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ขอสอบ A-NET 13 วิชาภาษาอังกฤษ ปการศึกษา 2550 SPEAKING (Items 1 – 30 ) Choose the best answer to complete the dialogues. Man : Where have you been ? I haven’t seen you in class all week. Woman : I ______(1)_______ , the doctor told me to stay in. Man : I hope you are feeling better now. 1. 1. was bored 2. caught a cold 3. thought too much 4. stayed home to study. Man : I understand your point, but I’d like to continue. Woman : ______(2)_______ . Man : Thank you. 2. 1. Please go on 2. That’s my point 3. We don’t have time 4. You should not continue Man : Do you mind if I turn on the radio for a while ? Woman : ______(3)_______ . Man : Great. There is a program I like. 3. 1. I care 2. I don’t like it. 3. It’s okay with me 4. Yes, I don’t mind Man : That’s a nice car. Woman : Yeah, it’s a great car even though it’s almost six years old. Man : Really ? It looks new. Woman : I have never driven it much. So, it’s_____(4)________ . 4. 1. new 2. so old now 3. in good shape 4. usually broken Man : Hi. Are we still on for tonight ? Woman : ______(5)_______ . Man : Okay. See you at eight. 5. 1. You bet 3. We turned if off

2. If you say 4. I’ll go to bed early

Eng. 7-1

Man : I think we should go tomorrow. Don’t you agree ? Woman : I ____(6)________ . Man : Good. We’ll leave at seven. 6. 1. can’t agree less 2. don’t agree at all 3. won’t agree with you 4. couldn’t agree more Man : How did the exam go ? Did you get your score ? Woman : I was first in my class. Man : _____(7)________ ! Congratulations. 7. 1. Let it be 2. You don’t mean it. 3. Look, who’s talking 4. Tell me some more Man : Excuse me. I was _______(8)______ here first. Woman : Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were waiting. 8. 1. in line 2. online 3. at the line 4. beside the line Man : Please turn the TV down. It’s driving me crazy. Woman : ____(9)________ . 9. 1. Sure, I’m sorry 2. Okay, I’ll close it 3. I’ll drive you tomorrow 4. I’m trying to find the car keys Man : This project is way over budget. Woman : Should we just end it now ? Man : _____(10)_______ . Woman : Well, then maybe we can cut a few corners later. 10. 1. I’d like to ask for permission first 2. Well, it’s okay if we use more curves 3. It would probably be best if we quitted 4. I think we’ve reached the point of no return

Eng. 7-2

Woman : Man : Woman : Man : Woman : Man :

_______(11)______ ? The neighbors are throwing another party. _____(12)________ ! I’m getting tired of their big get-togethers. I know. It’s impossible to sleep with all that racket. Well, ____(13)________. I think I’ll have a talk with them.


1. Where is the party 3. Who are you

2. Why do they look angry 4. What is all that noise next door


1. Not again 3. None but

2. Nor do I 4. No, never


1. I don’t want to go 3. I shouldn’t sleep

2. I’m sick and tired of it 4. I always have great conversations

Man : Woman Man : Woman Man : Woman Man : Woman Man :

: : : :

Woman : Man : Woman : Man :

Oh! I hate paying bills ! We never seem to have enough money! _____(14)_________! We always manage, don’t we ? I know, but it’s so difficult to save a bit for a rainy day. And I am tired of just managing. ______(15)________ . What do you think your boss would say ? As hard as I work, I think she should say yes ! When was your last one ? I can’t even remember. Exactly ! It’s been that long. ______(16)________. Good. That’s settled then ! However, for now, we still have these bills. And, the checking account is empty. ______(17)________ ? Yon know we aren’t supposed to touch that. It’s for retirement. I know. But, this is a special case isn’t it ? I’d rather find another way.


1. Rumor has it that 3. Keep your shirt on

2. As good as you can get 4. Put your hat on the table


1. I wish I knew the place to get it 3. I wish I could get a second job

2. The rainy days are here to stay 4. Maybe I should ask for a raise

Eng. 7-3


1. I want it 3. We agree to that

2. She likes me 4. I’m due for one


1. What about our nest egg 3. Do you want to get a bank loan

2. Should we write a check 4. Shall we use our salary

Man : Woman : Man : Woman : Man : Woman : Man : Woman : Man :

I hope I win the lottery this time ! You know it’s impossible. Well, I’m going to _____(18)_________. A lot of good that will do. It’s pretty foolish to spend your money on the lottery. I know. But , it isn’t that much. And, it gives me something to hope for. Might as well try to ______(19)________. Come on ! Let me have my little pleasures. Okay, okay. It’s your money. That’s right. And I’ll ______(20)________.


