specialized video equipment to check for cracks in the structure, but other than that, the same routine that is used in homes all across the country was no exception in the President’s home. An interesting note about the trip Elliott said, was the fact that the team had to be accompanied by “permanent escorts,” members of the Secret Service who were not allowed to leave the workers’ sides throughout their time in the White House. Each team member also had to have a thorough background check completed before the trip. The Secret Service “was with us every second,” he said. The highlight of the entire trip however, was when Elliott was chosen to be the one to clean perhaps the most prestigious fireplace in all of America. “That was the most overwhelming thing for me — being asked to sweep the Oval Office,” he said. “It was the most amazing thing. It was like Edmund Hillary climbing Mt. Everest for me. It was the greatest thrill in my career as a sweep.” He added, “It was like being called to the principal’s office — times 10.” When asked if he saw anyone he recognized during his trip, he admitted he did not see any politicians, but remarked on a surprising celebrity spotting. “I saw the Jonas Brothers,” he said. “I saw from about 300 yards away. I had to tell my kids that I saw them, but I didn’t see any politicians.” After three days, and nearly 40 chimneys in one of the most revered buildings in America, Elliott praised his team, remarking

on its work ethic and dedication to getting the job done, even though they worked for no monetary gain. “They were outstanding,” he said. “They were true professionals.” According to Elliott, he has an invite to return in two years. After that trip, he will join the list of those who will submit referrals for other to take part in the experience. The Chimney Safety Institute of America ( lists certified chimney sweeps with the National Sweep Guild ( A new group is chosen approximately every two years by the NCSG and participants are invited based on referral from former team members. For Elliott, the experience was more than an opportunity to do some sightseeing. “A lot of people ask me if I got paid,” he said. “I feel it is my obligation. I am very fortunate to have this trade. I am very proud to donate time to the country. I consider it the highlight of my career.” Elliott lives with his wife Michelle, who joined Central New England Chimney Sweeps full-time in 1998, and two sons, Nathaniel, 9, and Christopher, 6, who both attend St. Louis School in Webster. Elliot credited his wife with being instrumental in the success of the business. “I am very fortunate,” he said. For more information about Central New England Chimney Sweeps, visit Adam Minor is the editor of the Webster Times. He may be reached at (508) 909-4142, or by e-mail at [email protected]

Search committee may need to reboot administrator search PALAIA continued from page


Becker characterized as a “dwindling pool” of qualified candidates. Monday night, Becker explained the search committee’s process to selectmen saying they initially selected seven candidates they considered “qualified” for the position out of the 30 applications they received. Out of these seven, however, two immediately took jobs elsewhere, cutting the pool to five candidates the committee met with in person for interviews. After these interviews, two of the five candidates took jobs elsewhere, leaving the committee with the final three candidates —

Palaia, Tivnan and Hammond. With Tivnan now out of consideration and Palaia out the door, Hammond would be the town’s only choice. Selectmen questioned whether the other 23 candidates not contacted for interviews could be an option, but members of the search committee advised against it. “We wouldn’t find the quality of candidate that the town is looking for in that section,” committee member Robin Seifert said. The committee will be meeting in the near future to work on discussing the issue and drafting up a new advertisement, Becker said. In other business, selectmen formally recognized Susan Ricard of 14 Bates Point Rd. in Webster for her heroism during a boating

accident on Webster Lake Friday, July 18. According to Miller, Ricard jumped into the lake to save a man and his granddaughter during a rainstorm in July that overturned the couple’s boat. Both man and child were brought to safety. “It’s people like you who make us all a little bit safer,” Miller said. Ricard thanked selectmen for recognizing her, but remained extremely self-effacing

Monday night, saying she hopes anyone would act as she did if they were in her position. “I was just thankful to be able to do what I did,” Ricard said. Patrick Skahill may be reached at 508-9094129, or by e-mail at [email protected]


Friday, August 29, 2008

IN AND AROUND OUR TOWNS Local Lion installed as district governor DUDLEY — Donald Bourque of Webster was one of 757 district governors installed during a ceremony held at the 91st Lions Clubs International Convention in Bangkok, Thailand. For one year these men and women will oversee approximately 45,000 Lions clubs made up of nearly 1.3 million Lions members in 202 countries and geographical areas around the world. Bourque has been an active member of the Dudley Lions Club for the past eight years. His Lions district, 33-A, includes the area of Worcester County. Lions in the district are involved in several service projects, including, Swim for Sight, Fight for Sight, District 33-A Lions Sightmobile Inc, District 33-A Sight & Hearing Conservation & Treatment Fund Inc. and many others. Lions Clubs International President Al Brandel of Melville, N.Y., installed the district governors in Bangkok. “I am confident that these district governors will be successful in helping to support and guide the Lions clubs in their areas to better serve their communities. The district governors’ commitment and compassion will help Lions members in their areas to be everyday heroes by creating miracles through service,” Brandel said. Lions are men, women, families and friends who identify needs within their communities and work together to fulfill those needs. For more information or to get involved, please contact Bourque at [email protected],

Courtesy photo

Dudley residents win trip to N.Y. for Jonas Brothers experience NEW YORK — Kara Ostrokolowicz of Dudley won four tickets to the Jonas Brothers concert in New York City. Her friends, Katie Wilga and Kristie Konieczny, both of Dudley, accompanied her on this trip. They had back stage passes to meet and greet the Jonas Brothers. They toured their bus, met their parents, toured where they rehearse and touched their instruments. They also stayed in a four-star hotel. Pictured, Ostrokolowicz, Wilga and Konieczny pose with the Jonas Brothers, sit in the waiting room and “whoop it up” in New York City. “Basically I walked into BJ’s Wholesale Club and bought something in the Verizon store there,” said Ostrokolowicz’s mother, Nicole, in an e-mail. “I saw the Jonas Brothers flyer and thought my daughter would love to hang this on her wall. I brought it home to her and it was a promotion through BJ’s and Verizon. I told her to text the code and maybe she would win tickets. Well, lo and behold, she won.”

New Lions Clubs officers installed

ly unique because it was made while the war was still going on.

DUDLEY — An installation ceremony was held June 16 at The Lic’s Restaurant for incoming officers of the Dudley Lions Club. Lion Nancy Bouchard was elected as the club president for 2008-2009. Bouchard has been an active member of the Dudley Lions Club for the past eight years. Lion Dan Bonnette was elected to serve as the new club secretary. The club’s vice-president is Lion Patrick Flynn. “I am looking forward to leading various projects and continuing the Dudley Lion Club’s commitment to serving the community,” Bouchard said. Since the club’s chartering in 1969, its members have worked on a variety of projects in the local community, such as Red Sox Baseball Raffle, YesterYear Car Show, Breakfast with Santa, Halloween Parade and Party, Foxwoods Bus Trips, Holiday Baskets, Leo Club, and Calendar Raffle. Proceeds from past fundraising events have gone to Scholarships, Peace Poster, Youth Speech, Youth Appreciation, and Youth Outreach. The club will sell raffle tickets at Indian Ranch Saturday, Sept. 13. The Dudley Lions Club has 43 members and meets on the first and third Mondays each month at 7 p.m. at The Lic’s Restaurant in Webster. Lions clubs are a group of men and women who identify needs within the community and work together to fulfill those needs. For more information or to get involved with the Dudley Lions Club, please contact Lion Clif Wilson at 508-943-9343 or Lions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with nearly 1.3 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas around the world. Since 1917, Lions clubs have aided the blind and visually impaired and made a strong commitment to community service and serving youth throughout the world. For more information about Lions Clubs International, visit the Web site at

• At any time, come in and practice for the PSAT, SAT or ACT with Kaplan’s programs, already loaded on two computers.

Upcoming at Corbin Library • Thursday, Sept. 4, at 6:30 p.m., Webster Lake Association president Dick Cazeault presents part II of “Webster Lake: 350 Million B.C. - 1700 A.D., A Short History.” • Monday, Sept. 8, at 6:30 p.m., join Jay Ducharme, author of a beautiful book about Holyoke’s now-defunct Mountain Park, for a presentation and book signing. Jay and his father were both employees at the amusement park, which was open from 1894 until 1987.

“Check It Out!” By Diane “Check It Out” by Diane is a column featuring “bits of information” on local businesses. If you have any suggestions for a future “Check It Out” please call 800-367-9898 ext. 110 or (508)909-4110, or email at [email protected] Jack and Jill Preschool, at 693 Main Street in North Oxford, is opening their 43rd season on Tuesday September 2nd. The orientation is on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. They have openings for 3, 4 and 5 year olds in either morning or afternoon sessions. The preschool is conveniently located at the First Baptist Church at the intersections of routes 12 and 56. GO to their website at or call 508-987-3085 for more information. Don’t miss the fall registration for kids and adults classes at Guardian Self Defense located at 257 West Main Street in Dudley. Registration dates for martial arts and self-defense classes for men, women and children will be Saturday, August 23rd from 9am-3pm; Saturday, August 30th from 9am-3pm, and Sunday, August 31 st from 10am-2pm. Please call 774-230-8562 or go online at Check it out, and don’t forget to tell them….

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• Tuesdays, Sept. 9, to Oct. 14, from 9:30 to 10 a.m., Father Goose On The Loose! Stories, nursery rhymes, music, toys, puppets, and activities. For children ages 0-3 years and their parents. No registration is necessary, but parental participation is mandatory.




KEGS Rte. 197

Marty’s of Dudley “Wanted Dead or Alive”




866-935-9932 New & Used Parts MON-FRI 8-5 SAT 8-3 Recycling Since 1938

• Friday, Sept. 12, at 12:30 p.m., the Sam Fuller Korean War classic “The Steel Helmet” will be shown in the Library Conference Room. The movie is especial-

Members of the Dudley Leo Club f

Leo Club president Julian wins state award DUDLEY — Recent Shepherd Hill graduate and Dudley resident Deanna Julian was recently recognized as the Leo of the Year for all of Massachusetts at the state convention of the Lions in May. Julian has been a member of the Dudley Leo Club for the past four years, and served as the club’s president for 2007-2008. The Dudley Leo Club is just five years old, and has never been awarded such a high honor. Julian, an outstanding athlete in track at Shepherd Hill, is a freshman at the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts this fall. During her tenure as president, the club tripled its memberships, and added several new community service projects. Leo Clubs, sponsored by an area Lions Club, are organized and run by teenagers, and have their main focus on doing service to the community. The club meets to plan community service projects or fundraisers, as well as fun social events for club members. Some of the activities the club engaged in this past year were shoveling walks for senior citizens in Dudley, helping out at the Bread for Life soup kitchen in Webster, participating in the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society, and providing school book bags and supplies for needy families. The next event the club is planning, under the leadership of this year’s president, Charlton resident Brian Montville, is to hold a yard sale for the benefit of the Mercy Center in Worcester, a school for special needs students. The yard sale will take place Saturday, Sept. 13, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Bible Fellowship Church on Route 131 in Thompson, Conn. Pastor Dennis Spinney is the adult advisor to the Dudley Leo Club, and the club holds its regular meetings at the church. Club members have come from Dudley, Southbridge, Charlton, Thompson, and Putnam, and new members are always welcome. Interested teens can contact Spinney at 508-949-0476, or at [email protected] by e-mail. Anyone interested in donating items to sell at the yard sale can also contact him.

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Friday, August 29, 2008


Conflicting reports on presence of Asian Longhorned Beetle BY RYAN GRANNAN-DOLL STONEBRIDGE PRESS STAFF WRITER

CHARLTON — About a week after an initial Asian Longhorned Beetle scare in Charlton, it is still unclear whether the insect is residing in the area. Conflicting reports from various officials involved leave the presence of the beetle unconfirmed after Charlton Tree Warden Todd Burlingame informed the selectmen Tuesday, Aug. 19, that a “Japanese” beetle had been found at 311 Stafford St., which is owned by Janet Pierce. When asked to verify the official name of the insect, Todd Burlingame’s wife, Vicki Burlingame, identified it as an Asian Longhorned Beetle. “They are a wood eater. They just destroy acres of forest,” Todd Burlingame said of the insect. “It kills them.” Dealing with the issues of an Asian Longhorned beetle would be problematic. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Web site, the bugs invade, eat trees and impede their vascular systems. Removing the trees is the only way to rid an area of them. The beetles were recently

spotted in Worcester and suspicions have been brought up in nearby Auburn. Auburn Tree Warden Darleen Wood said she has heard of two possible cases of the beetle from concerned residents. One called in after seeing a beetle that they recognized from the pictures in the news and another said they have a tree with markings they thought were caused from the insect. Wood said she has relayed the information to the Department of Conservation and Recreation in Boston and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s field office in Worcester. Wood said she is waiting to hear back from either office, but due to high call volumes, has not yet received word of the next step the town should be taking. Charlton Selectmen Chairmen Rick Swensen last week said the beetle is not in Charlton. “My understanding is the beetle is not around,” he said Thursday, Aug. 21. Swensen said Todd Burlingame told him an expert had checked the property and found no evidence of the beetle. Multiple voicemails left at Todd Burlingame’s cell

phone and home seeking follow-up information before the Webster Times went to press Monday night went unreturned. A state Department of Conservation and Recreation official, who said he is not authorized to speak publicly, said he has not inspected what he identified as “Indian Hill Farm.” The outgoing voicemail message on Pierce’s home phone identifies her property as “Indian Hill Farm.” Despite not inspecting the site, the officials said that does not rule out the possibility others have not. “That does not mean that someone else did not,” he said. “It seems like this thing is all caught up in a big circle.” A voicemail left at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s line to report sightings of the bug went unreturned before the Webster Times went to press Monday night. Town Administrator Robin L. Craver, during a brief telephone interview last week also said the beetle was unconfirmed. Pierce said she called the Board of Health on Monday, Aug. 18 to report the possibility of the beetles on her land She was waiting last week for experts to inspect her property. Messages left for Board of Health Chairman

Nelson Burlingame went unreturned. When asked Aug. 19 whether it would be the first time the beetles were found in Charlton, Todd Burlingame said: “I think so.” Selectman Kathleen Walker, after Todd Burlingame told selectmen a beetle had been found, believed the beetles were in fact at the property. “The impression I got was the beetles were there,” Walker said. Sturbridge Tree Warden Thomas Chamberland said another type of beetle looks very similar to the Asian Longhorned beetle. He stressed the need for Charlton officials to confirm the identity of the mystery insect. “I would prefer to err on the side of positive identification,” he said. Pierce, reached last Friday, Aug. 22, said she had no other information available. Auburn News reporter Rich Hosford contributed to this article. Ryan Grannan-Doll can be reached by phone at (508) 909-4050, or by e-mail at [email protected]

Worcester Regional Transit Authority delays decision on fare hike WRTA continued from page


possible increases to be made in following years to eventually reach the $2 fare, O’Neil said, “we’ll have to look at the fuel situation each year.” “As it looks now, I doubt that it will go beyond $1.25 on the Elderbus,” Lehtola said, also noting that the board realized that “the proposal was not balanced with the fare increase on the fixed route.” Lehtola said he understood that many of the paratransit riders live on fixed incomes, and that the proposed 100 percent increase to $2 for one way on the Elderbus and other services would cause a significant hardship. He vowed to propose the fare be $1.25. Upon hearing the board’s decision, Pamela Woodbury, director of the Spencer Council on Aging, said, “This is great news. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that they’ve held off on raising the fares. This will allow the seniors to get used to paying more.” “I feel that the initial increases suggested, since they were done by a group in Boston, didn’t take into consideration the financial hardships of riders in this area,” Woodbury said. “I think it was a wise decision to take into consideration all of the comments at the public hearings,” said Auburn Executive Director of Elder Affairs Christina Silpe. “Given the economic climate we are in now, the 100 percent increase was just way too much. Hopefully the board can see a way to lessen the impact on seniors and increase the fares to an amount where [the WRTA] can still function.” Silpe called the 25-cent Elderbus fare increase “livable,” and said, “I think that most seniors, for the services they are getting, would be happy to pay a small increase.” Barbara Search, director of the Sturbridge Council on Aging, said, “I think we expressed quite strongly that it was a too big of an increase to take all at once, to double the fare when we are also seeing other expenses go up, like food, insurance and fuel.” Search is determined to get another shuttle operating for the elderly in the area. She believes that the one shuttle to Worcester, which operates on a 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. schedule in one round route, is a terrible inconvenience for the seniors to experience. Because it only runs on Tuesdays and

Thursdays, Search is worried seniors are not seeking out the medical attention they may need due to such a limited running time. “To me it means that people are not going to get proper health care, and that they won’t go until it could be too late,” she said. “There really should be a minimum of two shuttles,” Search said. “It would only cost $25,000 to $26,000 to have another shuttle, and we could expand the times so one is running 9 a.m. to noon and noon to 3 p.m., to give riders more leeway.” Search said she wrote letters to the directors of the Councils on Aging and senior centers in all of the towns serviced by the WRTA stating that she was willing to split the cost with the other towns based on number of riders from each town, but found that many could not afford to contribute and the majority simply did not respond. She wants the other towns to know that she is still willing to collaborate to make this venture possible, and anyone interested in helping may contact her at the Sturbridge Senior Center at (508) 347-7575. Regarding the other proposed changes suggested by TranSystems, the financial analysis company hired by the WRTA, Lehtola said, “We think an increase of 25 cents across the board is fair,” and that the changes to 31-day and 10-ride passes “seem to be reasonable,” but “we may still be making other changes.” The proposed changes included the elimination of zone-based ride passes in favor of flat rate passes, and the creation of a flat rate one-day pass for fixed route bus services. Now, an adult 10-ride pass is $9 or $11, based on zones, but with the changes could become $13, and the same pass for an elderly or disabled person would go from $5.50 to $6.50. An adult 31-day pass would go from $38 or $50 to a flat rate of $48, and for seniors and the handicapped from $18 or $25 to $24. The new one-day pass would be $3.50 for adults, and $1.75 for the elderly and disabled. Cash transfers of fares and passes would also be eliminated. “We still need to look at the problem with the paper transfers,” Lehtola said. “Sometimes they jam the ticket boxes. We thought we’d fix this by doing the one-day passes. … We need to take a look at this again and make a decision.” Also, the WRTA recently placed an employee from Paratransit Brokerage Services, Inc. on administrative leave after a yearly audit found the company lacking




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$45,300 reportedly stolen between February and Aug. 15 from the 317 Main St. office where passes are sold. For WRTA passengers worried the theft will affect the fare increases or services in any way, Lehtola assured that insurance will replace the missing funds. Both Lehtola and O’Neil declined to comment on the name of the employee or any

other details as such information would undermine the ongoing criminal investigation. At the time of publication, no formal charges had yet been pressed against the employee. Alana Melanson may be reached at (508) 909-4144, or by e-mail at [email protected]


Friday, August 29, 2008


The parents of Jon Lambiras and Kelly Carbonneau are happy to announce the upcoming wedding of their children. The wedding will be held Sept. 6. The couple resides in Philadelphia.



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Lunch: 11:15am - 2:30pm • Dinner 3:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Amusements for all ages! Open To The Pub lic


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Lobsters, Steamers, Tiki Bar, Chicken, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Games, Raffles, Hay Rides & More

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GUARDIAN Self Defense

154 Thompson Road (behind Wind Tiki, 1st floor of the Sterling Realty Building)


FREE Parking & Admission

The professionals at Naylor’s will design a customized, beautiful functional kitchen!

175 Main St., Oxford, MA • (508) 987-7000

Sweatshirts and T’s ~ Linen Map Towels by Stevens Linen Aerial Photos ~ Tapestry Throws Etched Beer & Wine glasses “Images Of America, Webster” book

Live Music by Audionation


aylor’s Kitchen, Bath & Interiors, Inc.

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Sunday Lunch Buffet $6.25 Give Lake






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395 Exit 2 By Exxon Gas Station (Across From Cranston Printworks) Business Hours: Sunday - Thursday, 11:30am-10pm; Friday & Saturday 11:30am-11pm

Annual Annual Field Field Day Day



Chinese Restaurant LOUNGE DINE IN & TAKE OUT 11 Worcester Rd. (Rte. 12), Webster, MA 01570

SINGLETARY ROD & GUN CLUB 300 Sutton Ave., Oxford, Mass. 01540


Martial Arts and Self-defense for Men, Women & Children

Kids and Adults! Fall Registration!

Saturday, August 30th 9am-3pm Sunday, August 31st 10am-2pm Call 774-230-8562 Or visit online at: 257 West Main • St. Dudley, MA




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Friday, August 29, 2008




Marion A. Roberts

Jayna L. Glemby

WEBSTER — Marion A. (Willett) Roberts, of Thompson Road, died Thursday, Aug. 21, at Notre Dame Long Term Care Center in Worcester. She is survived by a brother, Joseph F.R. Willett of Worcester; a sister, C. Theresa Conley of Auburn, and many, many nephews and nieces. She was born in Worcester, the daughter of the late Eugene and Aldea (Boutote) Willett, and lived in Auburn, Florida, and Oxford, before moving to Webster three years ago. She graduated from Classical High School in Worcester and completed the cadet nursing program at Heywood Hospital in Gardner. She was a U.S. Navy veteran, serving as a registered nurse during World War II. Ms. Roberts was a registered nurse throughout her life at numerous hospitals in the Jacksonville, Fla., and Worcester area. After retiring from nursing, she worked for many years at Wal-Mart. Ms. Roberts was a member of St. Roch’s Church in Oxford, and enjoyed opera and classical music. A funeral was held Monday, Aug. 25, from Paradis Funeral Home, 357 Main St., Oxford, followed by a Mass at St. Roch’s Church, 332 Main St., Oxford. Burial followed at Notre Dame Cemetery, Worcester. Calling hours were Sunday, Aug. 24, at the funeral home. For more information, visit

CHARLTON — Jayna L. (Gibbons) Glemby, formerly of 100 Masonic Hill Rd., Charlton, returned to God on Aug. 14. She was predeceased by her beloved brother, Paul P. Gibbons in Otis Orchards, Wash. She leaves two nephews, Steve and Mike Ewan and their wives Sue and Pam and two great nieces, Amanda and Annette whom she adored. She also leaves her best friends Dennis Currier, Joe Haebler, John Panchuck and Ann Guerin all of Charlton. Also, Sally Kobel of Florida and New Hampshire and Bev and Bill Komolainen of Maine. Also, aunts, uncles, cousins (including her favorite cousin Mark) and many friends. She was born and raised in Worcester, the daughter of Albert and Phyllis (Berling) Gibbons and graduated from South High School. She received an Associates degree with highest honors in Occupational Therapy from Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester and continued her studies at the University of Massachusetts. For 27 years, Jayna was the Activities Director at the Masonic Home in Charlton. Jayna was the fourth person to be certified as an activity consultant in the United States, and had an award-winning career for 30 years as an activity professional in central Massachusetts. She was the Past President of The Massachusetts Council of Activity Professionals and the recipient of their very first Activity Professional Award of Excellence. Ms. Glemby was the author of the book, “Volunteers, How To Get Them, How To Keep Them,” which was directed at the activity profession. She was a member of the Federated Church of Charlton and was active in many town organizations such as the Red Hats. She was active in the Gateway Players and Worcester County Light Opera. Jayna was an avid reader, a skilled basket weaver and enjoyed knitting, classical music, painting, swimming, theater, her flower garden and mentoring people in the activity profession. She wrote a mystery novel for the fun of it and she loved to ride in her red convertible and feel the wind in her hair. Most of all, she loved the company of good friends and will be greatly missed by them. Friends and family are invited to attend a service celebrating her life at the Charlton Federated Church on Sept. 12, at 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in her name to the Charlton Public Library Charitable Trust Fund (CPLCTF) in care of the Charlton Public Library, 40 Main St., Charlton, MA 01507. The Robert J. Miller-Charlton Funeral Home, 175 Old Worcester Rd. is assisting Jayna’s family and friends with arrangements.

Rose C. Wilga, 90 DUDLEY — Rose C. (Gagnon) Wilga, 90, of 23 Oakwood Ave., died Wednesday, Aug. 20, in Oakwood Rehabilitation Center after an illness. She leaves her husband of 64 years, Paul J. Wilga; four children Susan Zielinski of Sorrento, Fla., Janet Forrester of Webster, Paul S. Wilga of Webster and Norma Kapitulik of Thompson, Conn.; a brother, Arthur Gagnon of Webster; three sisters, Yvette Jolicouer of Worcester, Irene Jolicouer of Westboro and Rita Leboeuf of Wrentham; 10 grandchildren; 17 great grandchildren; a great-great grandchild; and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her son, Steven Wilga, brother Raymond Gagnon and sisters Jeanette Bleau and Doris Lajeunesse. She was born in Hartford, Conn., the daughter of the late Arthur and Rose (Tourcotte) Gagnon. She lived in Dudley all her life. She worked as a stitcher at the B&W Shoe retiring in 1982. Mrs. Wilga was a member of St. Anthony of Padua Church. Rose loved her family she enjoyed traveling especially trips to Cape Cod for a day of claming. She was an enthusiastic Red Sox and Patriots fan. Her funeral was held Monday, Aug. 25, at Bartel Funeral Home & Chapel, 33 Schofield Ave., Dudley with a Mass in St. Anthony Of Padua Church, 24 Dudley Hill Rd., Dudley. Burial followed in St. Anthony Of Padua Cemetery, Webster. In lieu of flowers, donations to WebsterDudley Boys & Girls Club, 55 Oxford Ave., or Town Of Dudley Library Bldg. Fund, 71 West Main St., both Dudley, MA 01571. For more information, visit

Alec T. Sutherland, 47 CHARLTON — Alec T. Sutherland, 47, of 34 Brackett Hill Rd. in Charlton, passed away Wednesday, Aug. 20, unexpectedly. Alec leaves his wife of nearly 24 years, Candace Sutherland; his half-brother David Austin of Acton; David’s wife Kathy and David’s children and grandchildren; his Uncle Herb Skelly of Eastham, Herb’s wife Peg and their children and grand-children. Alec was predeceased by his parents Priscilla Sutherland and Raymond Skelly and his adoptive father Andrew Sutherland. Alec was born in Dover, N.H., eventually moving to Massachusetts getting involved with the computer industry working for companies such as Stratus Computer, EMC and QS/1. Alec enjoyed his Harley; working on his home and was loved by many. Funeral arrangements are private.

Scanlon Funeral Service Since 1947 38 East Main Street Webster, MA 01570 (508)943-1298

“Ask the Families We’ve Served.”

Joseph J. Chauvin, 89 OXFORD — Joseph J. Chauvin, 89, of Oxford, died Monday, Aug. 25, at the Webster Manor Nursing Home, following a long illness. He was the husband of Frances M. (Bousquet) Chauvin, to whom he been married to for 61 years. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son Raymond J. Chauvin and his wife Gloria of Sturbridge; a step-grandson Joseph Beaulieu of Oxford; and several nieces and nephews in Canada. Born in Abercon, Canada, he was the son of the late John and Ava (Laramee) Chauvin. Mr. Chauvin immigrated to the United States when he was 21 years old, and resided in Webster and Oxford throughout his life. He worked for more than 30 years at Anglo Fabrics Company in Webster as a dry mill operator, and also enjoyed making braided rugs as a hobby. A private graveside service was held Tuesday, Aug. 26, at St. Anne’s Cemetery, Sturbridge. Arrangements are under the direction of the Daniel T. Morrill Funeral Home, Southbridge. For more information, visit

Mary A. Lamoureux, 75 CHARLTON — Mary A. Lamoureux, 75, of Meadowview Apartments passed away Thursday, Aug. 21, after a short illness. She was predeceased by her husband, Raymond L. Lamoureux, who passed away in 1978 and a sister, Colleen Langone who passed away in 2004. Mary leaves her son, Paul and his wife Patty of Charlton; her daughter, Paula Quattrocelli and her husband Bob of Sturbridge; also grandchildren, Jim DiTomasso and his wife Brandy of Southbridge, Tony DiTomasso of Sturbridge, Tara Lamoureux of Boston, Kelly Devine and her husband Colum of Derry, Ireland, and Eric Lamoureux of Charlton. She also leaves great grand-daughters, Keri, Samantha and Devin DiTomasso of Stafford Springs, Conn., and Ella Devine of Derry, Ireland. She also leaves behind Roz Radin and her family of Bethany, Conn., and many nieces and nephews. Mary worked at the Masonic Home for more than 30 years and was a lifelong resident of Charlton. She was given the Community Service Award from the town of Charlton in 1999. Calling hours were Sunday, Aug. 24, in the Robert J. Miller-Charlton Funeral Home, 175 Old Worcester Rd. The funeral was Monday, Aug. 25, with a Mass in St. Joseph’s Church, 10 H-Putnam Rd., Ext. Burial will be in

Worcester County Memorial Park in Paxton. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. Joseph’s Church Building Fund.

Raymond P. Orlowski, 72 DUDLEY — Raymond P. Orlowski, 72, of 40 Mill St., died Sunday, Aug. 24, at his daughter’s residence. He leaves his wife of 54 years, Barbara C. (Stelmach) Orlowski of Dudley; two sons, Mark A. Orlowski and John S. Orlowski, both of Thompson, Conn.; five daughters, Cheryl A. Zonia, Christine M. Gatsogiannis, Paul J. Orlowski, Laurie A. Ouellette and Lynn T. Cutress, all of Webster; a brother, Andrew Orlowski of California; 11 grandchildren and three great-granddaughters. Raymond was born in Dudley, son of the late Stanley and Bridgette (Olszta) Orlowski and lived in the Dudley-Webster area all his life. He was a retired construction foreman and was a member of the T.S.K.K. The funeral was held Wednesday, Aug. 27, from the Shaw-Majercik Funeral Home, 48 School St., Webster, with a Mass in Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, East Main Street, Webster. Burial was in Sacred Heart of Jesus Cemetery. Calling hours at the funeral home were Wednesday morning Aug. 27. In lieu of flowers, donations in Raymond’s memory can be made to Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, East Main Street, Webster, MA 01570.

Stella M. Damian, 88 DUDLEY — Stella M. (Bourgois) Damian, 88, formerly of 239 West Main St., died Saturday, Aug. 23, at Webster Manor. She leaves her husband of 40 years, Bernard Damian of Dudley; a son, Bernard F. Damian of Augusta, Maine; two daughters, Christine Ryan of Grafton, Cynthia Thibeault of North Grosvenordale; a brother, Harry Bourgois of Canada; four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She was predeceased by two sons, Michael and Timothy Damian, both of Dudley, also by four brothers and four sisters. She was born in New Brunswick, Canada, daughter of the late Elzear and Roseanne (Cormier) Bourgois and lived in Dudley most of her life. She was a retired optical worker having worked at Webster Lens for many years. There were no calling hours. A graveside service was held Wednesday, Aug. 27, in Corbin Cemetery, Dudley. Donations in her memory may be made to Saint Andrew Bobola Church, West Main Street, Dudley, MA 01571. The Shaw-Majercik Funeral Home, 48 School St., Webster, is directing arrangements.

George L. Place Jr. WEBSTER — George L. Place Jr. ended his journey on Aug. 23, at Overlook Masonic Health Center after a long illness. He was a loving husband to wife Betty, with whom he recently celebrated 58 years of wedding bliss. He also leaves his four children Nancy Dykeman and husband, Jim, of Gloucester, Va., Pat Nectow and husband, Stuart, of Rye, N.Y., Rick Place and wife, Mary, of Woodstock, Conn., Judy Cook and husband Randy of Gilford, N.H., and daughter in law Jane Place of Webster. He was predeceased by his eldest son Jim, who died in 2002. In addition he was the proud Papa of 10 grandchildren and a great grandson. Mr. Place was a World War II Army veteran. George was the president of Place Motor, Inc. and Putnam Ford Mercury, local car dealerships, for many years. He was dedicated to both businesses. Place Motor having been established in 1923 by his father and mother, and continues today under the leadership of his son Rick. In addition, he was an active member of the community as Cub Master of the Boy Scouts of the United Church of Christ and King Lion of the Lions Club of Webster. Also, he served on the board of the Hubbard Regional Hospital Guild and Friends of the Chester C. Corbin Library. Besides his total dedication to the business and his community work, George was known for loving a good time. He was happiest when surrounded by his family and friends. Calling hours were held Monday, Aug. 25, at the Robert J. Miller Funeral Home and Lake Chapel, 366 School St., in Webster. Funeral services were held at the United Church of Christ, Federated, 4 Church St. in Webster on Tuesday, Aug. 26. In lieu of flowers the family has requested that donations be made to the United Church of Christ, 4 Church St., Webster, MA 01570, Boys and Girls Club of Dudley, 55 Oxford Ave., Dudley, MA 01571 or the charity of your choice.


THE CHURCH OF THE RECONCILIATION (EPISCOPAL), 5 North Main Street, Webster, (508) 943-8714. The Rev. Janice C. Ford, Pastor and Priestin-Charge. Summer worship schedule: service of Holy Eucharist Sundays at 9:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Visit our webpage at CATHOLIC APOSTOLIC NATIONAL CHURCH, hosted at the Church of the Reconciliation, 5 North Main St. For information, contact: Father Brian D. McIntyre, SCR (508) 641-5672 saintjoseph5672 Holy Mass every Sunday at 4 p.m Prayers for healing on the, 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at 6:30 p.m. FAITH ASSEMBLY OF GOD, corner of Lincoln and Nelson streets. (508) 943-6758. The Rev. Richard Amendola. Sundays, 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST-WEBSTER, 168 Main St. in the “Joslin House,” corner of Mechanic Street. (508) 765-6067. Evangelist Peter Capoccia. Bible study Sundays, 9 a.m., worship Sundays, 10:30 a.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF WEBSTER, 33 E. Main St. (508) 943-3554. The Rev. Thomas B. Harmon. Sundays, 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Adults’ and children’s Sunday school, 10 a.m. HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, NATIONAL CATHOLIC, 68 Lake St. (508) 943-0608. Rev. Dr. Stanley Kaszubski, interim pastor. Saturdays, 4 p.m. All are welcome. SACRED HEART OF JESUS, 18 E. Main St. (508) 943-3140. The Rev. Michael J. Roy. Saturdays, 4 p.m. Sundays, 9 and 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday morning worship a 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., June, July and August. SHARING GOD’S LOVE MINISTRY, 9 E. Main St. (508) 949-6497. Pastor Richard Mongeon. Sunday School, 10 a.m. Services, 11 a.m. Wednesday bible study, 6 p.m. All are welcome. Handicapped accessible. STS. CONSTANTINE AND HELEN CHURCH, 35 Lake Parkway. (508) 949-7623. The Rev. Luke A. Veronis. Divine Liturgy Sundays, 9:30 a.m. (summer) or 10 a.m. (September to May). ST. JOSEPH BASILICA, 53 Whitcomb St. (508) 943-0467. Monsignor Anthony Czarnecki. Saturdays, 4 p.m. Sundays, 7 and 11 a.m. (Polish), 8:15 and 9:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. (English). Holy Day Vigil Mass, 5 p.m. Holy Day Mass, 8:15 a.m. (Polish), 7 and 9:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. (English). ST. LOUIS CHURCH, 15 Lake St. (508) 943-0240. The Rev. Joseph Marcotte. Saturdays, 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sundays, 7, 9 and 11 a.m. (English) and 1 p.m. (Spanish). UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST, FEDERATED, 4 Church St. (508) 943-0061. Sundays, worship and service at 10 a.m.

