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RECOMMENDED Edu 3104 LAMPIRAN 5 : KAJIAN KES “THE MASCOT” Oleh : Aluddin bin Ekkih Mohammad Lutfi bin Mohd Anor Mohd Adib Azfar bin Muri (/documents/edu-3104.html) Pensyarah : Puan Normala binti Mehat Ringkasan… EDU 3104


1.0 HURAIAN PENGURUSAN BILIK DARJAH DAN TINGKAH LAKU. Pengurusan bermaksud satu proses mendapatkan penyertaan, (/documents/edu-3104-55a9308a10d43.html) kerjasama, dan campurtangan ahli untuk mencapai objektif-objektif…



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edu 3104 AHLI KUMPULAN: MOHAMAD MUNIRUL HAKIM BIN IDRIS MOHAMAD ZAKI BIN ABDUL GHANI MOHD ZULKARNAIN BIN (/documents/edu-3104-55a9308809a2e.html) ABDULLAH BIODATA MOHAMAD MUNIRUL HAKIM BIN IDRIS 900122-10-5665 22 TAHUN MOHAMAD… EDU 3104 EDU 3104 BAB 1-Struktur 1. 1. Nyatakan 5 kemahiran yg boleh membantu guru dalam pengurusan bilik darjah berkesan 1. Kemahiran (/documents/edu-3104-55b07edd65bf2.html) menerangkan 2. Kemahiran mengurus masa 3. Kemahiran… EDU 3104



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EDU 3104

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Edu 3104 (/presentations-public-speaking/edu-310455b0ce860b4a4.html)

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Description Topic 1 edu 3104 semester 3 pismp

edu 3104 Download EDU 3104 SEM 3 question

Transcript EDU 3104 SEM 3 1. Give the teacher's role in classroom management. - Manages classroom routines - Managing student activities - Manage the evaluation materials - Manage student information resources - Manages group activities Manages classroom discipline 2. State affective characteristics of teachers in classroom management. - Effectively manage the classroom - Creating an atmosphere that promotes students’ learning and strive to do best. - Using time more efficient 3. State the features found in the physical environment. - The layout and physical design in the classroom - Learning material resources - living / learning angle - Clean - lighting, ventilation and furniture - Space on the wall 4. Provide psychosocial environmental features - comfortable and friendly atmosphere - free from the threat of physical danger - feeling accepted - Sensitive and responsive to individual differences - a stimulating learning atmosphere create open communication and encourages the sharing of ideas. - The promotion of cooperative learning - the same opportunities for all students 5. Describe ways to create classroom rules and routines appropriate. - Verse must be concise and clear - agreed rules - Limit the number of rules - rules must be fair - in accordance with the rules of the school. 6. Give examples of common rules used in the classroom - Well-mannered and help each other in nature Respect other people's property - Listen when others speak - Respect others - Obey school rules 7. Give the types of classroom routine - class routine (non-academic) - administration - movement of students (academic) - management tasks (academic) - learning (academic) - interaction (academic) 8. Give examples found in a routine at school - pupils attendance - Taking students attendance - Throughout the school - pupils dismiss after the end of school time 9. Describe the classroom procedures - Use of the classroom (teacher desks, student desks, restrooms, reading corner) teachers’ teaching, presentations, and training individuals (focus pupil, pupil involvement, talk to each other, ask for help / guidance) - general procedure (distribution & collection of materials) - a cooperative learning activities (project science, social studies assignment, ensure pupils accordance with the procedures provided) - The transition into and out of the classroom (make sure the students lined up in a straight line to and from a place such as a library) 10. Give 3 types of assessment in the classroom - Testing - Measurement - Assessment 11. Describe the preparation of test and examination - frequency of tests or examinations in one term - Date of tests and examinations - to formulate test questions - The time of each test and examination - Tests and examination must be fair - Questions must include the level of thinking apart from the knowledge of students. - Discuss with teachers teaching the same subject - notify pupil date of the test - Try to become familiar with the test format and the actual exam 12. State the way for administrators over managing the test or examination - Provide a comfortable environment - Allow students in early - Students should be ready and seated respectively - Teachers should note the presence of students during exams - test and examinations administration impact on student attitudes 13. What is the importance of keeping a relationship when teachers and students - Able to raise students’ motivation - Easy to control students - Getting the cooperation of students - positive image of the teacher 14. What advantages/benefits when students keep in contact with teachers Interested in learning - Provides collaboration - Improve academic achievement - More motivated 15. Give the factors that influence teacher-student relationship - Appearance & body language - teacher’s behaviour - Demonstrate a good example - the learning environment in the classroom 16. Describe the strategies that can build positive relationships between teachers and pupils. - Remembering names and call students by their names - instilling patriotism in class / classroom - Distribute responsibility - Set realistic expectations - Showing concern - Key elements in communication (humorous) 17. State the practice of caring culture. - Respect (accept students like herself, more easily appreciated, the two-way interaction) - Authentic (be yourself, give honest feedback, do not be afraid pleaded guilty) - Concern (considerate, caring, can share their problems) - Emotional Integrity (associated with honesty in expressing their opinions and have accountability over their own behavior) - Encouraging emotional integrity among students (encouraging students to express positive emotions) - caring attitude absorb, build a sense of belonging, practice loving character 18. Describe the elements in the dynamics classroom - Gender - Religion / race - socioeconomic status 19. Give the teacher's role in the dynamics of the group. - Teachers should identify the dynamic group - teachers give attention to her pupils - the teacher as a role model - teacher acts as head 20. Give the two types of disciplinary problems - disruptive behaviour (behaviour that affect the p & p) - destructive behaviour (self-harm behaviour, school and community) 21. Give examples of disruptive behavior - naughty behavior - Hyperactivity - Do not bring exercise book - Aggressive 22. Give examples of destructive behaviour - Vandalism - Violent - Intimidation 23. Specify the type of discipline - teacher’s instruction -work instruction -self - groups 24. Define the misbehaviour - behavior that prevents the smooth p & p 25. Provide the means to identify problematic behaviour - type o Test academic achievement test (UPSR, PMR, SPM) o Test intelligence (multiple intelligence) o Test tendency talent (differential aptitude test) o interest test (Career assessment inventory) o personality test (the survey of personal value) o Screening tests - type of document is not a test o Test-card interview technique o Observation 26. State behaviour modification techniques - Reinforcing (positive and negative) - Penalties (sentence, warning, calling the parents) - Reverse Psycology (behavior modification techniques negative to positive, skilled teachers convince students) - Shaping - Token economy - Contract - Time out (fines out of the classroom) - Modelling - Management / reinforcement / self control - Separation 27. Provide recommendations to reduce discipline problems - an interesting lesson plans and systematic - Diversify Activities in teaching - Valuing and compliment students - democratic leadership - enrichment activities - Teach pupils according to their abilities - questioning techniques - Setting rules - Avoid the use of intimidation - Nurturing the moral values. 28.What is Pastoral Care? - Treat teachers as parents (the guidance given to the welfare of student teachers) 29. Provide guidance concept - Process helps students develop optimal potential and abilities - Develop individual personal systematic and structured 30. Give approach in guidance - development - Meltdown/crisis - Prevention - Recovery 31. Give two types of counselling - individual - group 32. State programs organized by the Ministry of Education for students with special needs - Special Education Programs hearing impaired - Special Education Program for visually impaired Integration Educational Program - Preschool Special Education Programs - Special Education Programs Technical and Vocational - inclusive Education Program 33. State children with special needs category - will moderate & severe Mental - Physical Disability - Disability vision - Learning difficulties - Dyslexia - Autistic - Late development - Hyperactivity gifted/talented 34. Give the characteristics of children with mental retardation - IQ low - low learning rate - Difficulty understanding abstract ideas - low language skills - memory problems - Weakness in learning - social behaviour Slightly mature 35. way for teachers to overcome difficulties with children that have mental retardation - User activity brief, clear and structured - a longer time given to them to complete the task - instruction given in small fractions and should be repeated - New skills must be repeated and practiced. 36. Explain characteristics children who are visually impaired Having trouble reading if small fonts - Holds book too close - Wrong reading on the board - Frequent eye rubbing Complain headache - red and watery eyes 37. Classroom Management for visually impaired students - Encourage students always help pupils - large font reading material - in front of pupils rating - Encouraging students use a tape recorder - furniture arrangement to avoid prevent movement 38. State the characteristics of children with hearing