1. break my leg 3. lose my face

2. stand on my feet 4. keep my fingers crossed


1. have blue blood 3. make blood run cold

2. bay for blood 4. get some blood from a stone


1. do it over again 3. do with it as I please

2. do without it 4. do away with it

Mary : John : Mary : John : Mary : John : Mary : John : Mary : John : Mary :

Hi John. Hi, Mary. I haven’t see you for weeks. _______(21)_______ ? I’ve been around. It’s just that I’ve been so busy with work lately. I see. Well, _____(22)_________ . It’s good to see you too. Are you enjoying the party ? ______(23)________. Isn’t the food delicious ? Yes, Cindy is such a great cook. I’d come to her parties just for the food ! Me too. Did you try the seafood gumbo ? It’s delicious. I haven’t yet. But, I will. By the way, where’s your girlfriend, Wendy ? Oh, I guess you haven’t heard. We _____(24)_________ last week. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope you are doing okay.

Eng. 7-4

John : Mary : John : Mary : John :

I’ll survive. We weren’t together that long anyway. There’s always more fish in the sea. True. But, I think I’ll just try to enjoy being single for now. Yes, there are certainly benefits to being _____(25)_________. Yeah, I can just do what I want without worrying about anyone else for a change !


1. How are you 3. Who did you go see

2. What did you do 4. Where have you been


1. it’s sick to come out 3. it’s too bad you are late

2. it’s lovely to see you 4. it’s to be done sometime


1. So and so 3. So on and so forth

2. So far, so good 4. A minute or so


1. broke up 3. broke in

2. broke down 4. broke even


1. unsolved 3. unattached

2. underserved 4. unexpected

Tom : Bob : Tom : Bob : Tom : Bob :

Tom : Bob : Tom : Bob : Tom :

So, did you decide what movie you want to see tonight ? _____(26)_________, I haven’t even thought about it. You told me you would check and see what is playing. Sorry, I had so much going on today. I_____(27)_________. That’s okay. Do you have the newspaper? We can check there. Sure. I’ve got it right here. Hmm…._____(28)_________.... Well, there’s The Departed at 7:00 pm, The Guardian is also playing at 7:00 pm, and Monster House is playing at 7:30. What sounds good to you ? I’ve heard that The Departed is really good, How about that? _____(29)_________! Sounds good to me. It’s getting great reviews and Alex said it’s excellent. Cool. Do you want to _____(30)_________ before the movie? I think we have just enough time if we hurry. I think we should. I’m pretty hungry. Okay. Let’s go.

Eng. 7-5


1. To tell you the truth 3. To go to the cinema with you

2. To say something to you 4. To have free time for you


1. have been calling you all day 3. don’t have time for a movie

2. never found the time 4. didn’t get your email


1. Let’s see 3. Let me think

2. Let it go 4. Let it out


1. Sure 3. Yes, I can hear you

2. No, thanks 4. I won’t buy it


1. grab a bite 3. play a trick

2. have a good view 4. keep a lookout

Writhing : Vocabulary ( Items 31 – 35 ) Choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. 31. People like to listen to music using a ____________ cassette player so they can carry them everywhere they go. 1. flexible 2. hard 3. late 4. portable 32. An____________ to climb Mount Everest failed as the weather was very bad. 1. attempt 2. outcry 3. eagerness 4. involvement 33. The ____________in Holland is flat while it is hilly in Chiang Mai. 1. terrain 2. whirlpool 3. avalanche 4. groundwork 34. When all the ____________ were counted, the president was re-elected with 65% of the vote. 1. stakes 2. opinions 3. records 4. ballots

Eng. 7-6

35. The researchers found that the vegetarian diet was the most energy ____________. 1. efficient 2. adequate 3. preservative 4. obtainable