DUDLEY CALVARY ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH, 105 Southbridge Road. (508) 949-3711. The Rev. Patrick O’Loughlin. Sundays, 10:30 a.m. Adult Bible study, Wednesdays, 7 p.m. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH OF DUDLEY, Conant Memorial, United Church of Christ, 135 Center Road. (508) 943-7320. Rev. John R. White. Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Sunday School 10 a.m. Nursery provided. Adult Study Sun. 8:30 a.m. Open & Affirming Congregation. All are welcome. Handicapped Accessible. ST. ANDREW BOBOLA, 54 W. Main St. (508) 9435633. The Rev. Joseph Szwach. Saturdays, 4:45 p.m. Sundays, 9:15 a.m. (in Polish), 8 and 10:30 a.m. (in English). ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA CHURCH, 22 Dudley Hill Road. (508) 943-0470. The Rev. Paul Campbell. Sat., 4 p.m. Sun., 8:30 and 11 a.m. ST. COLUMBA ANGLICAN CHURCH, Nichols College Chapel, Center Road. (860) 779-3476. The Rev. Donald Farrell. Sundays, 10 a.m.

OXFORD CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS, 9 Old Webster Road. (508) 987-1083. Bishop Fred Cox. Sundays, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF NORTH OXFORD, 693 Main St. (508) 987-5633. Pastor Renee D. Kaufman. Sundays, 9:15 a.m. FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, 355 Main St. (508) 987-2211. The Rev. Samuel W. Young. Sundays, 9:30 a.m. GRACE CHURCH “EPISCOPAL,” 270 Main St. (508) 987-0084. Holy Eucharist (Rite 1), Saturdays, 6:30 p.m., Sundays, 8 a.m. Prayer, Sundays, 10:10 a.m. Holy Eucharist (Rite 2), Sundays, 10:30 a.m. OAK HILL BIBLE CHURCH, 40 Sacarrappa Road. (508) 987-0287. Senior Pastor Glenn Rice. Sundays, 9:30 a.m. Sunday school, 11 a.m. OXFORD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 465 Main Street (508) 987-5378, the Rev. Paula Fletcher. Sunday Worship, 10 a.m. Nursery care provided. Sunday School for Kindergarten through Adults at 9 a.m ST. ANN’S CHURCH, 652 Main St. (508) 987-8892. The Rev. James M. Steuterman. Saturdays, 4 p.m. Sundays, 9 and 11:00 a.m. ST. ROCH’S CHURCH, 334 Main St. (508) 987-8987. Monsignor Louis R. Piermarini. Saturdays, 4 p.m. Sundays, 8:15, 9:30 and 11 a.m. TABERNACLE OF PRAISE ASSEMBLY OF GOD, 8 Maple Road. (508) 987-7707. The Rev. Sue Lynch. Sundays, 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Bible study, Wednesdays, 7 p.m. ZION LUTHERAN CHURCH, 70 S. Main St., (508) 987-1248, Pastor Andrew Simon, Sundays 9:00 a.m. (in outdoor chapel) and 10:30 a.m. (in sanctuary). Weeknight worship on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.

PASTORS ... contact the Webster Times Editor to make additions or corrections to these free listings.

Friday, August 29, 2008


CALENDAR Sunday, Aug. 31 WEBSTER Annual Labor Day/Polish Picnic, at the PACC, 37 Harris St., Webster, Sunday, Aug. 31, from 12 to 6 p.m. Live music, Polish and American food, with The Pulaski Brass Band (12 to 2 p.m.). Outside show — no cover charge. Featuring The Maestro Men, 2 to 6 p.m., in the comfortable and air-conditioned PACC Hall, $8 admission. Call 508-943-9716 for more information. Rain or shine, all ages welcome, great food, great fun. For more information, call 508-943-9716.

THOMPSON, CONN. Do you like good music? Can you appreciate a good deal? Then what is happening at Acts II Ministries is for you. “Sing His Praises” will be held Sunday, Aug. 31, at 10 a.m. at 1366 Riverside Dr. (Route 12) Thompson. Sing His Praises is an opportunity for you to hear great music and to participate by singing along on some of the songs. It will be a great time and rides to the event are limited but available. Call now to save your seat! Call toll free at 1-888-433-9901 to schedule a ride or for more information.

Tuesday, Sept. 2 WEBSTER Tuesday, Sept. 2, from 5:30 to 7 p.m., writing workshop with Keith Vezeau at Booklovers’ Gourmet, 55 East Main St., Webster. Cost: $10 per person (limited to 10). E-mail [email protected] or phone 508949-6232 to reserve a space by Aug. 30. Participants may bring work that they would like feedback on at the workshop. A brief topical discussion will start the session supplemented by examples first, followed by a focused constructive discussion of the participants’ writings. Discussion topics may include such areas as “voice in writing,” “mining the subconscious,” “the writer’s way of seeing,” etc. which can often be useful to writers who work in different forms.

OXFORD American Red Cross Blood Drive in Oxford, Tuesday, Sept. 2, between 1 and 7 p.m., at Singletary Rod & Gun Club (300 Sutton Ave.). Free Showcase Cinemas movie pass to all presenting donors. To ensure less time waiting, please call 800-GIVE LIFE to schedule your appointment to donate. Appointments are preferred, but walk-in donors are always welcome. You must be at least 17 years old, 110 pounds and in good general health. Please bring ID.

Wednesday, Sept. 3 OXFORD Oxford Girl Scout registration, Wednesday, Sept. 3, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Methodist Church. Contact Lynn at 508-9876780 or Nancy at 508-363-1491.

AUBURN The Greater Auburn Community Chorus will have its first rehearsal for the fall season on Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 7 p.m. in the Chorus Room at Auburn High School. Membership is open to anyone from the greater Auburn area, high school age through senior citizen, who has a desire to sing and displays some musical ability (musical knowledge is helpful and encouraged, but not required). There is no audition except for voice section placement. (SATB). For more information, visit or call 508-754-2506.

DUDLEY The MOMS Club of Dudley & Webster invites all at-home mothers and their children living in Dudley or Webster to our annual Open House! It will take place Wednesday, Sept. 3, at 10 a.m. at the Dudley Town Hall Playground (rain date: Wednesday, Sept. 10, at 10 a.m.) with variety of treats for moms and their children, including refreshments, playground play, games, face painting, balloons, fall-themed activities, and car seat safety checks by the Dudley Police. The MOMS Club of Dudley & Webster is a local chapter of the International MOMS Club, a non-profit support group for mothers who stay home with their children, including those who have home-based businesses and those who work part-time. We are an active club with numerous activities planned each month, including playgroups, park days, special excursions for mothers and/or their children, community service projects, Moms’ Night Out, Book Club and Scrapbook Club get-togethers, and more! For more information, check out our Web site at and/or e-mail JulieAnne, VP of Membership, at [email protected], or better yet, come join our Open House fun! We are always looking for new members, and of course, new friends!

Saturday, Sept 6 — Sunday, Sept. 7 WEBSTER The Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Festival will be held Saturday, Sept. 6, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 7, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at 35 Lake Parkway, Webster. The Festival will feature Greek food specialties and pastries, live Greek music on Saturday, and dancing. The Festival will also highlight children’s activities, many of them new, throughout both days including puppet shows, pony rides, two Moon Walks, one Ball Pit, ice-cream trucks, bean bag tosses, a duck pond, balloon dart game, arts and crafts and more. The St. Spyridon of Worcester GOYA Dancers will perform favorite Greek dances on Saturday at 5 p.m. The St. Luke GOYA Dancers will perform the following day at 2 p.m. The Hellenic Sounds Orchestra will play lively Greek music from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday. Charles Dionis, deejay, will play Greek Music favorites from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. The drawing for the winners of the Money Raffle will take place at 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 7: First Prize: $5,000; Second Prize: $2,000.; Third Prize: $1,000; Fourth Prize: $500. Only 200 tickets for the Money Raffle will be sold; the cost per ticket is $100. The Greek Festival also features an Annual Festival Raffle: First Prize 42 in. Flat Screen Plasma HDTV; as Second Prize — a Bose Wave Radio with CD Player; and as Third Prize – a WII game system. Tickets are $2 each or three tickets for $5. This year Ss. Constantine and Helen will also raffle off a free Apple I-Phone 3G. For more information, call the Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church Office, at 508-949-8361.

Saturday, Sept. 6 OXFORD Oxford Cub Scout Pack 147 is holding a can and bottle drive for recyclable and returnable bottles Saturday, Sept. 6, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Oxford Bandstand on the Town Common, Route 12, Main Street, Oxford. Please bring your empty returnable (not water or juice) bottles to help support your local Cub Scout Pack. If you have any questions or would like to request a pick-up, please contact Orrin Rosebrooks at 508-9876240.

OXFORD The Picnic at the Huguenot Fort, to be held Saturday, Sept. 6 (rain date: Saturday, Sept. 13), is a simple family event that is open to everyone in the area, not just residents of Oxford. It is a time to gather at Oxford’s most historic site that marks the first settlement of the French Huguenots who traveled from France to England and then to New Oxford. The event is in honor of the 127th anniversary of the Huguenot Memorial Society of oxford and to commemorate the annual walk and picnic, for more than 50 years, to the Huguenot Fort, by Georgianna Wheelock, Ada Joslin and Helen Greenwood. Gather at the fort at 11:30 a.m. and the ceremony will be held at 1:30 p.m. Bring a picnic lunch, cooler, blanket and chairs. Meet and socialize with your friends and neighbors. Lawn games, youth scavenger hunt, historical displays and attendance prizes included. No grills, no fires and no alcohol. Sponsored by the Huguenot Memorial Society and the Oxford Historical Commission.

N. GROSVENORDALE, CONN. Breakfast buffet, Saturday, Sept. 6, from 7 to 10 a.m., at United Methodist Church, 954 Riverside Dr., North Grosvenordale, Conn., Adults: $6, children: $3. Contact Marvin Wilbur at (860) 923-2936.

Sunday, Sept. 7 HOLLAND The Nipmuck Indian Council of Chaubunagungamaug will hold its 28th annual Nipmuck Pow Wow Saturday, Sept. 6, and Sunday, Sept. 7, at Lake Siog Park, Dug Hill Road, Holland, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event is open to the public and will include authentic drumming and dancing, Indian crafts and jewelry and traditional and contemporary foods. There will be an entrance fee of $.99 for adults and $.50 for children 12 years old and under. For more information, call 508-347-7829, or e-mail [email protected]

SOUTHBRIDGE Ever wondered what to do with your child’s old bike? How about donating it to a family in New Orleans, Africa or Central America? That’s what Scott Benoit hopes people will do Sept. 7, when he’s on the Southbridge Town Common for a bike collection. Based in Boston, Bikes Not Bombs has existed since 1984 as one of a few groups that collect bicycles and related gear and ship them to foreign countries, where they enable poor people to get to work in a way that saves them money. It works in Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Guatemala and El Salvador, and is considering programs in Mexico, Malawi and Uganda. It has also sent bikes to people in Katrina-wracked New Orleans. Your bike will allow local residents to become independent and obtain the basic necessities of life, like food, medicines and jobs.” He said his collection, which runs Sunday, Sept. 7 from 11-3, is particularly interested in working adult bikes, monetary donations, containers for shipping parts (covered cat litter buckets are good) and volunteers to help sort and load the stuff. Donations are taxdeductible.

Monday, Sept. 8 DUDLEY An invitation for all women, Dudley Woman’s Club, Meeting and Wine Tasting, 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 8, at the Black Tavern Center Road, Dudley. Refreshments served. For additional information please contact Elaine Gould at 508-949-1251.

Tuesday, Sept. 9 WEBSTER Registration nights for Webster and Dudley Girl Scout troops will be held at the Park Ave. Elementary School in Webster. Girls entering grades 1-8 should register Tuesday, Sept. 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Girls entering kindergarten should register Tuesday, Sept. 16, from 6 to 7. The registration fee is $10 payable in cash or by check. Proof of immunizations is also required at time of registration. If you have any questions contact Donna at 508-943-4903.

Saturday, Sept. 13 WEBSTER The United Church of Christ, Federated, is sponsoring a “Community Day,” to be held Saturday, Sept. 13, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The theme of the day is “What’s new with ‘u?’” The goal is to promote a sense of unity among those of us who live, work and worship in the downtown area of Webster.

DUDLEY The First Congregational Church of Dudley, 135 Center Rd. is having a Pot Roast Dinner on Sep. 13. The menu will include: pot roast, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, coleslaw, bread and butter. Dessert is autumn apple crisp with real whipped cream. Servings will be at 5 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. Adults: $8, preteens: $4, children 5 and under, free. Reservations are advised. Please call Teri Greene at 508731-0421. Tickets also sold at the door. Handicapped accessible.

WEBSTER Saturday, Sept. 13, the Killdear Island Club will host its annual Road Race at 9 a.m. Events are held at the club house at 191 Killdear Island Rd., in Webster.

REGION The Webster Lake Association is delighted to announce the date of its third annual golf tournament. This event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 13 at the Raceway Golf Course in Thompson. This tournament is the largest fundraiser of the year for the WLA. All proceeds will go to its Lake Management Plan, which ensures weed control and water quality testing year after year. This is a Florida-style/Scramble format that includes 18 holes of golf with cart, lunch, cocktail hour and steak or chicken dinner along with a custom-sized golf jacket embroidered with the lake name. There will also be Mulligans, strings, skins pool, putting contest, closest to the pin and hole in one contests. During dinner there will be a silent auction and raffle. This tournament will sell out and is limited to 36 teams. Registration deadline is Sept. 1. If you’d like to participate in this tournament as a sponsor or as a golfer, please go to

OXFORD Reservations from vendors are now being accepted for the Annual Community Fall Flea Market, which will take place on Saturday, Sept. 13, from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on the lawn of the First Congregational Church of Oxford, 355 Main St. (Route 12). Spaces are $20 each; vendors must provide their own tables and chairs and remove their own trash at the end of the day. They are also asked not to sell food. For more information or to reserve a space, contact the church office at 508-987-2211 or e-mail your name, address and phone number to [email protected]

Sunday, Sept. 14 WEBSTER Big Band concert — the outdoor concert by the Milestones Big Band will be held on Sunday, Sept. 14, on the grounds of Webster Manor, 745 School St. Please bring your lawn chairs. Popcorn and soda will be served. No alcoholic beverages. Rain date will be Sept. 21.

Tuesday, Sept. 16 WEBSTER Registration nights for Webster and Dudley Girl Scout troops will be held at the Park Ave. Elementary School in Webster. Girls entering grades 1-8 should register Tuesday, Sept. 9, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Girls entering kindergarten should register Tuesday, Sept. 16, from 6 to 7. The registration fee is $10 payable in cash or by check. Proof of immunizations is also required at time of registration. If you have any questions contact Donna at 508-943-4903.

Wednesday, Sept. 17 WORCESTER The Worcester Senior Center and The Central Massachusetts Family Caregiver Support Program at Elder Services of Worcester Area, Inc. invite you to a two part program, “Are You At Risk Of Falling?” Learn how to stay safe in your home. Free raffles, free resources. Session I: Wednesday, Sept. 17, at the Worcester Senior Center, 128 Providence St., Worcester, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital: Medical Conditions That Can Lead to Falls; Fall Prevention and Fall Evaluations; MassMedLine: Prescription Medications and Falls; MAB Community Services (Formerly Mass Association for the Blind): Vision Problems and Falls. Session II: Wednesday, Oct. 1, at the Worcester Senior Center, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Millbury Healthcare Center: Balance Training; WTAG Radio Host – Don Bosse: Home Safety Modifications; Tai Chi Demonstration; free Balance Testing. There is NO CHARGE for this program. Light refreshments will be served. Please R.S.V.P. to the Worcester Senior Center at 508-799-1232. This presentation is made possible through AoA and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Friday, Sept. 19 WEBSTER The Community Cat Connection will host a dinner and live charity auction Friday, Sept. 19, from 6 to 10 p.m. at Point Breeze Restaurant, Webster. Rich Merrill is generously donating his time as auctioneer for the evening. Some of the donated items include one- and twonight stays at pet-friendly B&Bs, limo service, Hanover Theatre tickets, movie tickets, ski passes, tennis lessons, clarinet lessons, oil changes, pet grooming services, brunch & dinner gift certificates, yoga package, massage gift certificates, etc. For a complete list of sponsors and donated items, visit The dinner includes appetizer (cheese and crackers), garden salad, rolls, roasted chicken, ziti, roasted red potatoes, green beans almandine, squash, apple crisp, and coffee. If you are interested in attending, tickets are $21 per person and can be purchased at Point Breeze Restaurant, Cindy’s Flower and Gift Shop, at the shelter by calling (508) 949-0779, or by calling Nadine Donahue, chairperson of the event, at (508) 943-2531.

Saturday, Sept. 20 — Sunday, Sept. 21 QUINEBAUG, CONN. Renting tables for a yard sale to be held Sept. 20 and 21, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The yard sale will be held at the new Quinebaug Fire Station on Route 131 in Quinebaug. Table space is $15 for an 8 by 4 foot space. To reserve a table, please call Nancy at 860-9355613. Also accepting clean, usable items. No clothes, shoes or books please.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

The Kindness of the King


he king asked, “Is there no one still left of the house of Saul to whom I can show God’s kindness?” Ziba answered the king, “There is still a son of Jonathan; he is crippled in both feet.” “Where is he?” the king asked. Ziba answered, “He is at the house of Makir son of Ammiel in Lo Debar.” So King David had him brought from Lo Debar, from the house of Makir son of Ammiel. When Mephibosheth son of Jonathan, the son of Saul, came to David, he bowed down to pay him honor. David said, “Mephibosheth!” “Your servant,” he replied. “Don’t be afraid,” David said to him, “for I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan. I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.” Mephibosheth bowed down and said, “What is your servant, that you should notice a dead dog like me?” (2 Samuel 9:3-8) After David killed Goliath, King Saul became very jealous of David and tried to kill him several times. Saul was so angry and mean to David, he chased him all over the countryside trying to kill him. Finally, one day Saul died in a battle so David became king. After he came to the throne everything seemed to be running smoothly. He had conquered many other armies and had a beautiful palace in Jerusalem and he was in control of that part of the world. He began to say, “I wonder about Saul’s family.” He asked the question

was crippled in both feet. 2 to some of the men in the Samuel 4: 4 tells us when court around him. He said, Mephibosheth was only five, “Are there any relatives of word came to his nursemaid Saul who are still alive?” that his grandfather, Saul, I’m sure people thought, and his father, Jonathan had “Well it’s about time, now died in battle. She immediDavid has an opportunity ately thought that those who to get even with Saul’s famkilled Saul would come after ily.” the rest of family next. So It was common for a king EYOND the nursemaid picked to wipe out anyone who Mephibosheth up in her might be a threat to the THE EWS arms and ran out of the throne. So, if there were house. Apparently, she any relatives of Saul’s still tripped and dropped him. alive most people thought That fall crippled him for David would kill them. TIM the rest of his life. But David surprised VAMOSI It’s terrible that one fall them. He said, “Are there could cripple a child for the any relatives of Saul still rest of his life, but the same alive that I can show kindis true for me and you. In Genesis 3, ness and grace to?” As you look at this story you see a the Bible talks about Adam and Eve in beautiful picture of grace and kind- the Garden of Eden. They were perness. But don’t stop there. Take a clos- fect in a perfect environment. But er look and you’ll see a picture of they sinned and fell from God’s favor. We’ve all been crippled spiritually Jesus and us. In the story, Mephibosheth repre- because of their rebellious choice. • We are all living in a barren land sents each of us: • We were born into the wrong fam- — Mephibosheth lived in a place ily — Mephibosheth was born into the called Lo Debar. Translated it means family of Saul. Saul was his grandfa- “no green pasture.” In other words he ther and Jonathan was his father, so was living in a place where it was not he wasn’t in the royal family of David. even possible to grow grass and here Most people would have thought was David living in a mansion with all because he was in the wrong family the food you wanted to eat. he would be an enemy of the king. Mephibosheth lived in a barren place We’ve all been born into the family of because he didn’t know the true sin and unless we get in the right fam- nature of the king and lived in fear of him. ily, we are in trouble. David represents the kindness and • We have all been crippled by a fall — The text tells us that Mephibosheth grace of Jesus. The good news in this



story is Mephibosheth didn’t have to go to David and say, “Hey, David. Remember me? I’m the son of Jonathan. Can I have a handout?” No. The picture is this: The King is the one who thought about him and sent for him. The King is the one who initiated the relationship with him. That’s the good news! God has already sought you out! What does Mephibosheth receive? • The King’s forgiveness — Like Mephibosheth, we all need the King’s forgiveness. David said, “Mephibosheth, your grandfather hated my guts! He spent his whole life trying to kill me but I’m not going to hold that sin against you.” David says in verse 7, “Don’t be afraid, for I will surely show you kindness for the sake of your father Jonathan.” He is saying, “I’m not doing it for your sake, Mephibosheth, I’m doing it for the sake of your father, because he and I loved each other.” That’s what God says to us. “I’m going to show you forgiveness not for your sake but for the sake of my son, Jesus Christ.” • The King’s fortune — Mephibosheth also received the King’s fortune. David says, “I will restore to you all the land that belonged to your grandfather Saul, and you will always eat at my table.” The Bible says when we come to God we become part of his kingdom. He restores to us everything that Adam and Eve lost in the fall. He says, “Everything that you need in life I give to you.”

• The King’s family — David said to Mephibosheth, “Mephibosheth, I want you to come and I want you to sit down at my table.” For the rest of his life Mephibosheth had a place at the king’s table — becoming a member of his household. Picture a beautiful banquet table set for dinner in the royal dining room. It is loaded down with all kinds of fruit, bread, juicy meats, all kinds of vegetables. In walks the royal family, each looking regal in their royal garments. After they take their seat, you hear someone else entering the room. Clop, shuffle, clop, shuffle, clop, shuffle, clop…and Mephibosheth comes in obviously crippled — but then he sits down and the beautiful thing is when Mephibosheth slides his crippled legs up under the table he looks just like everybody else! His affliction is covered up and he looks just like the other sons of the King. When you are part of the family of God, the blood of Jesus Christ covers up whatever you have done in the past, all those stupid things that have crippled you! God looks at you as if you are totally whole and restored. The story of David and Mephibosheth is the story of Jesus, the King of Kings and each of us who has been spiritually crippled. The invitation for spiritual cripples to come the King’s table is still extended today. Have you answered your invitation? “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” (Rev. 3:20)

A summer live sampler, Volume 2


t’s not over yet! Some great local acts are performing this holiday weekend. And it looks like the city of Worcester, Mass., is the place to be on Friday. The incomparable Ms. Marci & The Lovesick Hounds take the stage Gilrein’s in Worcester. A commanding presence on stage, vocalist/bassist Marci is the driving diva out in front of the Lovesick Hounds. With hubby Jim Hooper on guitar, Dayne Laskey on keys and Johnny Bruce on drums, it’s an experience not to missed. Special guest Rick Harrington will be tearing it up on lead guitar. For more information, see Next, catch acoustic-classic-rocker-meetscrooner Dana Lewis will be strumming his upside-down guitar at the Galway Bay, also in Worcester. Expect a memorable mix of selections from the ’60s and ’70s, American pop and soul, and likely a bit of Elvis. See for more information. Finally on Friday, Tall Heights will perform at Fiddler’s Green Pub attached to the Worcester Hibernians. Catch the harmonized folk rock Paul and Tim have been road testing all summer. If you miss Friday, you can still catch them Saturday at the Woodstock Fair, Sunday at the Spencer Fair and Monday for Charlton’s Old Home Day. Check out for more on the band. On Saturday, drive west to find classic rockers Route 66, runner-up for Worcester County’s Best Cover Band (Worcester Magazine’s 3rd Turtle Boy Music Awards). With their strong vocals and great harmonies, this entertaining and infectious band plays a lot more than just the same old standards. Route 66 performs at Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Sturbridge, Mass., from 6 to 10 p.m. For more information, see Further south across the border in Pomfret, Conn., the Jason Spooner Trio will perform at the Vanilla Bean. A funky, groove-based, singer/songwriter-fronted act, they’ll remind you of classic artists like Paul Simon and Neil Young but with contemporary edge a la Ben Harper and Martin Sexton. See for more. Finally, there’s no cover charge to hear the talented Sean Fullerton ( at The Gold Eagle in Dayville, Conn. Formerly half of the successful acoustic rock duo The Baysics, Sean has been striking out on his own with a powerful blend of rock, folk and blues.

FRIDAY, AUG. 29 • Dana Lewis — 9 p.m., The Galway Bay, Worcester, Mass. • Tall Heights — 9 p.m., Fiddler’s Green, Worcester, Mass. • Bill McCarthy & His Guitar — 7 p.m., Greendale’s Pub, Worcester, Mass. • Angry Chair (Alice in Chains tribute), Better Fall, Age Against the Machine, Lead Stiletto — 8 p.m., The Lucky Dog, Worcester, Mass. • Ms. Marci & The Lovesick Hounds — 9:30

p.m., Gilrein’s, Worcester, Mass. • Jim Perry — 8 p.m., Brian’s Restaurant, Northbridge, Mass. • Barely Legal — 9 p.m., The Pump House, Southbridge, Mass. • James Montgomery Blues Band, Dan & Steve of Weight of MARK Gravity, and Seth & Brooks of RENBURKE Gutta — 9 p.m., Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, Mass. • Alligators Band — 7 p.m., Oxhead Tavern, Sturbridge, Mass. • Robert Oakes — 8 p.m., Victoria Station Cafe, Putnam, Conn. • Desert Rain — The Desert Café, Danielson, Conn. • RAM — 9 p.m., Altones, Jewitt City, Conn.


SATURDAY, AUG. 30 • Jim Perry — 8 p.m., Spruce Street Tavern, Clinton, Mass. • Top Shelf (Sublime tribute) — 8 p.m., The Lucky Dog, Worcester, Mass. • Uncle Billy’s Smokehouse — 9:30 p.m., Greendale’s Pub, Worcester, Mass. • Lisa Marie & The All Shook Up — 9:30 p.m., Gilrein’s, Worcester, Mass. • Liquor Boxx — 9 p.m., The Pump House, Southbridge, Mass. • The Demisers — 9 p.m., Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, Mass. • Route 66 — 6 to 10 p.m., Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park, 30 River Road, Sturbridge, Mass. • Pucker — 9 p.m., TJ O’Brien’s, Sturbridge, Mass. • Panache — 7 p.m., Oxhead Tavern, Sturbridge, Mass. • Tall Heights — 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Woodstock Fair, Woodstock, Conn. • Jason Spooner — 8 p.m., The Vanilla Bean Café, Pomfret, Conn., $10. • Sean Fullerton — 9:30 p.m., The Gold Eagle at The Laurel House, Dayville, Conn. • Ruckus — 9 p.m., The Lake Tavern, Dayville, Conn. • Desert Rain — The Desert Café, Danielson, Conn.

Jason Spooner Trio Tall Heights

SUNDAY, AUG. 31 • Tall Heights — 2 and 5 p.m., Spencer Fair, Spencer, Mass. • Mike & Amanda Lirange, City Riots, Sunset Strippers — 9 p.m., The Lucky Dog, Worcester, Mass. • Dana Lewis — 7 to 10 p.m., Café Sorento, 143 Central St., Milford, Mass. • Smooth Jazz — Oxhead Tavern, Sturbridge, Mass. • The Mill Boys (Irish) — 4 to 8 p.m., TJ O’Brien’s, Sturbridge, Mass. • Live country music — 4 to 7 p.m., the Knights of Columbus, 1017 Riverside Drive (Route 12), North Grosvenordale, Conn. • Blues Jam with Brandt Taylor — 3 to 7 p.m., Times Square Cafe, Danielson, Conn.

• Blues Jam with Brandt Taylor, Kurt Meyer and Jay Parker — 8 p.m., The Desert Café, Danielson, Conn.

p.m., TJ O’Brien’s, Sturbridge, Mass. • Open mic — 8 p.m., Mill Street Brews, Southbridge, Mass.



• Tall Heights — noon, Charlton’s Old Home Day, Main Street, Charlton, Mass. • Route 66 — 5 to 6 p.m., The Woodstock Fair, Route 169, Woodstock, Conn.

• Steve Willey — 8:30 to 11:30 p.m., TJ O’Brien’s, Sturbridge, Mass. • Open mic — 8 p.m., The Desert Café, Danielson, Conn. • RAM — 9 p.m., Lucky’s, Foster, R.I.

If you’re a live act who would like to be featured, know of someone else who is or simply want to let us know about an upcoming gig, email me at GettingInTune Anything I get before Friday of each week will make the following Friday’s paper. Keep the music live and not so quiet here in Northeastern Connecticut and Central Massachusetts.

TUESDAY, SEPT. 2 • Bill McCarthy’s Open Mic — 7:30 p.m., Greendale’s Pub, Worcester, Mass.

THURSDAY, SEPT. 4 • Bill McCarthy’s Open Mic (upstairs) — 8

Friday, August 29, 2008


Preschoolers take a walk for cystic fibrosis research BY RICHARD HOSFORD NEWS STAFF WRITER

AUBURN — Students at the Goddard School put on their sneakers and headed outside to walk around the school building, most in single file, some holding hands, to help raise money to fight Cystic Fibrosis. By collecting sponsors for a pledge of continuously walking in the morning of Thursday, Aug. 21, the pre-school children were able to raise $2,239 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. School Director Rebecca Putnam said the student’s were inspired to participate in the money drive after learning a classmate, Ryan Miranda, has the disease. Ryan’s mother, Jackie, came to the school to talk to the students about cystic fibrosis and how her son deals with it.

Mrs. Miranda said she was touched when she learned the school wanted to organize a drive in honor of Ryan. “I think it’s great,” she said. “The school has been wonderful.” School owner Sheri Flandreau said she was proud of the staff and the students for taking the initiative and putting together the fundraising event. “The Goddard School takes pride in exhibiting strong leadership skills,” she said. “Putnam knows a lot about making a difference in the community as is confident in all she does to care for children with special needs. We are privileged to help.” Rich Hosford may be reached by phone at (508) 909-4136 .

Rich Hosford photos

Top , The students at the Goddard School take a moment from walking to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to wave for the camera in front of the school.

Left, Jameson Ardis, 4, Tatianiana Coolbough, 4, and Connor Leonard, 3, stop behind the school for a quick picture as they marched around the school to raise money for the fight against cystic fibrosis.

Olyvia Figueroa, 2, and Madison Williams, 2, pause from walking for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to pose for a photo.

Students and staff at the Goddard School walked to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Body by Design Personal Training & Pilates Studio SPECTACULAR SEPTEMBER Group Training Schedule! N SPIN N POWER HOUR N MUSCLE WORKS N POWER PILATES N REFORMER N BOSU N SPIN & STRENGTH REGISTER TODAY! CURRENTLY ACCEPTING… Personal Training Appointments 152 Route 171 • Woodstock CT • 860-928-0492 • [email protected]

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It’s that time again!


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Friday, August 29, 2008


CALENDAR continued from page


Saturday, Sept. 20 WEBSTER East Meets West Traditional and Holistic Health Fair, Saturday, Sept. 20, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Indian Ranch, 200 gore Rd., Webster. Free to the public, free samples, demonstration and more.

Sunday, Sept. 21 WEBSTER/DUDLEY Big day of railroad activities — at three different locations! On Sunday, Sept. 21, the Providence and Worcester Railfan Club 2008

Model Railroad Show, at Webster Town Hall, 350 Main St. (Route 12), Webster, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost is $4 for adults, 12 and under are free. Features model train dealers and several operating layouts. Handicapped accessible, free parking, refreshments available. Worcester Model Railroaders open house, new location, new layout, featuring a 41-foot by 53-foot model train layout, 137 Schofield Ave., Dudley, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Free admission, donations suggested. Come see their display at the P&W Railfan Club’s Show. P&W Railfan Club Museum site, view a collection of full size railroad equipment (yes, this is the big stuff), Main Street Crossing, Route 12, Webster. Open during show hours, free admission, donations accepted. The P&W Railfan Club is a 501c(3) non-profit organization. This will be a day of great family fun, all ages welcome, start your Christmas shopping early!


The Last Green Valley invites local residents to consider membership by calling 860-9637226 to receive membership information and a current newsletter, or by visiting to sign up on-line. Join the hundreds of residents already actively involved in preserving this beautiful region, and experience again all there is to do in The Last Green Valley. The Last Green Valley is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization and membership is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


• Access to land use, historical and natural resource data • Privilege to attend membership, board and committee meetings and to vote for board members • Family participation in the Acorn Club’s special activities for children 12 and under (with Family Membership)

Name ______________________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________ Town ____________________________ State ________________Zip__________ Phone ________________________________ E-mail ________________________________ Individual Membership $25 ____

Dudley Grange 2nd Annual Apple Festival will be held Saturday, Sept. 27, on Center Road near Nichols College, Dudley, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Old Fiddlers’ Club of Rhode Island and the Pulaski Brass Band will perform. We will again be holding the exciting Meadow Muffin Contest an acting farmer with his cow will be assisting with this contest. A pumpkin-decorating contest, apple pie eating contest, water balloon toss, horseshoe pitching, arm wrestling, fry pan toss and sack race will also be held. Other activities include a bike and carriage parade (please show your American spirit with a patriotic theme), displays of the Civil War, games of all kinds, face painting and much more. Food will include homemade apple pie with a wedge of cheese or vanilla ice cream, fresh hand cut French fries, corn on the cob, caramel apples, hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, drinks and more. The Black Tavern and the newly renovated barn will be open for tours from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Tag Sale, rain or shine, Saturday, Sept. 27, 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 345 Main St., Sturbridge, at the corner of Routes 20 and 131. Come grab a bite to SUNDAY FLASHLIGHT: BYO FLASHLIGHT


We’re celebrating by putting our circle of crops on sale! Buy 2 perennials, get free youth ticket, or buy 1 perennial, get free butterfly bush! It’s ‘raining butterflies’ here – we want to share them w/you! 260 Quaddick Rd., Thompson 06277

Quintessential Gardens at Fort Hill Farms


Family Membership $45 ____

Make checks payable to The Last Green Valley. Use this form to join, or call toll-free 866-363-7226 for additional information. Visit us on the web at 107 Providence Street, Putnam, CT 06260 • 860-963-7226, 860-928-2189 fax

eat while you shop for gently used treasures. Hot dogs, chips and soup will be available for sale. Also visit our juried Fine Artisans Craft Show, held simultaneously on the Sturbridge Common, across from the Publick House Inn on Route 131.For more information, call the church at 508-347-7297.

Sunday, Oct. 5 WEBSTER The Dudley Lions Club is holding their 14th annual car show Sunday, Oct. 5, at the Commerce Insurance Company, Route 16, Webster, located just off I-395, exit 2. All paved parking for more than 600 vehicles. Registration is $15 per vehicle from 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. sharp. Trophy presentations will begin at 3:30 p.m. Spectator admission begins at 9 a.m. and the cost is $3 with children 10 and under free. Food vendors will be on site and great music of the 50’s and 60’s will be played throughout the day. Come out and enjoy the day with us. The rain date is Oct. 19. Visit us on the Web at



Help protect, preserve and enjoy the natural and cultural resources of The Last Green Valley Benefits of Membership include: • Invitations to monthly member programs, events and activities in The Last Green Valley • Quarterly newsletter - The Voice of the Valley, and guides to area attractions, events, hiking trails and farms • Free reusable shopping bag



Have you ever thought of becoming a steward? Not an airline steward but a keeper of the land and water. The Last Green Valley can offer the opportunity to those who care about the incredible resources of the 35-town region, designated by Congress as a National Heritage Corridor. As development pressures mount, the importance of preserving the region’s resources grows. The work of The Last Green Valley is becoming increasingly significant and requires dedicated people who want to act. In launching The Last Green Valley membership drive for additional stewards, Charlene Perkins Cutler, Executive Director and CEO said, “The Last Green Valley started as a grassroots organization where hundreds of people take part, and we could not do our work to preserve and protect the natural, scenic and cultural resources of the region with out engaged and active members. Membership in The Last Green Valley starts at $25 for individuals and $45 for families, with giving levels of membership that include additional benefits. Benefits of membership include: • Invitations to monthly member-only programs, events and activities throughout the region, such as guided river paddles, tours of historic commons and buildings, nature hikes and outings, museum tours, farm tours and much more. • A quarterly newsletter, The Voice of the Valley, and guides to area attractions, • Access to land use, historical and natural resource data • The privilege to attend membership, board and committee meetings, to vote for board members, and to work on projects. • Family participation in The Acorn Club’s special activities for children 12 and under. • A complimentary reusable shopping bag made from recycled materials that includes The Last Green Valley logo.

