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Evaluation of mechanical properties of jet-grouting columns using different test methods Authors

A. Gomes Correia, T. Valente, J. Tinoco, J. Falcão, J. Barata, D. Cebola, S. Coelho

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2169 - 2171




Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4)

Abstract This paper evaluates the mechanical properties of jet-grouting columns used for soil improvement. This technique was used to create a slab for the excavation of the one subway station in Barcelona, Spain. Before field treatment of the very soft clayey soil, a field trial was built with some jet-grouting columns in order to define the correct grouting parameters and to determine the mechanical properties of the soil-cement mixture by

Computer & Communication Sciences

collecting some samples from the columns. These samples were obtained with two

Electronics & Mechanics

are collected in situ at a certain age and then tested in the laboratory; and (2) as fresh


jet material, a new technique developed by the contractor for collecting the material in a

Environmental Sciences

fresh state, right after the grouting application, and then curing the sample in a

Geosciences Health Information Technology Housing

different techniques: (1) as core samples, the traditional method in which the samples

controlled laboratory environment. At the same time, a laboratory-based formulation study of soil-cement was developed using samples of the clayey soil and the same kind of cement employed in the field trial. Afterwards, the mechanical properties, strength and modulus of the soil-cement mixture made in laboratory were compared

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with those of the field samples, for the same of specimen ages. An attempt was made

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to establish correlations between the mechanical properties obtained by the different

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test methods, for the different types of soil-cement mixtures.

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IOS Press Ebooks - Evaluation of mechanical properties of jet-grouting

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