Writing : Grammar and structure (Items 36 - 50 ) Choose the best answer to complete each sentence below. 36. On the morning of June 11, three antique statue heads, weighing more than ten kilograms, ____________ lying outside a radio station. 1. found were wrapped in a newspaper bag 2. found and wrapped in newspaper in a bag 3. were found wrapped in newspaper in a bag 4. were wrapped and found in a bag of newspaper 37. Ten times as many people work in manufacturing as in farming. ____________. 1. One of every ten manufacturing workers is a farmer. 2. The proportion of manufacturing workers to farmers is 10:1. 3. The proportion of farmers to manufacturing workers is 10:1. 4. Ten times more people work in farming than in manufacturing. 38. The switch to 10 digits from nine will require users to add an ‘8’ in the middle of the existing two-digit prefix (01 to 09), followed by the existing seven-digit number, ____________, for example, numbers starting with 04 and 09 will become 084 and 089, respectively. 1. to order a new mobile-to-mobile call 2. in order to make a mobile-to-mobile call 3. to arrange a mobile-to-mobile call in order 4. to make an order for the mobile-to-mobile call 39. Determination and dedication to the work is ____________ . 1. the solution to longevity 2. often is those who are negligent 3. to be able to work hard when necessary 4. what it takes to overcome all the hurdles 40. Infants who die in their sleep of no apparent cause ____________ . 1. whereas adults do not 2. and no one knows why 3. often have subtle defects in the brain 4. therefore their deaths cannot be avoided

Eng. 7-7

Health Risks Associated with the Use and Abuse of Alcohol And Illegal Drugs Impact on Families / Friends Families are gravely affected by a chemical abusing member. Some of the effects on the family include : feelings of insecurity, guilt, fear, isolation, anger and resentment. As the chemically dependent person’s disease progresses, _____(41)_______. As a very direct, physiological consequence, the infants of alcohol and cocaine abusing mothers often have low birth weight and many suffer from _____(42)_______ and a variety of developmental problems. Children are often the most vulnerable to the effects of chemical dependency. Growing up in families where their development needs do not get met, children may face a variety of problems, low self-esteem, a/am _____(43)_______, teenage pregnancy and high risks for chemical use/abuse/dependency The lifestyle of the abuser often affects the economic well-being of their families _____(44)_______ their inability to _____(45)_______ a job. In some cases, the abuser will steal from relatives, which reduces the family’s financial means and stability. In many cases, substance abuse leads to violence at home. There is a/an _____(46)_______ emotional toll of substance abuse on the functioning of individual members and the family as a whole. Family members may actively_____(47)_______ the problem, may become sympathetic _____(48)_______ attention from the substance abusing member, or may assume the abuser’s responsibilities at home and even at work. Chemical dependency is treatable. With an understanding of the disease and the impact on lives, family members and friends can take steps to help reduce undesirable behaviors. The family’s intervention with the user and his or her problem is _____(49)_______an essential step which encourages the abusing member to seek treatment. Support groups for family members, such as Drugs Prevention Center, _____(50)_______ family therapy can provide needed assistance to families as they grapple with the destructive. 41. 1. the worsen effects on the family 3. the worse effects are on the family

2. the effects on the family worsen 4. the effects are on the worse family

42. 1. malfunction 3. malpractice

2. malignancy 4. malformation

43. 1. loss of disillusionment 3. increase in self-confidence

2. inability to trust others 4. uncertainty about maturity

44. 1. owing to 3. resulting in

2. relying on 4. separating from

Eng. 7-8

45. 1. hold off 3. hold down

2. hold back 4. hold out for

46. 1. implicit 3. vital

2. obvious 4. little

47. 1. deny 3. protect

2. obtain 4. support

48. 1. in an effort to deflect 3. for a change in deflecting

2. as a result of deflecting 4. with any debate to deflect

49. 1. once and twice 3. as often as not

2. now and then 4. never

50. 1. as well as 3. therefore

2. similarly 4. in accordance with

READING (Item 55 – 100) Choose the Best Answer. Passage I (Items 51 - 55) A Wise Old Owl A wise old owl lived in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he _____(51)_______ . 51. Which of the following is the most suitable word to fill in the blank space in the third line of the lyric ? 1. tried 2. heard 3. preyed 4. waited 52. Which of the following proverbs can be relevant to the above lyric ? 1. Easier said than done. 2. First think, and then speak. 3. Every bird loves to hear himself sing. 4. Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