Saturday, Sept. 27







A weekly Farmers Market is being held every Saturday morning, from 9 a.m. to noon, located in the parking lot behind the Oxford Community Center. This year (our second) we have returning farmers as well as local artisans bringing us locally made natural bath and body products, jewelry, soap and candles as well as beautiful photography prints and stained glass items.

WEBSTER Sons of the American Legion Post #184 of Webster is currently holding its annual membership drive. Membership is open to any son or grandson of an American veteran. Annual dues are $15. Please make checks payable to the Sons of the American Legion. Checks may be sent or dropped off at the post home on Houghton Street in Webster. Annual meetings will begin Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 7 p.m. sharp at the post home.

WEBSTER The non-profit Webster Lake Association is holding its’ annual cash raffle, a major fundraiser to benefit lake management. Tickets are $50, with three cash prizes of $5,000, $2,000 and $1,000 to be drawn at the WLA general meeting, Aug. 12, at Point Breeze Restaurant. There will be only 300 tickets sold. All proceeds go towards lake weed treatment and sediment control. During the past five years the town, state and the WLA have contributed over $600,000 to this cause. The WLA appreciates the generosity of its’ members, town residents and other interested donors in helping to preserve one of our state’s finest natural resources. For information and ticket purchases, please contact Linda Littleton at 508943-3972.

OXFORD A Senior Social Bingo Night is being held at the Oxford Senior Center every Friday night at 5:30 p.m. Call 508-987-2353 for more information.

Do you or your group have an upcoming event? Let us help get the message out: [email protected] or by mail c/o Webster Times - 25 Elm St., Southbridge, MA 01550

LEGALS MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Lorna R. Prince a/k/a Lorna R. Wilson to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. (“MERS”) solely as nominee for Lender (Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.) and Lender’s successors and assigns, dated November 16, 2005, and registered in the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 37841, Page 117, of which mortgage is the undersigned is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at public auction at 11:00 AM on Thursday the 18th day of September, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 24 Schofield Avenue, Dudley, Massachusetts, all and singular the real estate described in said mortgage as follows: "...the following described property located in the COUNTY of WORCESTER: SEE EXHIBIT "A" ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF. LEGAL DESCRIPTION EXHIBIT A A certain tract or parcel of land situated on the westerly side of Schofield Avenue in said Dudley, bounded and described as follows, to wit: Beginning at the southeast corner o the same on said Avenue; Thence extending westerly by land of one Haley nine (9) rods; Thence northerly on a line parallel with said Avenue four (4) rods;

Thence easterly nine (9) rods to an iron pin in the westerly line of said Avenue; Thence southerly by said Avenue four (4) rods to the point of beginning. For title see deed recorded in Book 32352, Page 365. Parcel ID Number: which currently has the address of 24 SCHOFIELD AVENUE, DUDLEY, Massachusetts 01571-3327 ("Property Address"): TOGETHER WITH all the improvements now or hereafter erected on the property, and all easements, appurtenances, and fixtures now or hereafter a part of the property. All replacements and additions shall also be covered by this Security Instrument. All of the foregoing is referred to in this Security Instrument as the "Property". . ." Said premises will be sold subject to and/or with the benefit of any and all restrictions, easements, improvements, covenants, outstanding tax title, municipal or other public taxes, assessments, liens or claims in the nature of liens, and existing encumbrances of record created prior to the mortgage, if any there be. Said premises will also be sold subject to all leases and tenancies having priority over said mortgage, to tenancies or occupations by persons on the premises now or at the time of the said auction which tenancies or occupations are subject to said mortgage, to rights or claims in personal property installed by tenants or former tenants now located on the premises, and also to all laws and ordinances including, but not limited to, all build-

ing and zoning laws and ordinances. THE TERMS OF SALE: FIVE THOUSAND and 00/100 ($5,000.00) DOLLARS will be required to be paid by bank or certified check only by the purchaser at the time and place of sale, and the balance of the purchase price shall be paid by bank or certified check in or within thirty five (35) days thereafter with Attorneys Stanton & Davis, 1000 Plain Street, Marshfield, Massachusetts. The successful bidder at the sale of the premises shall be required to sign a Memorandum of Sale of Real Property By Auctioneer containing the above terms at the Auction sale. Other terms, if any, to be announced at the time and place of the sale. SIGNED: MORTGAGE ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION SYSTEMS, INC. (“MERS”) SOLELY AS NOMINEE FOR LENDER (COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS, INC.) AND LENDER’S SUCCESSORS AND ASSIGNS, Present Holder of Said Mortgage, By: STANTON & DAVIS, As its Attorneys, FROM THE OFFICES OF: Jon S. Davis, Esquire, STANTON & DAVIS, 1000 Plain Street, Marshfield, MA 02050, (781) 8349181 (1253-2679-1006F/Prince)(08/22/08, 08/29/08, 09/05/08)(122606) August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 MORTGAGEE'S NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE

By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain Mortgage given by Lawrence J. O’Neill and Kimberlee A. O’Neill to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. dated December 5, 2006 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 40321, Page 208 of which Mortgage the undersigned is the present holder by assignment, for breach of the conditions of said Mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing same will be sold at Public Auction at 2:00 P.M. on the 11th day of September, 2008 at 3 Cross Street, Dudley, Massachusetts 01571, all and singular the premises described in said Mortgage, to wit: 3 Cross Street, Dudley, Massachusetts 01571 The land in Dudley with the buildings situated on the southerly side of Cross Street, in said Dudley, and bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a stone monument on the southerly side of Cross Street at land formerly of Francis McCoy; Thence extending southerly by said McCoy land sixty-six (66) feet; Thence extending easterly ninety (90) feet; Thence extending northerly sixty-six (66) feet to line of said Cross Street; Thence extending westerly by said Cross Street to the point of beginning. Also another certain tract which adjoins Turn To LEGALS, page 8


Friday, August 29, 2008


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the first tract on the South and is bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at the southeast corner of first tract owned by John Magner; Thence extending southerly by a street or passageway, eighty-ine (81) feet to a stake; Thence extending westerly ninety (90) feet to and of Frank Upham; Thence extending northerly by said Upham land and land of Francis McCoy Estate, eighty-one (81) feet to the southwest corner of said first tract owned by John Magner; Thence extending easterly by said Magner land, ninety (90) feet to the point of beginning. Excepting from the above description a deed recorded in Book 4617, Page 54 and a deed out, recorded in Book 4908, Page 492. Said street or passage way is now called Laprise Court which has an address of 3 Cross Street, Dudley, MA. Being the same premises as conveyed to Grantors by Deed recorded August 1, 1997 in Book 19049, Page 305. For title see deed recorded with said Deeds Book 37934, Page 300. The premises are to be sold subject to and with the benefit of all easements, restrictions, building and zoning laws, unpaid taxes, tax titles, water bills, municipal liens and assessments, rights of tenants and parties in possession. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS AND 00/100 CENTS ($10,000.00) shall be required to be paid to the mortgagee in cash, by certified or bank’s cashier check at the time and place of sale. The balance of the purchase price is to be paid in cash, by certified check or by bank’s cashier check in or within thirty (30) days from the date of the sale. TIME WILL BE OF THE ESSENCE. Other terms if any, to be announced at the sale. Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. Present Holder of said Mortgage, By Its Attorney, Barron & Stadfeld, P.C. 100 Cambridge Street, Suite 1310 Boston, MA 02114 617-723-9800 August 15, 2008 August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 LEGAL NOTICE MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue of and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Patrick J. Remington and Maureen A. Remington to Drew Mortgage Associates Inc., dated January 28, 2005 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 35596, Page 161 of which mortgage Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for the Certificateholders of Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-OPT2 Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2005OPT2, is the present holder by assignment, for breach of conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, the mortgaged premises located at Unit Number 11 in the Marcam Village Condominium 11 Marcam Village Road, North Oxford, MA will be sold at a Public Auction at 11:00 AM on September 15, 2008, at the mortgaged premises, more particularly described below, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, to wit: Unit Number 11 of Marcam Village Condominium contains a Percentage Interest after completion of Phase 2B of 9.090%. The Unit described above in Marcam Village Condominium created by Master Deed dated January 11, 1990 and recorded with Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 12590, page 203, as amended in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A. The Unit is conveyed together with and/or subject to: (a) The above listed percentage interest in the Common Areas and Facilities of the Condominium, which shall be reduced upon the annexation of each subsequent phase of the Condominium pursuant to the provisions of the Master Deed; (b) All rights, easements, agreements, interests and provisions contained in the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust of Marcam Village Condominium recorded with said Deeds in Book 12590, Page 238, and any rules and regulations promulgated from time to time thereunder (the Declaration of Trust); (c) The provisions of the Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 183A as amended; (d) The provisions of the Master Deed, the Declaration of Trust, both as they may be amended; (e) All easements, covenants, restrictions, conditions and other matters of record, insofar as same are in force and applicable. The unit is intended to be used solely for residential purposes and is subject to the further restrictions set forth in the Master Deed. By acceptance hereof, the Grantees, for themselves and their heirs, successors and assigns, hereby expressly acknowledge and agree that the Regep Development Corporation, as Successor Declarant of said Master Deed, has reserved and shall have the rights, as set forth in Paragraph 12 of said Master Deed, to amend said Master Deed to include in said Condominium additional phases thereof as described and defined in said Master Deed, whereupon the percentage of interest in the

Unit hereby conveyed in the Common Areas and facilities will be changed as therein provided; and to that end, the Grantees hereby constitute and appoint the Grantor the true and lawful attorney for the Grantees in the name and stead and on behalf of the Grantees to execute, acknowledge, deliver and register any such amendments of such Master Deed and/or such other instruments deemed by the Grantor to be necessary or appropriate to effectuate the inclusion of other phases in said Condominium, the Power of Attorney granted being coupled with an interest and irrevocable. For mortgagor’s title see deed recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 35596, Page 158 The premises will be sold subject to any and all unpaid taxes and other municipal assessments and liens, and subject to prior liens or other enforceable encumbrances of record entitled to precedence over this mortgage, and subject to and with the benefit of all easements, restrictions, reservations and conditions of record and subject to all tenancies and/or rights of parties in possession. Terms of the Sale: Cash, cashier’s or certified check in the sum of $5,000.00 as a deposit must be shown at the time and place of the sale in order to qualify as a bidder (the mortgage holder and its designee(s) are exempt from this requirement); high bidder to sign written Memorandum of Sale upon acceptance of bid; balance of purchase price payable in cash or current funds in thirty (30) days from the date of the sale at the offices of mortgagee’s attorney, Korde & Associates, P.C., 321 Billerica Road, Suite 210, Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100, or such other time as may be designated by mortgagee. The description for the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of a typographical error in this publication. Other terms to be announced at the sale. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trustee for the Certificateholders of Carrington Mortgage Loan Trust 2005-OPT2 Asset-Backed Certificates, Series 2005OPT2 Korde & Associates, P.C. 321 Billerica Road, Suite 210 Chelmsford, MA 01824-4100 (978) 256-1500 (06-2999/Remington)(08/15/08, 08/22/08, 08/29/08)(121269) August 15, 2008 August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 MORTGAGEE’S NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain Mortgage given by Dennis W. Lavalley and Theresa A. Lavalley to Dana Capital Group, dated July 14, 2006 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds at Book 39477, Page 367 of which the Mortgage the undersigned is the present holder by assignment for breach of the conditions of said Mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing same will be sold at Public Auction at 09:00 AM on September 8, 2008 at 58 Joe Jenny Road, Oxford, MA, all and singular the premises described in said Mortgage, to wit: All that certain parcel of land situated in the County of Worcester, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, being known and designated as follows: The land on the Northwesterly side of Joe Jenny Road in Oxford, Worcester, Massachusetts, shown as Lot 5 on plan entitled “Plan of Land Surveyed for Emerson G. & Earlene M. Smith in Oxford, Massachusetts May – 1988 Scale 1” = 100’ Kelly-Granger-Parsons and Associates, Inc.” which plan is recorded in Worcester District Registry of deeds Plan Book 599, Plan 108. Reference to said plan may be held for a more particular description of said Lot. Also known as 58 Joe Jenny Road, Oxford, MA 01540. Being the same property as conveyed from Jeffrey J. Boisclair, being unmarried to Dennis W. LaValley and Theresa A. LaValley, husband and wife as tenants by the entirety, as described in Deed Book 17704 at Page 383, Dated 02/26/1996, Recorded 02/27/1996 in Worcester County Records. The premises are to be sold subject to and with the benefit of all easements, restrictions, building and zoning laws, unpaid taxes, tax titles, water bills, municipal liens and assessments, rights of tenants and parties in possession. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS AND 00 CENTS ($5,000.00) in the form of a certified check or bank treasurer's check will be required to be delivered at or before the time the bid is offered. The successful bidder will be required to execute a Foreclosure Sale Agreement immediately after the close of the bidding. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid within thirty (30) days from the sale date in the form of a certified check, bank treasurer's check or other check satisfactory to Mortgagee's attorney. The Mortgagee reserves the right to bid at the sale, to reject any and all bids, to continue the sale and to amend the terms of the sale by written or oral announcement made before or during the foreclosure sale. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in the publication. TIME WILL BE OF

THE ESSENCE. Other terms if any, to be announced at the sale. Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas formerly known as Banker’s Trust Company, a Trustee and Custodian for Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc., MSAC 2007-NC4, Present Holder of said Mortgage, By Its Attorneys, Orlans Moran PLLC, P.O. Box 962169, Boston, MA 02196, (617) 502-4100 (244.4531/Lavalley)(08/15/08, 08/22/08, 08/29/08)(122580) August 15, 2008 August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given Melanie Frates to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as Nominee for Mortgage Lenders Network USA, Inc., dated July 14, 2004 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 34128, Page 338 of which mortgage LaSalle Bank National Association, as Trustee for certificateholders of Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I LLC Asset Backed Certificates, Series 2004HE10 is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction at 1:00 PM on September 19, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 79 Pleasant Street, Oxford, MA 01537, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, TO WIT: A certain parcel of land located in Oxford as shown on a plan entitled “Plan of Land in Oxford, MA Prepared For: Richard W. & Debra A. Kusy” dated November 5, 1999 and recorded at the Worcester District Registry of Deeds Plan Book 759, Plan 103 being Lot 5 on said plan bounded and described as follows: Beginning at the northwest corner of the lot to be conveyed at a point on Pleasant Street; Thence S. 3 degrees 20’ 45” E. a distance of 266.67 feet to a point; Thence S. 19 degrees 10’ 46” E. a distance of 372.32 feet to a point; Thence proceeding along a curve to the right with a radius of 1035.00 a distance of 540.00 feet to a point; Thence N. 19 degrees 3’ 14” E. a distance of 110.00 feet to a point; Thence proceeding along a curve to the left with a radius of 10460.00 a distance of 27.13 feet; Thence N. 06 degrees 22’ 45” W. a distance of 13.65 feet to a point; Thence S. 82 degrees 20’ 15” W. a distance of 177.76 feet to a point; Thence N. 07 degrees 39’ 45” W. a distance of 140.00 feet to a point; Thence S. 70 degrees 27’ 27” W. a distance of 195.57 feet to a point; Thence N. 03 degrees 20’ 48” W. a distance of 266.67 feet to a point; Thence S. 86 degrees 39’ 15” W. a distance of 50.00 feet to a point; Thence S. 03 degrees 20’ 45” E. a distance of 266.67 feet to a point; Thence S. 86 degrees 39’ 15” W. a distance of 150.00 feet; Thence N. 03 degrees 20’ 45” W. a distance of 266.67 feet; Thence S. 86 degrees 39’ 15” E. along Pleasant Street a distance of 37.40 feet to point of beginning. For mortgagor’s title see deed recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 34128, Page 336. These premises will be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, right of ways, covenants, liens or claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of record which are in force and are applicable, having priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens, or encumbrances is made in the deed. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of TEN THOUSAND ($10,000.00) DOLLARS by certified or bank check will be required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or bank check at ABLITT LAW OFFICES, P.C., 92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 2950, Stoneham, MA 02180, other terms and conditions will be provided at the place of sale. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication. OTHER TERMS, IF ANY, TO BE ANNOUNCED AT THE SALE. Present holder of said mortgage, LaSalle Bank National Association, as Trustee for certificateholders of Bear Stearns Asset Backed Securities I LLC Asset Backed Certificates, Series 2004-HE10, By its Attorneys, ABLITT LAW OFFICES, P.C., 92 Montvale Avenue, Suite 2950, Stoneham, Massachusetts 02180, Telephone (781) 2468995, Fax (781) 246-8994 Dated: 08/15/2008 (8.1417[FC#2]/Frates)(08/29/08, 09/05/08, 09/12/08)(124158) August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 September 12, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE Premises: 16 North Main Street, Webster, Massachusetts By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Giovanny Zuniga to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc. as nominee for GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc. and now held by GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc., said mortgage dated 1/11/2007, and record-

ed in the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds, in Book 40497 at Page 325, for breach of the conditions in said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, will be sold at Public Auction on September 22, 2008 at 11:00 am Local Time upon the premises, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, to wit: The land with the buildings thereon and all the privileges thereto belonging situated on the easterly side of North Main Street in Webster, described as follows: BEGINNING at a drill hole in a stone bound on the easterly line of North Main Street at land of Andrew J. Jablonski and being the northwesterly angle of the tract hereby conveyed; THENCE easterly one hundred three and sixty-four hundredths (103.64) feet by land of Jablonski to an iron pin driven into the ground at the northwesterly corner of Lot# 4; THENCE southerly forty-seven and three tenths (47.3) feet by Lot #4 to an iron pin driven into the ground at the northeasterly corner of Lot #6; THENCE westerly one hundred twentyone and twenty-seven hundredths (121.27) feet by Lot #6 to an iron pin driven into the ground on the easterly line of North Main Street and being the northwesterly corner of Lot #6; THENCE Northerly forty-five (45) feet by North Main Street to the point of beginning. Being Lot #5 on a Plan of Lots of Arthur Cazeault and Alphonse Deslauriers drawn by J.R. Kleindienst, Surveyor, dated January 14, 1925, Worcester Deeds, Plan Book 43, Plan 16. Being the same premises conveyed to Giovanny Zuniga by deed of Robert F. Poplawski and Stanley Poplawski, Jr. dated December 22, 1995 and recorded with the Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 17564, Page 309. The description of the property that appears in the mortgage to be foreclosed shall control in the event of a typographical error in this publication. For Mortgagors’ Title see deed dated 12/22/1995, and recorded in Book 17564 at Page 309 with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds. TERMS OF SALE: Said premises will be sold and conveyed subject to all liens, encumbrances, unpaid taxes, tax titles, municipal liens and assessments, if any, which take precedence over the said mortgage above described. FIVE THOUSAND ($5,000.00) Dollars of the purchase price must be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check at the time and place of the sale by the purchaser. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check within thirty (30) days after the date of sale. Other terms to be announced at the sale. REINER, REINER & BENDETT, PC 160 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032 Attorney for GreenPoint Mortgage Funding, Inc. Present Holder of the Mortgage (860) 677-2868 August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE’S SALE OF REAL ESTATE Premises: 24 Plantation Road, Unit 24 of the Plymouth Village Condominium, Oxford Massachusetts By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Euciana M. Almeida to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Community Lending Incorporated and now held by IndyMac Bank F.S.B., said mortgage dated 4/24/2007, and recorded in the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds, in Book 41078 at Page 375, for breach of the conditions in said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing the same, will be sold at Public Auction on September 25, 2008 at 12:00 pm Local Time upon the premises directly in front of the building containing said unit, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, to wit: The Unit known as Unit No. 24, Building 6 in the Plymouth Village Condominium located in Oxford, Massachusetts, and established pursuant to the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 183A by Master Deed dated November 12, 1987, and recorded with Worcester South Registry of Deeds in Book 10953, Page 60 as amended. Said Unit contains approximately the number of square feet shown on the floor plans of the building filed simultaneously with said Master Deed, and on a copy of the portion of the plans attached to the First Unit Deed. Said Unit is conveyed together with an undivided percentage interest in the common areas and facilities of the property (“Common Elements”) as described in said Master Deed as being attributed to the Unit, as may from time to time be amended. Being the same premises conveyed to the herein named mortgagor(s) by deed recorded with Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 35930, Page 394. The description of the property that appears in the mortgage to be foreclosed shall control in the event of a typographical Turn To LEGALS, page 9

Friday, August 29, 2008



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error in this publication. For Mortgagors’ Title see deed dated 3/18/2005, and recorded in Book 35950 at Page 394 with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds. Said Unit will be conveyed together with an undivided percentage interest in the Common Elements of said Condominium appurtenant to said Unit and together with all rights, easements, covenants and agreements as contained and referred to in the Declaration of Condominium, as amended. TERMS OF SALE: Said premises will be sold and conveyed subject to all liens, encumbrances, unpaid taxes, tax titles, municipal liens and assessments, if any, which take precedence over the said mortgage above described. FIVE THOUSAND ($5,000.00) Dollars of the purchase price must be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check at the time and place of the sale by the purchaser. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid in cash, certified check, bank treasurer’s or cashier’s check within thirty (30) days after the date of sale. Other terms to be announced at the sale. BENDETT & MCHUGH, PC 160 Farmington Avenue Farmington, CT 06032 Attorney for IndyMac Bank F.S.B. Present Holder of the Mortgage (860) 677-2868 August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 September 12, 2008 Commonwealth of Massachusetts The Trial Court Probate and Family Court Department Worcester Division Docket No. 66P2243-86TP1 NOTICE OF TRUSTEES ACCOUNT To all persons interested in the estate of ROBERT HART late of DUDLEY, in WORCESTER County. You are hereby notified pursuant to Mass. R. Civ. P. Rule 72 that the FIRST THRU THIRD (BEING THE FIFTEENTH THRU SEVENTEENTH IN A SERIES) account(s) of BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. (continuation by merger with UNITED STATES TRUST CO., N.A.) AND WILLIAM GROUT JR., as Trustees - (the fiduciary) under Agreement dated 12/8/80 of the will of said deceased for the benefit of ROBERT HART have been presented to said Court for allowance. If you desire to preserve your right to file an objection to said account(s), you or your attorney must file a written appearance in said court at Worcester on or before the ninth day of September, 2008, the return day of this citation. You may upon written request by registered or certified mail to the fiduciary, or to the attorney for the fiduciary, obtain without cost a copy of said account(s). If you desire to object to any item of said account(s), you must, in addition to filing a written appearance as aforesaid, file within thirty days after said return day or within such other time as the Court upon motion may order a written statement of each such item together with the grounds for each objection thereto, a copy to be served upon the fiduciary pursuant to Mass. R. Civ. P. Rule 5. WITNESS, Hon. JOSEPH L. HART, JR., ESQUIRE, First Justice of said Court at Worcester this fifth day of August, 2008. Stephen G. Abraham Register of Probate August 29, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Jamie S. Scott to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., dated January 25, 2006 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds at Book 38302, Page 67, of which mortgage U.S. Bank National Association as Trustee is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction at 9:00 a.m. on September 24, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 15 Maple Road, Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, TO WIT: The land in Oxford bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at the most easterly corner of the tract to be conveyed at an iron pipe on the southerly line of a town road known as Maple Road, also being the most northerly corner of land of G.J. Saad and said iron pipe is located 209.00 feet westerly, measured along the southerly line of Maple Road; from its intersection with the westerly line of a town road known as Rawson Avenue; from said iron pipe: thence partly by the southerly line of Maple Road and partly by the southerly line of Maple Road and partly by other land of G.J. Saad; THENCE by land of G.J. Saad; North 42 degrees 37' West, 209.00 feet to an iron pipe; THENCE by land of G.J. Saad; South 47 degrees 23' West; 166.10 feet to an iron pipe in a stone wall at land now or formerly of the estate of William W. Taft; THENCE by land of said estate, by wall, South 47 degrees 56' East, 308.90 feet to an iron pipe;

THENCE partly by land of said estate and partly by land now or formerly of John E. and Elizabeth A. Daigneault; South 48 degrees 13' East 127.00 feet to an iron pipe at other land of G.J. Saad; THENCE by said land of G.J. Saad; North 32 degrees 17' East, 180.90 feet to the place of beginning. Containing 65,676 square feet, more or less as shown on Plan Book 421 Plan 74. For mortgagor's title see deed recorded with Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 35205, Page 85. These premises will be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of record which are in force and are applicable, having priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is made in the deed. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Five Thousand ($5,000.00) Dollars by certified or bank check will be required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O. Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication. Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale. U.S. BANK NATIONAL ASSOCIATION AS TRUSTEE Present holder of said mortgage By its Attorneys, HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C. 150 California Street Newton, MA 02458 (617) 558-0500 200803-2437 - YEL August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 September 12, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Steven J. O’Connor to Washington Mutual Bank, FA, dated June 29, 2007 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds at Book 41747, Page 258, of which mortgage Washington Mutual Bank f/k/a Washington Mutual Bank, FA is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction at 10:00 a.m. on September 22, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 191 Main Street, Oxford, Worcester County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, TO WIT: The land with all the buildings thereon of every nature and description and all the privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging: situated on the westerly side of South Main Street in the Town of Oxford, County of Worcester, containing nine thousand nine hundred nineteen (9,919) square feet, more or less, being bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at the northeast corner thereof at an iron pipe in the westerly line of South Main Street at other land now or formerly of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, said pipe being northerly measured by the westerly line of South Main Street two hundred thirty-one and ninety-four hundredths (231.94) feet from land now or formerly of H. LaCrosse; THENCE southerly by the westerly line of South Main Street seventy and one hundredths (70.01) feet to a point; THENCE by a curve to the right radius twenty (20) feet for a distance of thirty-one and forty-one hundredths (31.41) feet to a point; THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, now or formerly, North 70° 30’ West ninety-three and twenty-five hundredths (93.25) feet to an iron pipe; THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, now or formerly, North 19° 30 East ninety (90) feet to an iron pipe; THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, now or formerly, South 70° 30 East one hundred thirteen and seventy hundredths (113.70) feet to the point of beginning. TOGETHER with right of way over a strip fifty (50) feet wide southerly of and adjacent to the above described tract. ALSO another certain tract or parcel of land situated in the Town of Oxford northwesterly of and adjacent to Tract No. 1 more particularly bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at northeasterly corner thereof at northwesterly corner of Tract No. 1; THENCE by Tract No. 1 South 19° 30’ West ninety (90) feet to an iron pipe; THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavaxt, now or formerly, North 70° 30’ West six and thirty hundredths (6.30) feet to a point;

THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, now or formerly, North 19° 30’ East ninety (90) feet to a point; THENCE by land of Victor Casavant and Elphegina Casavant, now or formerly, South 70° 30’ East six and thirty hundredths (6.30) feet to point of beginning. CONTAINING five hundred sixty-seven (567) square feet. TRACT NO. 1 being Lot No. B on Plan to show Division of Property in Oxford, Massachusetts, owned by Victor Casavant, et ux dated December 10, 1956 by Kenneth Shaw, said plan is recorded in the Worcester District Registry of Deeds, Plan Book 222, Plan 11. BEING the same premises conveyed to Barbara M. Jackson by deed of Aaron H. Huhn et ux dated July 21, 1971 and recorded with Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 5134, Page 256. For mortgagor’s title see deed recorded with Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 41747, Page 254. These premises will be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of record which are in force and are applicable, having priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is made in the deed. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Five Thousand ($5,000.00 ) Dollars by certified or bank check will be required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O. Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication. Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale. WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK F/K/A WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK, FA Present holder of said mortgage By its Attorneys, HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C. 150 California Street Newton, MA 02458 (617) 558-0500 200803-2351 - GRY August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 September 12, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Donna M. Salmonson to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., dated November 29, 2004 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds at Book 35169, Page 275, of which mortgage Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction at 3:00 p.m. on September 15, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 13 Eddy Street, Webster, Worcester County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, TO WIT: A certain parcel of land with buildings thereon situated on the easterly side of Eddy Street in said Webster, Massachusetts bounded and described as follows: Being Lot No. 66 on a plan of lots recorded with the Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 1630, page 653; BEGINNING at the northwest corner thereof at the intersection of the southerly line of Second Street, so-called, with the easterly line of Eddy Street; THENCE running southerly by said line of Eddy Street, seventy-five (75) feet to a point; THENCE running easterly by the northerly line of Lot No. 67 on said plan, one hundred thirty-six (136) feet to a point; THENCE northerly by the westerly line of Lot No. 79 on said plan, seventy-five (75) feet to a point on the southerly line of Second Street; THENCE westerly by said line of Second Street, one hundred thirty-six (136) feet to the place of beginning. For mortgagor's(s') title see deed recorded with Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 35169, Page 274. These premises will be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of record which are in force and are applicable, having priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is made in the deed. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Five Thousand ($5,000.00 ) Dollars by certified or bank check will be

required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O. Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication. Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. Present holder of said mortgage By its Attorneys, HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C. 150 California Street Newton, MA 02458 (617) 558-0500 200711-2303 - BLU August 22, 2008 August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 NOTICE OF MORTGAGEE'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE By virtue and in execution of the Power of Sale contained in a certain mortgage given by Carlos Perez and Amy Perez to Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., dated May 21, 2004 and recorded with the Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds at Book 33718, Page 251, of which mortgage Chase Home Finance LLC is the present holder, for breach of the conditions of said mortgage and for the purpose of foreclosing, the same will be sold at Public Auction at 5:00 p.m. on September 24, 2008, on the mortgaged premises located at 14 Henry Marsh Road, Dudley, Worcester County, Massachusetts, all and singular the premises described in said mortgage, TO WIT: The land in Dudley, Worcester County, Massachusetts, bounded and described as follows: BEGINNING at a point located approximately five hundred fifty-eight and twentynine hundredths (558.29) feet from the westerly line of Dudley-Oxford Road along the easterly line of Henry Marsh Road; THENCE S. 82° 41' 21'' E. three hundred ninety-nine and ninety-one hundredths (399.91) feet to a point; THENCE N. 52° 46' 00'' E. fifty-three and seventy-eight hundredths (53.78) feet to a point; THENCE N. 2° 24' 40'' E. seventy-four and nine hundredths (74.09) feet to a point; THENCE N. 77° 31' 14'' W. four hundred twenty and sixty-six hundredths (420.66) feet to a point; THENCE S. 12° 16' 04'' W. one hundred fifty and no hundredths (150.00) feet to said point of beginning as shown on Plan of Land owned by R & C Realty Trust, Plan Book 547, Plan 59, recorded at Worcester District Registry of Deeds. BEING the same premises conveyed to Michael A. Cooper and Juel K. Cooper by deed of Robert W. Watson and Robin O. Watson dated May 30, 2002 and recorded with the Worcester District Registry of Deeds in Book 26704, Page 5, and being Lot I on plan recorded with said Registry in Plan Book 547, Plan 59. For mortgagor's(s') title see deed recorded with Worcester County (Worcester District) Registry of Deeds in Book 28420, Page 366. These premises will be sold and conveyed subject to and with the benefit of all rights, rights of way, restrictions, easements, covenants, liens or claims in the nature of liens, improvements, public assessments, any and all unpaid taxes, tax titles, tax liens, water and sewer liens and any other municipal assessments or liens or existing encumbrances of record which are in force and are applicable, having priority over said mortgage, whether or not reference to such restrictions, easements, improvements, liens or encumbrances is made in the deed. TERMS OF SALE: A deposit of Five Thousand ($5,000.00 ) Dollars by certified or bank check will be required to be paid by the purchaser at the time and place of sale. The balance is to be paid by certified or bank check at Harmon Law Offices, P.C., 150 California Street, Newton, Massachusetts 02458, or by mail to P.O. Box 610389, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts 02461-0389, within thirty (30) days from the date of sale. Deed will be provided to purchaser for recording upon receipt in full of the purchase price. The description of the premises contained in said mortgage shall control in the event of an error in this publication. Other terms, if any, to be announced at the sale. CHASE HOME FINANCE LLC Present holder of said mortgage By its Attorneys, HARMON LAW OFFICES, P.C. 150 California Street Newton, MA 02458 (617) 558-0500 200707-1328 - RED August 29, 2008 September 5, 2008 September 12, 2008

10 • THE WEBSTER TIMES • Friday, August 29, 2008 111 East Main Street, Webster, Massachusetts 508-943-9306 508-987-0767 1-800-552-7444

Lake Realty/Premier Real Estate Licensed in MA & CT

Jules Lusignan

Gary Williams

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T.A. King

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Brandy Mehlhouse

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S U M M E R I S H E R E ! ! ! L I S T W I T H # 1 ! ! ! C A L L F O R A F R E E M A R K E T A NA LY S I S ! ! !