pengurusan bilik darjah dan tingkah lagu di dalam bilik darjah (/documents/topic-1-edu-3104-semester-3pismp.html)

REFLEKSI EDU 3104 EDU 3104 (/documents/refleksi-edu-3104.html)

EDU 3104 tuto 1 EDU 3104 tuto 1 (/documents/edu-3104-tuto-1.html)

Aktiviti( edu 3104) 1. AKTIVITI 2. Permainan adalah satu pendekatan yang baik untuk pengajaran membaca dan permainan yang menjadikan (/documents/aktiviti-edu-3104.html) pembelajaran pengalaman yang menyeronokkan. Menurut Piaget,semasa… EDU 3104 - ISL 1 ISL 1 8 P.M. ± 10 P.M. (Asrama Jati) Tugasan: Cari dan senaraikan buku -buku rujukan yang sesuai di perpustakaan/website. (/documents/edu-3104-isl-1.html) Simpan senarai ini dalam portfolio untuk membuat… proforma EDU 3104 Proforma Pengurusan Bilk Darjah dan Tingkahlaku (EDU 3104) MT M1 3-7/1 TAJUK/KANDUNGAN 1. PENGURUSAN BILIK (/documents/proforma-edu-3104.html) DARJAH SEKOLAH RENDAH (4 jam) 1.Pengurusan Bilik Darjah Sekolah… Latihan EDU Sce 3104 Latihan EDU / sce 3104 (/documents/latihan-edu-sce-3104.html)

Edu 3104 Presentation Full Mdm. Teh Ciew Lan Nur Izzaty binti Allam Shah Nurul Hazwani binti Mohd Sobri Afifah binti Ismail Soalan Tutorial 1 Masalah pelan (/documents/edu-3104-presentation-full.html) bilik darjah Cara mengatasi 2 Cadangan…

NOTA EDU 3104 Konsep pengurusan bilik darjah Richard (1990) •organisasi dan kawalan guru ke atas tingkah laku, pergerakan serta interaksi Alberto & (/documents/nota-edu-3104.html) Troutman (1986) •kemahiran guru…

EDU 3104- Chapter 1 EDU 3104 Classroom Management and Behaviour Click to edit Master subtitle style 4/17/12 11 Text book • Pengurusan Bilik Darjah (/documents/edu-3104-chapter-1.html) dan Tingkah Laku untuk Program Ijazah Sarjana… xcment penug EDU 3104 EDU 3104 1.0 PENGENALAN. Seorang guru seharusnya mempunyai kemahiran dalam mengurus disiplin dalam bilik darjah supaya (/documents/xcment-penug-edu-3104.html) kelas sentiasa dalam keadaan yang selamat, terkawal… EDU 3104 - ISL 2 ISL 2 8 P.M. ± 10 P.M. (Asrama Jati) Tugasan: Baca artikel 2. Managing the classroom (Santrock, 2006, m.s 488 -502) (/documents/edu-3104-isl-2.html) sebagai pengukuhan pembelajaran, membuat rumusan artikel…

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EDU 3104 SEM 3 question - Documents

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