Eng. 7-9

53. What does this nursery rhyme basically teach a child ? 1. It is wise to observe and keep quiet. 2. It is good for a child to wait and see. 3. It is perfect to try to do anything quietly. 4. It is better to listen than to attack someone immediately. 54. Which of the following CANNOT be inferred as an owl’s behavior, according to the lyric ? 1. Watching and trying to keep silent. 2. Hunting its prey quickly and quietly. 3. Hiding in an oak tree and speaking for its prey. 4. Observing and waiting patiently when hunting 55. Which of the following does this nursery rhyme illustrate ? 1. a good way to think 2. a good manner to have 3. a method to remember 4. a tip to hunt

Passage II (Items 56 – 60) Graph Preferred snack choices of students at a high school

56. What does the bar graph intend to show the reader about ? 1. A comparison of snacks by gender 2. A lot of preferred snacks of college students 3. A difference in colors of students’ preference 4. A large number of students who prefer snacks

Eng. 7-10

57. Which of the following snack food is the least preferred by girls ? 1. fruit 2. candy 3. pretzels 3. vegetables 58. Which of the following is NOT true, according to the bar graph ? 1. The graph shows preferred snack choices among teenagers. 2. A substantial number of more boys than girls preferred chips. 3. Two snacks preferred by most students are chips and chocolate bars. 4. The preferred snack choice of chips between boys and girls is the most different. 59. What kind of snacks did girls prefer more than boys ? 1. Popcorn, candy, fruit and chips 2. Ice cream, crackers, and vegetables 3. Candy, crackers, fruit and ice cream 4. Chips, fruits, chocolate bars and popcorn 60. Which of the following is TRUE according to the bar graph ? 1. Fruit are the snack food most preferred by boys. 2. Boys seem to prefer vegetables, chocolate bars and pretzels more than girls do. 3. The same number of boys and girls preferred popcorn as their snack food choice. 4. Two snack foods least preferred by both boys and girls are chips and fruit.

Passage III (Item 61)

61. Which of the following is NOT related to what the boy in the second panel implies ? 1. It is very difficult to take good care of a dog. 2. A dog generally needs lots of caring from its owner. 3. An owner must be responsible for taking care of his dog. 4. It might be better for the other boy to get him a dog as a present.

Eng. 7-11

Passage IV (Items 62 – 65)

62. What is the girl’s Santa Claus in her story like ? 1. A man who comes to visit young children and walked on the roof. 2. A man in a yellow slicker, big rubber boots, and with his rain gear. 3. A man who travels to town so as to complete his job on Christmas Eve. 4. A man who lives in the North Pole and travels around the world with a mist. 63. Which of the following is NOT mentioned of her Santa ? 1. Christmas presents 2. Big yellow rubber boots 3. Rain gear and folding umbrella 4. A gentle mist and heavy rain

Eng. 7-12

64. What does the word “faltered” mean according to the cartoon strips ? 1. managed 2. criticized 3. responded 4. hesitated 65. Which of the following words is suitable to fill in the twelfth panel of the cartoon ? 1. squirm 2. equate 3. refuge 4. endure

Passage V (Items 66 – 70)

66. What does the article advertise ? 1. A lamp 3. A pair of glasses

2. An armchair 4. A Chelsea light bulb

67. What is the main benefit of the product ? 1. It is a beautiful decoration. 3. It won’t strain your eyes quickly.

2. It makes your body comfortable. 4. It will increase the power of your vision.

Eng. 7-13

68. What is TRUE in the ad ? 1. There is a 30 day guarantee. 3. This product is for the elderly only.

2. Alex recommends the product. 4. For further details you can make a free call.

69. Who is Crispin Jackson ? 1. He is an advertiser. 3. He is a serious reader.

2. He is a book critic. 4. He is the editor of the book.

70. In which section of a magazine can you find this product ? 1. The Events section 2. The Classified section 3. The Commentary section 4. The New Technology section

Passage VI (Items 71 – 75)

Dear Friend of Wildlife, Please look closely at this furry little puppy. Her name is Promise. And she was one of the first wolf pups to be born in Yellowstone National Park in more than half a century. I wish I could tell you that Promise and her family are safe and secure. But, little Promise is not safe —and neither are the other wolves that Defenders helped restore to Yellowstone and Idaho. In Idaho, two of these wolves were recently poisoned to death! These killers used a lethal poison known as Compound 1080. These wolves died a slow and cruel death—suffering seizures, convulsions, hallucinations, and cardiac and respiratory failure! It probably took these beautiful creatures as long as twelve grueling hours to die…… These beautiful wolves did not deserve to die. Their deaths were senseless and savage. We must protect wolves in the wild. But to do so we need your help.