WEBSTER - "BRAND NEW" 10 Rm 3,120' WEBSTER – 14 Mikes Way! Panoramic Views DUDLEY – 3 Wayne Ave! Near Middle/High Schools & Nichols College! Colonial w/9' Ceilings! Granite Kit w/Tile of Distant Hills! Super Neighborhood! 2 Story Flr! Din Rm, Liv Rm, 16x26 Frplcd Fam Rm, Grand Entry! Huge Frplcd Master Bdrm Suite! 7Rm Split! Fully Applianced! Din & Liv 1st Flr Office all w/Hrdwds! 4 Bdrms! Frplcd Fam Rm w/Cathedral Ceiling! Cedar Rms w/Cathedral Ceilings! 3 Bdrms Master w/Whirlpool Tub! 2.5 Baths! 18x36' w/Hrdwds Flrs & Double Closets! Fam Bonus Rm! Pick Your Granite, Cabinets & Siding! 50 Yr Shingles! Solid Wood Doors! Sun Rm! 1.5 Baths! Garages! 1/2Acre! Rm! 2 Car Garage! Carpet! CVac! Network Wired! Hydro Air! $239,900.00 $319,900.00 $399,900.00

DUDLEY – 221 W. Main St! Conveniently Located 6 Rm Cape/Ideal Business Location! 23,500' Lot! Liv Rm w/Carpet over Hrdwds! 1st Flr Master & Den w/Hrdwds! 2 Second Flr Bdrms w/Hrdwds! Porch! Garage w/Storage! 3 Yr Old Roof & Vinyl Siding! $198,900.00

WEBSTER – 367 Thompson Rd! 8Rm Cape! Move-in Condition! Applianced Kit w/Wood Flr! DinRm w/Hrdwds! Frplcd LivRm! 4Bdrms! 2Baths! Super LL FamRm - Walk-out to 16x24 Deck! 3Z Oil! 1/2 Acre! Below Assessment! $249,000.00

OXFORD – 13 Park Street! Lots of OXFORD – 201 Main Street! Huge 2 Character! 11+Rms! 4 Bdrms! Family! 7/6Rms! 3/3Bdrms! 2/1Baths! 2 Baths! Beautiful Hrdwds & Built- Lots of Parking! Great Yard! Each Unit ins! Potential In-Law/Apt. on the 2nd has 2 Flrs! Separate Furnaces! Flr! Lots of Space & Storage! Individually Metered! Replacement Barn/Garage/Workshop/Loft Area! Windows! Laundry Hook-ups! $219,900.00 $179,900.00

NEW PRICE DUDLEY – 40 Hall Road! Automotive Sales & Service! Good Location! 13,566 Sq Ft Lot w/9,000 Sq Ft of Paved Parking Lot/Sales Display Area! 2 Stall 26X32' Garage! 2 Free Standing Offices/Storage Sheds! Excellent Location! $139,900.00

WEBSTER LAKE – Middle Pond Waterfront Lot! One of the Absolute Best Shorelines on the Lake! Perfectly Level! Sandy Beach! Western Exposure Across the Widest Expanse of the Lake with Sunsets to Die For! 10,183’! Town Services! $369,900.00

SOLD SUTTON – LAKE SINGLETARY – Spectacular 5 Acre Waterfront Estate! 360’ of Prime Shoreline! 10 Rm 4200’ Custom Cape! Grand Entry Foyer! Frplcd Master Bdrm Suite! 4 Lake Facing Bdrms! 3.5 Baths! Radiant Heat! 4 Zone AC! Net Proceeds to Charity! SOLD $1,399,900.00

SUTTON – LAKE SINGLETARY! IDEAL 46' WATERFRONT! Excellent Swimming, Boating, Fishing & Relaxing by the Water's Edge! Great Summer & Winter! Don't Wait! Call Today! Start Enjoying this Fabulous Lake! $275,000.00

WEBSTER – 46 Upland Ave! Well Maintained Ranch Style Duplex! 5/4 Rms! 3/2 Bdrms! 1.5/1 Baths! Convenient! Replacement Windows! Hardwoods! New Roof! Recent Boilers! Circuit Breakers! Full Basement! 2 Car Garage! $239,000.00

OXFORD – 8 E. Main St! 7Rm Newly Remodeled Antique Colonial! New Kitchen, Bath, Carpeting, Windows & Vinyl Siding! Conveniently Located! Quick Highway Access! PRICED BELOW ASSESSED VALUE! $174,900.00

DUDLEY – 33 Charlton Road! 6+Rm Split! Custom Granite Kit! Open Flr Plan! Frplcd Liv & Fam Rms! Hrdwds! Custom Bath w/Separate Tub & Shower! 2 Baths Total! $249,900.00

WEBSTER – 3 Foster Street! Renovated 7 Rms! 3Bdrms! 2Baths! Everything is New – Walls, Electric, Plumbing, Heating, Flooring, Kit Cabinets, Appliances, Bathrooms, Windows & Siding! Fenced Back Yard! $189,900.00


OXFORD – 32 Church Street! Motivated! 6Rm Updated Cape! 3/4Bdrms! Fenced Corner Lot! Recent Roof, Windows, Heating, Septic! 1st Flr Master w/Sliders! Hardwoods! Centrally Located! Make an Offer! $189,900.00

WEBSTER – 4 Kenneth Ave! Brand New 6Rm Colonial! Quiet Cul-de-Sac! 3Bdrms - Master w/Master Bath! 2.5 Baths Total! Pick Your Carpeting & Counters! Deck! Oil Heat! Town Services! And More! $269,900.00

WEBSTER – 9 Sears Ave! Well Maintained 6Rm Split! Applianced Kit w/Breakfast Bar! Din Area w/Slider to Deck! Spacious Liv Rm! 3 Bdrms! Lower Level Ideal to Finish! Newer Roof! 2 Car Garage! Huge AG Pool! Corner Lot! $249,900.00

WEBSTER – 43 1st Street! 2 Family! 5/5 Rms! 2/3Bedrms! Major Recent Remodel – Roof, Siding, Windows, Wiring, Porches, Carpets, Cabinets, Appliances, & Wood Floors! Separate Utilities! Corner Lot– Off St. Parking! And More! $179,900.00


WEBSTER LAKE - Killdeer Island! Reid Smith Cove! Sandy Beach! Boat House! Custom 8Rm Ranch! Endless Potential! 90' Waterfront! 12,623' Lot! Frplcd Liv & Fam Rooms! Walk-out Lower Level! Plenty of Rm to Entertain! Recent Roof! Plan for Summer Now! $659,900.00

WEBSTER LAKE – Long Island! Charming, Cozy, Rustic, Romantic – You’ll Fall In Love and Not Want to Leave! Remarkable Island Getaway! New Bath, New Windows! Enjoy Your Quiet Evenings in the Enclosed Porch Watching Incredible Sunsets! $329,900.00

R/E Tax $1409






R/E Tax $1840

DUDLEY – Lovingly mainW tained and totally NE immaculate Cape in wonderful neighborhood – cabinet-packed kitchen – dining room – front-to-back living room w/fireplace and bow window – two bedrooms – 1.5 ceramic baths – finished breezeway with sliders to deck – new interior paint and carpeting – hardwoods – shed – vinyl siding – two-car attached garage – nicely landscaped 1/3 acre.

R/E Tax $2719

R/E $1843

12 Blueberry Lane





R/E Tax $2179






WEBSTER – Classic Custom Ranch on beautifully manicured lot offering privacy and convenience. Fire-placed living room -- formal dining area -- kitchen with breakfast bar -- two bedrooms -- ceramic bath -- hardwoods -- finished basement with 3/4 bath -- walk-up attic with great potential for additional rooms -- front porch -- three-season room -- gazebo -canopied patio -- garage. Minutes to beach, highway, schools, stores.

Park Avenue


CHARLTON – 14 Carpenter Hill Rd! WEBSTER – 12 Konkel Ave! 6 Rms w/3 Updated 6Rm Ranch! Hrdwd Flrs! Recent Roof! New Windows! New Kit & Bdrms & 2.5 Baths! Move in Condition! 1st Flr Hrdwds! Oak Kitchen! Master Bath Flooring! Finished Lower Level Bath w/Jacuzzi Tub! Fenced Yard w/Patio w/Bar Area & separate Laundry & & Deck! Walk to Webster Lake! Storage! Garage! Deck! Private Half Acre 2 Car Garage! w/Easy Access! $259,900.00 $214,900.00

ON DEPOSIT WEBSTER LAKE – Middle Pond! Phenomenal Views! Beautiful Sunsets! 8Rms! New Complete Custom Remodel! Most Rms Lake Facing including 3Bdrms! Master Suite! 3.5 New Baths! Cherry! Granite! Hrdwds! Tile! $589,900.00

WEBSTER LAKE - South Pond! Rare Find! Almost New! 8Rm Custom Built! All the Extra's! Beautiful Sunrises! Quality Throughout! Applianced! Granite! Fireplace! 4Bdrms! Lake Facing Master & Master Bath! 3Baths! Office! Hrdwds & Ceramic! Hydro Air! CVac! Expandable 3rd Level! 2 Car Garage! Irrigation! $749,900.00

943-4900 * 987-8400

WEBSTER – Lovingly mainS tained 2000 sq. ft. Hip Roof Colonial on 1.02 acres in premier family neighborhood. Four bedrooms, master with private bath - formal dining room - formal living room - fireplaced family room - spacious eat-in kitchen and dining area with sliders to deck overlooking inground pool and treed backyard - finished lower level rec room – central air - recent roof and boiler, 2car attached garage - stone wall - minutes to Interstate 395, routes 16, 12 and 193.


WEBSTER – Three-bedroom Colonial on .42 acre lot with two-car garage and inground pool – eat-in kitchen – three season porch with woodstove – living room – dining room – deck – convenient loca-

tion – priced for quick sale!

DUDLEY – 26 West Main St! Ideal Professional Building! Parking to the Rear! Suitable for a Number of Opportunities! Updated Colonial! High Traffic Count! Excellent Visibility! $199,900.00


WEBSTER LAKE - Killdeer Island! Spectacular Sunsets! 61' Waterfront! Energy Efficient! 7Rms! 3Bdrms! 2Baths! Finished Walk-out Lower Level Fam Rm! 2 Car Heated Garage! New Roof! Central Air! Low Maintenance Yard - Beautifully Landscaped! $529,900.00

WEBSTER LAKE – 50’ WATER WEBSTER LAKE! South Pond! FRONT! 2 Lots as One! On the Lake Panoramic Views of Distant Shores! 3,660', across the Street 10,488’! Excellent Sun Exposure - Beautiful Panoramic Views of North Pond! Sunsets! Great Swimming & Boating! Build Your Dream Home! Private 1/3 Acre! Major Remodel / Look Directly Out at the Lake! Addition 2004! Super Kitchen, Great Rm All the Benefits of a Direct Waterfront & Master Bdrm w/ Lake Views! 4Z Oil at a Fraction of the Price & Taxes! Heat! Super Garage! $269,900.00 $589,900.00

Marc D. Becker, Carla Manzi, Brokers

WEBSTER -- Threebedroom Cape on very nice corner lot ON -- eat-in kitchen -living room -- two first-floor bedrooms -- full bath - three-season back porch -- vinyl siding -- garage.

WEBSTER – 32 Main Street! Retail & Office Spaces! 2 Units! Front Building – Retail 1696’ 1st Fl, 459’ 2nd Floor! Rear Building – 600’ Office Space! Multiple Uses! Investment, Business Use or Both! Off Street Parking! 9312’ Lot! $219,900.00




WEBSTER LAKE - Exceptional WEBSTER LAKE – 1401 Treasure Island! Custom End Unit! Marina/Lake Property! Spectacular Sunsets! 100' Waterfront! 5700'! 4 Fireplaces! Views! 6Rms! 1,874 Sq Ft! Appliances! Cherry Wood Library! Granite Kitchen! Custom Floor Plan! Media Rm! Black Pearl Foyer! Tray Hardwoods/Marble/Limestone! 2 Ceilings! Master Suite & Office Suite! Bdrms - Master Bdrm - Master Bath! Lake Level w/Kitchen &10x20 2.5 Baths! Frplcd Fam Rm! Garage! Resistance Pool! Gardens! Security! $1,890,000.00 CAir! Gas Heat! CVac! 2 BOAT SLIPS! $459,900.00


THOMPSON – 15 Rachel Dr! Updated 7 Rm Ranch! Cabinet Packed Kit! Din Area w/Sliders to Mahogany Deck! 3 Bdrms! Wood Trim Throughout! Replacement Windows! Partially Finished Lower Level w/Wood Stove & Brick Hearth! Shed! Garage! $204,900.00


WEBSTER LAKE – 104 Lakeside Ave! WEBSTER LAKE - Killdeer Island! WEBSTER LAKE – South Pond North Pond! Gently Sloping Lawn! South Pond! Sandy Beach! 5Rms! Level 70’ Waterfront! 8 Rms! 3 Bdrms! Open Waterfront! 9Rm Contemp Ranch! 3Bdrms! 1.5Baths! 2 Baths! Frplcd Liv Rm w/Cathedrals & 4/5 Bdrms! 3 Baths!Fireplaced LivRm! FamRm w/Wet Bar! Decks & Screened Recent Roof & Furnace! Add Lot Skylights! Deck! Finished Walk-out Porches! 10,636’ Lot! 45’Frontage! w/Garage across Street! Lower Level Fam Rm w/Bar and Wood Sandy Beach! Dock! $359,900.00 Stove! Great for Entertaining! $479,900.00 $619,900.00


WOODSTOCK – 1369 Rte 169! 2.8Acres! 8+ Rm Colonial! Gleaming Hrdwds! Granite Kit w/Center Isl & SS Appliances! Great Rm/Dining Area! Fantastic Fam Rm! 3 Spacious Bdrms! 2.5 Tile Baths! 2C Garage! $359,900.00


WEBSTER – 353 School Street! 2 Family Ready to Move In! Pick Your Apartment - Choose Your Tenant! Identical Flr Plan w/ Bonus Rm on 2nd Flr! Pantry Kitchens, Formal Din Rms, 24' Liv Rms, 3/3 Bdrms! Recent Heat & Roof! 3 Stall Garage! Off Street Parking, Handicap Ramp! $209,900.00



WEBSTER - 23 Houghton Street! 7Rm Ranch! Beautifully Landscaped! 4 Bdrms! 1.5 Baths! Fireplaced! WalkOut Lower Level w/Family Rm! Huge Sunroom! Breezeway to Garage! Newer Windows & Roof! Gas Heat! C Air! $239,900.00

THOMPSON – 67 Thompson Hill Rd! WEBSTER – 11 Deslauriers Ave! 2 Family! WEBSTER – 12 Granite St! 3 Family! WEBSTER – 41 Greystone Ave! Cute 2 WEBSTER – 28 Elm St! 2-Family! DUDLEY – WATERFRONT! Ideal 6 Rm Cape! Move-in Condition! Move-in Condition! 1200' per Unit! 1st Flr - 6Rms/3Bdrms - Walk-out Lower Level! 6/6/6 Rooms! 3/3/3 Bedrooms! All Good Bedroom Home w/some Updates Already 49 Hayden Pond Rd! Update Since 2004! Applianced Kit w/Pergo 1.5Baths! 2nd Flr 4Rms/2Bdrms, Bath and Hrdwds & Fresh Paint in Both! 15'x17'Liv "New Pond" 4+Rms! Major Done! 1st Floor w/ Replacement Windows! Rm Sizes! Conveniently Located! Flooring! 13x20 Liv Rm w/Ceiling Fans! Rms! 12'x14'Din Rms! Pantries! 16'x18' Walk-up to Large Attic! Maintenance Free Separate Utilities! Off Street Parking! Newer Decks! Newer Hot Water Heater! Remodel/Update! New Main Living 8x28 Fam Rm w/Skylight! 3 Bdrms! Full Level! Walk-out Lower Level - Ideal to Masters 12'x13' 2nd Bdrms! Separate Exterior! Farmers Porch! 2 Car Gar! Fenced Priced 25% Less than the Assessed Nice Open Floor Plan! Garage! Quiet Bath! Nicely Landscaped! 1 Acre! Utilities! 2 C Garage! Enclosed Porches! Yard! Great Owner/Investment Property! Finish Add’l Rms! Street! Centrally Located! $179,900.00 Value! $179,900.00 $189,900.00 $209,900.00 16'x32' Ingrnd Pool! $239,900.00 $204,900.00


WEBSTER – Lovely center hall, hip roof colonial – eat-in kitchen – formal dining room – front-toback fireplaced living room – spacious screened porch – hardwoods – garage – convenient to highways, shopping, schools. R/E Tax $2048 $259,900

DUDLEY – 160 Dudley Oxford Rd! 8Rm Cape! New Paint! New Carpets! Fireplace! Hrdwds! 4Bdrms! 2.5Baths! Mstr Bath w/Marble Tile! FamRm! 2Tier Deck! 2Car Gar! .82 Acre! Below Assessment! $269,900.00






DUDLEY – 12 Eagle Drive! WEBSTER – 13 Highcrest Park! 5Rm Townhouse! Move Right In! Fully 8 Rm Tri-Level! More than Meets the Eye! Applianced Kit! Spacious Liv Rm! 2 Huge Frplcd LivRm! 3/4Bdrms! Mstr Bath! Bdrms! 1.5 tile Baths! Ample Closet 2.5 Baths Total! Super Fam Rm! Garage! Space Throughout! Recent Carpet & In-ground Pool! And More! Paint! Central Air! Priced to Sell! $254,900.00 $159,900.00

WEBSTER -- Nice expandable Cape on corner lot in good neighborhood -- eatin kitchen -- living room -- two bedrooms -- screened front porch -- recent roof, furnace, electric, vinyl siding and windows -detached one-car garage -- gas heat.

R/E Tax $1338


WEBSTER -- Affordable starter home -- Living room -- eat-in kitchen -two bedrooms -- office/ den -- partially finished basement -- vinyl siding, recent roof -- shed -- welllocated in nice neighborhood close to everything! Motivated seller! R/E Tax $1410


GRANDVIEW ESTATES PHASE II PIASTA ROAD, DUDLEY FIVE 2-ACRE LOTS STILL AVAILABLE IN THIS LOVELY TEN-LOT SUBDIVISION Road and utilities completed. Great schools, convenient commuter location, low taxes. Spring is here! Break ground on your dream home!

Lots priced at $125,000 and $150,000




Got a home to sell? or just looking . . . this is the place to check first.


Friday, August 29, 2008

2 Maple Avenue Shrewsbury, MA 01545





! NE




! BR




! NE

Inger Christensen 508/769-3823 508/365-3561

DUDLEY - $199,900 Oversized Ranch in country setting! 5RM, hdwds, frplc, deck, new roof, level lot, garage. 408 Dresser Hill Rd. Rt 395, x-2, Main to Dudley

OXFORD - $219,900 Sunny 6RM Colonial on level lot. New kitchen, hdwds, tile, deck, porch, garages. Must see! 59 Charlton Street

THOMPSON, CT - WOW! $329,900 Skillfully crafted w/ cherry, granite, hdwds, frplc, trey ceil, skylts, deck. 103 Wilsonville Road Rt 395, Ex. 100. Take rt, go 1.5 mi. to #103


Elaine Armstrong 508/353-1932 508/365-4022

To view these properties please visit

WEBSTER - $261,900 Sunny 1547 sf Colonial, open foyer, hdwd flrs, firpl, 3 season rm, lots of updates, lge level yard 69 Park Ave.

AUBURN - $218,900 Cape 3 BR (1 on 1st fl), 2BA, nice eat-in kitch, new 3 seas sunrm, lge LR, walk-out bsmt. 22 Hill Street.

Rt. 395S x-2 right @ light, left to Park Ave.

Rt 12 & 20, next to Ronnie’s Ice Cr is Hill



WEBSTER - $724,900 WEBSTER - $549,900 The best waterfront home on Middle Stately 14 rm Colonial. Pond! 3BR, 3BA w/full in-law. Land good to build condos, live here, Screened porch, deck, bar, 4 docks! make an investment. 131 Birch Island Road 46 Myrtle Avenue Rt 395 x-1 straight Lake Pkwy, Poland, Third

Rt 395 x-4 west @ center straight Charlton









WEBSTER - $249,900 Lge 2-Fam, 6/6, 3BR ea unit, pine flrs, Cab kitch, front porches, backyard, 2-car gar. 41 Brook St. Third St to Brook

Rt 193 (Thompson Rd.) to Birch Island







WEBSTER - $299,900 THOMPSON, CT. - $244,900 THOMPSON, CT - $259,900 THOMPSON, CT - $344,900 Don’t miss this well kept 3 BR Ranch, Lge Cape w/4RM apt 2nd flr. Beautiful 8 RM Colonial on 1 acre Custom blt, 7RM 3BR, 2.5BA, 3BR, 2BA, new kitch & heat, deck, Jenn-air countertop stove, master bath oak flrs, fldst frpl, granite-qual kitch, level lot, 3 BR, 2.5 BA, garages, country setting. w/walk-in shower, corner lot. 1st flr mstr ste, 2.4A. 2-car garage, frplc, patio. 7 Walker Rd. 17 Shady Lane. 73 Laporte Rd 89 Upper Gore Road Rte. 197 in Dudley to Walker Rd. Rte. 395 x-2, straight at light, 1st left. Rt 395S, x-1, lft 193 to Sandam, lft Long Pond Rt 12 South, 1st right to Laporte


New Construction in Butterworth Woods Beautiful inside and out. 2,150 Sq.Ft. 3/4 bdrm. 2 ⁄ bath custom colonial. 1


$329,900. Call Escape Estates, Inc. 508-347-7208 View online at:

Homes For Sale

Woodland Estates Oxford, Ma. Custom Built Homes Beautiful country setting, ideal commuter location, 5 min. to Rte. 395. Spacious lots from 1.5 - 6 Acres. Starting at $79,900. View online @ or call for more info. 508-347-7208


One of the most sought after 55+ manufactured home communities in all of Massachusetts. Like new 2 BR, 2 full baths. Open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, applianced kitchen. A steal at $129,900.

CALL TODAY! (508) 450-7919

Land For Sale

HOUSE LOTS – Sturbridge, Oxford, Brimfield and Holland, beautiful properties in excellent locations, or custom build with us. Prices starting at $49,900. View our properties online @ or for more information call Escape Estates Inc. @ 508-347-7208

Southbridge Very Affordable 2BR CONDO! Updated/ Clean/ Move-In Ready! Occupied by Non-Smoker, Plenty of Parking, Laundry $95,000.


43 East Main St. Webster, MA 01570 508.943.4333

WEBSTER: Downsizing or Starting Out? Spacious 5RM/3BR Ranch w/Attd Garage! Hrdwds,Updated Wndws,Furnace, HtWtr HeaterNeeds Some Cosmetics! Offers Will Be Considered! Town Water/Sewer $184,900.




Webster 90 Worcester Rd BUSINESS ZONED! Incredible Professional Office Potential! 1/2 Acre+ 160’ Rd $289,900. See it at









Dudley Waterfront 10 Klondike Road Pierpont Meadow Pond! Young Custom Waterfront Home! Spacious 2748sf + Addl 900sf Inlaw, 2 Kitchens, 3-4 BRS, 3 BA, Wood Ceilings & Floors, Brick Fireplace $565,000.

Webster Lake Waterfront Properties


Family must buy either house with land, waterfront home, 2 family, or house with in-law. Will repair. PLASSE R.E. 508-987-5588



ONLINE DIRECTORY. All local. All the time.

An Exciting New Listing At 55 Colonial Road Great Location! This Spacious 2,600 SF, 10 Rm 4 Bdrm Classic Contemporary Boasts a Large 10,000 SF Lot with 105 Ft of 1st Class Waterfront! A Western Exposure & Beautiful Expansive Views! A Waterview from 9 of 10 Spacious Rooms! Optional 5,400 Sq. Ft. Lot Price: $625,000.

Colonial Park Contemporary Raised Ranch w/Finished Walkout Lower Level ~ 1500SF, 3 BRs, 1.5 Baths, Cherry & Granite Kitchen w/Hardwood Floors, 7,868 SF Lot 50’ Frontage Western Exposure Sandy Beach Area $499,900

Great Opportunity to Build your Waterfront Dream Home! Large 10,736 SF Cleared & Level Lot, Beautiful Expansive Views ~ Western Exprosure, Town Water & Sewer on Site ~ No Betterment or Connection Fees 65’ of Sandy Shore Line, 115’ Road Frontage $195,000



47 Durfee Road • Dudley, MA 01571 Office: 508-943-0667 • Cell: 508-864-2483 • Fax: 508-943-8759 To view these properties & others please visit Email: [email protected] Linda G. Bazinet Claire L. Verdone Email: [email protected] Realtor®/Broker/Owner Realtor®

STURBRIDGE: FOR SALE OR RENT: 4 Bed, 2 bath Ranch. Lower level is fully finished, great for college kids or inlaws. Newly renovated. Easy drive to Routes 20, 84, Mass Pike. $215,000.00 Or Rent $750.00 Bi-Weekly

SOUTHBRIDGE: 3 Bed, 1 bath Cape, Sits on .40± acres in a quiet country setting. Great Neighborhood. Close to area amenities. $158,000.00

WEBSTER: 4 Bed/3 bath, Colonial, Master suite w/jacuzzi, shower & vanity. Xlarge eat-in kitchen packed w/cabinets, formal dining & living rm, sparkling hardwood & ceramic floors, 2-car garage, great commuter location. $299,900.00

Absolutely Stunning! Crown Moldings ~ 9' Ceilings Beautiful Granite Counters~ Stainless Appliances & Center Island! Master Bath w/Floor to Ceiling Marble, Whirlpool Tub w/Waterfall Faucet & Marble Shower! Boat Dock, Southern Exposure. $645,000

Conrad Allen Agent 508-400-0438 IED UP CC O R NE OW

Southbridge Seven room, four bedroom, 1.5 bath Colonial. Convenient downtown location. Excellent opportunity for the large or growing family to own this home for less than rent. $159,900






Southbridge Unbelievable price on a brand new raised ranch, cathedral ceilings in kitch, dinning area, LR,. Ceramic tile w/medallion in the foyer, ceramic tile in the kitchen and bathroom. You cannot find a brand new home with all these extras anywhere in Worcester County for this price. Energy efficient home. Ready now! $199,900






Webster 3 bedroom Ranch at a bargain price. Walk to Webster Lake beach. New floor coverings, new carpeting and vinyl floors. Oversized 2car detached garage. Large deck. $179,900


Southbridge Completely remodeled home, ALL NEW roof, siding, thermopane windows ceramic tile, hot water heating system, 100 amp circuit breaker electrical system and plumbing througout this home. Flat lot. This home vacant and ready for immediate occupancy. $139,900

Webster Excellent opportunity for the developer, woodworker, car enthusiast, etc. 4300 sq. ft. steel building with 15 ft. ceilings, two overhead doors, office space plus well maintained four family; low rent. This location is only 4 mins,. to Rt. 395 and only 25 ins. to Worcester. The owner might consider a second mortgage of 10% to a well qualified buyer.$359,900





Webster Family owned for 40 yrs... first floor apt. Wonderful opportunity for the family just starting out. Second floor has access to the 3rd floor. There are 4 semi-finished BRs, ideal for expansion. Super Buy!!! $169,900

LAND FOR SALE Dudley Commerical 1.6 acres on Rt. 12. $199,900 Dudley .49 acre with well and town sewerage zoned for single or two family. $125,900

Southbridge Two 1 acre lots-perked with septic design $54,900 Webster Two 1 acre lots perced & septic design on Sutton Rd. $79,900 Webster 3.2 acre wooded lot with privacy. Perced and with septic design. $94,900

12 • THE WEBSTER TIMES • Friday, August 29, 2008 508-832-2262

Brenda Ryan BrokerOwner

Dot Aucoin Broker/ Realtor

Melissa Cournoyer Hilli

Mary Jo Demick

Spiro Thomo

Vivian MarreroDoros

Debra NordbyRivera

Jennifer Donais

Debbie Thomo

Joan Lacoste

505 Washington St., Auburn, MA 01501

We are #1 in sales in Southbridge. Call us FIRST!

98 HAMILTON STREET, SOUTHBRIDGE, MA 01550 • 508-765-9155 • 1-800-784-0445 FAX: 508-765-2698

Now offering rental services


Southbridge: Circa 1885 Antique Home with a kitchen “to die for”! 8 rooms 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths.1900sf of living area. Gorgeous Home! Updates include roof, furnace, insulation, wiring, plumbing, most windows-beautiful hardwood floors. Large deck w/awning. $223,000.

Southbridge: Pride of Ownership shines throughout this property! Solid construction! Lots of Room! 6 rooms 4 bedrooms 2 bath Cape! Hardwood Floors! Front to back bedrooms! Updated furnace & electrical! $169,900. Not a foreclosure!

Sturbridge: STUNNING-BETTER THAN NEW! Crescent Gate Townhouse! 7 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths! First floor masterbedroom suite! End unit with beautiful heated sunroom overlooking exceptional landscaping & patio. Soaring ceilings. Fireplace, garage.UPGRADES GALORE! Over 55! $369,900.

Southbridge: Move in condition! Built in 1988-DUPLEX! 4 rooms 2 bedrooms each side. Full basement open to the back yard-great for finishing into familyroom or another bedroom if needed. Great deck overlooking peaceful countryside$199,900. STOP PAYING RENT! Start your home ownership here!

Southbridge: JUST LIKE NEW! BUILT IN 2004! Attached Duplex w/Farmer’s porch! MINT MINT CONDITION! 6 rooms 3 bedrooms 1 1/2 baths. Appliance kitchen! 1 car garage under leading to laundry & exercise room. Very close to Rt 169near Charlton line- $169,900.

Southbridge: TO BE BUILT! 2200sf Colonial with 7 rooms 3 bedrooms 2 1/2 baths. Optional 1st floor masterbedroom. Energy Star home! Builder will include refrigerator, stove & dishwasher. Upscale neighborhood with only 22 lots with underground utilities, sidewalks, cul-de-sac. Will custom build your plan or ours. $369,900.

ERA Key Realty Services

(866) 321-6812: Toll-Free! Licensed in CT & MA! Visit our website: (Click on “Oxford”)

Auburn $185,000. First time buyers or down sizing? This is the home for you. Single level living with many upgrades, including insulated windows and doors & circuit breakers. 5 rooms, 3 bedrooms. Partially fenced in yard, with - in walking distance to park. Great commuter location. Move in condition. Subject to short sale.

Spencer $475,000. Stiles Waterfront Enjoy year round activity on full recreational lake. Ranch with 6 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces. Updated heating system, windows, storm doors, and roof. New Title V system. Large wrap around deck. with beautiful view.

Deadline: Monday at 10am

WEBSTER: NE COMMONS A 55+ Community of Single Family & Duplex-Style Homes! • Model Open from 1-4 p.m. EVERY: WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY Directions: Rt. 395, Exit 3; Rt. 12-Old Worcester Rd. Bigelow Rd.-3A Concord Ct.! • BUILDER On-Site every Wednesday! • LOCATION! Close to: Highways, Hospital, Recreation areas, Restaurants, Stores, Town Amenities • 1 Level Living features: Energy Efficient Design/Construction Materials • Low Monthly Fees/Taxes


Auburn $359,900. Beautiful setting for this meticulously maintained 7 room, 3 bedroom, 2 bath split level home with a large two story barn on acre plus level lot. Large living with fireplace, crown molding & chair rail.Updated eat in kitchen, updated bath and shining hardwood floors. Finished family room and bedroom/ office and bath in walk out lower level. Large over sized to car garage with steel I beam and walk up to second floor. Total of 3 garage spaces. Mint property.

Open House Directory

351 Main St., Oxford

Key Realty Services

Webster $199,900. Well built and maintained 3 bedroom ranch set on beautiful 3/4 acre level lot in a great neighborhood. Bright open floor plan. fireplaced living room. Master bedroom with sliders to private deck. Full clean lower level ready to finish into huge family room. Attached garage with door opener. Roof replaced 2 years ago. Ideal commuter location.

(C) Condo (B) Business (P) Land


(X) Condex (U) Duplex (L) Mobile Home




3A Concord Ct



8 Sanborn St



ERA Key Realty 866-321-6812





Coldwell Banker / Jo-ann Szsmczak 508-943-7669




ERA Key 866-321-6812

HUNTER’S RIDGE Desirable New Subdivision of 152 Homes! If your household income is $45,000.-$59,500./year, you could own this home for $1150./month!*

WEBSTER: 3A Concord Ct

MUST HAVE/MEET REQUIREMENTS: • Good credit – limited debt; Household size; Income/qualification requirements • If eligible, payment terms would be: 33 yrs., Fixed: Principle/Interest/Taxes/Insurance*

The EVERGREEN (garage optional)


WEBSTER: 3A Concord Ct


Dudley-$189,900.! Come see this immaculate 8 Rm., 3 BR Ranch!! Appld. Kit., hdwd. flrs.; updated Bath; heated LL has Fam. Rm., Office/Craft Rm., Game Rm.! Lovely .21 ac. lot w/AG pool/covered patio, deck, storage shed! Worth a look!

Dudley-$259,000.! Quality 3 Fam.-pristine condition; many updates: new boiler, updated electric, replacement windows, remodeled baths, fully appl’d. Kits.; plenty of off st. parking; manicured, private .32 ac. lot! Grow your net worth – buy this multi!



21 South Main Street, Putnam, CT 06260 Email [email protected] VISIT US ON THE WEB AT:

JOYCE R. DUFF Broker/Owner

BEST BUY IN TOWN LOTS FOR OF PUTNAM: SALE: Totally remodeled S U THOMPSON J Colonial Farmhouse LOTS FOR 2+ Acre in great location. SALE Spacious master lots for bedroom & bath on first sale, side floor. Nice wood floors by side. Great location near newer down, carpets up, 2 homes. Perc tested, surveyed and staircases, Fireplace, wrap around Farmer's ready for your new home. Buy now, Porch on 1+ Acre lot. build later….Priced to SELL @ $99,000. So convenient for commuting and low taxes, Call Joyce Duff 860-450-2397. too. PRICED TO SELL $289,000. D

NEW CONSTRUCTION: Just in time to make choices….this “Quality-Built” Colonial is nicely set on 2.33 Acres in THOMPSON. Spacious Kitchen with granite counters and island, with eating space & Atrium door leading to back deck. Formal Dining, 25x12 Family Room with gas fireplace. Place your rocker on the Trek floored Farmer’s Porch. Upstairs has four bdrms, 2 1/2 baths, Master with whirlpool. Expand your space by finishing the walkout basement already plumbed for another bath. Also a 2- car garage. $398,500 Call Joyce Duff 860-450-2397.

WONDERFUL WOODSTOCK CAPE If you need room for HORSES, babbling brook, privacy, barn w/3 stalls….it’s here! Special home has 5 bdrms., 3 full & 2 half baths, “Gourmet” kitchen, open floor plan, 2 fireplaces, cherry floors, 24x20 deck w/pretty views. A quiet spot awaiting your approval. New Price $389,000.




ERA Key 866-321-6812

(866) 724-9044 Toll-Free! Visit our website (Click on Spencer)

JUST LISTED! Webster-$189,900.! Completely remodeled in ’03, this 2 Fam. is a great mtge. helper! New: walls, insulation, windows, baths! Apt. 1: 4 Rms., 1 BR; Apt. 2: 6 Rms., 3 BRS; appliances! Off-st. parking; really nice .25 acre lot has a great back yard; this is a very energy-efficient 2 Family! See it today!



Spencer $229,900 Spencer $195,000 Wonderful Cape with 3 or 4 Neat 3 Bedroom Ranch on CulBedrooms on an extra large 1/2 de-sac! 5 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, acre corner lot! Updated winHardwoods Thru Most of the dows, pergo flooring, Berber house! 3 Season Porch, Nice Carpeting & More! Full Deck Overlooks Beautiful Large Finished Walkout basement with Yard. Full Wakout Basement, huge Family Room & Play Walk-up Attic. Great Room. 1 Car Garage. Great Possibilities for expansion. Home for Entertaining!






Oxford Two (2) Families-buy one or both-they’re well maintained! Bldg. 1: .47 ac.-$250,000.: A 6 rm., 3 BR apt., a 4 Rm., 1 BR apt. w/walk-up attic; updated elec.; new: septic sys., furnace/HW htr.! Bldg. 2: .58 ac.-$260,000.: Both 3 BR apts. w/sep. util., updated baths! Apt. 1 redone!

Webster-$165,000.! Oxford-$249,900.! Oxford-$150,000.! Extremely well-kept 2 BR, 2 2 Fam.; completely redone from Fantastic 5 Rm., 3 BR Ranch has 3-season Porch that studs out! Nice .27 Ac. lot Bath Townhouse in 30-unit abuts golf course; dead-end overlooks nice backyard; .19 ac. complex has gar., fin. LL; nice lot on a side st., yet close to st.! Apt. 1: 5 Rms., 3 BRS, DR woodsy setting; central to area amenities! Garage/walkw/deck access, encl. porch; stores, major rtes.! Nice hdwd. out LL could be easily fin. for Apt. 2: 3 Rms., 1 BR; flrs.; central AC, deck/balcony! extra living space! Enjoy 1120 ample closets! sq. ft. of comfortable, charming E-z to own! living space! Opportunity knocks-answer the door!

(800) 562-3186 Toll Free


ERA Key Realty Services





To have your open house listed in this directory please contact Diane @ 1-508-909-4110

*Call for details


(T) Townhouse (D) Adult Community


Call 866-321-6811 for a personal Tour



(M) Multi-Family (S) Single Family (A) Apartment


Brookfield $285,000 Impeccable Split Level Home with New $40K Finished Lower Level perfect for In-law Set up or Family Fun! 6 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths! Move in condition! Abuts 500 Acre Conservation area! Poised on 1.62 Acres, Easy Commute to Major Routes!


