Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties and fracture of


Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties and fracture of commercial hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy modified with Na, Sb and Sr Journal of Materials Science July 1999, Volume 34, Issue 14, pp 3555–3564 | Cite as N. Fatahalla (1) M. Hafiz (1) M. Abdulkhalek (2) 1. Mechanical Department, Faculty of Engineering,, Al Azhar University, Nasr City,, Cairo,, Egypt ( 2. Industrial Engineering Company for Construction and Development (ICON),, Cairo,, Egypt Article 728 Downloads 36 Citations

Abstract The microstructure, hardness, tensile properties and fracture have been studied for the non-modified and modified aluminium (Al) silicon (Si) commercial hypoeutectic alloy. Three modifiers were used being sodium (Na), antimony (Sb) and strontium (Sr). The Sb-modified structure revealed small plate-like Si morphology. The Na and Sr-modified structures exhibited fibrous Si. A slight increase in the hardness values (HV) due to modification was observed. A general increase in the tensile properties was observed due to modification. The tensile properties of the sand mould Srmodified alloy were significantly higher than those of the Na-modified alloy by 12.7% in proof stress, 16.3% in ductility and 33.3% in toughness. For the metal mould ingots the increase in tensile properties of Sr-modified alloy were respectively: 16.7%, 32.5% and 41.7% compared to a Na-modified alloy. Optical fractography on longitudinal sections near the fracture surfaces of the modified alloys revealed that the crack propagates in the eutectic thus, circumventing the Al-dendrites. The dimple and smooth ripple patterns observed by scanning electron microscope (SEM) on the fracture surface of the Na and Sr-modified alloys suggest a transgranular type of fracture across the grains of the eutectic matrix. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access

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Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties and fracture of

Effect of microstructure on the mechanical properties and fracture of commercial hypoeutectic Al-Si alloy modified with Na, Sb and Sr Journal of Mater...

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