Eng. 7-14

That’s why I hope you’ll adopt ‘a wolf like Promise. Your small $15 adoption donation will help Defenders keep wolves alive and bring these wolf killers to justice…. and urge Congress to allocate more resources to enforcing the laws that protect imperiled wildlife, like the wolf pup on your note cards. You can also help protect wolves, by using your Defenders of wildlife special edition wolf Note Cards, by acclaimed wildlife photographer Jim Brandenburg. When you send these lovely note cards to your friends and family, you’ll be saying “I’m doing my part to protect little wolf pups like Promise.” Now, let me tell you about these wonderful wolves….. Like humans, wolves live in close—knit social units, where they share food and the care of pups. They are surprisingly warm and affectionate—and contrary to myth, wolves avoid humans whenever possible. But to justify centuries of slaughter, the wolf was demonized as a “beast.” Our own government paid as much as $200 a hide for hunters to systematically slaughter….and exterminate America’s majestic wolves. At one point, our government even paid hunters to pull baby wolves from their dens and club them to death ! To correct the shameful chapter in our history, Defenders of Wild life was at the forefront of the battle to reintroduce gray wolves into Yellowstone and central Idaho. Now, after 25 years of hard work, wolves are at long last beginning to thrive—raising newborn pups in their home in the wild. But, Defenders needs your help to bring to justice the cowardly wolf killers, who poisoned two wolves in Idaho. And we must Congress to allocate more resources to enforcing the laws that protect imperiled wildlife, like wolves. Without your help, I fear furry wolf pups like Promise will be gunned down…or poisoned. And it would be awful if another wolf had to suffer such a cruel death! So you can see why we urgently need concerned people like you to “adopt” wolves like promise, with a sponsorship gift of $ 15 or more. When you help Defenders of Wildlife protect our wolf families, you will also receive these important benefits of sponsorship. • A beautiful color photograph of a wolf; • A free copy of our publication, Wolves of America; • Four free issues of our award-winning quarterly wildlife magazine, Defenders; • Free e-mail wildlife updates through the Defenders Electronic Network (DEN) But most importantly, you’ll know that you are making a critical difference in the lives of wolves in the wild. Please help protect precious pups like Promise. Please “adopt” a wolf today! Sincerely, ---------------------------------

Eng. 7-15

71. What is the main purpose of the letter ? 1. To ask for a donation 3. To adopt and take home a wolf

2. To poison the wolves 4. To help protect wolves in the zoo

72. Who should be the writer of this letter for the organization ? 1. Secretary 2. Treasurer 3. Supervisor 4. President 73. Which of the following is NOT mentioned to the information in this letter ? 1. Promise was safe and needed a defender and contributor. 2. Promise was a wolf puppy in Yellowstone National Park. 3. Promise was among wolf puppies to be made safe and secure. 4. Promise used to be an example of the Defenders to ask for adopting her with fund raising. 74. Which of the following gifts are NOT provided for those who are willing to help ? 1. a photograph 2. magazines 3. free e-mail updates 4. membership 75. How does the writer feel about the incident in Idaho ? 1. disconnected 2. dissolved 3. disappointed 4. disorganized

Passage VII (Items 76 – 77) The exhausted restaurant diner was nearing the end of his meal. He had waited ten minutes before anyone had even handed him a menu; five more minutes before a waitress had come for his order; fifteen minutes more before his meat was served to him. Now he wanted his dessert. “Miss,” he said to his waitress, I’ll have some strawberry shortcake. And while you’re away, would you be good enough to drop me a post card now and then?” 76. Why did he ask the waitress to ‘drop him a post card now and then’? 1. Because it seemed to be his love at first sight. 2. Because he was irritated with the poor restaurant service. 3. Because he might want to make friends with the waitress. 4. Because he wanted to know about the post card service at the restaurant.

Eng. 7-16

77. Which of the following, do you think, is the tone of the customer? 1. bizarre 2. tragic 3. humorous 4. sarcastic

Passage VIII (Items 78 – 79) Tom : Bill : Tom : Bill : Tom :

My brother was sick and he went to the doctor. Is he feeling better now? No, he has a broken arm. How did he break it? Well, the doctor gave him a prescription and told him no matter what happened to follow that prescription. And the prescription blew out the window. Bill : How did he break his arm ? Tom : He jumped out of the window trying to follow the prescription! 78. How did Tom break his arm ? 1. He went to see his brother. 3. He fell out of the window by accident.