North Brookfield $399,000 Spectacular 7 Room, 3 bdrm, 2 Bath Contemporary w/deeded right of way & Views of Lake Lashaway! Over 2600SF on almost 1 Acre! Floor to ceiling views of Lake, wrap around deck, Open concept Gourmet kitchen w/Granite, fireplaced Living rm, loft, Mater suite w/whirlpool tub. WOW!



Oakham: $319,500 Worcester $224,900 Auburn: $269,900 North Brookfield $174,500 Renovated Colonial! 3 Private! This Contemporary Move Right into this Immaculate Country setting at this beautifulBedrooms, Formal Dining, Large Split is set back off the Road on Colonial Loaded with Country ly remodeled Townhouse. 2 Living Room, Sun Room, Charm! 6 Rooms, 3 Bedrooms, 2+ Acres! Custom Built with large bdrms, 1.5 baths. Open Office! Gleaming Hardwoods Fireplaced Living Room with Kitchen, Dining Rm w/hdwds. Thru-out! Wonderful Condition Style & Functionality! 8 Rooms, Hardwoods, Formal Dining Deck off living room. Full 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths! – Just Move in! 2 Car Garage, Room with built in china Basement! Low condo fees! Cabinet Packed Kitchen Great Yard! Why Rent? 1 Year Cabinet, Hardwoods & Freshly painted & ready for w/Center Island, Fplced Formal Home Warranty! Price and Wainscotting! Lower Level you! 1 Year Home Warranty! Condition is Fantastic and Dining, Over 2700SF! Family Room, 1 Car Garage, Price and Condition qualifies as Qualifies this home as a GOLD Cathedrals, Skylights, Huge 2 Lovely Yard! a GOLD STAR property! STAR Property! Car Garage, WOW!





All local. All the time.



Names you know,... people you trust

DUDLEY! OFFERS CONSIDERED! • $189,900 • Well Maintained Ranch • Roof - 1 Year • Heated Breezeway • Near Golf Courses and Stores

63 Dudley Hill Road

Licensed in CT. & MA


DUDLEY WATERFRONT - $279,900 Open House Sunday 12-2 MERINO POND

8 Sanborn St

• 165’ Frontage • 1.5 BA • Town Services • Private Setting • 2 BR

‘Liz’ Banas Real Estate Southbridge, MA 01550

1-508-765-5452 • 1-774-230-5026

Liz Banas Owner/Broker

$137,500! SOUTHLEICESTER: BRIDGE: Two bedBeautiful Cedar E R room starter Cape Meadow Pond! .46 w/ 832 sq. feet of acres w/ 900 additional unfinsquare ft. cottage; ished space on 2nd 90 ft. of waterfront; level; .24 acre corner lot; garage; Hot water baseboard heat; replacement windows; town stone fireplace; detached garage; Owner will entertain offers. $274,999 water and sewer; Off Lebanon Hill. ED


Serving greater Southbridge - Sturbridge and local Connecticut. Licensed in MA & CT

To advertise in The Webster Times please call Diane Cameron at 508.909.4110

Friday, August 29, 2008


Maher Real Estate

Inquire About our 100% Financing Homes!

508-832-5831 Auburn 1-800-563-7019 • [email protected] Licensed in MA&CT

Ann Marie Sorensen





Danielle Therrien

Helen Vangsness


DUDLEY: Incredible investment op! Lg 4 unit bldg, 2/2/2/2, many updates inc. windows, siding and boiler. $199,900





Anne Coulson

Maryann Johnson

Diane Begreen


STURBRIDGE: Absolutely gorgeous young upgraded 3 BR, 2 ba cape, custom cherry, granite and stainless ktichen, 2+ garage, 1 acre! $279,900




Judy Empie


CHARLTON: “Waterfront”. Beautiful 4BR, 2.5BA Colonial on Baker Pond! Applc’d kitchen, hardwoods, walk-out fin. L.L.! A beauty! $339,900

Janice Ward

Diane Pacevicz

Anne Greenberg

Franny Gaudette



DUDLEY: Well maintained 2 family home in convenient location! Hardwoods, updated kitchens and baths! Off-street parking! $219,900

OXFORD: “Just Reduced” Nice 3BR, 1.5 bath end unit townhouse w/full basement, small 5 unit complex, small pets welcome. Conveniently located! $149,900

SOUTHBRIDGE: “Choice of 2”! Brand new, top quality 2 BR, 1.5 ba, 2 story condo! Granite and fully appl. kitchen peninsula, gas fireplace, Central air, large walk-out basement! Reduced! $199,000

N. OXFORD: At “Thayer Pond.” Choice of 3 condos! 4 rm, 1 br units, applc’d kitchens, C/A, pool! Near major routes! $99,900 and up.

Auburn - “Pineledge” 2 BR, 2.5 Ba, garage. $189,900 Charlton - 2 BR, 1.5 Ba. $179,900 Dudley - 3 RM, 1 BR. $89,000 Oxford - “Thayer Pond”- 1 BR. $99,900 and up Meadowbrook Court - 3 BR, 1.5 Ba. $149,900 Worcester - 2 BR, 1 Ba. $123,000

Lorraine Jankowski

Sue Kusz


Elie Kahale

Chic Beland

Eric Piasta





AM 3-F

WEBSTER: 8 Rm, 2.5 ba colonial, ceramic kitchen, 2 decks, 2 car garage! Great Location with lake views! $279,900

••• CONDOS •••





Ronald Garabedian

Joyce Johnson Owner/Broker 508-958-1742

Sandra Loughlin Owner/Manager 508-769-2605

New Agents... Classes beginning in September – Call Sandy for details 508-832-5831 X12

WEBSTER: Owner occupied 3 family home, 6 Rms, 3 BR each floor. Lots of natural woodwork. Very nice condition! $189,000

••• LAND ••• Leicester - 2.2+ Ac... permits in hand... $105,000 W. Brookfield - Two 2+ acre lots... Each $55,000 Dudley - 4+ acres! Perced w/design!... $155,000









All local. All the time.



•Yard Clean-up •Apartment Maintenance & Renovations


•All types of Exterior/Interior Trash Cleanup Attics, Apartments, Cellars, Garages Etc.

absolutely lowest cost guaranteed!

*Jean-Paul Betty* 508-943-3024 Licensed-Insured

4 DOGS Painting & Hardwood Floor Refinishing Interior & Exterior

Rubbish removal at

•Attics, garages, cellars, household items, & yard waste

Extended Summer Special

10% Off On All Jobs With A Signed Contract Before August 14th

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A. Jeffers Tree Service °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Tree Removals Land Clearing Hay

Senior Discounts Cheaper than a dumpster and we do the work!

Pickups days evenings &weekends

Bankruptcy Consult with a Lawyer who can help you: • Stop creditor harassment • Keep your car • Keep your home • Keep your personal property • Restore your credit We are a debt relief agency; We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the bankruptcy code

Attorney Rosaleen J. Clayton 508-832-9006

Total Home Cleaning * Windows * Walls * Carpets * Floors, Upholstery Emergency Soot, Fire & Flood Clean-up

By The Day Or The Hour Save Time & Money Low Rates!


Quality Thorough Experience



JIM’S ROOFING & HOME IMPROVEMENT ~Offering Complete Roofing Services~


Bath Solutions

Specializing In: • Color Changes • Foyers & Stairways • Wallpaper Removal

508-340-4124 ONE DAY REMODELING . . . at a fraction of the cost Commercially used for over 35 years

New Acrylic Tub & Walls Over Your Old Ones • Maintenance Free easy to clean • Will not stain, fade, crack or chip • Free Estimates

Cell 508 577 7940 James DiGeronimo Serving Central MA And Beyond

FRESH START PAINTING “Give Your House a Fresh Start” Free Estimates Interior/Exterior Powerwashing Fully Insured Over 20 Years Experience

(508)320-0867 Frank (774)280-1544 John Mass License # 146624

Central Mass Home Improvement √ Finish/Rough Carpentry √ Interior/Exterior Painting √ Tiling Work √ Pre-Finished Hardwoods √ Remodeling √ Small/Large Projects

~Call today for an estimate!~ 508-326-7022

Giles Brothers Carpentry Framing, Additions, Finish Carpentry, Ceramic & Hardwood Floors, Decks, Siding, Door & Window Replacement, Kitchen Cabinets & Counters Free Estimates (508)949-2384 Paul (860)923-9707 Peter Licensed and Insured


Call Andre

Interior rooms As low as $110 Ceilings $70 Woodwork $80

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MA Lic. #102690

• Gutter Cleaning


Nathan Dumais - Owner All Types Of Carpentry, Roofing, Siding, Windows and More... Office

Free Estimates Licensed & Insured

508-248-7172 Office 508-832-4444


Full-Service Building & Remodeling

Painting & Carpentry Tile Work, Floors & Decks Siding &Windows Kitchen & Bathrooms

Repairs • New Roofs • Re-Roofs Replacement Windows and Doors Siding • Decks


Call (774)239-0285

Nate Dumais


Residential Specialist Quality Affordability & Trust Without Compromise

$3.50/bale Feed Hay On The Field




Fully Insured FREE Estimates


(508)479-5269 Licensed & Insured

NO JOB TOO SMALL • Quality Work • Customer Satisfaction • Painting & Sheet Rock • Power Washing • Carpentry • Suspended Ceilings • Laminated Flooring • Ceramic Tile

Fully Insured

508-765-6040 John Daly Plumbing & Heating

Fully Insured MA. Reg. 137576

Rene Martel 508-867-3770 508-414-7792

P&P Seal Coating and Asphalt Maintenance

Painting Quality Workmanship 2 year guarantee Interior and Exterior Licensed and Insured Servicing satisfied customers since 1968


Schedule Now for early fall!

Interior/Exterior Power Washing FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED Call Rich


Rich O’Brien Painting PEST CONTROL Accurate Pest Control



Ask for David Hight Auburn, MA

Call anytime

MASONRY Stone, Brick, Block, Tile New & Repairs Clean, Courteous Service Foundation Repair Wood Stove Installation & Relining 32 Years Experience Joseph Iozzo

Commercial and Residential

PAINTING Brown Painting Exterior/Interior Licensed and Insured Visa, MC, Amex, Discover accepted.


Cell phone 508-243-6690 or home 508-234-9315




CBC PAINTING Exterior/ Interior

•Spring and fall cleanup •Landscaping •Lawn Maintenance •Property Maintenance •Full Handyman Services •Snow/Trash Removal Free Estimates Fully Licensed & Insured

(508)347-0110 Free Call (508)612-6427

Quality Workmanship & Satisfied Customers for over 20 Years Fully Insured Free Est. 508-278-3316 1-800-640-3316

Peter J Voas

Electrical Contracting Master Electrician License #15014A

• Fully Insured • A Member Of The Better Business Bureau • MC/Visa/Discover Accepted

Satisfaction Guaranteed



CALL RON FENNEUFF (508)892-8115 Leicester , MA




Justin (508)631-6795 Ray (508)414-2188


Call Paul for Free Estimates

•Seal Coating •Crack Filling •Line Striping

Free Estimates

Licensed & Insured

Fully lic’d & ins’d

Boiler Replacement Bathroom/Kitchen Remodeling New Construction Gas Piping Water Heaters Leaky Pipes Repaired Water Filters

• Bathrooms • Kitchens • • Decks • Floors • Roofs • • Small Backhoe Services • • Framing & Additions • • Door & Window • • Replacements •

R. P. Gemme Co. 508-892-8705 508-757-4170

Full Pest Control Services Over 27 yrs. experience Reasonable Rates Owner Operated 508-757-8078

Prompt Service

R&J Home Improvement

All local. All the time.

Home Improvement • Bathrooms • Kitchens • • Decks • Floors • Roofs • • Small Backhoe Services • • Framing & Additions • • Door & Window • • Replacements •

Free Estimates Justin (508)631-6795 Ray (508)414-2188

Save $$$$ Complete Contract Services • Repairs • • Kitchens • • Baths • •Basements • • Floor Refinishing • • Renovation • • Cleaning •

Call Keith Rogers (508)864-7724

Semi-Retired All Kinds Of Repairs On: Gutters Cleaned Chimneys & Foundations Repointed, Rebuilt, Or Stuccoed Siding Trim Installed Around Windows & Doors And On Overhanging Jets Security Bars Installed On Windows & Various Openings

Have Tools, Will Travel

Licensed & Insured

Roland Dubrule 508-832-4446

ROOFING Superior Roofing Inc.


“The Name Says It All...” Shingles Single Ply Systems Free Est. Call Mike

508-234-6161 Ma. Lic.#123015 Ma. Lic.#065084

Rudnicki Roofing Inc. Residential & Commercial ‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹› All Types Of Roof Repairs ‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›

Chimney Replacement/Repair FREE Estimates

508-949-3030 Fully Insured & Licensed

Saunders & Sons Roofing Talk to the owner directly. I’m on the job from start to finish.

Call Bill Toll Free

1-866-961-ROOF 508-765-0100 MA Reg # 153955 CT Reg # 0609329 Fully Insured Free Estimates References Available *Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards*


• Roads • Chipping • Excavating • House Lots • Cellar Holes • Land Clearing • Timber Wanted • Septic Systems • Sewer/Water Drainage

Mark Williams (508)949-0500 or (508)400-1572 (cell)

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14 • THE WEBSTER TIMES • Friday, August 29, 2008

AUGUST, 27, 2008









$149 Each Or Best Offer

1993 Coleman Roanoke Pop-Up Camper

2008 Youth Easton Stealth CNT Baseball Bat

2 20” EPA Speakers

30”/21 oz. -9 Never Used, Paid $250 Will Take $150

$20 for pair Free Stereo Cabinet

Kenmore 10,000 BTU Air Conditioner Imperial Commercial Heavy-Duty Freezer Solid Pine Bunk Bed Set


10 GE Refrigerators, $100. 7 GE Stoves, $50. 3 GE Dryers, $100-$150. 2 GE Washing machines, $100. 3 apartment size washer/dryer stackers, $100-$250.

(508)987-5514 or (508)873-7424 10’ x 10’ x 6’ Tall

Chain-Link Dog Kennel $175 Or Best Offer 774-402-0140 774-230-1147

12,000 BTU Air Conditioner Crossly Brand. Never Used! 23”x15 1/2”. Asking $175


8’ Fisher Plow Comes with snow foil plow frame form a Ford F-350, pump control and joystick. $800 or best offer.

Call Joe @ (774)245-1400 or (508)892-1773

With All-New Canvas. Must Be Seen! $1900 OBO

Please call (508)764-3069

(2) Older Model Cub Cadet Lawn Tractors Best Offer!

2 Couches


85” Long, Like New. With Throw Pillows. $250 (Both)

1996 Tigershark Two-Seat Jetski & Trailer

4 Subaru WRX Wheels Like New! Tires Included (P205 55 R16) $350 For Set

$1275 Andersen 3-Panel Middle Swing Patio Door. New. $550 5-Phone Executone Office Telephone System $450 6-Outlet NetworkPro U.P.S., $100 New 17” Compaq Monitor. Sealed Box, $50 Antique Stainless-Steel Milkcan, $25 New Tennis Court Net $50 Antique Singer Sewing Machine, $50 IBM Selectric Typewriter & Table, $100


4x8 Open Trailer Newly done over. Asking $525.


Both in excellent condition and tuned, Price includes move to 1st floor location in Worcester County. Please call 508-885-3705

20 Foot Dual Axel Flat Bed Trailer Medium Duty. 2500 GVW All Newly Rebuilt. $899 OBO 508-769-2351

2006 Jazzy Select Motorized Wheelchair In great condition. $1900 or best offer.

Call (508)885-5560

Call (508)892-1908

8’ Fisher Plow Old stlye off 1995 F-250. Frame & Hydraulics included. $750 or best offer.


Call Jeff @ (978)857-0305

Antique Dresser & Mirror

In Great Condition, 5’3” x 7’8”. Black, Burgundy, Gold & Green. $40 Call 508-234-2647

All Ethan Allen Matching furniture

Couch Entertainment Center Patio Set Jessica McClintock Dress Size 6

35MM Camera Pentax K-1000

Center unit for TV/VCR/DVD (Not sold separately)

Oriental Rug

3pc Wall Unit

46” 3-Year Old Console TV

Leave message 508-208-8401 Can schedule viewing after work or during the week in Grafton.

Lovely piece imported from Manchester, England. Over 100 Years Old. Carving, Columns, 7 Drawers, Serving Area, Burl Inlay Detail. Small Shelves For Candelabra. Appraised At $2400 74” High x 63” Wide x 23” Deep.

Amana Air Conditioner

774-230-1763 508-248-6949

Ask for Pat, (508)885-5542

Never used w/factory coating. 1/2 inch shank. NOT FOR HAND ROUTER. $185.00

Antique Cabinet 6’ tall. 30-40 years old. 2 window and lattice doors that open up to shelves, 1 pull out drawer, 2 bottom opening doors. Pecan finish. $175.

Fits 12" & 14" Delta Lathes $450 Backpack Never Used $100

Antique Tall, Mirrored Sideboard/ Dresser/Foyer Piece

Queen-size Couch/Sleep-sofa

18,000 btu only used 4 summers, 2 heavy for me to lift. $400 new, sell for $200.

6 Shaper Bits

Delta Lathe Reproducer


Sofa, butler, nested, & end table

Perfect Picture. Moving To Small Home & Unable To Use Large Screen. $500


Many Miscellaneous Items


Variety Of Tables

with assortment of lenses 2 electronic flashes, and many other accessories. Sell all for $395. Also, Kodak DC 215 Zoom digital camera, $45.

Call (508)943-5954 or days (508)943-7704

2 Pianos

Bruno Wheel Chair/Scooter Lift




Beautiful Queen Anne Dining Room 60” Glass Top Hutch, 60-90” Table, 4 Chairs, 2 Arm Chairs. $750

Cushman Dining Room Set Solid Maple. Table, 2 Leaves, 5 Chairs, And Hutch. $250


Beauty Salon Equipment


Baldwin Two-Keyboard Console Organ

2 back to back, free floating styling stations, $200 each or best offer.

Beautiful Wood, Well Kept. Reasonable Offer Accepted. 508-764-8851 After 5pm

Call Suzanne (508)886-6494

Clawfoot Tub $400 508-867-9566
















































Entertainment Center $200/BRO, like new. Redecorating and need space. Store-new condition, MUST SEE! (508)832-3684






Beautiful Furniture






1930’s Waterfall Style 6 Pieces, $700

5 SPD., A/C




Tall and slender with Dove tail grip, asking $65.





1920’s 5 Drawer Oak Dresser






with mirror, maple wood, brown Dove tail grip, $75

Art Deco Bedroom Set




Call (413)436-7585


2006 HUMMER H3


Mounts on back of vehicle. List for $2800 Still like new. Asking $850.

Bassett 6 Drawer Dresser

HOURS: MON-THURS 9-7 • FRI 9-6 • SAT 9-6 • SUN 12-5



Everything Must Go! Furniture Men’s Clothing Pictures Many Miscellaneous Items No Reasonable Offer Refused 508-949-6425


508.832.8886 •


2004 TOYOTA RAV4 4X4


Email For Photo [email protected] Price Is $1250

Call (508)949-7539

Call (508)943-7215


810 Washington Street (Route 20) Auburn, MA 01501






$5,988 2005 MAZDA 3



$15,888 * All prices reflect $3500 cash down or trade, tax, title, doc fee extra

















$13,188 2005 SUZUKI VERONA



MANAGER’S SPECIAL Find it! Buy it! Sell it! Want to know how to sell something in Town-to-Town Classifieds? Turn the page to use our classified coupon. ➥




Beige Leather Rocker/Recliner


Two Years Old. $150

30 Yards - $549 Includes Pad & Installation. Plush Or Berber.

Kitchen Set Wood, 36”x48” Table, With Two Benches & Two End-Chairs. $150 508-949-8851

We Also Carry Linoleum

Bernina 640 Sewing Machine

Call Tom at C & S Carpet Mills 508-886-2624 Toll Free 1-800-861-5445

New In April ‘08. Used Only A Few Hours. Comes With All Accessories Including BSR Stitch Regulator Foot, Walking Foot, 1/4 Inch Foot. Has 570 Stitch Patterns, 5 Alphabets, Thread Cutter And More. REDUCED! $3500

Pedestal Oval Oak Table

Case Tractor 1948 VAC With Sickle-Bar Mower. Asking $1650 OBO

International Harvester Two-Row Corn Planter Trailer-Type, With Hydraulic Lift. $800 OBO

62” x 40” Plus Two Leaves. Matching Corner Hutch & Six Chairs. REDUCED! $450 Call Nancy 508-867-3900


Cast Iron Clawfoot Bathtub

Brand New Bunk Beds and 2 Dressers Beautiful wood frame includes mattresses, pillows, ladder (never used). $2000 or best offer.

Call (508)987-1594, leave message will return call. Brand New

Dynastar Skis, Boots & Poles.

c: 1920 vintage. 508-234-3127

Cherry Dining Room Table With 2 leaves, 4 side chairs and 2 captains chairs. Only $500.

Cherry TV Armoire Only $300. Must be seen to appreciate. Prices are negotiable.


Skis Are Size 170, Size 8 Boots. $100

Chest & Dresser With Mirror

Good-Sized Dog Pen

Real Oak $500

8 Panels, Includes Large Igloo Doghouse. You Must Disassemble Cannot Deliver. Brand New $400 Asking $120 For All

Kitchen Set Light Whitewashed Wood $50


(3) Standard Sized Refrigerators

Chickering Spinet Piano Baby Grand & Bench

All Work, Must Be Cleaned. $25 Each

Old Wood Stove Works Fine $60 508-344-0384

$700. 1993 Chevrolet Camaro; 21,270 miles, all original, $5000.


Automatic Scrubbing Power-Head $500

Reconditioned Prop 19” Pitch, Fits Merc Cruisers $85 508-826-2029

Came Back With Him From Vietnam...

Call (508)765-9316 leave message

Closing Grandma’s House! 78 Inch Sofa w/ 2 Matching Chairs, Excellent Condition. $225 End Tables, $10 Each. 5-Piece Bedroom Set $225


Coffee Table

1964 Handpainted Picture. Painter Has Gallery In Vietnam. $300

46” x 28” $30 508-248-6505 Before 9pm

Black & Decker Auto Buffer

Colonial Wood Hutch and Base

$20 508-347-7441

Campground Membership 14 Resort Style Amenities & Outdoor Recreation Facilities. Transferable 2 Lifetimes (Fee To Be Paid By Seller). Use Own RV/Tent Or Rent Campground’s RV/Cabin. Originally Paid $8000

Reduced To $2500 OBO 508-347-9319

Campground Membership Sturbridge, MA Outdoor World/ Privileged Access L.P. Deeded $11,000/OBO 203-938-6922

Honey pine finish. Asking, $350.

Antique Chezck crystal set, valued at over $1800. Hand cut, very ornate. Appraised. Will sell for $900.

Glass and brass dinette set Perfect for 1st apartment. $50.

White Oak and African Mahogany, natural finish, 7ft. high x 8 1/2ft long. Open bookshelves on ends and area for components behind doors in center section. Like new condition. Comtemorary style. Asking $2500. Photo’s available.

Call (508)347-9202 evenings





Dark Wood Curio

Empire Gas Heater

Full-Sized Brass Bed

Guerciotti “Sprint” Racing Bicycle

Without Mattress, $100

18 speed, $200/OBO

Corner Cherry Wood Curio Cabinet


55” Wide x 77” Tall, 18” Deep Glass Doors On Top, With Three Drawers Below. $500 Highchair $50 White Crib Mattress Included $300 508-885-2866

Deluxe Rattan Extra Large Dog Crate 41” long, 27” wide, 28” high. $125 or best offer.

Dental Chair Electric operates well, Would be great for tattoo parlor, etc. 3 to choose from. $50 each.

Call (508)987-3143

Designer Wedding Dress Never Worn! Christina Wu Strapless Gown with train. Size 8. Purchased at Kleinfelds NYC. Elegant beading with organza & silk/satin material. $700.

Call (508)949-2528

DeWalt 18V Tools Air Compressor, 3150 watts Generator, Toro snow Thrower, Technics Stereo System, 5pc kitchen set; black, 1994 Chrysler New Yorker; runs excellent, needs miner repairs.

Dirt Bike 2003 RM65 Suzuki Great condition, asking $1200.

Call (774)696-3360 2003 Yamaha PW80 Good condition. Starts First Kick. Child has outgrown. Asking $850. Call (508)867-3618

Double Window New, Vetter High Pro 4 With Screens. Measures 76”Long 61”High $650 OBO

Marine Hemi Engine 1959 With Latham Blower And Four Carburetors $8000 OBO Call 508-259-8805

Electric Dryer



Customized Quilts, Table Runners or Wall Hangings For Sale Quilts and tables runners for any occasion, for sale. ~make great gifts~

Call Carole (860)923-7407

Estate Furs 1 long, Grey, Persian lamb coat. Size small w/matching hat. In excellent condition, $500/BO. 1 long Black Persian Lamb. Size large. In good condition, but worn. $300/BO.

Portable Dishwasher with butcher block top, $250. Farmers table with 5 chairs, $200. Oak cabinets, various sizes, six pieces, $400.

Call (508)328-3438

Exercise Equipment Universal Fitness Home Gym Has 2 Stations. Like New. Workout Every Part Of The Body $350 OBO 508-434-0330

Exercise Equipment Weider weight bench, preacher curl and leg extension with Olympic bar. 295lbs of weight, $250. 50lb punching bag, $50. Curl bar, 85lbs or weight, $40.

Preacher bench, metal weights, & bar $150 or best offer.


Moving Must Sell

Large Sofa Queen-Sized Convertible $150

Conference Table 8’x’4’ Oval, Laminate. $100 La-Z-Boy Rocker $50 (2)Beige Chairs w/Oak Arms $50/Pair


Call (508)476-1859

Fishing Rods, Reels, Boxes, Plugs, Streamers, Etc. Archery Equipment Sporting goods, Machinist Tools & Auto Tools, most half Handicap walkers, $10-$30. 35MM Canon Camera $200 (508)885-5189 Prices Negotiable!

Frigidaire Stackable Washer & Dryer Like New $300 OBO Call Phil 508-234-3348

Call (508)987-6180


GE Fridge 24.6 Cubic Feet, Almond, Top Freezer, Ice Water Dispenser. Used 2 Years. $500

Leave Message 508-234-5535


MQ Multi Quip 6000. Used only once, 3600 RMPs. Asking $650.

Call (508)476-3579

Girls Clothing Large quantity of high quality, brand name Girls Clothing For Sale Age: Infant-3T Come choose from the best at the age level you need. Call 508-347-5344

Golf Clubs Left-Handed. 3 Drivers, 9 Irons. Including Putter, Bag & Bag Boy. Asking $250

Call (860)244-9544

HP Scanner $50 Also: Custom Made Moses Baskets.


Living Room Couch

John Deere 23HP L-130 Tractor

And Matching Chair Floral Design Fabric $150 413-245-9001

With Utility Cart. 58 Hours. $1200

Living Room Set


John Deere Snowthrower For LX And GT Series Lawn & Garden Tractors. 42 Inch, Used Once(Honest!) Includes Chains, Weights, And Operator’s Manual $1500 774-745-0242 Email For Pictures Or Questions [email protected]

New, never been used. Top of the line. Bought at Gordon’s Music last fall. Paid over $600 will sell for $325 firm.

Featherweight Sewing Machine

3/4 HP w/220 volt 3-phase variable speed controller, $600.

From Holy Cross 9' 4" L, 3' 10" H, 19" W Excellent Condition! $450 508-949-8343

Asking $2500 For All 508-987-2419

Matching Couch, chair and Ottoman Excellent condition, $500 or best offer. Crib, changing table, mattress, basinette, and bedding. Excellent condition, $200.

Call (508)765-6880

Memory Foam Authentic Therapeutic NASA Mattress

Red Cross Nurse & Accordian Player $25 Each All Excellent Condition

Call Tom (978)597-3033

508-757-7796 Noon-6pm

Men’s Bicycle

Queen, $399. Brand new in plastic full warranty.

Large Compost Rotating Barrel Paid Over $500, Used Only 3-4 Times Asking $250

Utility Trailer

Grooming Equipment

Call Matt at (774)535-1799



Byers Figurines

Walnut, Winchester chime, $200.

Seating for four w/glass top and three bar stools. $500.

Dinette Set

Rug (7’x10’) w/Seashell Border

Medium, $200

Grandfather Clock

1 Romani Grand Daddy Dryer 1 Romani Clipper Vac (B&B Model) 1 42 Inch Hydraulic Grooming Table 1 Hydro Surge Bather

w/Cart & Motor

Brown Italian Leather Jacket

Antique Church Pew

Call (774)766-0359

MOVING SALE Couches Mattress Bureaus Kid’s Clothes Linens Miscellaneous Items TOO MUCH TO LIST!

Call For Details 508-248-4578

MOVING SALE! Bowflex Revolution Home Gym With SpiraFlex Technology. Provide Lots Of Workouts. Plenty Of Weights. Quiet & Smooth To Use. Paid $3000 Asking $1500 Never Used NordicTrac AudioStrider 800 Elliptical Exerciser Very Smooth & Easy To Use. 300lb Weight Limit. Music Port & IFit Compatible. Folds To Save Space. Paid $999 Asking $550 Used Very Little


Call (508)234-8034

Plow For John Deere Garden Tractor Truck Liner For 6’ Bed Shop-Vac Fruit Tree Sprayer

Full-Length, Size 12. $200

Moving Sale 2 couch and chair sets, $300 each. Miscellaneous bedroom furniture, best offer.

88” Nice Sofa, $60 Sewing Machine, $75 32”x52” Oak Desk $60


Lace Wedding Gown

Please call (508)404-5470

Machinist Tools Tool chest, also other odds and ends.

c/ 1852 Patent, Mahogany. $2000

Call Beverly 413-245-4587

Garden Leisure 6 Seater Hot Tub with lounger, $3800/BO. Weider Pro 9940 dual weight bench, $150. Trampoline, $75. Brand new computer armoire, $450.

Nancy 508-867-3900

For E-Z-Go Golfcart

$500 Fireplace Screen w/ Glass $25. Computer $50 Lexmark Copier/ Printer/Scanner $50 2-Speed Hot Tub Pump $50 3 VCR’s $50 Each 2 Microwaves $20 Each

CHEAP! Basinet, Stroller Highchair, Etc.

Spencer 774-745-0173

Mags With Tires

Women's Size 7 New - Footjoy $30

“Gould” Water Pressure Booster Pump

Many Types, Includes A Variety Of Bird Toys. Breeding Boxes, Supplies & Information. All Offers Considered. All Calls Returned.


Call (508)885-4303

Electric Wheelchair - Jazzy

Lovebird Cages

Please contact (508)450-7150

Golf Shoes

Size 8, Pewter color with elegant beading, matching jacket paid $700, asking $250.

90” Sofa Love Seat Oriental Rug (Machine-Made) 2 Matching End-Tables Take The Whole Set For $1000 Or Best Offer 508-867-9650

Keyboard Stand, Case and Chair

Call Anytime For Details 508-248-1677

Designers Mother-of-theBride Gown

Large Two-Level Light Oak Coffee Table $125 Good Condition 8’ x 11’ Karastan Oriental Rug New Fringe & Professionally Cleaned $350 Call Rich 508-826-2029

‘07 model; 6 person, 32 jets, with all options. Waterfall, aroma-therapy, lighting, with cover, full warranty. Brand new in wrapper. Cost $7000, sell for $3800.


Call (508)615-8393

Like New!

Hot Tub

2 Custom-Made Size 8 Extra-Long Mink Coats

New Lift-Master 1/2 horsepower motor in box. $245-will install.

Call 508-885-1050

Bench & Preacher Bench, Metal Weights


Garage Door Opener

Paid $900 Will sell for $600

Workout Equipment

Please call (508)344-3349

(1)Ranch Mink$600 (1)Unique (Three Coats In One) Zip In-And-Out Jacket, Below Knee & Midcalf-Length $300

Vito Tenor Saxophone

for $25.00

Cherry armoire, $250 or b/o, Cherry stackable bookcase, $75. Buttercream contemporary sectional couch (very different) $600 or b/o.


With bench. Very good condition, 55”Lx25”Wx41”H. $700.



Fits ‘06 Ford F150 crew cab with 5 1/2 ft. bed. Like new, $275.

(Needs new batteries) $250. Long Black leather coat, women’s, size 20W, $100. Hooded wool-lined winter coat, $35. Wheelchair, $50. Walker, $25.

With Stool & Book Holder $100


5,000 W, 120/240 V(AC) Like New $350 508-248-9709

Family Snow Ski Set Skis, Poles, Boots, Etc. Used Gamecube Games 508-764-4838

Full Size Keyboard

Please Call For Details 508-234-4157

Extang Trifecta Tonneau Cover

Electric Trolling Motor

For Sale A-1 Condition $900 (508)764-4129


Coleman PowerMate

Fischer Spinnet Piano

Miscellaneous Baby Furniture

Heavy Duty Workout Bench

[email protected] or 508-637-1046

Call (508)987-0859

3 years old, 4 wheels, great condition, 2 new batteries. $1000 or best offer.

$1,200 Or Best Offer Call Between 3pm-5pm (508)949-7638

$100 For Both 508-234-2197

Furniture For Sale

Everything Must Go!!

w/Faucet & Sprayer 43” x 22” $100

Mint Condition Handicapped Scooter

Christmas China $10

Refrigerator, washer, dryer, bedroom set, kitchen set, microwave, washer, dryer, computer desk, couch love set, end tables. All for $2000.

Ask for Rick, (508)987-2486

Large Double Stainless-Steel Sink REDUCED!


Call (508)885-9123

Reclining Sofa & Loveseat

Estate Items

Call (508)340-2098

Electric Wheelchair


Queen-Sized Oak Laminate w/Built-In Bookshelf. New Condition. $75


Used 6 months, $100. Washer used holds x-large loads, $50. Solid oak kitchen table, 5 chairs, 2 leafs, $100 or best offer. Good condition wrought iron & glass coffee table & end tables inlay w/stone, very nice, $50. Apartment size freezer, $50. Works well.

Rainbow Outdoor Play Center Assorted Golf Clubs

Swivel-Top TV Stand

Solid Oak Wood, Custom Made. Custom Side Door For Tapes, Excellent Condition. 62” Wide, Can Fit Up To A 30” TV $250 Firm Ask For Bob 508-963-0714

Dirt Bike

Complete Hair Salon

5.5HP, 20 Gal. Tank With Accessories $275 OBRO

Entertainment Center

Cherry Wood Sofa Table


Handicapped Scooter


Call 508-867-2494

Call (508)637-1252

With Battery & Wooden Oars

Craftsman Air Compressor

50,000 btu’s, closed front heater with blower. Glass panel in front. $500 or best offer. In Spencer.

Call (508)765-5724

Call (508)943-6367

Set up equipment. $5000 or best offer. Everything you need to set up your beauty shop. Please call (774)452-1760 or email explo[email protected] for pictures

Custom Built Entertainment Unit

August, 27, 2008

Paid $2600 Asking $1500

Giant 6061 23” Frame, 24 Gears, Shimano 105 Derailer. Black & Gold, Ridden Only 4 Times. Original Cost $800 Asking $350 508-764-9309



Maytag Washer & Dryer Moving - Must Sell Excellent Condition $200 Each 508-942-2723

$30. Large capacity air conditioner, $100. Ladies size 6 Harley boots, $50. Men’s leather jacket, small, $75. Bread maker, $15. Toaster oven, $15. Fold-up rocker, $100.

