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Senin, 21 November 2016

mia aldatus



Lihat profil lengkapku

On Wednesday night, 5 th of October 2016 at 08.00 P.M. All of the

students of language progress program grade 8 and 9 had come and gathered in school yard of kanjeng sepuh junior high school. And then at 08.30 pm, my teacher divided the bus chair and guided us to enter into the bus, but before it I gathered for a moment in school yard to pray together and then I was ready to do my journey. During my journey, I couldn’t sleep well so I decided to play prank and laugh together and approximately at 01.00 A.M We stopped in division between east java and central java and that is ngawi city , we took a rest there for a half hours and then continued My journey to central java. And on 6 th October 2016 at 04.30 we arrived in gunung pring , and then I took oblution and prayed shubuh together, then I took a bath in toilet nearest there. After that I got breakfast in one of food stall there, after it I went to gunung pring grave. Then I continued My journey to My major purpose that was go to Borobudur temple. At 09.30 P.M. we arrived at Borobudur temple and the 1 st thing when I arrived there was we must buy the tickets to the lockets. After that, I were instructed to gather then Mr. nurul gave us instructions the time that I had to spend to look for the tourist and the way how to speak with the tourist. Then I stepped our feed going to enter Borobudur temple. I saw many tourists there. There are so many ways in Borobudur temple so we were dizzy which place that we had took first. And we chose to walked straightly and on the 1 st up stair we saw two couple and we walked closer to them and we invited them to make conversation with us and finally they accept our invitation. Be We’ve got 5 tourists and tired of looking for tourist finally We took a rest for a moment on the top of the Borobudur temple and then We walked down the stair and We looked here and there, but there was not other group again here and We thought that all of other groups had gathered to explain their presentation. So we hurriedly walked down and gathered with all of our friends and we waited and waited the time for us to explain about our presentation and finally Mr. Nurul called us to explain our report journey here. After all of groups had explain their report journey, we took pictures together with Borobudur temple as background. after it, I continued our journey to go to “Malioboro Market” the most famous market in Yogyakarta but on the way We realized that We haven’t got lunch yet so We stopped in front of the restaurant with have beautiful scenery. I got lunch there and I was ready to continued. after it, I continued my journey to go to Malioboro market but before it one of our teacher give us advice to buy souvenirs and foods such as Bakpia in Bakpia Pathok 25 shop. Wow, there are so many kinds Bakpia inside the shop and after bought many kinds of foods and souvenirs we went to Malioboro Market, I bought t-shirt, souvenirs, and also other things, after time is up for buying at malioboro, I continued our journey to go home. But on the way home, one of our friend was sick. And we had to carry him into hospital then We had to wait him while the doctor examined him so my friends and my teacher decided to pray in the mosque near the hospital. I waited for hour in the bus with Sella and Yaumi and after an hour passed finally the doctor let our friend to go home. I entered into the bus and ready to go home and at midnight we stopped in a small food stall few of us got dinner there. after it I was very ready to go home and I got trouble again, in Dukun subdistrick our bus was struck and I had to wait and wait again for other bus. Besides waited my friends decided to pray shubuh first after my friends had prayed shubuh other bus came to pick us and I went home and in Friday at 05.60 A.M I arrived in Sidayu. Wow, this was tiring and terrific journey ever and it will be the precious memory. This was first time I and My group spoke with tourists and hope it will be the first step for us to explore this world. able to speak English well is the way for you to be the leader of this world Only believe in yourself that you can do it

and this is our awesome pictures with some tourists that we got in borobudur

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Selasa, 15 November 2016

About Me Name : Mia Aldatus Sa'adah Date of Birth : 3rd of May 2002 Hobby : Reading , Listening to music School : MTs. Kanjeng Sepuh Sidayu Gresik Class : 9a Absent :25 Diposting oleh mia aldatus di 20.42

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Istilah-istilah dalam pewarisan sifat : a. Parental (P) / orang tua / induk b. Filial (F) , yang individu hasil persilangan , disebut juga keturunan zuriat . keturunan pertama diberi symbol F1 , keturunan kedua diberi symbol F2 , dst. c. Gen Dominan , yaitu gen yang mampu menutupi alel resesifnya. d. Gen Resesif , yaitu gen yang ditutupi oleh alel dominannya. e. Gen Intermediat , gen yang tidak saling mengalahkan / mempunyai pengaruh yang sama kuat. f. Alel , yaitu gen-gen yang terletak pada kromosom homolog. g. Fenotip , yaitu sifat-sifat yang tampak dari luar. Misalnya, rambut lurus, batang tinggi, bunga merah, dan rasa manis. h. Genotip , yaitu sifat yang tidak tampak dari luar dan disimbolkan dengan alphabet . sifat dominan disimbolkan dengan huruf besar , sedang sifat resesif disimbolkan dengan huruf kecil . misalnya batang tinggi dominan terhadap batang pendek. Gen batang tinggi disimbolkan dengan huruf T, sedangkan batang pendek disimbolkan dengan huruf t. sifat pada Genotip disimbolkan dengan hururf yang ditulis rangkap. Misalnya, TT, Tt, atau tt. i. Homozigot , yaitu pasangan gen yang mempunyai alel yang sama, misalnya AA atau aa. j. Heterozigot , yaitu pasangan gen yang mempunyai ale yang berbeda, misalnya Aa atau Mm. k. Hybrid , yaitu hasil persilangan / hasil perkawinan antara dua individu yang mempunyai sifat beda. Persilangan yang memperhatikan satu sifat beda disebut PERSILANGAN MONOHIBRID. Persilangan yang memperhatikan dua sifat beda disebut PERSILANGAN DIHIBRID. l. Sel Diploid dan Sel Haploid Sel Diploid yaitu sel yang memiliki kromosom dalam keadaan berpasangan/sel yang memilki dua set atau dua perangkat kromosom. Misalnya, sel tubuh manusia memiliki 46 buah kromosom (23 pasang) yang selalu dalam keadaan berpasangan sehingga disebut DIPLOID(2n) (di berarti dua , ploid berarti set/perangkat). Sedangkan sel kelamin manusia memiliki kromosom tidak berpasangan. Hal ini karena pada saat pembentukan sel kelamin, sel induk bersifat diploid membelah secara meiosis. Sehingga sel kelamin anaknya hanya mewarisi ½ dari jumlah kromosom induknya. Sel Haploid(n) yaitu sel yang memiliki seperangkat kromosom. Sel seperti ini terjadi adanya pembelahan meiosis(reduksi).

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