2. He took the doctor’s description. 4. He followed his doctor’s prescription carefully.

79. Which of the following may be TRUE about Tom’s brother, according to the dialogue ? 1. obedient 2. diligent 3. arrogant 4. sensitive

Passage IX (Item 80) Applicant : Interviewer : Applicant : Interviewer :

I am an educated man. I graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts, Doctor of Law, and two other degrees. That’s nothing. I myself graduated from college with 38 degrees. 38 degrees ? You’re kidding ? _____(80)________

80. Which of the following should be the interviewer’s response ? 1. No, I started young. 2. No, my son helped me out 3. No, I had a fever. 4. No, it was so hot those days

Eng. 7-17

Passage X (Items 81 – 90) Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese/me dicine that has been viewed with suspicion is the west. Many Chinese doctors regard acupuncture as an effective treatment for various illnesses such as stroke. Recently, scientific studies of the effects of acupuncture have begun in China and almost all trials as a treatment for stroke have been positive. Another study from the UK showed that several other countries had found positive results too. The Cochrane Collaboration, an international non-profit organization conducted a review of the benefits of acupuncture. They found that those who received treatment within 30 days of suffering a stroke were much more likely to make a positive recovery than those who were not treated. ‘Sham’ acupuncture was also conducted and it was found that the differences between this and ‘real’ acupuncture were small. This may be because of the ‘placebo effect’ whereby patients believe in the treatment and positive effects are experienced. However, the biggest problem with the current research is that most studies are of a poor quality and are therefore unreliable. For example, only three trials used ‘sham’ acupuncture as a control in studies conducted in the UK, whereas no ‘sham’ acupuncture was used in the trial in China. Part of the problem is that in the Chinese studies the patients are hand-picked. Patients come to the hospital to receive treatment because they already believe and trust in traditional medicines. These patients are not willing to be put into a control group to receive ‘sham’ treatment and therefore it is difficult to conduct a proper study. There is also a problem with the measurement of the results of acupuncture. Chinese doctors believe that outcome measurements of acupuncture should be different from that of those used in conventional western medicine because the theory of acupuncture is different. But these measurements have not yet been specified. The recent study in China, including 862 patients is the largest trial conducted to date and the results could prove to be invaluable in the treatment of stroke patients. However, at present there is not enough data available to endorse the routine use of acupuncture in the treatment of stroke. What we do know is that acupuncture is cheap, safe and potentially effective treatment that is trusted by many people, particularly in China. 81. Where would you read this piece of writing ? 1. A novel 3. An advertisement

2. A brochure 4. An editorial.

82. What would be the most suitable title for this article ? 1. Major suspicions about acupuncture 2. The revolt against conventional medicine in China 3. The validity of acupuncture as an alternative therapy 4. The growing acceptance of acupuncture around the world

Eng. 7-18

83. Why has acupuncture been viewed with suspicion in the west ? 1. Because there is no solid evidence of its benefits. 2. Because westerners do not believe in traditional medicines. 3. Because no one has ever benefited from this kind of treatment. 4. Because some of the studies have shown that this treatment can work. 84. What did the Cochrane Collaboration find about acupuncture ? 1. That people suffering from stroke will rarely have any benefit. 2. That people suffering from stroke will be cured within 30 days. 3. That people suffering from stroke may experience positive results. 4. That people suffering from stroke should always receive this treatment. 85. Why were the results between ‘sham’ and ‘real’ acupuncture similar ? 1. Because it is basically the same treatment. 2. Because conventional medicine was used as well. 3. Because patients took this treatment for a long period of time. 4. Because the power of the mind can encourage beneficial effects. 86. Why do researchers have problems with ‘sham’ acupuncture ? 1. Patients want to have placebo treatment. 2. There is no way of controlling the outcome of the study. 3. The Chinese doctors are unwilling to conduct this study. 4. It is difficult to distinguish between real and placebo effects. 87. Why is acupuncture difficult to measure ? 1. Because traditional medicine is hard to interpret in modern terms. 2. Because the tests conducted are usually unreliable and of poor quality. 3. Because there are no agreed measurement standards currently available. 4. Because people who suffer strokes do not demonstrate recovery patterns. 88. Why do many Chinese patients believe in the benefits of acupuncture ? 1. Acupuncture can cure many illnesses. 2. The government promotes the use of acupuncture. 3. Chinese people cannot afford conventional medicine. 4. Culturally, traditional medicine is very popular in China.