Call (774)745-0153

Dudley 508-949-3025

MUSICIANS Roland VS-880EX Digital Home Studio Recorder Workstation Simple to Operate - Mint Condition Features: recorder, mixer, 8 play back tracks each with 8 supplementary tracks (V-tracks). Each song can have 2 sets of these 64 tracks... for up to a total of 128 tracks per song!.... Non-destructive editing allows UNDO/REDO up to 999 previous recording and editing operations. As easy as a conventional multi track recorder - portable for home studio or stage use. Backlit LCD screen for many settings - easy to read on stage. $500.00

508-949-8343 Dudley

MY GOOD-BYE YOUR GOOD BUY to well-cared for BR chest of drawers, twin beds, dresser, mirror; LR sofa, end tables, bookcase, bric-a-brac; round pine dinette table, ladder-back chairs. $450


Nascar Diecast Models “racing champ”, clear window, $5 and up.

Call 508-248-1411

Natural Maple Table with 2 leaves that store inside; 4 side chairs, 2 captain chairs. Great condition. $500/BO

Call (508)450-9691

Piano Whitney upright with bench. Needs to be refinished. $400 or best offer.

Call (508)278-6501

CLIP AND MAIL Write your ad here:







“Use our Bargain Box” Sell items from A to Z “Including your used automobile!” H We’ll run the ad until you’ve sold the items H H Runs in all 11 papers H H Use up to 30 words H H Only $39.00 H H Yes, we’ll bill you! H

Address: Town:



Mail to: Town-to-Town Classifieds P.O. Box 90 Southbridge, MA • 01550

Fax: 508-764-7645 Questions:

Call our friendly staff 1-800-536-5836

Email: [email protected]

*The Bargain Box rate not apply to businesses, real estate or rentals of any kind. For information on special rates for businesses, real estate and rentals call our friendly staff at 1-800-536-5836

AUGUST, 27, 2008



New Clopay Garage Door


Premium Series, HDG, 9x7 windows & inserts, hardware weather strips. Sandstone color. $500

Call (413)245-9312

New England Patriots Maytag Skybox New drink dispenser with hard to find New England Patriots inserts. All labels and manuals included. Comes w/watching storage base. Paid $650, asking $350/BO.


NEW Motorized Scooter From The Scooter Store. Never Used Asking $1000 OBO 508-347-6561

New Snap-On Harley Davidson Collectors Edition Toolbox Black and chrome with Harley logos & flames. 5, H x 3, W 12 drawers. Must be seen. $4000 firm.

Contact Dale (508)943-8692 after 6pm.

New Woodmaster Planer/Molder With 18” Drum Sander Attachment. 5HP Motor. Weighs 420lbs. Also, 120A, 2HP, Shop Fox Vacuum With All Attachments, Hooks Up To All Three. Mint Condition. Books/Manuals Included Asking $3500 OBO Call John 508-949-1051

Oak Bedroom Set Queen bed and mattress, hutch, nightstand and dresser with mirror. All in excellent condition. Mattress brand new. $1300 or BO.

Mahogany TV and Video Stand $50.

Baldwin Spinnet With Bench. Good Condition. $950

Sauna Finnleo, Portable, Comes In 2 Pieces. Perfect For Two. Assembles In Minutes. Simply Plugs Into Standard Household Outlet. $500 508-347-5725

Piano Maghogany, Werlitzer Spinnet, With Bench. Good Condition.

$800 Includes Training Books

508-987-8885 Call After 5pm

Prom Dress Sale Current Gowns-Daughter is Senior. Sizes 6-8. Originally priced from $200-$300. Some shoes and jewelry. Cash only.

Call (508)832-9981

Pub/Bar Set Mahogany Braided Edge Table With Center Wine Rack. Includes Two Barstool Chairs, Beautifully Designed, Fabric Still Covered In Plastic, Brand New. Asking $400 Please Call 508-987-2798

Real Ranch Mink Jacket Very Good Condition $800 or best offer


Refinished Chairs Very Reasonable! 508-764-4493

413-245-0459 [email protected] Brimfield, MA

Park Model RV 2002, 12x40 (like brand new) on beautiful lot in campground can be used for a full 6 months (15 April-15 October every year) Lot paid for until 2097. $48,000

Call Don (508)344-9499

Peavey Stratocaster $175. Drum set, $250. Peavey bass, $200. Fender bass amp, $200. Line-6 Spider amp, $300. Electric drums, $450. Tascam 4-track recorder, $100. MM1 16 channel mixer, $100.


Pecan Dining Room Set 6 Chairs, Large Table, Large Hutch with Glass Doors, Serving Buffet, And Table Pads. Best Offer


PELLET STOVES We’ve Got ‘Em! Pellet Stoves Wood Stoves Gas Stoves

Stainless Steel Bird Cage

New England Stair Lift. 12 Steps. About 8 Months Old, Like New. No Longer Needed. $2200

Black chrome and glass asking $500 or BO.

Framed matted international cat stamps, original Chinese paintings, Silk sarees, Chinese and Indonesian gongs, a giant Taiko drum, Australian didjeridus, shadow puppets, Egyptian inlaid tambourines and boxes, all must be sold to cover veterinary expenses for our sanctuary of homeless cats with medical/age frailties. Retired rescue-foster home must raise money to help these beings. More available; reasonable offers accepted.

3 Aluminum Poles (24 Feet) With 3 Pumps & 6 Wall Brackets (2) 2’ x 24’ Staging Platforms $2000 obo 508-765-1219

Call (508)867-2739

Natural Or Painted Finish, Some Decorated. Singles To Sets Of Six.

Oriental Splendors!


Stair Lift

Brand New Entertainment Center Call (860)377-7549 or (860)928-1135

Call (508)867-8532

Player Piano


Santa Barbara Spa/Hot-Tub 105 Jets, 7 Person. Upright Therapy Lounge, Neck & Foot Massage, 2 Additional Therapy Seats Plus Cooldown Area. Waterfall/Volcano, Lights (Different Colors). Starry Night Blue With Red Maintenance Free Vinyl Cabinet. One Year Old Paid $8000 New Asking $6000 Will Deliver

2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid Red, Only 500 Miles, All-Weather Mats, Rear Lip Spoiler, Mudflaps. $24,000

Call For Details 508-832-0344

State Quarters Un-circulated, rolled. Boxes of 500. Starting at $21 per roll. Also Gold Presidential dollar rolls.

Call for more information, (508)832-3029 or (508)272-3433

Steam Radiator Covers 43” long x 40” high x 13” deep, 37”x40”x13” and 24”x40”x13”. All white, in good condition. Over $1000 if new. Asking $600 for all three.

Call (508)832-5546

Swimming Pool 18 Foot, 4 Feet Deep Above-Ground Pool. With Ladder, New PVC Steps, Hayward Filter. $1000 OBO


Technics Keyboard SX-KN 5000 with bench and stand. Programmed-excellent condition. $800.

Call (508)885-4777

The Book Bear Books! Books! Books! We have 50,000 lively old books at THE BOOK BEAR

Call (508)864-8578

Schwinn Electric Scooter Needs new battery, $60. Air hockey table, $50. Flute with case, $250.


Scooter for Sale Comes with 2 new batteries. Asking $450 or best offer.

Call (508)867-2430

Shed 10’ x 12’ T-111 Polycoat, Double Doors, Loft, Workbench, Windows. $1250 508-867-5850 508-579-1827

Solid Marble Cocktail Table Grey with vine detailing, pointed oval shape. Originally $1200, selling for $250

(508)943-7360 Solid Oak Breakfront 75” High x 46” Wide. Good Condition. $50

Electric Treadmill Folds Up For Storage, Good Condition. Was $500 Asking $100


Solid Oak Contemporary Style Desk Simple Lines, 30” x 60”. $200 OBO Please Call For More Details


Sony 50” XBR Projection TV

We have books for the scholar, collector and general reader. Located on Route 9 in West Brookfield, halfway between Amherst & Worcester. Open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm


508-867-8705 or call Toll Free


TOOL SHEDS Made of Texture 1-11 8x8 $625 8x10 $800 8x12 $875 8x16 $1175 Delivered And Built On-Site Other Sizes Available Call 413-213-6708

Troy-Built 4 Cycle Gasoline-cultivator. Excellent condition. $175.00.

Call (508)892-8623

TV and Surround System 32” Sony Trinitron TV $350. Extended warranty good until 5/31/09. Surround system including dvd player $400.

Visit us online or in our showroom:

$1100 or best offer.

Call (508)943-0089

Lane 2 piece sectional

with recliner, $1000 or best offer.

Twin Bed

28 Riedell Road Off Rt 16 by Fire Station Douglas, MA

(508)476-7664 Penn 6 wt. Flyrod New Condition Call 508-278-6419

Piano Baldwin Spinnet Light brown color. Bought at Steinerts. Good condition, $700. Call (508)885-4320

Snow Tires 4 P225-60-R17. Tires like new, winter ‘07. $300 or best offer. Call (508)234-7930

with cherry wood frame, $700.

With New Mattress $100 Car Seat $20 Boy’s (3-4 yr) Bike $35

Call (508)347-2764


Sound System High End Home Theatre With Receiver

Twin French Provincial Girl Bedroom Set

Queen size bed

Pair McIntosh THX loud speakers, McIntosh THX center speakers, MX (Miller and Kreisel THX subwoofer, Yamaha RX-V3200 Receiver, remote control. Rarely used. Paid $6000, Asking $1000.

Call Ken (508)234-3042

Speedaire Air Compressors 3 ph 30 & 80 gallon. Onan Generators 5k W. Scale 1k lbs. Best offer on all listings.

Call (508)347-1223


Yard Sale


163 Chapin St Southbridge, MA

2004 Larson Runabout Bowrider


Used Computer Equipment HP Printer Deskjet 932C Gateway Keyboard HP Scanjet Scanner 5300C Series Best Offer!


Spinet Piano and Bench

With 400 rolls. Located on first floor. $1200.




(17inx17inx36in) $50. Leave message for “Doc” (860)974-9973

Red, Excellent Condition. Needs New Battery, But Have Charger. Very Light & Portable. $250



$800. Country Blue plaid loveseat and chair. $450. Wilson ladies clubs, bag, cart, $200. All excellent condition. Will consider reasonable offers.

White and Gold headboard, footboard, frame, nightstand, desk and chair with canopy top all matching. $375 or best offer. No bureau.

Call (508)909-6156

Unique Bar Solid Oak with lighted stained glass canopy, brass top and foot rail, 2 chairs, 72” high, 64” wide, 22” deep. $1200 or BO.

Call (508)450-5836

Used Furniture end table, $20; Cash only please!

Call (774)922-4004


Hammond Organ With Drawbars And Pedals $1400 508-476-7642

Used Restaurant Equipment 10-50% Off Our Purchase Price Refrigeration 6 Burner Stove Convection Oven Bar Top & Barstools Freezers Sinks 508-347-5503

Vacation Package 5 Nights/4 Days Cancun, Mexico (Need Own Transportation) Resort On Beach 4 People $500 or best offer Call For More Information 774-232-6311

Vermont Casting Gas Heater Antique Red, Excellent Condition. Asking Price $1700 Call 508-867-5677 Or Office 508-755-0972

Vintage Cameras And Movie Camera With Projectors Vintage Radios 100’s Of LP Records Over 50-Year Old RC Allen Adding Machine Photo Security System, complete with all necessary items including plastic holders Video security system complete with two videos and two cameras and all necessary cables. (Camel) Neon Sign - 50 Years Old - Still In its Original Box Many Old Tools, Over 50 Years Old

508-335-1973 For Appointment Located In Webster

Vintage Coin-Operated Jukeboxes Complete and Working With 100 45 RPM Selections Prices range from $675 to $2900 Also Available Assorted Coin-Operated Cocktail Video Games and Vintage Pinball And Much More!

508-335-1973 For Appointment Located In Webster

Wedding Dress In sealed box. White with veil, worn once. $200 or best offer.

Call (508)248-6601

Whirlpool Washer & Dryer Washer Like New $250 For Both

Sears 7100BTU Air Conditioner $75

Queen-Sized Headboard & Frame $75 4-Drawer File Cabinet $25 Pier One Wicker Table & Two Chairs With Removable Glass Top $95 Two-Piece TV/Microwave Hutch $75 508-885-9172 508-397-5289

White Wedding Gown Never Worn Size 8, long sleeves beaded and lace. Terra mid length vale, cathedral vale, slip. Paid $1400 for all, asking $800 or best offer. Call

You pick up. Monday thru Friday 8am-noon. Stonebridge Press 25 Optical Drive

Saturday, August 30th 9am-2pm No Earlybirds Please Home Decor Framed Prints, Folk Art Checkerboards, Some Christmas Items (Dept. 59), Tools, & Miscellaneous Household Items, Books.

(located behind Southbridge Hotel & Conference Center)

Yard Sale

110 NOVENAS PRAYER TO THE BLESSED VIRGIN (Never known to fail). Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruitful vine, splendor of Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist me in this my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea, help me and show me herein, you are my mother, Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart, succor me in this necessity. There are none that can withstand your call. Oh, show me herein, you are my mother. Oh, Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. (3 times) Holy Mary I place this cause in your hands (3 times). Sweet Mother I pray for this cause in your hands. (3 times). Holy Spirit, resolve all problems, light all roads so that I can attain my goal. You gave me the divine gift to forgive and forget all evil against me in all instances of my life, you are with me. I want this short prayer to thank you for all things as you confirm once again that I never want to be separated from you even in spite of material things. I wish to be with you in eternal glory. Thank you for your mercy toward me and mine. The person must say this prayer three consecutive days. After three days the request will be granted. This prayer must be published after the prayer is granted. Thank you J.V.H.


Dudley 61 Airport Road

Large Multi-Family Yard Sale Furniture, Clothing, Antiques, Dishes, And Many Other Items.

BIGGEST ONE EVER! Saturday/Sunday/Monday

August 30th, 31st September 1st 9am-4pm

HUGE Estate Sale Saturday & Sunday September 6th & 7th 8am-5pm Blackmer Road Southbridge (Off Route 131) Follow Signs 2002 Chevy Tahoe, 52k Miles. 1965 Ford Bronco Farm Truck Furniture, Art Deco Bedroom Set, Two Other Bedroom Sets, Antique Oak Chairs, Antique Oak Storage Units, Oak Bookcases, Miscellaneous Occasional Tables. Miscellaneous Glass & China, 40 pcs. “Liberty Blue”. Complete Machine Shop, Lathes Drill Presses, Machinist Tools, Antique Tool Boxes, Power Tools, Toro Snowthrower, Toro Rototiller. 100’s Of Tools, Power Tools, Lawn Equipment. Large Collection Of Hunting & Fishing Equipment, Including Bamboo Rods/Reels Sale Conducted By Globe Village Antiques & Estates Call 774-230-1968 For Further Information

HUGE Yard Sale Saturday, August 30th Sunday, August 31st 8am-3pm 17 Siani Road Rochdale (Leicester) (Off Stafford Street) Lots Of Furniture, Glassware, Collectibles, Household Items.


Multi Family Yard Sale August 30 & 31 9:00am-4:00pm Household and baby items, clothes and much more.


Women’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Multi-Family Yard Sale

Sell For $85 Firm CASH ONLY Must Pick Up Call 413-967-6203

Wood Stove Vermont Castings Resolute

$1595 Call 508-347-3292 Leave Message

XBOX 360 Premium 20GB hard drive 2 wireless controllers, 1 wireless headset, 2 games, (Skate & Halo). Excellent condition, 2 month old. Asking $450 for all.

Call (508)278-3317



1998 Arctic Cat 440 $2000. 2000 Arctic Cat 600 ZRT $4500. 2002 Arctic Cat Thundercat $5500. All run great.

Call (508)949-0482

2005 Arctic Cat F7 Snowmobile Low Miles, Real Fast.

2005 Arctic Cat 440 Z-Model Snowmobile Like Brand New! $7500 For Both 508-987-9313


*Flightcraft* Inboard Skiboat 1989 609 hours. Good condition, must see. $7000.

Call (508)867-6393

14’ Starcraft Aluminum Deep-V “Quabbin Special” Comes With Trailer, 18 HP Mercury, Downrigger, Fishfinder, Bilge Pump, Windshield, Canopy Top. Plus Many Extras. $1895 Or Best Offer.

Call For Pics/Details 508-885-6171

16’ Hurricane Tri-Hull Ford 2.3L I/O, trailer, $2500 Trolling Motor, Electric Winch, Evinrude Tanks, Bimini Top, '96 Conversion Van, Black Water Pipe, Gas Grill, Chiminea.


3 East Main Street Brookfield No early birds

Size medium, worn once. USA made. Originally $200,

Saturday, August 30th Sunday, August 31st Monday, September 1st 8am-3pm 143 Uxbridge Road Sutton Tins, LP Records, Books, Avon Collectibles, Dishes, Toys, And Miscellaneous Items.

60 Smithville Road Spencer (Just Past The Spencer Fairgrounds) Saturday, August 30th Sunday, August 31st Monday, September 1st 8am-3pm Off-Street Parking Something For Everybody!

Multi-Family Yard Sale Saturday, August 30th 8am-2pm 9 Wallis Street (Right Off Town Common) Douglas Clothing, Household Items, Books, Puzzles, Big Men’s 2X & 3X Clothing And More!

17 Foot Glastron Sierra 177 4.3 Mercruiser I/O Only 156 Hours On Engine Power Steering, Trim Control, AM/FM Radio, Soft Top, Mooring Cover, w/Glastron Trailer, Skis, Vest & Etc., Maintenance Manuals and Supplies $8000 For More Info Call 413-245-7501

1980 Galaxy Bowrider 17’ Ski/Fishing., Fiberglass Hull, I/O Merc Cruiser Engine. Includes Cover And Trailer. Good Condition.

Asking $2500 508-885-5549

1986 Bow Rider 170HP I/O Mercruiser with EZload trailer. Great shape.

Call (508)826-2926

1987 25 Ft Marlin Cabin Cruise 260 HP, I/O Merc., Runs, Needs Little TLC $5200 OBO With Trailer 1978 22 Ft Searay Cabin Cruise Needs Motor & Outdrive, No Trailer. Needs Work. $200 1990 Kawasaki 650 TS Jetski Needs Work. $300 OBO 413-245-6130 508-981-6400

1992 Bass Tracker 16’ Evinrude 20HP Motor, Trolling Motor & Trailer. RUNS GOOD.

Asking $3495. Call (508)476-2534

1992 Sunbird 19’ with trailer Cuddy cabin, fully equipped, low hours on engine. Very good condition. $7,900. Call 508-885-3689

17.6’, Mercruiser 3.0L 135HP I/O motor. Includes 2005 trir. Full cover w/bimini, AM/FM/CD player, depth finder. Plus extras. Mint condition. $13,000.

Call (508)278-9259

2006 Bayliner 185 Runabout 135 I/O HP w/extended swim platform, custom cover, trailer, coast guard safety package, used at most 20 hours. $13,750.


2006 Polar Kraft Kodiak V 178 SC


Great Family Boat. Tubing, Skiing, Fishing. Excellent On Gas, Trailers Easily. 17’8”, 92” Beam Yahama 115HP Four Stroke Engine (5 year full warranty) Minn Kota Trolling Motor (70lb thrust) Tons Of Extras! This Boat Is Loaded! $27,000 New

Yours For $18,500 Beautiful Boat! Must See! Dan Kenney


25 Foot Godfrey Sanpan Pontoon Boat 115 HP Yamaha outboard engine, Royal aluminum canopy with skylights, dual batteries with switch, docking lights, S/S ladder, Ski tow bar. $9600.

Boston Terrier Female, Fixed. Excellent With Kids. Purebred. FREE To Good Home


FREE GUINEA PIGS To Good Home Both Mix Of White & Brown. Females. Call 774-200-1561

Free Kittens To a Good Home 5 are black and white, 1 multi colored. All are very cute.

Please call (860)497-0090 anytime

Free Male Kitten 8 months old. Box trained. Grey and White. Very lovable. Comes with all accessories.

Call (508)943-5682

Call (508)943-1925

71 Chris Craft 31ft Flybridge Cruiser

283 PETS

twin 327 engines sleeps 6, full head and shower, all fiberglass. $7350.

Call (508)333-1790

Fishing Boat 14 Foot Aluminum, New Swivel Seats. 6 HP Evinrude, Runs Great. With Trolling Motor & Big Battery, Trailer With New Tires. $1000 OBO

Spencer 774-745-0173

INVADER 1987 Bowrider Land and Sea Prop.; performs sharp & fast. 350 Merc Cruiser. Thru Hull Exhaust I/O with trailer. Low hours, $3,999.

Call (508)867-9521


Baby Signs® Programs With Paula Flaherty Bolotin, Independent Certified Instructor. Teach Your Baby To Communicate Before She Can Talk! Classes For Parents, Babies, ECE Centers

Please Call 508-234-5494


Route 169 Antiques 884 Worcester Street, Southbridge MA Looking to purchase antiques and collectibles, single items or entire estates. We buy it all also do on site estate sales and estate auctions.

Call anytime, Mike 508-765-9512


CORDWOOD Small Or Large Quantities Available!

$240 Per Cord Half Cords Available! Call Scott 413-245-3362

Cordwood For Sale Taking orders for Fall deliveries. Seasoned $235 Green $150

Call (774)535-2648 EPA Program Qualified E-Classic

OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE From Central Boiler. Meets 2010 emissions limits. Makes less smoke and burns less wood. Call 508-882-0178.

A CHANCE FOR LIFE NEEDED FOR BEAUTIFUL CATS & DOGS Tested, vetted, and ready for love. Please consider these, “homeless” pets for adoption. SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL SHELTER. Call 508-867-5525

AKC German Shorthaired Pointer Female, 3 years old, 64 pounds, Liver and White. Loves the woods and people. Asking $650.

Call Uxbridge, (508)278-9259

LOOKING FOR A PUPPY? Come visit out country kennel in Charlton. Various purebred and mixed breed puppies. Shots, dewormed, vet checked, health guaranteed. Credit cards accepted. Monthly Payment Plan Available


Pure Bred Puppies Over thirty breeds available. Health checked/guaranteed. State licensed.

Laughlin Kennel Call 508-987-7161

Spencer Animal Control Desperately needs homes for many abandoned cats and sometimes kittens. Shots, wormed, leukemia tested, spayed & neutered. Call 508-885-2306


LOST CAT Fat, Yellow Tiger. Short Haired Male. Double-Pawed On All 4 Feet. Last Seen On Flagg Road (E. Brookfield) On Wed. 8/13/08

508-867-9464 Leave Message

LOST DOG “Ginger” Small Black & White Pekingese Black Head With White Strip Down Middle Of Her Nose. Long Hair. Obvious Limp (Birth Defect) Weighs 12lbs, Has Sturbridge Vet. Rabies Tag & Spencer Dog License Tag. Last Seen 77 Maybrook Road, Holland, MA, Saturday August 16th, 11:00pm. 413-668-4985 508-347-7374 Ask For Sue


with only 300 hours ready to go. Full electronics, full bimini enclosure and sleeps 4. Enclosed bathroom for the ladies. EZ loader trailer, $14,999/BO.

Seasoned Or Green $225/Cord Order early there may be a shortage later!




Call (508)347-6340

FIREWOOD Cut, Split & Delivered Seasoned Call Paul 508-769-2351 508-987-5349


Anniversary Edition Fish/Ski, 90HP, low maintenance trailer, depth finder, full top, storage cover, original prop, excellent condition. $11,250.

FREE Delivery For Brimfield & 10-Mile Radius. Delivery Charge For Other Areas. Call Pete 508-612-7338

Call (508)868-1972

1994 24’ Bayliner 2452

1998 16ft Lund Pro-Sport

Cut & Split Per Cord 128 cubic feet Seasoned $210 Green $185

Firewood 16” cut, split & delivered. $250 per cord Call (774)230-8888 other sizes on request

Apple Acres Kennel • Newly rubber-matted sleeping areas. • Large individual runs, outdoor exercise pens, country walks • Large indoor play area •Bathing available Open Daily 8:30am-5:00pm

Call (508)865-2227


August, 27, 2008


Reference & Circulation Librarian (full-time 35 hours per week) Responsible for overseeing all circulation, programming, and reference services for adults including home delivery services. Performs circulation desk duties, basic clerical tasks, answers telephone and provide advice to library patrons. bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts or Library Technical Services preferred. Must have 3 years of library or related experience and prior computer training and experience; and/or an equivalent combination of education or experience. Submit application letter, resume and standard town application form, to Human Resources, 157 Main Street, Spencer, MA 01562. Open until filled. Reviews begin September 9, 2008. EEO Employer


Part Time 7-10am • 2:30-5:30pm We currently have an excellent opportunity for an Infant/Toddler teacher assistant who is creative, energetic and caring to join our outstanding child care team in Northbridge. This is an intergenerational program. Experience preferred, however, we will provide training. We offer competitive salary and an excellent benefits package. Please apply in person or call:

Apple Picking Opening September 6th!



Collinswood K-9 Services

Exceptional boarding environment with unique daycare setting

New Owners! New Energy! New Stuff!

Pony Rides Hay Rides Rock Climbing Wall Moon Walks Seed Way Mining For Gem Stones Petting Zoo Picnic Area

Now Booking School Groups & Parties HORSE BACK RIDING LESSONS Indoor & Outdoor Arenas Also: Horses For Sale Call For Information

Monday-Friday daycare available


State of the art indoor training facility

Luxury suites, walks, treats, & one on one playtimes available.


Natural foods Reiki Flower Essences Feng Shui


Group or private day and evening classes Agility obedience and conformation Puppy Kindergarten Starting Soon Beginner Obedience Starting Soon Beginner Agility Starting Soon New Competition Obedience

All Breed Grooming Available “It’s all about the dogs!” Call Terri 508-832-9394 or visit our website

FAN-C-PET Mobile Grooming Salon Vicki Kelley

Professional Groomer 20 Years Exp.

“We Go Right to Your Door”


Going... Going... Gone to the Dogs Training and behavior management in your home. Positive methods used. Certified Pet Dog trainer and member APDT

Call Renelle at 508-892-1850 email: [email protected]

J&L Pet Sitting Service Professional at Home Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters Established 1996 Certified • Bonded • Insured


Daycare Daily/weekly rates

Training Basic-Advanced Group or private Experienced caring staff

Tours 10am-4pm Other times by appt. please!

508-987-0077 205 Federal Hill Road Oxford, MA

WAGGIN TAIL DOG TRAINING •Lessons Taught Conveniently in Your Home •All Breeds, All Ages •Humane methods •Obedience •Behavior Modification

Certified Pet Dog Trainer Member of the APDT Call Diane at


New - Still Wrapped (2) Big 41 1/2 x 57 R.O. Double Hung, Vinyl, White Both For $300 508-278-7835

85 Beaumont Drive Northbridge, MA 01534 Ph: 508-234-8009 x3011 Fax: 508-234-2635 Attn. Melissa Patterson


We Will Buy Your

Scrap Metals Trucks Cars Aluminum Copper Brass Route 44 (E. Putnam, CT) 860-928-7165


Diamonds Gold Silver Jewelry Clocks INSTANT PAYMENT Also Rolexes, Coins, Quality Cameras, Electronics, Laptops.

Sturbridge Area, 3 minutes From I-84.

Kiln-Dried Pine Paper Bags. 3.25 Cubic Feet $4.75 Each (No Limit) Pick Up In West Brookfield Rock Valley Farm 508-867-2508




All local. All the time.


Research participants wanted to participate in a free weight loss program at UMass Medical School. Compensation provided. Women 21-65

Also Wanted: Silver & Gold Jewelry That’s Out Of Style, Collecting Dust, Or Broken. And Silverware. Banks Recommend Us! We Travel To You! FREE Honest Appraisals Prompt Cash Payments

Auto Body Tech Needed


Call (508)347-3338 for appointment Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm

Become A

CASH PAID For Coins And Jewelry Buying/Selling Gold & Silver One Piece Or Collection Lee’s Coins & Jewelry 239 West Main Street East Brookfield (Route 9 - Panda Garden Plaza) 508-637-1236 508-341-6355

Wanted-King Size Bed Frame So we can get our bed off the floor. Head and foot board optional.

Call (774)452-4483


Franchise cleaning; well established, consisted of office cleaning 2 1/2-3 hours every evening Monday-Friday. Selling for $9850, revenue of $14,000 per year. Sale price includes franchise rights, brand new professional back-pack vacuum cleaner, dry and wet mops, and cleaning supplies.

Please call Jane (774)230-1517

Greatest Home Business Providing financial & time freedomVisit our website: 508-885-2021

Increase Your Earnings Potential! Join A Proven Winning Team! Work Your Hours, From Home Or The Road. You’re The Boss! Attend An Open House By Calling



$GOT CASH$ Now Hiring 18-25 Openings Must Be Enthusiastic, Self-Motivated & A Team Player, Free To Travel. 2 Weeks Paid Training. Transportation Provided. Return Guaranteed. Don’t Delay, Call Today Call Mike 1-877-269-0336 Or Matt 1-877-269-2022

Apply At

Pleasant Valley Country Club To Join Our Team:

Become A Dental Assistant In Just 120 Days! A Career You Can Smile About... • Evening Classes • Tuition Payment Plans • In-Office Real World Training

N.E. Dental Assistant School 120 Stafford Street, Suite #201 Worcester, MA

508-425-6644 Call Now For More Information. Ask About Our Upcoming Open House!

Chimney Sweeps Will Train Must Have Valid Driver’s License. Masonry Skills Helpful. Earn Up To $800-$1300 Per Week, Plus Benefits. Year-Round Work. Apply Within

90 Mendon Street Bellingham, MA 02019 508-966-9416

Cleaners Needed Part Time Evenings Monday-Thursday, 6-8 hours per week, $9 per hour to start. Must have experience.

Call (508)755-8166 Leave message in mailbox #4 Domestic Violence and sexual assault program in Central and Southeastern MA seeking a qualified individual for full-time

Director of Community Services Position

95 Armsby Road Sutton, MA

Director oversees several programs including legal and medical advocacy, volunteer program and training, outreach and other community-based services. Please send resume and cover letters with job title applying for to:


VP of Operations 140 Park St Attleboro, MA 02703


or email

Restaurant Server Banquet Server Banquet Bartender Part Time Valet Daytime Dishwasher Please apply in person at:

Endoscope Assembly – Up to $15/hr, Charlton area. First time applicants only. Apply between now and September 30, 2008, work 100 hours during this period and earn an extra $50. Please bring in this ad when you apply. E-mail: [email protected]

Or Call 508-792-1212

Federal Postal Jobs

Part-Time Chauffeurs

$17.89/$28.27/HR, Now Hiring. For application and free govt. job info, Call American Assoc. of Labor. 1-913-599-8220, 24 hrs. emp. serv.

Foster Parents Wanted


Call Thomas 508-450-1282

Professional Bookkeeper Paralegal Management Professional Tax Management Professional Office Administrator


(Docket#: H-12315)

for busy late model collision shop. Minimum of 10 years experience. Top pay for right person. Must have own tools, and be familiar with all aspects of auto body industry.

L&L Coin


Seeking Quality Homes Throughout Central MA To Provide Foster Care To Children In Need. 24/7 Support. Generous Reimbursement. $600 Gas Incentive

For Silver Coins, Silver Dollars, Gold Coins, Paper Money.


[email protected]


Paying Top Dollar

Cleaning Franchise in Sutton for Sale

Bagged Shavings



Do You Want To Lose Weight?

In 12 Weeks! Change Your Life NOW!

Licensed for 30 years


Applicants must be energetic and well-groomed.

Are You Feeling Depressed?


Ross Recycling

Part-Time Employment Immediate Openings RP/CNA/HHA


Harvey Windows

Brook Haven Assisted Care


Stowe Farm



[email protected]

Experienced Dog Groomer Part-Time Dog Groomer Needed. Experienced, Professional, Responsible Animal Lovers Only Need Apply. Must Be Neat, Clean And Have Great Customer Service Skills.


Devereux Therapeutic Foster Care 508-829-6769

Full Or Part-Time Secretary

For Oxford Limo Company. Non-Smoking, With Clean Driving Record, Good Customer Service, Have Cell Phone/Computer, CDL w/P Endorsement A Must! Familiarity With Boston Or Experience A Plus.


Call Nancy 508-867-3325 19 West Main St. West Brookfield, MA

Hallmark Hiring! Now Hiring Part-Time Retail Merchandisers To Maintain Card Department In Busy Retail Location In North Oxford. Must be Available Mornings & Weekends. Contact: [email protected]


STAFFING SOURCE, Inc. Currently Recruiting For: 1st/2nd/3rd Shifts

Machine Operators Material Handlers Picker/Packers Assemblers Fill Line Operators Warehouse Workers

CT & MA Areas Pre-Employment Drug Screen, Background Check, HS/GED May Be Required!

The Whistling Swan Seeks

Experienced Only

Servers Full & Part-Time

Line Cooks Full & Part-Time Apply in person only at: 502 Main Street Sturbridge, MA

For Local Law Office Send Resume To: Town-to-Town Classifieds, PO Box 90, Ad Reference 04019, Southbridge, MA 01550.

Walk-Ins Welcome! Mon-Fri 9am-3pm

No phone calls please


RECRUITING AT: WorkForce Central

Experienced Residential/Light Commercial Service Technician

Southbridge, MA Every Tuesday, 10am-12pm


with all industry related licenses and certificates must be strong in oil and familiar with Beckett, Riello and Carlin burners. Excellent opportunity for quality oriented technician with a positive attitude to work with and be on the best team in the industry. Benefit package that meets or exceeds most in the industry. Please forward a resume to:

Staffing Source, Inc. Offers Medical, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Holiday & Vacation Pay!

Referral Bonuses! 107 Providence Street Belding Mill Complex Putnam, CT Phone: 860-963-2033 x0 Fax: 860-963-2069 [email protected]

ATTENTION CNA’S, CHHA’S, HOMEMAKERS AND COMPANIONS! Heritage Home Health Care is Growing in Leaps and Bounds! Apply Immediately!

Call for an interview!


Mark E Meacham, Inc 253a Worcester Rd Charlton, MA 01507 Attn: Sue Meacham

Hair Stylist


or email your resume to: [email protected]

Booth Rentals Available Call 508-347-8101

Certified Homemakers Private Home Care Agency Early Morning/Evening Visits & Weekend Hours. 6 Months Homecare Experience Required. Auburn, Sturbridge, Brookfields, Charlton, Dudley/Oxford, Webster, Worcester & Greater Worcester County. Work for an agency that makes a difference!

Insulation Installer New construction and retrofit experience preferred. Must have valid Driver’s License. Will train.

Please call Rick


LANDSCAPE Experienced Techs/Foreman Wanted for lawn maintenance division of rapidly growing company

Job Requirements: •Drivers license w/clean DMV record •2-3 years experience w/landscape company •D.O.T. card •Pesticide license preferred

Salary and benefits commensurate w/experience

Call A. Arsenault & Sons located in Spencer 508-885-5589 fax resume 508-885-9889

Machine Operators 12 hour shifts 36 hour work week

CNA, LPN & RN 1st, 2nd & 3rd shifts

Warehouse DES Staffing 508-796-5371

Machine Operators Assemblers Warehouse Positions Available Now! E-mail resume to: [email protected]

Or Call 508-799-0020

Post Office Now Hiring! Avg Pay $20/hour, $57K/year, including Federal benefits, OT. Placed by adSource, not affiliated with USPS, who hires.




SENIOR CENTER COORDINATOR The Town of Ashford is seeking applicants for the position of Senior Center Coordinator. This is a contracted, non-union, 30-hour per week position offering holiday pay, vacation time, sick time and personal time. The Senior Center Coordinator will be compensated at the rate of $16.60 per hour. Qualifications will be received until noon, Monday, September 8, 2008 in the Selectmen’s Office, 5 Town Hall Road, Ashford, Connecticut. The Town of Ashford is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

TRAVEL U.S.A.! Publication Sales Company now hiring 18 sharp enthusiastic individuals to travel the U.S. Training, Travel, lodging and transportation furnished. 1-800-781-1344

Applications By Appointment Only

508-791-5600 1-877-227-3414 Toll Free [email protected]

Home Health Aids Needed Part-time Work when you want! Days or weekends. Competitive salary. Travel Stipend and mileage reimbursement. Car necessary. Clients located in and around Sturbridge, Webster, Charlton, Northbridge and Uxbridge surrounding towns. Spanish speaking encouraged to apply.

Call Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm Only

Independence Healthcare Call (508)767-1776 AA/EOE

Truck Drivers Wanted Class A CDL with Hazmat. Day Driving Throughout Northeast. Company Based in North Brookfield. Retirees Welcome! No Overnight Loads. (508)867-3235

Truck Tire Service Tech Wingfoot Commercial Tire Has An Immediate Opening For A Truck Tire Service Tech. Experience Preferred. Wages based upon experience. Must be 21 with valid drivers license. Excellent benefits package with 401K plan.

Call 800-543-6577 or visit us at:

Wingfoot Commercial Tire Systems, LLC 4 West Industrial Park Oxford, MA 01540

325 PROFESSIONAL Special Education Paraprofessionals All Levels

Title 1 Tutors 160 Days per year/3 hours per day. Please submit letter of interest and resume to:

North Brookfield Public Schools 10 New School Drive North Brookfield, MA 01535


Surrogate Mothers Wanted Established Surrogacy Program seeks loving women to carry couples’ biological babies 21-45, prior birth experience required, non-smokers, generous compensation.


AUGUST, 27, 2008

Part-Time Administrative Assistant Needed-







Clean Out Attics, Garages, Cellars, Houses, Apartments, Offices, Stores, Etc. Appliances Demolition Small Buildings ATTN: Landlords Or House Owners Clean & Paint Interiors

We Do The Work! 10% Discount With This Ad Call


AAA Haul-Away Rubbish removal at absolutely lowest cost guaranteed! •Attics, garages, cellars, household items, & yard waste

•Demolitions Senior Discounts Cheaper than a dumpster and we do the work!

Pick-ups days evenings and weekends MASTERCARD & VISA ACCEPTED

Call Today (774)437-0970

Call The Junk Man FREE BBQ REMOVAL Removal of Metal, Appliances, Furniture. Construction materials Cellars & Attics cleaned. Demolition of small buildings, Tires. Leaves & brush removed. Small Residential Moves. Furnaces Removed Check-our-down-toearth prices first!

Weekends also! All of Central Mass and Connecticut

508-347-7804 or


Villager Newspapers is looking for super organized administrative assistant to assist our sales rep in our Woodstock newspaper office. Must be available for part-time hours 4-5 days per week. Must be organized, have a pleasant personality, be good at multi-tasking. Must be proficient in MS Word and have knowledge of Excel. Macintosh computer experience a plus. Must not be shy and enjoy talking to customers on the telephone. Knowledge of the Northeast Connecticut very helpful. Competitive hourly rate, plus the support of a top-notch publishing team make this the best part-time job in Northeast CT!

Please send resume to: [email protected] or fax to 508-764-8102


Bella Cleaning Services General Spring Cleaning Daily, Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Monthly Residential & Commercial FREE Estimates Insurance Bonded. Cell: (774)535-3853 Office: (508)281-4429 Tony or Lizete In God We Trust

Quality Work With Peace Of Mind Have You Heard The Phrase, “GOING GREEN?” We Use Organic Cleaners To Ensure Your Family’s Safety.


508-347-3275 774-230-7885 Office/Homes Spring Or Fall Cleanings Weekly/Bi-Weekly Or Monthly Cleanings Flexible Hours/Days Registered/Insured/ Bonded

We Use And Supply Organic Cleaning Products. References Available


Small Daycare Has Part-Time & Full-Time Openings!


For Info Call Gloria 508-234-0736 License #2082929


Have Your Furniture Professionally Restored At Reasonable Rates

Reasonable rates. No job too big or small. Days and evening hours available.

Call Wendy for a FREE estimate at: (508)943-9880

The Cleaning Lady Commercial & Residential Houses Offices Restaurants Apartment Complexes Perfect For New Moms & Working Parents Flexible Hours FREE Estimates

Call For Details 774-200-4776


*************** The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Child Care Services requires that all ads placed in the newspaper for child care (daycare) in your home include your license number.

Antique Doctor 508-248-9225 454 HOME IMPROVEMENT

PAINTING Interior/ Exterior Power Washing • FREE ESTIMATES • FULLY insured Reasonable rates

Licensed and CDA Approved Large Family Daycare has Full-time Openings Any age, hours negotiable. Close to major routes. Meals/snacks included. Large indoor/outdoor play area. Music teacher, developmentally appropriate activities, crafts and much more. Let us offer your child a loving and nurturing environment. Night-Time Care Available Call For Details For more information and excellent references contact

Or Email [email protected]

Leicester Center Family Daycare Experienced Provider Has Openings For Your Child, Infant Through School-Age. Reasonable Rates & Discount Available.

Kathy 508-892-9983 508-769-1437 (cell) License #2075056

Oxford Day Care Has Full & Part-Time Openings. Fenced Yard, Healthy Meals Provided, CPR/First Aid Certified. Close To Major Routes. Reasonable Rates.

For Info Call Katy 508-731-0131 License# 2083111


Rich O’Brien Painting

Leicester, MA Now enrolling License # 2083774

Call (508)304-2345

"Every Home, Every Week"


Brookfield Large One Bedroom Apartment, First Floor. Off-Street Parking. Near Town Common. No Pets. $655/Month + Utilities First/Last & Security


Brookfield Townhouse Apartment & Large Two Bedroom Apartment Appliances Included, Hookups, Big Yard, Rubbish Removal, Off-Street Parking. Next To School. No Dogs. First/Last/Security.

Brookside Terrace Affordable 2 Bedroom Apartments For Rent. Spacious, Fully Applianced. A/C In Every Unit!

Starting at $696 • On-Site Laundry • Basketball Court • Playground • Pool INCOME LIMITS APPLY

Section 8 Welcome Office Open From: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Weekend & Evening Appointments Available

Brookside Terrace 11 Village Drive Southbridge,MA 01550



Charlton 2 Bedroom Apartment $175/Week Or $750/Month Two Bedroom Apartments. $165/Week Or $700/Month

Southbridge 2, 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments. Starting At $150/week


************** EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY ************** All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to The Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status (number of children and or pregnancy), national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, or any intention to make an such preference, limitation or discrimination. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate that is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertising in this newspaper are available on and equal opportunity basis. To complain about discrimination call The Department of Housing and Urban Development “HUD” toll-free at 1-800-669-9777. For the N.E. area, call HUD ad 617-565-5308,. The toll free number for the hearing impaired is 1-800-927-9275

505 APARTMENTS FOR RENT 2 bedroom, 1/2 duplex. Washer/dryer hookups, off street parking, large yard, no smokers/pets. $850 per month plus utilities. First, last and security.

Call (508)248-7728





1.5 Bedroom Apartment, Updated Building, Large, Clean, Appliances, Private Back Yard, Great Neighborhood, Across From Park, Walk To Town. First, Last, Security. References Required $575.

2 bedroom apartment Starting at $150/week All are newly remodeled, carpeted, stove & refrigerator included. Section 8 Approved. No Pets Allowed Security Deposit & References Required

Call 774-289-1714

Charlton First floor, 3 bedroom 1 bath. Living room, kitchen, sunporch. Great location. Includes appliances & oil heat. Immediate occupancy. First & Last Required.

For appointment Call 973-879-1609

Charlton Three Bedroom Apartment. Nice, Quiet & Clean. Small Yard. $925/Month


Douglas 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments Available Prices start at $845/month. Includes heat, hot water, A/C, pool, fitness center & children’s program. Off street parking. Call (508)476-3777

East Brookfield 2 bedroom apartment. Off-street parking, private yard, minutes to Routes 20 and 9. New fridge/stove. washer/dryer hookups. $825/month plus utilities. Available October 1st, possibly sooner.

Call (508)612-8650

Three Bedrooms, Bathroom. Living Room, Large Kitchen. Stove & Refrigerator. Full Driveway For Off-Street Parking. Asking $800/Month No Pets, No Smokers.

Chris 978-906-1461

508-476-7975 After 5pm


North Brookfield

Dresser Hill Apartments

28 Spring Street

2 bedroom in country setting. Stove and refrigerator included, laundry facility, off street parking. No pets. First and security deposit required. $700 monthly plus utilities.


Dudley For Rent Two Bedroom Apartments. $650 Three Bedroom Apartments $700-$900 Please Call 508-943-1685

Dudley Four Room, One Bedroom Apartment. Stove, Washer Hookup, Second Floor. Off-Street Parking. $650/Month First/Last & References

For An Application, Call 508-943-1740

Call (508)867-2478 Or (508)867-7404

Dudley Two Bedroom Apartment, First Floor. New Heating System, Nice Area, Private Yard, Private Parking No Pets. Appliances, Washer/Dryer & Trash Removal Included. $760/Month First/Last & Security


Dudley Two Bedroom Apartment. Hardwood Floors & Linoleum. Quiet Neighborhood, Off-Street Parking. Storage Space Available. Coin-Op Laundry In Cellar. No Smoking. Section 8 Approved. Third Floor Apartment With Stairs To Parking Lot. First/Last & Security. $650/Month

Call 508-987-5441

Dudley Two bedroom apartment. Off-street parking, storage, washer/dryer hookups on same floor, $650 per month. First and security.



Northbridge Newly renovated 3rd floor 1 bedroom apartment. $575 per month. Heat, hot water and rubbish removal included, off street parking. First and last months rent.

Call (508)234-8789

Need Help Managing Your Property? Need Help With Tenant Placement?

Southbridge 14 Ames Street Two Bedroom, Huge Yard, Washer/Dryer. Off-Street Parking, De-Leaded. $750/Month Utilities Not Included Two-Car Garage With Additional Storage Available For Additional $100 Available September 1st


Four Room, Second Floor Apartment. $900/Month Heat & Electric Included

413-477-6336 Before 8pm

Paul Knutsen 36-38 Main Street Southbridge, MA

North Brookfield Available Immediately Second floor, 2 bedroom. Includes washer/dryer in apartment, stove and refrigerator, trash removal, off street parking, quiet area, centrally located. $750 per month.

Duncan Block Realty 215 North Main Street New const. Heat/hot water. 2 bedrooms Elevator accessible, onsite laundromat, trash removal, private parking. Appliances included.

For more info (508)867-4277

North Brookfield One Bedroom Apartment, First Floor. Off-Street Parking. $550/Month First, Last & Security No Pets. 774-279-0651

North Brookfield Second Floor, Two Bedroom Apartment. Washer/Dryer Hookups In Basement. Off-Street Parking, Quiet Neighborhood, Near Town Center. $750/Month Plus Utilities. No Pets/Smoking. First & Last Required 508-867-4970

North Brookfield Two Bedroom Apartment, Second Floor. Off-Street Parking. $750/Month Heat & Hot Water Included. First/Last & Security


Southbridge 23 Lyons Street

Lynda 508-561-9680

Southbridge 3 bedroom, large apartment. Appliances, washer/dryer hookups. Section 8 approved. Off-street parking. First, last and references. $750 per month Call (978)852-0886


Southbridge 2 & 3 bedroom apartments available on Coombs Street. Applianced, washer/dryer hook-ups. No pets. Section 8 Ok. $700-$750. First and security. References and credit check required.

Call (508)596-8497

3 Room, 1 Bedroom Apartment. No Pets. $550/Month First & Security. Call And Apply 413-245-0235 Or 508-889-4394

Southbridge 3 Room-1 bedroom apartment, near hospital, in very quiet area. Includes heat, hot water, refrigerator, stover, washer/dryer. Pay own electric. $700 per month. First/last.

Call (508)764-1484

SOUTHBRIDGE Ballard Court Three bedroom, first floor. Hardwood floors, Heat/hot water included washer/dryer hookup. $1000/month

96 North Street Second floor 3 room, 1 bedroom. Fully renovated. New cabinets, washer/dryer hookups in basement. $600/month, plus utilities

186 Hamilton Street

Southbridge Available Now Three Bedroom, Second Floor Apartment. Appliances Included. Washer/Dryer Hookups, Off-Street Parking. Section 8 OK. Garages Available

Call 508-612-6530 Or 508-943-1703 x0

Southbridge Available Now Three Bedroom, Third Floor Apartment.

Two bedroom, second floor. Heat/hot water included $750/Month

Appliances Included. Washer/Dryer Hookups, Off-Street Parking. Section 8 OK. Garages Available

E. Main Street

Call 508-612-6530 Or 508-943-1703 x0

Various Two bedroom Apartments Available $600-$650/Month Plus utilities




Bright 6 room, 3 bedroom apartment, second floor. Excellent condition, porch, hardwood floors, washer/dryer hookups, very nice area. $775 per month.


Between 8am-4pm Monday-Friday

Call (617)281-0831 Or (781)444-1087



1 & 2 Bedroom Modern Units. No Pets. First, Last & Security Required. CORI Required. From $500 (Plus Utilties)

Call Dave Monday Through Friday.


Credit check, first, last and security required. Appliances included for all

Centrally Located





Southbridge & Sturbridge C&C Properties

2 Bedrooms/$775. Available now. Stove, refrigerator and dishwasher included. Secure building. Off-street parking. NO Pets.


Call (508)765-5852

Call (508)943-3123 Two Clean 1 Bedroom Apartments. Both Include Stove & Refrigerator & Utilities. Good Area, Off-Street Parking. No Pets/Smokers. Two Room: $530/Month Three Room: $630/Month First/Last & Security References & Credit Check.

Out Of Town Owner?

1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments. From $550/Month Available Immediately! De-Leaded, Renovated. Section 8 Approved. No Pets, First & Security Required. Various Locations. Call 508-764-6554 Or 774-277-1616

2 Bedroom, First Floor Apartment. Washer/Dryer Hookups, Off-Street Parking. Nice Yard. Owner-Occupied $800/Month + Utilities No Pets/Smoking References & Security Required

North Brookfield

North Brookfield

508-943-8826 Or 508-304-5742


646-423-3017 (Ryan)

Half-Duplex, Townhouse Style. Two Bedrooms, 1 1/2 Bath, Washer/Dryer Hookups. Total Remodel New Everything. Good Neighborhood, Dead End Street. No Smoking, No Pets. First/Last & Security $900/Month

One Bedroom, First Floor. Includes Heat & Hot Water. Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher. With Washer & Dryer Inside. Secure Building With Off-Street Parking. $800/Month


Providing Realty Management Services To Eastern Connecticut & Central Massachusetts.

Call 508-867-0391



3 large rooms, first floor. $625/monthly. References and security required. No pets. Washer/dryer hookups.




Brookfield Sarah’s Home Day Care

Putnam Villager • Thompson Villager • Woodstock Villager • Killingly Villager

Call Rich


Auburn Daycare

Hyde Street


Furniture Facelifting, Painting, Caning, Stripping to Refinishing, And Repairs. Guaranteed. Free Estimates. Pick-up & Delivery.


Nice Four Bedroom, Near School. Washer/Dryer Hookups. $1200/Month + Utilities

Townhouse $725/month 2BR $700/month

House/Office Cleaning Available

License #2080426

* TLC Home * Cleaning


0-4 Years Old. Convenient Location. Hot Meals, Fun Learning Activities, Reasonable Rates.

Sharon or Stephanie at: (508)832-8360



2 Bedroom Luxury Condo On Southbridge/Charlton Line. Appliances, Central Air, Off-Street Parking. $795/Month Also, Quality 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments! Appliances, Off-Street Parking. Credit Check Required.

Call (508)765-0501

Large Room, Completely Furnished. With Stove, Refrigerator, Sink, Heat, Hot Water, Cable With TV, Washer Dryer, And Parking. $90/Week

Safe & Quiet Building Call(508)248-6687

Southbridge Nice 6 room, 3 bedroom apartment, second floor. Washer/dryer hookups, centrally located. $800 per month plus utiliites. First and last required. References.

Call (774)402-8081

Southbridge Spacious 2 Bedroom Apartment Available On Chapin Street, First Floor. Good Condition And Good Location. Range And Refrigerator. $675 per month Plus Utilities.

Call (508)287-6256

Southbridge Nice, Second Floor Two Bedroom Apartment. Pantry, Enclosed Porch, Washer Hookup. No Pets. Utilities Not Included. First & Security Required. $650/Month Call 860-869-1320


August, 27, 2008







Non-Smokers Only Three Rooms, One Bedroom. Third Floor. Freshly Decorated. $525/Month First/Last & Security, Credit Check. No Pets. 413-283-5445 Leave Message

1738 House Free Electric, Heat, Hot Water Included In 2 Bedroom Or Studio, All Appliances. 2 Bedroom $1000/month Studio $675/month Off-Street Parking


Southbridge One Bedroom Half-Duplex Split Foyer New Refrigerator, Stove, Washer, Dryer. New Paint & Carpet. 8x8 Storage Shed. Off-Street Parking. Nice Neighborhood. $750/Month + Utilities First & Last



Beautiful three bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, half-duplex. Finished basement. Stove, refrigerator & dishwasher included. Storage space, nice yard, convenient location. Available Now!


First & Last Required

Recently Redone,

Call (508)867-8881

Remodeled Two Bedroom, Hardwood Floors, Off-Street Parking, Washer/Dryer Hookups. Available Immediately No Pets.

$675 508-328-9093

Southbridge Second & Third Floor, 3 Bedrooms, Wall-to-wall Carpet, Washer/Dryer hookup, Gas Heat, Storage, No Pets. First/Security Required. Call Nick (508)943-5901 or (508)397-1044 Between 9am and 7pm

Southbridge Second Floor, Two Bedroom. Stove, Refrigerator. Hardwood Floors. Hot Water Included. No Pets. $675/Month


Southbridge Three Bedroom Apartment, Quiet Area. Washer & Dryer Hookups. First/Last & Security $725/Month

Call 508-949-6110

Southbridge Two Bedroom Apartment For Rent. Nice Neighborhood. First & Last. No Pets. $725/Month


Sturbridge Two Bedroom Apartment Convenient Location, Private Setting, No Pets. One Year Lease. $850/month First & Security Required


Uxbridge Large One Bedroom Apartment First & Last Required, Appliances Included, Utilities Not Included. Non-Smokers Only. Indoor Cats OK. Garage Rental Available $100/Month

PRICE BREAK! Sign a One-Year Lease Before 8/31, First 2 Months Rent Is $550. $650/Month After.

Call Bob Sr. 508-278-6291

Webster NORTH VILLAGE 2 bedroom units starting at $760!! Heat and hot water is included.

508-765-0580 Leave Message

Must income qualify.


Section 8 Vouchers Accepted.

Large 1 bedroom modern. Wall to wall, appliances included, coin-op laundry, no pets, lease and security. $575 and up, utilities not included.

Call (508)764-2866

Spencer 2-5 bedroom, second floor. Outdoor deck, nice yard. Washer/dryer in apartment. Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, breakfast bar, new carpet, new paint, hardwood floors in master bedroom, central air, large jacuzzi tub, large double head shower, very large closets, off-street parking. Very spacious, 2000 sq.ft. Absolutely NO PETS. Utilities not included. $1200 per month. First and last only.


Spencer Townhouse For Rent. Top Level; Bedroom, Office, Bath. Lower Level; Open Kitchen/Living Room/Dining Room, 1/2 Bath, Laundry. Quiet Lake View, Pool. First/Last & Security Deposit. Criminal/Credit Check $750/Month+Utilities.


Spencer Two Bedroom Apartment, Second Floor. Appliances, W/D Hookups, New Carpeting, New Kitchen Floor, Parking. $698/Month First & Security 508-867-7554

Spencer Two Bedroom, First Floor. New Carpets, New Paint. Off-Street Parking. No Pets $600/Month First & Last


Please call (508)987-1595 ASK ABOUT OUR NEW FALL SPECIALS!!!

Webster 1 bedroom, third floor. Off street parking, no utilities, no pets. $500 per month.

Call (508)269-0855

Webster 1st & 2nd Floor, 5 Room Apartments. Large Living Room, Coin-op In Basement, Off-Street Parking, Large 3 Bedroom. Newly Renovated. Off-Street Parking. Section 8 Approved.

For More Information Call (508)943-8807

Webster 2 bedroom apartment, first floor. Neat and clean. Washer/dryer hookup, garage included. Excellent location, central heat, affordable.

Call 508-943-7436 or 1-508-612-6192 anytime until 9pm

Webster 30 Poland Street Modern 4-Room Apartment, Just Renovated. Kitchen , Appliances, Furnished. Large Rooms, Great Closets! Off-Street Parking. Less Than 1 Mile To I-395. Walking Distance To Most Webster Schools. No Pets. $700/Month

Call 508-943-0972 Or 508-949-1400

4 room apartment, first floor, newly decorated. No pets. References required. $675 per month. Available immediately

Call (508)943-8755 before 7pm

Webster 4 rooms, 2 bedroom. Includes parking, yard, heat & hot water, washer/dryer, dishwasher & disposal. Some Pets, No Dogs. Available Now. $850 per month.

Call (508)333-8090

Webster First Floor Three Bedroom. Nice Yard, Nice Area. Parking. $850/Month First & Security References Required.

860-315-7139 Leave Message

Webster First Floor, Four Room Apartment. With Parking. Stove, Refrigerator, Trash Removal, And Coin-Op Laundry In Basement. No Pets. First/Last & Security Required. $650/Month


Webster Five Room Apartment, First Floor. 307 High Street. Gas Heat, Off-Street Parking. Excellent Condition.

Call (508)943-7252 or (508)943-9374

WEBSTER Hartley Terrace Now Accepting Applications for 2 Bedroom Apartments Must Income Qualify. Section 8 Certificates Welcome Modern Kitchens Wall to Wall Carpet Spacious Closets On-Site Laundry Easy Highway Access For More Information Call 508-943-9567

Webster Mechanic Street Furnished room with all utilities. Laundry plus parking $120 weekly references required.

Call 508-943-9452

Webster Newly Renovated Five Room Apartment, First Floor. New Plush Rugs, Baseboard Heat, W/D Hookups, Off-Street Parking, Quiet Neighborhood. $750/Month Including Heat/Hot Water No Pets. First & Last


Webster Prospect Estates 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments. 1 Month Free Rent Now Available: Historical Buildings Must Income Qualify SECTION 8 CERTIFICATES WELCOME

Call (508)943-9567 E.H.O. Webster Two Bedroom $695/Month Appliances, Washer/Dryer Hookups, Off-Street Parking. No Pets/No Smokers Call One-Stop 508-949-1100


Webster Two Bedroom Apartments. Coin-Op & Off-Street Parking. Second & Third Floor Available. No Pets. $600/month First/Last & References





Oxford House Lot For Sale

Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton

Newer Four Bedroom, 2.5 Bath Colonial. With Central Air, Hardwood Floors, Fenced Yard, And Two-Car Garage. $1850/Month Plus Utilities


508-943-1076 After 5pm

North Brookfield House For Lease Three Bedroom, 1.5 Bath. Washer/Dryer Hookup, Farmer’s Porch & Deck. In-Town. No Pets. First & Security $1250/Month + Utilities

West Brookfield Mobile Home At Madden Estates A 55-And-Over Mobile Home Park. 2 bedroom, country setting 1 pet, hookups, $650-First, Last, Security.

Also Selling New Mobile Homes Call (508)867-7972

Whitinsville 1 and 2 bedroom available. Appliances, parking, convenient location. No pets, no utilities. 1 bedroom, $595. 2 bedroom, $695-$900.

Call (508)234-7930

Whitinsville 1 or 2 bedroom apartments. Large rooms, with appliances. Off-street parking. No pets. No utilities included. First/Last & References

Call (508)476-7856

Whitinsville Cozy Two Bedroom. Hardwood Floors, Private Cellar, Washer/Dryer. Nice Backyard. $775/Month First/Last & Security

Call Patricia 508-234-3055


Chase Mill Complex (Formerly Ethan Allen) Located In Dudley, MA Indoor/Outdoor Space Available For Immediate Lease For Storage, Light Industrial, Manufacturing, Office. Call Today For Info 774-280-6026

OPEN NOW!!! Tri-State Speedway Indoor Go-Kart & Amusement Center


Spencer 8 Room, 2800 sq.ft. Colonial. Open Floorplan, Corian Stainless-Steel Kitchen, With Built-Ins & Breakfast Bar. Front-To-Back Family Room, With Wooden Beam Vaulted Ceilings & Skylights. Fieldstone Fireplace, Vermont Castings Stove Insert. Custom 14’x30’ Sunroom With 5 Skylights. Two Baths (One includes Jacuzzi-Tub). Two-Car Garage. One Acre Private Lot, Professionally Landscaped. $2000/Month Plus Security Deposit



NEW LISTING Waterfront property 2400 sq.ft. Colonial Gambrel. 3/4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car detached garage. Family room over garage w/balcony overlooking water/antique wood stove/wet bar. House and property in pristine condition. Fresh paint inside/out. All new carpets. Dock/sandy beach. Just move in and enjoy the view and waterfront living. $389,000. 87 Nugget Drive, Charlton Ma. Not a drive by.

Call Andy/Joan (508)248-9647

Webster, MA For Sale By Owner Treasure Island, Townhouse Condo, Waterfront. End Unit, Two Bedrooms, 2.5 Bath, Fireplace, Walk-Out Family Room, 1700 Sq.Ft., Two Boat Slips. $449,900 Call 744-232-9552

Woodland Estates

Auburn Up to 1,100sf (subdividable) for lease in high visibility retail/office location right off interstate along route to Auburn Mall. GK (508)753-9100

Oxford, MA Beautiful country setting, ideal commuter location, 5 min. to I-395. Spacious lots from 1.5-6 Acres. Starting at $79,900 View online or call for info

Southbridge Commercial land with engineered plans for 9,000 s.f. building. All public utilities in street. Near major highways.


Fine Properties (508)753-0820

Flat & Level Lot With All Permits In Hand. Cleared With Well Installed. Ready To Build! 1 Acre - $111,000 Site Engineering Included.

508-839-5113 508-887-0170


Pine Grove Cemetery Whitinsville, MA All Adjoining, Side-By-Side. Good Location Near Front/Path. Asking $1100 Each Or $3000 For All 3


Cemetery Lot For Sale

Call (508)987-0531

CEMETERY LOTS: Two in the Garden of Valor at Worcester Memorial Park in Paxton. $1500/best offer.

Please call 508-885-5133

Cemetery Plots Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton; 2 Person, Garden Of Faith. $1400 OBO (For Both) Currently Sells For $2100 Direct From WCMP.

Please Call 508-892-1679

Garden of Prayer 3 lots, side by side, buy two for $2000 and get the third free. Choice ground. Worcester county memorial park, Paxton MA.

Call (508)234-7116

Two Cemetery Lots Worcester County Memorial Park In Paxton $900 For Each, $1800 For Both Call Cheryl 413-245-4181

Two Lots Available At Worcester County Memorial Park In Paxton. Non-Selected. Asking $950 OBO

House Lots


Sturbridge, Oxford, Brimfield and Holland, beautiful properties in excellent locations. Prices starting at $49,900. Or custom build with us. View at For more information call Escape Estates Inc. at


For Rent

Starting At $2.00 Per Square Foot! 9000 sq.ft. 6500 sq.ft. 3400 sq.ft. 2500 sq.ft. 1000 sq.ft. 7500 sq.ft (Free-Standing) 2500 sq.ft (Free-Standing) Call Owner 508-753-3670

Paxton, MA 2 adjoining lots. Asking $1500 or Best Offer for both call (508)867-3820


Worcester County Memorial Park

North Brookfield

Two Grave Lot, Plot 215, Graves 3 & 4, Unit D Garden Of Valor $900 For Both 508-867-6570

Town Farm Road Lovely 6+ Acre Wooded & Open Lot. 300’ Frontage, 700’ Deep Well Onsite. 4 Bedroom Septic Design. Perc Tested 2004. Sign On Property. Homestead Realty Group 508-826-5749

Worcester County Memorial Park Garden of the Cross 2 lots side by side. Price $3500 for both. Call (508)721-8924





*REDUCED* $89,000 Plus Park Share

Seasonal Campground

Adult Mobile Home Community in Scenic Sturbridge Comfortable 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, central air, new roof, beautiful sunroom, all new appliances.

Call Paul (508)347-1439

14x70 Mobile Home

Bill, (508)347-5463

Retail Space



Cemetery Lots for Sale


Call (508)765-5995

REDUCED $92,000

W/56ft addition which includes 24x12 den, 14x12 work room w/sink and 18ft porch w/handicapped ramp. Large hallways/doors, for wheelchair. New roof/windows. $98K plus park share.

Worcester County Memorial Park-Paxton, MA 2 Lots (#408A) available in the beautiful Garden of Valor II. $5,000 for both.

All local. All the time.

Sturbridge Mobile Home For Sale, In 55 And Over Park. New Roof/Windows. Cathedral Ceilings, Attractive Landscaping, Carport, Patio & Deck. Many Updates.

Call (508)892-8685

Worcester County Memorial Park, Paxton, MA. Garden Of Heritage II, 609B, 2 Lots (1 & 2) $1500 For Both Call 508-347-3884 Leave Message If No Answer

Southbridge Main Street, high visibility. $1300 per month plus utilities.

4 lots in the Garden of the Cross, which is the oldest garden in the park. Value $7000, asking $6000. Will sell separately.


14x70 Mobile Home with central air. Mint condition to move in. Many new extras. Located in attractive over 55 park in Sturbridge. Call Joe (508)347-8976

1989 Schult Yorktown 14’x66’ At Sturbridge Retirement Community, 143 Pine Ave. Completely Rebuilt In 2002. New Floors, Walls, Doors, Windows, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom. Carpeting On All Floors Except Kitchen & Bath. Vinyl Siding.

Woodstock Park Model And Addition, Includes Lot.

Asking $29,900 Phone 860-923-3717 (cell) 860-933-1134

Year Round or Winter Home This 1475 sq. ft. 2 bedroom 2 full bath, fully furnished, like new home inside and out, is in a beautiful 55 and older gated community. It’s located in Fort Pierce, FL., just minutes from beaches and great fishing. Many other extras. $79,900. Make an offer.

Call (508)779-0311


Webster 30 Poland Street Garages/Storage Space For Rent Call 508-949-1400 Or 508-943-0972 After 5pm Leave Message




Disney Area

1996 Burlington Mobile Home

All the comforts of home, with the attractions nearby.

14x60. 2 bedroom 1 bath, 55 and over community, central air, recently painted, new rugs and floors.

Call Linda (774)239-1662

2 Bedroom, 2 bath condo. Sleeps 6, Full kitchen, pool, tennis and more!


$75/per night.

55 Plus Community. Nanatomqua Mobile Home Park. 2 Bedroom, 1 1/2 Bath, Carport, Screen Porch, New Appliances, New Roof. 508-892-7228 774-262-7307

Reserve now for Summer & Fall

Brookfield Nanatomqua Mobile Home Park (55 And Over) 2 Bedroom with 1-1/2 Bath, Living Room, Large Kitchen, Laundry Room With New Appliances, And Door To Back Porch.

REDUCED $79,900


Hampton Beach: Cottage and Suites Sleeps 3-8. 200 feet to beach, located behind Ashworth hotel. Private yard, with grill and tables. Great family area and rates.

Call 603-926-1867


Sturbridge $99,900 (Park Share Included) Charming, Move-In Ready. Fully Applianced, C/A, Open Floor Plan. Two Bedrooms, One Large Bath. Maintenance Free. Shaded.

Monthly Fee $180. Includes Taxes, Cable TV And More!

Why Rent? 860-315-7122

Webster 1+ bedroom vacation cottage. Large kitchen, large living room, large master-bedroom, king-size bed, queen-size sleep sofa. Additional room, sleeps 5. New master bath. Lake/pond views. Screened porch. Deck, 2-night min., weekly, monthly rentals. $125/Night

Call (508)987-0052 or visit

Sturbridge Mobile Home 55+ 1 Bedroom, Ideal Location, Close To Everything. New Floors, Carpets, Paint, Windows, Shower, Cabinets & Counters. Newer Furnace, A/C & More. Washer/Dryer. $37,500 508-347-7027

WELLS, MAINE Village By the Sea 2 bedroom/2 bath condo. Pool complex, with jacuzzi and exercise room, outdoor pool, laundry, A/C, cable.

Daily Rate $80-$90 Call For Details (508)429-7568

AUGUST, 27, 2008






4 Cooper Weather Master S/T Tires Steel Belted, 205/65 R15 Like New $150 4 Cooper Weather Master S/T Snow Groove Tires 225/55 R17 Like New $200

“Good People Selling Good Cars... In A Great Community!”

508-867-2560 Evenings 4 Like-New OEM

BMW 7-Series 19-Inch Wheels With Brand-New Tires (245-35R 19 93W) And 5-Lug Bolt Pattern. Wheels Sell For A $5000 Option When You Buy A BMW


Asking $600 Or best offer 508-943-6151


4 Spartan All Season Tires Size 185-65R-15. Used only 10K miles, paid $280, will sell $140.

Call (508)765-9049 after 4:30pm

8 Foot Tonneau Cover Fits 1999 And Older Chevy (Tilts, Lifts, Rolls Up) Black Vinyl. $150

(4) Chevy Steel 8-Lug Rims With Tires (20% Rubber) Stainless Steel Beauty Rings And Hubcaps $100

Call Jim 860-428-2559

A-1 Condition 4 new Yokohama High Speed Rain Tires 195-50-R15/82V on mint 5 Bolt American Racing Wheels. Fits Accord, Sentra, Camry, Corolla, Miata, Neon and many more. Call Tom ask if they will fit your car. Best Reasonable Offer

Spencer 774-745-0173

Third Row Bench Seat For Ford Expedition (Eddie Bauer) Tan Leather, Excellent Condition. Fits Model Years ‘97-’02 $150


Truck Rails Chrome Tube For 8’ Bed Great Condition $95 For Set

GM Chrome Slotted Wheels 15”, 5-Lug Bolt Pattern For Full-Size GM. $200 Set Of 4



5 YR./ 100,000 WARRANTY









454 Complete GM Block

2006 CHEVY

With Fuel Injection $1200 508-259-8805

2006 CHEVY



AUTO, A/C, #3781P

32K, #3648P

2007 FORD


Used Auto Parts 91 day Guarantee. Large inventory of engines, transmissions, tires & glass. Excellent service. Free parts locating service.

Amherst-Oakham Auto Call (800)992-0441 or (508)799-9969




2007 CHEVY


20K MI., AUTO, A/C, #3825P

D&M Towing & Recycling

Paying $200 And Up, CASH For Your Junk & Unwanted Vehicles Fully Licensed & Insured

Cars, Trucks and Farm Equipment Wanted Call D&M Towing 508-887-3645 TOLL-FREE 1-877-820-2TOW Also Available New and Used Auto Parts Inquire at:


1989 BMW 325i Red convertible new black top new transmission, automatic, runs perfect, $5500. Call (413)245-4587

1966 Mustang 1971 VW Beetle Call (508)341-3910 for information



2004 CHEVY







2006 CHEVY




2008 CHEVY






2008 CHEVY

2007 BUICK

CARGO VAN, 19K MI., #3826P







$ 508-764-4356

129 Worcester St., Southbridge MA 01550 • M-Thurs 9-8 • Fri. 9-6 • Sat. 9-5 • Sun 11-4 “Please present this ad when purchasing your vehicle. The 5 year 100,000 mile warranty is GM factory powertrain coverage on 2007 & 2008 models only. 2.9 financing on GM certified used Malibu only for 48 mos. Prior sales are excluded. Not responsible for typographical errors. Vehicle pictures may not be exact model offered. MUST TAKE DELIVERY BY 8/29/08.