Eng. 7-19

89. Why has acupuncture not yet been used routinely in the west ? 1. Not many people trust in the drawbacks of this treatment. 2. There is still not enough evidence to support this treatment. 3. Many westerners are afraid of putting needles into their bodies. 4. Acupuncture has not yet been proved to be a safe form of treatment. 90. Overall, what mood is portrayed by the end of his article ? 1. Skeptical 2. Supportive 3. Dismissive 4. Informative

Passage XI (Items 91 – 100) Two studies conducted is South America’s Amazon forest show that greater incidence of malaria in newly settled frontier regions is related not just to the increase in human numbers, but to changes in the landscape itself. Over a year, various researchers collected mosquitoes at 56 sites in states of deforestation along a new road that cuts through the Amazon in northeastern Peru. The scientists counted how often the insects landed on humans at each site. Their results, published in the January issue of the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, reveals that the bite rate from Peru’s main malaria-spreading mosquito, Anopheles darlingi, was nearly 300 times greater in areas cleared for logging, ranching, and other human activities than in areas with less ecological alteration. “By dramatically changing the landscape, we are tipping the balance in a way that is increasing the risk of malaria transmission,” says senior author Jonathan Patz, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. A report in the February 14 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences pointed to similar links between malaria and deforestation. The study, conducted by a different research team in Brazil’s Amazon, attributes heightened malaria risk to the increase in standing water that comes with tree-clearing and other ecosystem changes in the early stages of human settlement. New pools of water create ideal egg-laying environments for A. darlingi, the scientists note. However, once agriculture and urban development are better established in frontier regions, this breeding habitat declines and malaria transmission rates fall. The Amazon research aims to inform efforts to better manage malaria out-breaks, and also confirms the importance of close collaboration between the health and conservation communities. Since 1980, more than 50 million hectares of Amazon forest has been lost, an area roughly the size of Thailand. 91. On which of the following subjects do the two studies focus ? 1. The landscape is changing. 2. Human numbers are increasing. 3. People get malaria more frequently. 4. Border areas have higher numbers of mosquitoes.

Eng. 7-20

92. Which areas are studied ? 1. Maritime areas 3. Plantations in the Amazon River basin

2. Mosquito-infested water reserves 4. Areas people have moved into recently

93. What is deforestation ? 1. The farming of trees 3. The breeding of mosquitoes

2. The elimination of trees 4. The increase in temperatures in forests

94. What is the major finding of the first study ? 1. Deforestation causes malaria. 2. Mosquitoes are taking over the land in deforestation areas. 3. There are 300 times fewer mosquitoes in deforestation areas than elsewhere. 4. Mosquitoes are biting people more often in deforestation areas than elsewhere. 95. What is Anopheles darlingi ? 1. A type of malaria 3. A region near the Amazon River

2. A type of mosquito 4. A title of a scientific research journal

96. What reason is cited to explain the findings of the first study ? 1. Changes to the ecosystem 2. Increased global temperatures 3. Mosquitoes are more aggressive 4. Malaria transmission methods are changing 97. What is the major finding of the second study ? 1. Malaria and deforestation are unrelated. 2. Mosquito eggs live longer in standing water. 3. Humans develop differently, due to malaria transmission. 4. Standing water is increasing the risk of malaria transmission. 98. Which groups need to work closely together ? 1. The authors of the two articles 2. The two research journals mentioned 3. Ministries of health and ministries of the environment 4. The research team in Peru and the research team in Brazil

Eng. 7-21

99. What is the best title for this article ? 1. Malaria in the Amazon 3. Malaria Linked to Deforestation

2. Global Issues About Malaria 4. Prevention of Malaria Transmission

100. What can be inferred from the article ? 1. Thailand will have the same problems as Peru and Brazil. 2. Environmentalists are not working enough with health experts. 3. Peru and Brazil are carefully controlling the transmission of malaria. 4. Certain mosquitoes are becoming stronger and can spread malaria more quickly.

Eng. 7-22


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