August, 27, 2008












2000 Chevy Malibu



1995 Geo Prizm

1985 Buick Riviera

1978 Anniversary


MUST SELL! 508-762-6773

$13,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$10,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1999 Mercury Cougar

1997 Chevy Blazer 4x4


Used Motor Ready To Be Installed. Vehicle Is In Good Condition NEW PRICE $800 Call Anytime 774-230-3504

$14,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321



Must Sell My Beautiful, Restored Pride & Joy! 135k Original Miles. Pretty Blue With Black Landau Roof. Plush Interior. Mechanically Good. $2500 OBO


1987 Chevy Monte Carlo LS Light Blue, 2-door hard-top, 5.0 V8 automatic, perfect velour interior, 1-owner, 120K miles. Bought new at Diamond Chevrolet. Very good condition, runs great. $2500.


1978 Corvette Silver Anniversary Model Limited Edition, Runs Strong, Looks Real Sharp! Excellent Driver. L82 Engine, T-Tops.

$7900 No Dreamers! 508-340-5334

1978 Dodge Pickup Restoration needs to be finished. Rust free cab, frame and brakes all done. My loss your gain. $350.

Black T-Top, 57k Miles. New Exhaust, Starter, Etc. $5500 OBO


Antique Black Jaguar 1972 XJ6. Body, paint and chrome nearly perfect, New Michelin pin stripe tires, spare engine and many spare parts. Best Reasonable Offer.

Call Tom (Spencer) (774)745-0173


1999 Audi A4 1.8T 82k Miles. 19” Chrome Wheels, Body Kit, Custom Paint, Plus Many Extras. Asking $9,800 or best offer (508)717-9244

2002 BMW 325ci Convertible Excellent Condition. 38,883 Miles. Automatic Transmission With Sports Shift Mode. Grey Leather Heated Seats. Car Is Loaded. Harmon-Kardon Sound System, Premium Wheels, Etc. $21,999

Contact Josh 508-885-7085

Call (508)612-0880

1973 Green VW Beetle Recent Engine, Good Tires Best Offer 413-245-3530

V6, 126k Miles, A/C, Power Everything. CD Player. $2000 OBO

2005 Buick Century New tires, new brake job, Runs excellent. Loaded.

$6,500 774-230-0899

1995 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo, Stock, 6-Speed. Original. 60k, Black-On-Black, Leather, Two-Owner Car. $50,000 FIRM

1973 Pontiac Trans-Am 4-Speed, With 455cu. White, Burgundy Interior, Original, Matching Numbers. 90k. $50,000 FIRM


1999 Buick Park Ave

$14,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 CHRYSLER PT CRUISER TOURING $15,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 Chrysler Pacifica AWD, 138k Miles, Mostly Highway. New Tires, Great Family Car, Well Maintained. $6500 OBO Photos Available Call Bill & Andrea

860-377-0396 860-928-1064

2004 Chrysler Town & Country

Call (508)752-8683

One Owner, 23,500 Miles. Black Custom Paint, Fully Loaded, Perfect Condition $18,000 Or Best Offer Call 508-764-3723

1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

2005 Corvette Coupe

Loaded, like new, leather, 122K miles. $4500.

Florida car. 46k miles, regular gas; 17-18 in city 27-28 highway. Fully loaded, Light Blue with Light Blue leather interior. $6200.

Call (508)832-3029 or (508)272-3433

17K miles, auto, GPS, OnStar, etc. Excellent condition.

REDUCED! Asking $32,000.

MUST SELL! Call (508)397-6409

$9,900 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1999 Dodge Grand Caravan 130k Miles Asking $1200 OBO Call Jeff 774-402-8222 508-347-7490

1994 Dodge Intrepid 86k Miles, Needs Transmission Work. Good Body, Strong Engine, Good Tires. Nice Car

2006 Ford Taurus SE 19,000 miles, automatic, all extras, very good condition. $7995.

Call (508)764-4570

2003 Ford Mustang GT With 22k Miles, Custom Exhaust, Pro 5.0 Shifter, Ebiach Lowering Springs. Clean Car, Mint Condition. Garaged In Winter. $14,000 OBO 508-864-9692 508-764-1401

2003 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Azure Blue with Black leather. 18K miles, like brand new. Couple after market parts. $17,500.

Call (508)987-8486

2002 FORD FOCUS SE $7,777 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2001 Ford Taurus SSE Red, 4-Door Sedan, A/C, Power Windows & Locks. AM/FM Radio With CD Player. Looks Good, Runs Great.

Asking $700 OBO Call Before 8pm 508-892-4434

$3500 Call 508-949-1223

1992 Dodge Stealth

1998 Ford Contour LX

Red, Mint Condition. $6500 OBO 508-347-3613

Blue. Reliable, Runs Great, 133k. Good Tires, Recent Brake Job. $1700 Or Best Offer 508-892-9212

1985 Fire-Engine Red Mazda RX7 1.1L Rotary Engine. Mint Condition. Single Owner, 54k Miles. Always Garaged, No Rust, Sunroof. Runs Beautifully. $5000 508-845-9237

2001 Honda Accord EX

110K miles, Red, 4 door sedan, recently, reconditioned, new starter, runs great. Moving must sell quick!! $2500 or best offer.

Call (508)341-4434 or (860)857-4168

2001 Honda Accord 4-Door EX V6 Auto With Leather. 118k Miles. Excellent Condition. Extra Set Of 4 Snow Tires. Kelly Bluebook Value $7950

Asking $7200 508-248-6070 After 5pm

1998 Honda Prelude Black, 90K miles, Toyo tires, DC motor sports ceramic headers, stainless cat back exhaust, moon roof, 5-speed, light right side damage.

$4000 FIRM Call (413)245-7354

2002 Lincoln LS Black/Tan, Leather, 40k, Fully Loaded, Chrome Rims/Grill/Rocker Panels/Pillars, Brand New Snow Tires, Extra Set Of 18” Chrome Rims with Tires. New Brakes Sharp Car! Mint! $13,500 obo 774-289-9074

2006 MAZDA MAZDA6 I $13,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2001 MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS GS PARK LANE $7,991 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


4 Cylinder, 4 Door, 63k Miles. One Owner. Complete Maintenance Records. New Tires. Clean, Non-Smoker. $7,995 508-347-3412

$12,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321




$18,888 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1996 Mercury Grand Marquis

$19,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

Blue Hill Edition Loaded, White w/ Blue Interior, 90k Miles $2,995 obo

1992 Chevy Corsica Blue, 119k Miles, Good Condition 6 Cylinder Automatic $1,195 obo

(508)615-5959 1997 Olds Regency Nice solid driver 105K highway miles, loaded with moonroof, needs nothing. Asking $3500.

Call (860)974-3022

$500 Police Impounds! Cars/Trucks From $500! For listings 800-559-4138 ext. 3468

2001 PT Cruiser Limited Silver w/ Leather, Loaded One Owner A Loved Car!!! Low Price Reflects 114k, New Timing Belt, and Extensive Tune-up

REDUCED $5700 (508)476-3715 2006 SCION XA $13,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2001 Subaru Forrester Standard, Recent Brakes, A/C, Roof Racks. Looks & Runs Great. $5,500 OBO 508-987-3244

2007 SUZUKI XL7 $16,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 SUZUKI XL7 $16,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $19,750 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $18,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321




25 MPG

92k, V6, 5 Speed, All Options. College Forces Sale $3800 OBO Call 508-476-3907 508-335-1283

$17,777 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


2008 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX GXP 5.3 V-8, w/active Fuel Management, Power Sunroof, Spoiler, Heated Leather Seats, 18” Chrome Wheels, Every Option, Only 6900 miles. Save over $8000 OFF Factory List… $21,888

2005 PONTIAC MONTANA SV6 7 Pass. Seating, DVD Ent., Dual Power Sliding Side Doors, Rear Park Asst., Loaded, Only 30,000 Miles. #3037… $13,988



3.5 V6 219 HP, Heated Leather Seats, Anti Lock Cargo, V-8, Air, Clean, Only 12,300 miles Brakes w/traction, 17” Chrome Tech Wheels, #3001… $18,988 Power Everything, Only 9800 miles #3047. Save over $7000 OFF Factory List… $17,988

2004 SRX Full Panoramic Moonroof, Automatic w/ Tap Shift, Heated Leather Seats w/ Memory, Rear Parking Asst., Power Everything, Only 29,277 Miles. #2909… $19,888

20066 SATURN VUE SUV, AWD, Air, Automatic, Sunroof, Chrome Package, Leather Trim. Only 31,500 miles. #3039 … $16,988

2007 TOYOTA YARIS LIFTBACK $12,998 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


2004 PONTIAC GTO 5.7 V8, 350HP, 6 Spd., Close Ratio Trans., Rear HTD., Lthr Seats w. Memory, Climate Air, Tap Spoiler Alloys, Limited Slip w/ Traction, Leather, Shifter, Pwr Everything, Only 33,900 Mi. Sharp! Blaupunk w/ 6CD. Only 36,000 miles! #3028…$18,888 #2935… $20,888

New car prices include all factory incentives. GM Smartlease, 39 mos., 30K. $3000 down cash or trade. Taxes, reg., acq. & doc. extra.

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY CE $17,777 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID $27,950 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


See Ron Malo or Brent Normandin

Designed for Action

$25,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

Drive Beautiful

$15,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


2005 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $14,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $14,990 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $11,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 TOYOTA PRIUS HYBRID $18,500 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2003 TOYOTA CAMRY LE $11,993 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2002 TOYOTA CAMRY XLE $14,992 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2006 Volkswagen Jetta Black, fully loaded, leather, 5 disc CD changer, heated seats & mirrors, sunroof, front, side & rear air bags. $14,900.

Call (508)949-6914

1993 Volvo 240GL 4-Door Sedan, 132k Miles. Runs Fine. No Rust. CD, Automatic. $2300 OBO 508-867-6023

Corvette 1988 Excellent Condition. New T-Top, Tires & Interior. Over $11k Invested. Asking $7500 OBO 1-508-943-1128 1-508-341-3164

Hondas From $500 Police Impounds For Listings 800-559-4138 xL273

Wanted Old Camaros 1967-1969 including parts, pieces in any condition. Will consider other models.

Call (860)633-0869


1993 Ford Bronco Great Shape, New Rear Quarters, Paint, Transmission, Rear End, Tires & Brakes. $2750 Or Best Offer.

Call (508)867-6922

1996 Ford Bronco XLT 4x4, 1 owner, no accidents, never smoked in, interior 99%, runs perfect, Green/Grey, brush guard, needs rear fenders, $3500.

Call (508)949-1525

1999 GMC Suburban SLT 4x4, Leather, Remote/Keyless Entry, 130k Miles, Good Condition.

$6500 508-612-6398

2000 Ford Expedition-Eddie Bauer 111,000 miles, asking $6000. 48” wide, zero clearance fireplace like new. Asking $600.

Call (508)566-2721

2001 Chevy Blazer LT Second Owner, 6-Cylinder, Electronic Shift-on-The-Fly 4 Wheel Drive. Very Clean, Runs Great, Needs Nothing! 94k Miles, 22MPG. Asking $6000


AUGUST, 27, 2008








2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara





$23,950 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$14,900 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321



$23,950 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$14,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321



$15,900 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$38,886 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

4WD, 6cyl. automatic. Maroon & silver, great condition. Only 84K miles, recent brakes, new tires, new battery. REDUCED $4695.

Call after 5:00pm; North Brookfield, (508)867-7637

2002 Ford Explorer XLT V6, auto, air, remote starter, running boards, Dark Blue, one owner, good condition. 100,000 miles. Asking $5995.

Call (508)347-9142, leave message Evenings & weekends

2002 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY SERIES II SE $11,992 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2003 NISSAN FRONTIER 4X4 $14,500 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 FORD EXPLORER SPORT TRAC $12,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


$11,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LIMITED $13,988 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 Jeep Liberty Sport Silver, 49k Miles. Excellent Condition. CD/AM/FM Radio. Asking $14,200 774-364-1133 Or After 5pm 508-886-7184 Ask For Linda

2004 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5X $12,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 SUBARU FORESTER 2.5X $12,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


$16,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 TOYOTA RAV4 $18,000 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 JEEP LIBERTY SPORT $13,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 JEEP WRANGLER SPORT $16,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 KIA SORENTO LX $12,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 NISSAN QUEST SL $16,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


$16,800 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$17,955 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321




$13,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$15,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$17,955 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

$10.994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


2005 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER $16,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER $17,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 TOYOTA RAV4 $16,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 TOYOTA RAV4 $19,995 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA RAV4 $21,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2006 TOYOTA 4RUNNER $18,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2006 TOYOTA 4RUNNER $18,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2006 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER $18,990 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER $19,900 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321



1994 Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide. 19K miles, good shape, extra lights, extra chrome, forward controls. $7500.

Call (508)864-3198

2005 Honda VT750 Shadow Spirit Mint Condition, Low Mileage, Always Garaged. Pearl Blue/Metallic Silver Flame, Chrome Backrest. Asking $4500 OBO Call 860-792-0506

2004 Honda Shadow Spirit XT1100 Low Mileage, Mint Condition. Saddlebags & Extra Chrome. $3800

Just Painted, Completely Rebuilt, Must See! Asking $8000 Or BRO 508-566-2721

2006 Harley Davidson Sportster XL883C White with saddle bags. 2,091 miles. $6000. Also Harley helmet, jacket and gloves for sale.

Call (508)949-0621

2005 Harley Davidson Sportster XL 1200c Loaded, Must see, $8500.

Call (508)943-2845

2004 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic 5500 miles, $17000.

Call (508)943-0242

2002 Harley XLH 883 Sportster 9500 Miles, Crash Bars, Highway Pegs, Saddle Bags, Passenger Pegs & Pillion, Custom Grips. Excellent Condition Looks & Runs Great.

Asking $4500 860-617-7335

2001 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster Yellow & Black, Mint Condition With New Parts. 3000 Miles. $4950 508-892-4495

2000 Harley Davidson XL883 Custom Pearl Blue, Screaming Eagle, Carb/Pipes, Forward Pegs, Drag Bars, Fat Boy Back Rim, 21” Spoked Front Rim. Lots Of Chrome Added, 1,493 Miles, Flawless. Asking $5800


1998 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster 15,500 miles, excellent condition, registered, many extras! $7000 or BO 508-764-8754

New Brakes, Runs Excellent, Good Condition $1200 OBO 413-245-6130 508-981-6400

ATV 2005 Arctic Cat 250 4x4, mint condition, bought new, used twice, 2 helmets included. $3800.

2004 Honda VTX 1300 Retro Pristine condition, Candy Apple Red, many chrome extras, less than 2000 miles, $7500 firm. Free mini bike with purchase.

Call David, (508)234-0631

2003 Honda CRF-150 Hardly Used! Paid $3200 Asking $1800 Firm (508)987-0557

2002 HONDA XR100R IN GREAT CONDITION! Cleaned And Stored In Garage After Every Use. Only Had One Owner. Going To College! Must Sell!


Excellent Condition, 24k Miles. White & Black. New Chain & Tire.

1999 Compo HD Hardtail

2000 Yamaha 200 Blaster



Call (774)280-2630

Two seater, new battery and recently serviced. Excellent condition. Includes trailer and cover. $2500 or best offer. Call (508)234-0252

Call (508)867-8670

Call (508)248-3646

356 miles, showroom condition, bike can be seen at 364 Main Street, Oxford. $2700.

1998 Kawasaki 750 Xi Sport Jetski


$21,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2005 Aquila 250 Cruiser


1994 Honda CBR 600 $2800 OBO 508-765-9266

2006 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad Excellent condition with extra features and accessories, 6,514 miles, model VN1600D6F, one owner, must be seen to appreciate, asking $9500 or best offer.

Call (413)204-6237

2003 Kawasaki KX65 One Owner, Runs Great, New Sprockets and Chain. Son has outgrown it. $1600 OBO Call 508-764-1515 or (Cell) 508-450-6458

2005 Suzuki C50 Boulevard Cruiser Black/Grey, 300 Miles, Mint! $4899 508-885-9892 508-753-5529

2004 XL 883 Harley Davidson 3400 miles, lots of upgrades, mint condition, handles great. $7200 or best offer. Won’t last long! Call (508)347-8969

1987 Yamaha XV535 Motorcycle 59,920 Miles, New Battery, Owner’s Manual, Service Manual Included. $900 OBO Call Robert 508-987-5167

100th Anniversary 2003 Harley Davidson 883 Hugger, 12k Miles. Includes Harley Hard Leather Bags, Dual Seat, Extra Chrome, Luggage Rack, Cover, & Windshield.

$5500 508-943-3004


2005 Kawasaki 250 Bayou ATV Less than 30 hours use, mint condition/needs nothing. Paid $3200, asking $2200 or best offer.

Call (508)867-8434 after 5:30pm

2002 12x40 Park Model RV (like brand new) on beautiful lot in campground can be used for a full 6 months (15 April-15 October every year) Lot paid for until 2097. $48,000

Call Don (508)344-9499

2001 24 ft. Travel Camper Trailer All works, call for details! Call from 8am-7:30pm. Best time to call 4pm-7:30pm

(508)867-6124 Price $6,200 or best offer

1997 24’ Dutchman Pop-Up Camper Model 1007 Great Condition. Heat, Refrigerator, Stove, Etc. $3200 413-537-0619


2001 Fleetwood Elkhorn Truck Camper Like new, used only a few times. Fits 6’ truck bed. Queen, sleeps 4, all amenities, asking $8,700. Must see! Truck also available.

Call (508)892-8861

1990 Ford 350 Class-C Camper 50k Miles, Twin Beds In Rear. Sleeps 6, Very Good Condition. Roof Air, Furnace, Generator, Fully Self-Contained. With Tow Dolly. Ready To Go $10,900 508-347-3262

2006 Keystone Sprinter Travel Trailer 31 Feet, New Tires, Well Maintained, Slide-Out, Awning, Ladder. Sleeps 6. Dual Cam Hitch, TV, AC/Heat. $17,500


2000 Kropf 40’ Park Model With 39’x10’ enclosed all aluminum sun room with windows and doors. Ready to move in! Can be dismantled to move. Many extras. $24,000.

Call 727-457-2491

1998 Lance Squire 9800 Truck Camper 11’ 3” A/C, electric jacks, 3 burner stove/oven, sleeps 5, 30 gallon propane tank, generator ready. Full dry bath, solar panel, 2 awnings, double sinks. $7900.

Call Mike (508)949-9174

1990 Nomad 1989 24’ Terry Travel Trailer Excellent Condition, New Battery, Tires, & More. Receiver & Sway Bars Included. Must See To Appreciate. $3400 or best offer. 508-885-6215

** 35’ Sprinter ** Furnishings Included, Plus Deck. $3300/Help With Financing. While Available, Call Bryant 774-200-4630 For Showing & Purchase!

2006 Camp Out Truck Cap Gray, 6ft with sliding front window & side windows & locking back window. Used 2 months, brand new. Stored in heated garage. Fits Ford Truck Super Cab. $1100.

In Campground Sleeps 6, Screen & Rain Room On Deck, New Plastic Shed, 3-Burner Gas Grill, Deck Funriture, Or Towable With P/Jack. Many Extras Best Offer! 413-433-1479

1989 Nomad 26’ Travel Trailer/Camper Sleeps 8, Fridge, Stove. Good Shape. Asking $1500

Call 508-764-2293

35’ Park Model Trailer Fully equipped, furnished with 10’x35’ attached enclosed room. Heated, A/C, friendly neighbors, large field, family activities, access to new built in pool, inexpensive comfortable living, located in Woodstock CT. Park open April-Oct. $40,000 includes lot. 2009 assessment and the R.E. Tax


(508)278-7616 or (508)450-0689

2005 Cardinal 30’ Camper

2003 Rockwood Premiere Pop-Up Camper

Top Of The Line Fifth Wheel, Two Slide-Outs. All Options, Many Upgraded Features, Used Only Four Times. Hitch, Cover, Tripod Included. New Condition, Inside & Out. Super Clean & Beautiful.

A Steal At $25,000 860-974-0405 860-428-4115

2002 Citation 31Ft. Travel Trailer $13,999. One owner, kept on site, nice camper, includes back ladder, spare tire, awning, electric jack, sleeps 6, lots of storage, huge bathroom, queen bed, 1 large slide-out in living room & dinette area. Pictures on

Call (508)987-1519 for more details

2001 Coachhouse Camper/RV 52k Miles, Completely Self-Contained Camper Van. Shower, Toilet, Sink, Stove, Generator, Auxiliary Batteries, and MORE!

REDUCED PRICE Asking $27,000 (508)765-8848

2005 Fleetwood PaceArrow 37A Motorhome 18K miles, loaded, no pets/smokers. Two slide outs, tv’s A/C’s & furnaces. Electric awning & levelers, workhorse 8.1L Vortec w/5 speed, lots of extras. Low $90’s.

Call (508)885-4727

Loaded With Extras, Sleeps Up To 8. Excellent Condition Book Value $7500.

Will Sell For $5500. Call 508-320-2175 For More Info

2004 Shadow Cruiser “Fun Finder”, model 189 FD, lightweight towable, sleeps 4, 18’9”L x 7”w x 6’4”H. GVWR is 3,740lbs, single axle w/spare tire, full bath w/shower, gas stove, 5cu. refrigerator/3 way, microwave ready, cable ready, excellent condition, 4 years old, low miles. $8250/BO.

Call (508)831-1431

1988 Skamper Pop-Up Camper Asking $1500 Well-kept, Immaculate. Garaged 10 Years And Used Infrequently. Sleeps 6. Vinyl Pull-Outs In Excellent Condition, Galley-Style Kitchen With Stove, Sink, And Icebox. Furnace And AC/DC Power Converter With Battery, Spare Tire And Carrier.

Moving, Must Sell! 508-476-1767

1999 Sunline Solaris 24’, sleeps 4 comfortably, air, micro, stove, refrigerator, freezer, queen size bed, full size bed, bath. $6500. Call (508)764-2101

2003 TrailCruiser 26’, queen bunk house, light weight, stereo, micro, A/C, heat, 6 gallon hot water, tub/shower. $8000 firm.

Call (508)579-8141


August, 27, 2008


2004 Wilderness 5th Wheel 30’ White, 16’ power living room slide-out, queen size bed w/home mattress, two bunks, sleeps 8. Tons of extras, very clean, excellent condition. Asking $14,000 OBO.









Snowbird Special

1994 Chevy 3/4 Ton


1994 Ford F150 XLT 4x4 Xtracab Pickup

2003 Silverado 2500 HD


1980 Ford 555 XL Tractor Backhoe

Park Model With Loft & Matching Addition. Appx. 950 sq. ft. Furnished, Central Air, Matching 12x16 Shed With Washer & Dryer. $39,900 OBO 508-867-5850 508-579-1827


2000 Winnebago Chieftain Model 35U 40k Miles, Loaded, Many Extras. No Pets/Smoking. Must See! Asking $55,000 508-269-1710

14’ Box Truck with gutter machine, ladders, tool and gutter material.

MUST SELL! $9,500 or best offer. Call (508)873-8935, cell or (508)248-9991


2001 “Woodland Park” Beautiful Custom Design, 40’ Park Model Trailer. Sliding Glass Door Entrance, Full Bath, 3 Slide-Outs, Sleeps 8 Central Air Winter Insulation Package Paid $47,000 New.

Asking $29,995 OBO 617-524-6220

33-Foot Fifth Wheel Camper REDUCED To $14,000 Or Best Offer Includes Many Extras.

F-350 Crew Cab Pick-Up Truck $6,000 Call 860-935-5411 Quinebaug, CT


$8,993 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

Call (774)272-1192

$10,444 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1980 Chevy 1 Ton

1997 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4

350 V8, 2WD, excellent condition, 190k miles, new tires, recent brakes and tuneup. $3000.

2WD, dual wheels, A/C, PS, PL, PW, recently restored, aluminum flatbed, $3000

2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer 6 cylinder, 4x4, loaded, 2 door, $3995.

Call (508)450-4573

2007 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING EDITION $16,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1986 Chevrolet C-20 Pickup


Nice Flat Bed, Cab Painted 4 Years Ago (Red), No Rust, 155k Miles. Runs Strong. $2300 413-245-6130 508-981-6400

$9,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2003 Chevy Venture 75K miles, in very good condition. Asking $6000 or best offer.

Call Tatyana, (508)949-6082

1994 Chevy Lumina Van 6 cylinder, 7 seats. Original owner, good brakes and tires. 230,000 miles but still runs great. $800. Call (508)278-0138

1989 Chevy 1500 Short bed Z71 off road. $1500 or best offer.

Call (774)280-2480

2002 DODGE GRAND CARAVAN SPORT $9,992 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2001 Dodge Dakota 4 Wheel Drive, Extended Cab One Owner, Mint Condition. Fully Loaded! Bedliner & Cover, Remote Start, 12 Disc CD, Visors, Steps, Electric Windows/Locks/Mirrors, Full Rear Seat. $9000 obo (508)757-5211

Power everything, 122K miles, looks good, runs good. Rhino spray on bedliner. Asking $4000.

Looks Good, Runs Excellent! V8, PW, PL, Cruise, 5-Speed, Cold A/C. $2,900 OBO

2003 Honda TRX250 EX ATV Runs Great! Looks Great! $2100 OBO


Call (508)867-3741

1988 F-250 2WD, automatic transmission, 300 cubic inch fuel injection, 6 cyl, 75K miles, no body rot, runs excellent, $1350.

1994 Ford Ranger 2 door, XL Extended Cab, 2.3L 4 cylinder, standard, 144K original miles. One owner, runs well, some rust. $1400 or best offer.

Call (413)245-4127

Call (508)779-0216

1997 F150 4x2, third door, six passenger, V6, 116K, A/C, 6-CD changer, power windows/locks, tow package, runs great, one owner, always maintained, all recent brakework done, very clean, some rust, dependable. $4500.


2005 FORD F-150 XLT $15,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1996 Ford E-250 3/4 Ton Heavy Duty, Extended Utility Van. 75k Miles On Engine, 186k Original Miles. Well Maintained. A/C, Tool Shelves. Great For Floor Coverings! $2100

1985 Ford F-600 Box Truck low miles, runs good, needs some new brake lines. $1000 or best offer.

Call (508)922-3936

2003 Isuzu NPU 16 ft Box Truck V8 automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes. Runs great, very clean, 10 ft loading ramp. $10,000.

Call (774)230-1437

4 cylinder auto, bedliner, $4700.

Call (508)765-6168

Call (978)697-0706

$23,900 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA TUNDRA SR5 $23,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2007 TOYOTA TUNDRA V6 $15,997 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2006 TOYOTA SIENNA LE $22,000 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321


(looks like a Honda Odyssey). Runs great, very clean, everything works. Kelly Blue Book says $4100, but will sell for $3700. Call (508)892-8690

$18,999 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

1992 Isuzu Cube Van Diesel, 100K miles, 14’ box, interior set up for contractor tilt cab, recent sticker, runs good, $3500 or best offer.

Call (508)892-8766

$23,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

New motor in 1995, many new hoses, pins, bushings. Runs good. Asking $10,000. Call (508)764-2101


Cable Blade - Power Shift Runs Good $12,000 (860)928-3477


1996 Isuzu Oasis Mini-van

Call Mike 508-269-2420

1998 Nissan Frontier Pickup

Crew cab, 6.0, auto, 4x4, grey, loaded, leather, tonneau, chrome step, tow package, excellent condition.

$23,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 TOYOTA SIENNA LE $16,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

2004 TOYOTA TUNDRA LIMITED TRD O/R $19,994 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

“California” 1967 F-250 Service Truck with lumbertack. New engine, 6x6x10’ (enclosed). 2-3 Motorcycle Trailer Haulmark 2006 Harley “Dyna” Street Bob, Black cherry, 2000 miles. 12 foot, pungo 120, kayak with paddle, vest.

2006 TOYOTA SIENNA XLE $23,996 Tri-State Toyota Scion Dodge 191 W. Main St., Dudley, MA (508)943-7474 (800)339-2321

LONG SUBARU Your local hometown Subaru dealer has a coupon just for you...

********************************************************** Save $5.00 off your next Oil & Filter change! Regular price...$28.95 or, for even more savings, bring your car in Monday thru Wednesday, and save $10.00 !! up to five quarts of oil-most makes and models, some at additional cost Mon-Friday 7:30-6:00 PM • Thursday till 8:00 PM • Saturday 8-4:30

7 Sutton Rd Webster, Ma. Exit 2 off RT 395





Ford F-600 Dump 1969 Model 6 Cylinder. Everything Runs Well, Had Farm Plates, Road-Safe, Good Tires, New Brakes & Exhaust. $2400 508-248-1535

Michigan Payloader & Backhoe Model 75 Snowplow Diesel, Runs Good Also:

Gravely Tractor And Parts Call (508)347-7300




CAT D8H Bulldozer

All local. All the time.


Truck Cap For 1999 Dodge Pickup (Short-Bed) $700 obo 508-892-0526

Junk Car Removal We pay cash for your vehicle. We pick up at your location.

Bicalho Auto Sales (508)523-6830

High-top Mini Wheelchair Van Needed In excellent running condition with fully automatic wheel chair lift and closing doors. Please leave message (508)764-2807



ONLINE DIRECTORY. All local. All the time.


AUGUST, 27, 2008



2009 Toyota Corolla Matrix Continues To Be Unflashy, Dependable Transportation BY KEITH GRIFFIN For a couple of years in the midto-late ‘90s, I was managing editor of a group of weekly newspapers. I had one reporter who wasn’t flashy, but he was darn good. Got the job done and was consistently dependable but he was never going to win a Pulitzer Prize. It was not that he wasn’t a strong writer; nothing he wrote about for our weeklies was ever going to catch widespread attention. I’d find myself thinking, “I wish I had 10 more Garys.” In fact, my predecessor, who had hired him, once defended a poor personnel choice by saying, “At least I hired Gary.” That’s why if I owned a 2009 Toyota Corolla Matrix, I would nickname it Gary. It’s a consistently dependable hatchback that gets the job done without making a big splash. As a matter of fact, the Matrix is so modest, that it’s also sold as the Pontiac Vibe. In a typical twist, a 2005 Vibe is actually worth more used than a 2005 Matrix, even though they are the exact same car. Maybe Gary, I mean the Matrix, is trying to shed that quiet image with the improvements Toyota has made for 2009. According to a news release from Toyota, “Development of the 2009 Matrix focused on greater exterior coupe-like styling with enhanced interior utility and improved dynamic performance.” Basically, you can fit my knowledge of automotive design into a thimble, but I know improved performance when I feel it. During a press event in Cary, N.C., I discovered exactly what Toyota means by improved dynamic performance. The 2009 Matrix is offered with two, new efficient engines: a 16valve, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and an optional 16-valve

The 2009 Toyota Corolla Matrix has been redesigned and given a helpful boost in power.

DOHC 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Each are matched to an electronically controlled automatic transmission. The 2.4-liter engine displaces 2,362 cc or 144.1 ci and produces 158 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 162 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,000 rpm. The 16-valve, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine displaces 1,798 cc or 109.7 ci, and produces 132 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 128 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,400 rpm. It’s the 2.4-liter engine you’re going to want buy if you like sporty performance from your station wagons. The 20 percent difference in horsepower and torque really makes a lot of difference. The good news is you don’t pay a 20 percent penalty at the gas pumps. Estimated EPA fuel economy ratings are 26/32 city/highway mpg for manual transmission models and 25/31 for the automatic transmission model powered by a 1.8-liter engine. Matrix models powered by the

The interior of the Matrix, Toyota claims, was designed with a cockpit in mind. It’s not as technologically advanced, but it is driver friendly. Photos © Toyota

2.4-liter engine with five-speed automatic transmission have estimated EPA fuel economy of 21/29 city/highway mpg. OK, so my math is somewhat suspect and you do pay a 20 percent premium around town, but not when you’re commuting on the highway. If your life is mostly spent driving local roads, then the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine is going to be the right choice. Of course, you’ll also end up spending $2100 more for the larger engine. That’s another factor in your decision, of course, between the two engines. Dual-stage SRS airbags are now standard for the driver and front passenger. The system has an occupant detection system designed to detect a passenger’s presence in the front passenger seat: The system also determines whether the passenger is an adult or a child. Front seat-mounted side airbags and side curtain airbags are also standard. Front active headrests are standard on all Matrix models. Anti-lock braking with electronic brake distribution is standard. Vehicle stability control with traction control and off switch is standard on the XRS trim level and available as an option on all other models. Toyota continues to disappoint with its approach to stability control. It’s proven to save more lives than airbags, yet is still treated as a money making option by Toyota. Stability control becomes mandatory in 2012. The Standard Matrix with a fivespeed manual transmission will carry a base MSRP of $16,190, while the four-speed automatic begins at $17,000. The Matrix S front-wheel drive with a fivespeed manual transmission has a MSRP of $18,260, while the fivespeed automatic will begin at $19,450. The Matrix S AWD with a four-speed automatic has a base MSRP starting at $20,400. The Matrix XRS with a five-speed manual transmission has a

MSRP starting at $20,660, while the five-speed automatic will begin at $21,850. So, if you’re in the market for a station wagon (which is what the Matrix should truly be called at the end of the day), you’re not going to do much better in the compact market than the latest version from Toyota. It’s dependable, not flashy, and always prepared to deliver. (Questions and comments about this review and other automotive concerns can be e-mailed to [email protected] All queries are answered.) VITAL STATISTICS Wheelbase: 102.4 inches Length: 171.9 inches Width: 69.5 inches Height: 61.0 inches Curb weight: 2865 lbs. Engine: 1.8-liter, four cylinder Horsepower: 132 hp @ 6,000 rpm Torque: 128 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm EPA estimated mpg city/highway: 25/31 Base price: $16,190 As-tested price: $18,260 Also consider: Pontiac Vibe, Honda Fit, Saturn Astra

Auto Review


August, 27, 2008


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Mailed free to requesting homes in Webster, Dudley and the Oxfords 508-764-4325 ONLINE: WWW.WEBSTERTIMES.NET COMPLIMENTARY HOME DELIVERY/75¢ ON NEWSS...

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Jul 1, 2016 - well as Varsity Volleyball Coach. From 2006-2008 she was director of Student ... porque a pesar de que tod

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May 3, 2014 - By Francis X. Rocca,. Catholic News Service. VATICAN CITY (CNS) — Canon- izing two recent popes in the p

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Jul 24, 2009 - the bond the company hired to fix the roof several years ago put up for that work. The Covino report reco

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Oct 28, 2014 - plans are currently underway to begin a Courage Chapter in the. Diocese of Kalamazoo. Begun in New York C

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Jul 24, 2009 - gling to pay bills. The increase would be the company's first in 14 years. “We do understand that the c

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Feb 28, 2011 - French Door Refrigerator $1399.00. TV's Available at ...... used. When disposing of outdated cards like t

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Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation's New Initiatives Fund (NIF) provides flexible financing for community development pro

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